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340627340627B006UCY5BMA3QH0Z1MWIAWIRJUSTIN1111339632000Do not buyWas very disappointed with the 5lb assorted gourmet salt water taffy.. Didn't include a range of the flavors listed.. Description read "may include ........." and went on to list 57 flavors.. Which made it seem like they were picked at random, when it was clear that they were a selected few (and not good flavors at that)

I also had to pay separate shipping for each and every item even though they were sent in the same package
340628340628B001LQNUTAA14U2WTVE7B377bunny2231280361600Where's the chocolate?The coffee itself is OK, but the chocolate fudge flavor is nearly non-existent. There is a slight scent when you're brewing the coffee, and a slight flavor of *something*, but it can't be defined as chocolate.
This is not a product that I'll buy again.
340629340629B001LQNUTAA2ZXMLB4FR1EHMRisa1151312761600great flavorAn admitted chocoholic, I haven't found chocolate flavored pods before. Opening the package provides an amazing aroma and a minute later, the warm mocha-like beverage lives up to expectations.
340630340630B001LQNUTAAM4F4NEHA5MAIP. McKenzie1151253059200My favorite podThe chocolate smell and "thickness" of this coffee makes it my favorite. I like flavored coffees and this one is always a treat. Although it is getting easier now, historically it was hard to find "good" decaf flavored pods.

All Baronet pods are worth a try, I use several, but these really do it for me.
340631340631B001LQNUTAAS5OGRXQ4T7BYDaisyMae0051350172800"TRUE...GENUINE" chocolate flavor!This coffee is something of a little miracle! When I first received my order and opened one of the foil packets, the first thing that flashed through my mind was did this company pack that much rich, robust, mellow, smooth, genuine chocolate and coffee aroma and flavor in one cup serving size pods? They did though. They really did. And the fact that it is also decaf is a really a wonderful delight! If you go through your "coffee enjoying" life without trying ANY Baronet coffee, you have truly cut your potential enjoyment by at least half! I have ordered and now have about half of their product line, and will continue to expand my inventory. Yes. It really is that fantastic....shouldn't you treat yourself to this discovery?! And NO I do NOT work for Baronet.... Darn it!
340632340632B001LQNUTAA1RLLTUBCFQV22Paula the Gourmet0051340409600It fits my Senseo machine and is absolutely deliciousI usually buy Senseo decaf pods, which are very good. These flavored pods are even better and a wonderful change from unflavored decaf. The flavoring is mild and rich, and the coffee is dark and smooth. I will definitely purchase this product again.
340633340633B001LQNUTAAL3CNDOD2ME1HSouthernBelle0051329955200Really good coffee!I'm actually sitting at my desk drinking my first cup of Baronet Decaf Chocolate Fudge Coffee and let me tell you, it's good! It's smooth, rich and wonderfully satisfying. If you like coffee and chocolate, then this combination is for you. I started out drinking it black (not something I usually do) just to get an idea about the flavor and it was smooth enough to drink just like that. However, adding a little hazelnut creamer notched it up to an entirely different level. Order it on Subscribe and Save and save even more money. Great coffee!
340634340634B001LQNUTAA2RZU5EB3K2CDNPistol Pete0051328400000Deeeliciousness for your Senseo!Being someone who can't have caffeine, there is'nt much to choose from for my Senseo coffee maker. This is a refreshing change from the norm. Very yummy!
340635340635B001LQNUTAA2MUYWCON742OCBosslady "Diane"0051307664000Tweeks my Chocolate Craving!I really like this and it helps keep my caffeine intake down. Just enough chocolate flavor to take the edge off. I usually add a little hazelnut creamer and sweetener. Then I sit down and ENJOY!
340636340636B001LQNUTAAWTFK8NJ3Y682Steven M. Frankel0041283040000Best of the decafs when this purchase was madeThis is the best of the decafs that were available a few months, but it doesn't compare to the Decaf European Blend, either now in smaller packs, or in the maga packs that used to be available. BARONET PLEASE BRING BACK THE DECAF EUROPEAN BLEND MEGA PACKS!
340637340637B0062RL1ZSA1OHK2OKF81MD3Laura5621333411200Eggs DO NOT Stay togetherNot a good product for an Easter egg hunt. The plastic eggs do not stay together well. Plus, the candy is loose not wrapped which of course is not ideal ...loose unwrapped candy on the ground ... great :(
340638340638B0062RL1ZSA9INIOJFYR6N8Laura Lynn "Laura Lynn"2211333584000Yolk or Yuck?As a mother of four girls and a bit, (ahem) of a 'germaphobe', it concerned me to crack open these pre-packaged eggs and have loose skittles, loose malted milk eggs and loose Cadbury eggs fall to the floor. These items were not wrapped and nothing in the item description gave me a 'heads up'. As these eggs were intended for a school Easter party, I could not use them. Buyers beware: unwrapped candies and a paltry amount at that. Not worth the expense and certainly not the 'yolk' I was expecting.
340639340639B0062RL1ZSA32EAV7YTNEUG3Jane Larsson0011343001600Stale and cheapDon't bother buying this. The candy inside is old and stale. Each egg also holds very little candy. a big disappointment. I ended up throwing away half the order. Too sad to use.
340640340640B0062RL1ZSA3J1DOLJBJ3MLELinda Ann Joslin "texaspm"0051342656000GreatGreat price and we did not have to leave the house and shop. I really love the fact that there is no trouble with ordering. Great product.
340641340641B0062RL1ZSA18JYQ1N3TVOQ1Benji0011339027200not worth it at allThis product was just poorly thought out and a waste of money. the amount of total candy received in all 3 bags did not add up one full bag of snack sized candy. I would guess that in total there was less than $2.00 worth of candy in all 3 bags. i felt cheated.
340642340642B0062RL1ZSA33K5X23W8RU6Shisoju0011338163200Waste of money!! Do not buy this!This was the total waste of money and time to buy this product. Probably the worst product I bought from Amazon. They three 'small' packs of herseys. Even at the corner shops, you can get better deals, don't waste your money on this deal.
340643340643B0062RL1ZSA37IY66JOD4PSKcandace0051336176000Great for Easter BasketsThese were perfect for Easter baskets and an egg hunt! Candy was fresh and tasted great. The kids loved each one!
340644340644B0062RL1ZSA32CY6ZD6V19G4Deborah J. Boyd0011336089600What is the definition of "filled"This product advertized Easter Eggs filled with a variety of candy.
The first egg I opened had 2 pieces of chocolate candy eggs coated with a candy shell and both were broken. Each of these was about 1/3" in length. The plastic egg they were in was about 4x2 ". I could have put 12 of these little eggs in the egg. Another had 2 Hershey's kisses but when I opened them they had white spots that likely came from being frozen. I was always proud of Hersheys because I was born in Johnstown, Pa. This is not the quality I am used to from Amazon or Hershey's
340645340645B0062RL1ZSAEMV9IMH665B9boonschotzbeadz3751333065600Great Choices for A Great Deal!!These came super fast and will definitely help me out at Easter, and they have candy in them EVERYBODY loves.
340646340646B0062RL1ZSA27KN7T6281HOJFair Trade Shopper22011333497600Hershey chocolates made with child laborHershey uses cocoa and chocolate that is not Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade certification means that child and slave labor are not used in the process of growing and producing cocoa. It also means that cocoa farmers and their workers are paid a fair price. Learn more at [...]
Hershey's chocolate products are less expensive than Fair Trade certified chocolate products, but does the lower consumer price justify children and slaves working to produce Hershey's products?
340647340647B004AVERVSARYV8A7EATGRVNatalie English0011346889600I never got this. It has not shipped.I'm sure it's a fabulous tea, but it never came. Still waiting...will I get it? It's been a very long time.
340648340648B001KPLX4QA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0041335225600Go Go Goji!I took this one to work with me today and it just about saved my life. It gave me the much-needed energy to deal with with busiest doctor in our practice. It was light and sweet and painfully refreshing. I had some while it was hot, but by the time I was able to find time for finish my thermos-full, it was cold. Even better! My thermos is vaccum-sealed, so I carefully shook it to mix it up again and downed the rest...oh yes. This will definitely be an amazing addition to my summer smoothies. Never mind that it snowed today. Anyway, the berryness of this was just right, not overly sweet or fake, just amazingly delicious. I'm only familiar with goji berries in tea, but this is the best goji flavored tea I've ever had. To be honest, I kept taking sips and being surprised by how good it was. I have the memory span of a goldfish, so it was like I given a gift of amazing tea every time I took a sip. If you're a berry fan who isn't really into strong greens, this might be the tea to get you into matcha. It wasn't overwhelmingly bitter like some matchas can be, it was just a smooth, tasty sip for a long workshift.

I am very impressed with their matcha, I have to say. My wife recently bought me a matcha whisk (so much easier!), but I was making it with a regular whisk in a cereal bowl and I have yet to encounter a clump. Like someone else said about their matchas, it's not flavoring added to cover an inferior product.
340649340649B000F498WCAYU404OSVUXQ2Jen0031317168000So SaltyThe soy nuts I received say "salted" on the packaging. Boy are they ever! I am considering washing them before I eat them.
340650340650B000F498WCAK9Z44QGP29YIJ. Paul "joat-mon"1231170720000Not As AdvertisedAlthough these say they are "Salted" they aren't. The nuts are fine, but the 3 stars is because of the misleading title/description.
340621340621B006HXL6QGAVK8NCLIBYKXDRik "Rik"0021326672000Do people really purchase without knowing the size of the package?The 2 stars is for the listing, not the product. The listing makes no indication of the size of the package. For all we know we could be paying for 2 roasted peas.
340622340622B001BKR5N8A17V9XL4CWTQ6GChandler3341306281600A step up from most dog foods but it's not food gradeI spent many years studying canine nutrition and it is fairly appalling how many of the major diseases and health issues began when we stopped feeding dogs table scraps and began feeding them processed foods. (See studies by Dr Pitcairn) Now granted, this was still a progression because toxins like onions were eliminated from their diet but poor quality processed foods, the same each day, are no mystery: we would suffer health issues if we chose that diet for life, and they need health as much as we do.

Primary issues: the vitamins added in most foods are then cooked which means they are left deactivated; most foods are made for profit meaning they have mostly fillers and food not fit for human consumption and can even be high in allergens such as soy or corn, leaving chronic itching, poor coat, etc.

But the main issue, aside from it being poor nutrition, in 99% of dog food is that it's not food grade meat. Why would this matter? I've actually visited the places that proved why this mattered. In Hereford, TX they raise the majority of beef used in this country. (Your suitcase will arrive back home after the flight here reeking of cow manure. But it's a pretty city.) In front of me a bulldozer was picking up cows that just dropped dead or were in the process. I wanted to scream. I asked what happens to them and was told they are taken to the local dog food manufacturer...which is why the dog food manufacturers are built near large cattle farms. In a nutshell, free diseased meat. Cows don't go to a morgue to see why they died or what disease or virus they had. They go straight into dog food.

Can't believe this? Think back a few years ago when dogs were dying and there was a massive pet food recall. This was because most of the companies drew from the same downed livestock. There were only a handful of companies that were not on the recall list. These were the very, very few that use food grade meat. What that means? Meat meant for food. Appalling huh? Dogs are usually forced to eat non food grade meat.

Food grade meat is marked as such on the can. You will rarely find it. Newman's Own is an example of one of the very few I've found that use meat inspected for human consumption...i.e. food grade.

However, I've got one dog who for whatever reason doesn't like the taste of Newman's Own. She was raised, prior to my owning her, on cheap dog food and I swear she hates vitamins and good beef or something. (their products are also balanced for nutritional benefit)

So I do supplement her diet back and forth. I like that Ultramix is built better than most dog foods. The nutritional profile and ingredients are well balanced and well thought out. There are no byproducts (the parts that no one would want to eat being ground up) there are good solid veggies like spinach and some fruit mixed in and it has an excellent vitamin profile. It has a very small amount of garlic (garlic in large quantities will hurt your dog's liver and kidneys but in very small measured amounts is a natural flea and worm preventative.)

My dogs love the taste

The drawback is that it's not human grade or food grade meat so yes, you are still subject to use of downed and diseased cattle when it's not. So I don't use this often but for my dog who won't eat Newman's Own and for when I don't have time to mix up a good homemade meal, I do look for alternatives to supplement.

It amazes me how in today's time there are still foods served to any animals that are, by all FDA standards, "not fit for human consumption". There is a rise in homes preparing homemade meals. Veterinary schools are funded by dog food companies but extensive studies show that issues we have today were all but unheard of prior to their poor processed food diets. And vegetables and fruits are important for pets which are often overlooked. Think they don't eat them naturally? If your dog sees grass and begins chewing, it's a way of getting these into their diet. In nature, the first part of an animal a wild dog, coyote, or wolf, will eat is the stomach of the rabbit or what he kills for food. This is where they get their vegetable content naturally. In reality, in the wild their diets are very similar to our own...except they aren't cooked! But the balance of fresh meats and vegetables is actually similar. They do not eat ground corn and fillers in nature but do get minerals and vitamins in naturally--many of which are depleted in most dog food manufacturing even if they are added in because of the high temps in processing.

This is a good natural and balanced food without fillers. It is not food grade. Add that and it will be perfect with no risk of health concerns. Many have no idea that illnesses can be born from downed cattle or diseased fowl. Unless pets start dying food is not recalled and the health issues are never connected. This needs to be changed.Human grade meats cost more and many have no idea why the few dog foods that use it are more expensive as I think there is little marketing and education regarding this. It took years of study and discussions from a rising population of informed vets to understand it myself.

Unfortunately, not one day of veterinary school is spent on learning nutrition. It is spent on curing health problems rather than preventing them with a proper diet. That education has to come from self-learning after veterinary school. And I applaud the rise in vets who are doing it, now that we know how our own diets effect us learn term and can shorten our own lives.

While still better than most dog foods, it has one more leap to make it perfect. But many won't pay more for the pet foods that have it so I applaud at least the small part of change this has.
340623340623B001BKR5N8A35R32TA60XD57M. Torma0031329091200Not a keeper here.I gave this 3 stars because I do feel it is a quality food, but my dog got bored with it before he was finished with the first can. (two days) The same thing happened with the chicken stew. At first I thought maybe he just didn't want leftovers, so I opened another can...same thing. He seemed to love it at first, although I was still mixing in his Organix chicken and potatoes. When it was all the chicken or beef stew, he would barely sniff it. He would walk around his bowl like he was looking for the good stuff, which I gave him when I took the bowl of stew away. Too bad, because it seemed like a nice chunky food that he would enjoy. Not so much. I know some people feel that "they will eat it when they are hungry enough". I have never and will never make my pets eat like that. I wouldn't like to, and I feel they are entitled to have likes and dislikes as well.
340624340624B001BKR5N8A3VGJGFKXWYMP3Kimberly Hill0051328832000Best Food on MarketMy dogs cannot get enough of this stew. I had a client who German Sheppard would not eat because it did not like his grocery store purchased food. He can't get enough of this food. Great ingredients and taste, you can even smell the differnce.
340625340625B001BKR5N8A3UGUDU1HKIYLGAndy0051318982400Dog food via mailorder?????My dog has gotten really picky and won't eat anything. I tried Castor and Pollux Ultramix
along with several other gluten free type dog foods. He loves the food. Not always available in local pet stores, so I decided to try to find it at Amazon because they seem to have everything. Ordered and received with free shipping. The free shipping was a real bonus because 12 cans of dog food are heaverier then most packages and would probably make the food over $3.00 a can. The food is great and very convenient to order online. But be careful when shipping is not a special deal.
340626340626B001BKR5N8AACOYLVI9I0J2Andrew Allen0051318896000My dog loves this stuff!My three-year old dog Buster has grown up on the mid- to higher-end mainstream brands, such as Purina Pro Plan, Blue Buffalo and Biljac, but lately I've been trying a variety of natural and/or organic canned foods to supplement his dried food. As soon as you open the can, you can tell that it's better quality than the regular brands from PetSmart or PetCo. Plus, you can usually find a great deal on natural/organics at Amazon, especially with Subscribe-and-Save, so you're not paying much more than you would for the regular brands.

Buster is not a particularly fussy eater and doesn't get upset by changes in his diet. You can definitely tell he's been enjoying the different varieties we've tried so far. This Castor & Pollux Ultramix "Beef, Vegetables & Barley" has, without a doubt, been one of his favorites so far. He eats it down very quickly and rattles the bowl licking every last speck. It's full of vegetables and chunky beef pieces (not organs and suspicious-looking meat by-products), and could probably pass for a homemade beef and vegetable stew. The only other brand we've tried that is similar in chunkiness, quality ingredients and smell is "Halo Spot's Stew" (and in my opinion, Halo smells even better!)

I am going to order more of this Castor & Pollux!

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