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340531340531B001HTP62AA3OD5ZLXNMPL8HMary J. Kephart "lightcatcher"1151332028800ZINGYThis is a great product. It's all ginger without the bubbles and sicky-sweet stuff you get in sodas. It's got a lot of ZING.
I first got this while I was on the road and couldn't find it locally. I was really happy to find if on Amazon.
The case arrived very soon after ordering, and having 24 bottle on hand makes it easy to share.
340532340532B001HTP62AA2QQWBHZNZCUH1DJK1151276300800A great healthy drinkThe Ginger Gizer is a really healthy drink. I like to mix it with the clementine Izze water which I also purchased through Amazon.
340533340533B001HTP62AA2AIAOQ04JX6BHD. Astley "Bleu"0041328659200YOWZA!I cannot emphasize this enough: Ginger 'Gizer is a spicy drink. Any sweetness in it is overcome by its bite. If you like spicy drinks, this drink is for you. It really does wake up a person. It tingled my tongue and my throat. There is a thick quality to this drink. Even though I shook the bottle up before opening, there was still some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. An authentic ginger drink. Pleasantly surprised.
340534340534B001HTP62AA3OZFQDYD1JTT9S. Shelton "sal4gal"1231330387200Strong!If you like your ginger strong, this is for you. Nothing wrong with the product, strong ginger is not for me. I knew when I ordered it that it would strong but I was not quite prepared.
340535340535B005GWYRUGA2NLQGR5LNBRPS4 STAR II For The Win!0011320192000RIPOFFLook elsewhere for a better DEAL on Amazon by buying bulk than this ripoff OVERPRICED item.
Besides, these contain stems/partial stems, which not only cheapens the price but wounds up with uneven done-ness. If you want best quality, your best bet would be to look for stem-free (caps only) variety even though they tend to cost more. From one gourmet chef to another, hope it helps.
340536340536B001HO2OC0A2RC3OMQK4RKHXHappy Customer in GA "Michael"0051346803200Finally getting my home town product!I am so happy with this seller. Items are a great price and shipping is fast. This particular sauce is heavenly. Try the past house products also. The toasted ravioli and cannolloni are to die for!!!
340537340537B0044BSZTYA3957LEH31MIIQmorr0226 "morr0226"224132606720011-month olds love it!I love the idea of this because it's chock full of veggies, but when I saw it, I thought that there was no way our 11-month-old twins would like it because it's quite chunky. BUT, it is their absolute favorite! A great way to introduce texture to older babies, and it smells great, too. My only complaint is the packaging - it's a real mess to squeeze it out the top of the package. But this is a real favorite in our house.
340538340538B0044BSZTYAR3Q8CIM1S4JWJ. C. Provenz1151335052800Delicious! (note it has cheese)Love this minestrone as an easy, filling meal for baby. I was disappointed to see it has cheese on the ingredients, as we are avoiding cheese for our infant.
340539340539B0044BSZTYA33BFF2PTTDGPHDrao1151326844800my kid loves itCouldn't be happier. My 11month old love it.
It is chunky but I guess she like it as she is now teething big time and she can chew on these pasta pieces.
340540340540B0044BSZTYA13KPIFF4QA4R7chandu1141323820800Good, but is chunkyGot this for my daughter (9month old), she seems to like it but she finds it hard to chew on the chunky pasta pieces. No complains., I tasted it and it tastes pretty good.
340541340541B0044BSZTYA1UUCCX91WBUILTeysong0051348358400Loves itMy son loves this and the lasagna sprout. He can eat 2 pouches at once. Definitely try this one out
340542340542B0044BSZTYA3OCKYJNMQMKBLV0051348185600my baby loves this stuffMy 11 month old clearly favors the Sprout organic brand, in particular the ones with no meat (the holiday turkey was... interesting.). So he LOVES to chow down on this minnestrone soup and also the butternut squash mac n cheese. Absolutely loves it and I love all the organic ingredients. Five stars for this meal.
340543340543B0044BSZTYATM6AU5JJ3OJJA Valued Life "MBP"0041346025600Good one for my 11-mo old!This is one of my daughter's favorites. She'll eat is happily and had been since she's been 7 months old. This is definitely a flavor we rotate in to the mix of foods we give her. Be careful the oily tomato sauce stains clothes! It's a flavor I need to make sure she is totally covered bib etc. before I give to her as some of her white shirts now have orangey spots that are very difficult to wash out!
340544340544B0044BSZTYA1TU5QTVOSDDR6Elizabeth Michelle Jarvis0031343865600My baby won't eat this.I purchased all the Sprout Stage 3 varieties which are vegetarian-friendly. My baby doesn't like ANY of them except for the Peach Pumpkin Pie with Graham one. I have tried the Curried Red Lentils and Glazed Carrots with Jasmine Rice, the Minestrone with Beans and Greens, and the Black Beans and Sweet Corn with Greens and Wild Rice. She tolerates the Multi-Grain Cereal with Fruits and Berries but she doesn't love it. I got the multi-packs for all of these flavors and I wish I hadn't. I have tried giving it a couple week break in between and introducing them again but she still doesn't like them. We did the curried jasmine rice tonight and she only ate about 5 bites. She is 11 months old. I really wanted these to work out. The portion is generous, and the pouch is resealable, unlike other brands. There is nothing wrong with the quality, my baby just isn't into these at all.
340545340545B0044BSZTYA3SFS8R1T6JJM9PolyOWannaCracker0051339027200My Earths Best Baby ATE IT FAST...She loves this stuff. My earths best daughter is a total hippie. Organic this, organic that... She knows what is good for her body. This stuff is fantastic. She ate it up so fast.

I will buy it again.
340546340546B0044BSZTYA31B70H9DYYTQTAlexander0031334793600Cheaper at the grocery store!I love Sprout meals and send them with my 10 month old son for lunch at daycare everyday. He loves the lasagna and minestrone. I went to Amazon to try to find them cheaper... disappointing to find that the pack of 12 ends up being more per packet than I pay at my local Kroger store. Will keep feeding Sprout to my son, but wish I could find it for a little bit less per packet.
340547340547B0044BSZTYA3M6SZX3ZWNUSJBen0051316736000The Minestrone is the only Sprout meal we likeMy son eats it up. I like it because it smells like normal soup. Not to mention, it's full of healthy foods that I want my son to learn to enjoy.
340548340548B0044BSZTYA1B0I89WK2V59ZD. Guesno005131336640011-month-old only eats homemade food!...but he gobbled this up as if it was something that mommy cooked up herself. I primarily serve my son homemade finger foods. However, if we are going to be out and I don't want to worry about cooling/heating foods, I like to bring pouches along. I have tried every brand of organic baby food out there but he can't be fooled... he is very selective. The Sprout Minestrone was a hit from day one with him. I fed him in amazement! I tasted it myself and it is delicious!
340549340549B0044BSZTYA2PL5DKID1KXR9J. Schindler1251311379200Fantastic option for the vegetarian baby (and carnivores, too!)It's very difficult to find advanced baby food with protein and fat that is vegetarian. Most vegetarian baby foods are simply pureed fruits and veggies whose textures are way too boring and whose nutritional content is way too low for a 10 month old and beyond. While we try to make most of our baby's foods from scratch, as a working mom, this is not always practical. Welcome the Sprout stage 3 foods. These are AWESOME. They smell and look and taste like real food that anyone would eat only a bit more mashed up than adult food though not pureed and smooth. Our baby loves this minestrone with beans and greens. Other favorites in our house are the butternut squash with mac and cheese (my husband wants to eat that one!) and the black beans and corn. A bit more expensive than most baby food, but definitely worth it. They're much better than the other, more commonly found, organic brand--Earth's Best.
340550340550B0044BSZTYAMAD7EUH24E35granolaveg0151304467200love it!my daughter loves this meal and eats it all the time. i love that it is so healthy - it tastes great to me too!
340551340551B0044BSZTYAKU45QUK1HCVKmerjensmama0121304121600Not a child favoriteI like the Sprout brand very much but I have to say that my daughter is sensitive to Italian style food right now and really disliked this meal a lot. Perhaps the spices are too strong? Not sure but this one was not a hit! She disliked the lasagne too. We are sticking with the Holiday turkey, mac and cheese, and peach pumpkin pie. We have yet to try the chicken and vegetable, or the other turkey option but I would recommend this brand, just not the spicier meals.
340552340552B000L6LQWOAK5RQMFJ9AN9Ecarole130141322179200Yummy breadThe bread packets are ready to go into your bread machine, and they come out hot and delicious. I would recommend these delicious packets to anyone who has a bread maker, and loves hot bread.
340553340553B003NQVGPGA26EL6HQW6SJZ4Michael Larson0051328313600M. LarsonWe tried these "candy bars" in Hawaii. They are about as healthy as a candy bar can get. They do not have any refined sugar in them. They are not really sweet, but they are satisfying. My wife and I would share one (they are pretty big) and be satisfied. They are really tasty. Coming back to the main land we have not been able to find them. So we are excited to find them on Amazon.
340554340554B0018CJYCOA2JF46VL3ALR5BGC111151286236800Cats wait at the door when a bag comes home.....I've been feed grain-free for many years, back when Innova Evo seemed to be the only company available at the local pet food store (not big stores like Petsmart). I switched off Evo a few years ago when grain prices increased and never decreased... taking my normal $40/large bag to $44 to $46 and now $50. The knowledgeable owner recommended Taste of the Wild as comparable and much less expensive at $30/large bag. This is much more cost effective for us since we have four cats to feed.

I periodically re-research the state of cat foods to check whether Taste of the Wild is still comparable to the best available brands and it's held steady among the more expensive brands for several years (Innova Evo, Orijen, Wellness Core, etc.) Recently, I did more research and found that wet food/raw frozen food/raw homemade food is the best option for healthy kitties, NOT any kind of dry processed food (although grain free is still better than other substandard brands). However, dry food is still the most convenient for early morning automatic feedings, short trips away from home, and having a backup supply.

This food, both this and the other available flavor, has been fine for the cats. They think it's tasty, don't barf it up (only one cat has issues and it's from scarfing his food in two minutes flat, not the food itself), and it keeps their coats healthy. Their weight seems stable (although the two fat cats stay fat from stealing food and human leftovers), energy levels fine (for an animal that sleeps 16hrs/day), and they're not eating scary junk (which is what I now think of the Iams/Eukanuba they ate before I went grain-free). Handling the food isn't bad, it smells like cat food, but not overwhelmingly gross (some dry kibble can be strongly odorous). The price point is the best plus for me for a dry food.

Regarding other posts about unhappy cats... GRADUALLY introduce a new food. If your animal notices that there's something different or just refuses to eat, you're probably doing it too fast.

Also, I'm not that concerned about the ethoxyquin issue that someone else pointed out (that particular poster is also talking about dog food forums too). Many manufacturers claim that it gets eliminated from the high heat (heavy processing that makes dry food so much unhealthier for cats in general) and others claim that all non-human consumption "ocean fish" get treated with ethoxyquin under US law which dissipates over time, yadda yadda, etc. Basically, there's a lot of talk about it and not a whole lot of evidence that it has any provable effects on animals. Just about everything processed nowadays seems to cause cancer or other horrible things. The non-ethoxyquin foods still mislead consumers (farm fish instead of ocean fish, etc.) or just use human-grade fish, which makes it MUCH more expensive. If you're that concerned about getting the best food quality and absolute healthiest diet for your beloved pet, IMO, you shouldn't be using dry cat food at all.
340555340555B0018CJYCOA2S1JQWKZMGFD2Durling Heath "Durling Heath"151751274572800I buy only Taste of the Wild for my catsI don't know whether she has a hereditary predisposition to a delicate digestive constitution or whether it was my daughters' Polly Pocket doll clothes, which she has twice ingested and for which she was twice treated by a veterinarian, but my eight-year old house cat vomits when she eats any cat food that contains cereal fillers. What a pain in the rear end! Front end, actually. As my cat's gastrointestinal challenges worsened, it took me a while to identify the source of the problem and then a while longer, through trial-and-error, to find a food she could eat and keep down. Finally, I found it: Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food.

I'm pretty sure the key is the omission of cereal/corn fillers in the recipe, but I believe there probably is another reason, too. (I'd tell if I knew.) I'd tried other foods with no fillers before, but still had the same problem, although not quite as pronounced. Maybe it's the venison and/or the salmon, which could be more easily digested by cats than other proteins. I don't know. Whatever the reason, I buy only Taste of the Wild for my cat. We adopted another cat from the local shelter near the end of last year, a one-year old, and switched him from Iams (which the shelter uses) to Taste of the Wild. All good; almost six months later, he's flourishing.

No, I'm not an employee, vendor, distributor, or any other person or entity related directly or indirectly to the manufacturer. The stuff is just really good.
340556340556B0018CJYCOA15QHGR94G8OPMC. DeJesus "Hummus Lover"4441289174400Sno Ball love this but...My cat Sno Ball love this food and I like the fact that it is grain free and all natural. I highly recommend this product but just keep in mind that since most domestic cats are used to processed kitty food, it may take them a while to get used to it.

Since he's been eating this food, I noticed is that it makes his poo smells EXTRA strong. I have a small apt so I almost passed out when I came in the other day and it smelled like he had pood right on the floor when it fact he pood in his litter box and it was covered up. Thats some strong food. He's only been on it for a week so we'll see how it progresses. Maybe his digestive system has to get used to it.
340557340557B0018CJYCOA1DB3ARDB2SCRUJon P. Evans "taterjonny"6751272240000Brings out the WildWe currently have 3 cats and have been feeding Taste of the Wild for almost a year. My cats love this stuff. They run to the bowl to eat. The best is however the reaction on their coats. No more problems with itchy skin and hair loss because of grains that are in most pet foods. Outstanding product!!!!! The only wish is that it would be be in larger sizes
340558340558B0018CJYCOA2PTYCTQMJYDYWJack&Ennis335130567680015-lb. Bag Over-priced Buy the 5-lb. BagsThis is one of the few products where the MORE you buy the MORE EXPENSIVE it is. The 5-lb. bag is $10.99 or $2.20/pound while the 15-lb. bag is $39.45 or $2.63/pound. Both ship from Amazon and both qualify for free shipping. Anyone else notice this?

It is wonderful high-protein cat food and NEVER causes vomiting like most other dry cat foods.
340559340559B0018CJYCOA1ZA5SXZS8Z3CKbamf703351285200000Great FoodI have 3 cats and they all love this food. Makes their fur look great and gives them plenty of energy.
340560340560B0018CJYCOA1HMU89I5ZGPJDMrhill3351262390400Highly recommendI have been feeding my cats this food for 1 year. I use to feed them Natural Balance and the only reason i switched was due to my local petco always beening out of stock. As to my surprise my cats have thrived on this food. Nice shine to there coats and they attack the bowl! My mother feeds her cats this since i switched and has the same results!

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