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340651340651B0017WPO42AFYU5WKPVQV1JL. Swanson1141221436800a great tea hot or coldI was looking for a lower caffeine tea that still offered flavor, and this vanilla apricot tea fit the bill. I drink a lot of iced tea, and have found that brewing this double strength and pouring it over ice makes a great iced tea. I usually drink it unsweetened. As was mentioned in a previous review the apricot flavor is not quite as refined as is offered in a high quality tissane, but it is still quite good. I took a chance in ordering this tea (6 boxes!), but I am really glad I did. It's my go-to flavored tea, especially in the afternoon and evening.

Because I live in a small town, my options for tea purchases are limited to whatever the grocery store or Wal-Mart stocks. Thank God I can order tea from Amazon!
340652340652B0017WPO42A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"1141217030400Lovely White Tea with Memorable Flavors****
I really enjoy this new white tea from Tazo. It's a subtle and gentle white tea with subdued flavor, which is how I like my white tea. The apricot flavoring is pretty strong, but apricot is appealing to me, so I don't mind. The vanilla is noticeable as well, but secondary to the apricot. There is nothing not to like in this tea; my only criticism (and the reason for only four stars) is that I can tell that it is "flavored" instead of having real ingredients. Still, it's a fine tea, and one of Tazo's better teas at that.

I ordered the six pack and am sure that I will use it over the next few months, and probably order more. Other people who aren't so fussy about their tea really love it---it's different and enjoyable!
340653340653B0017WPO42A31P87BDLSF0W3Amazon Reader0051317168000Great for flavoring a pitcher of iced teaI find most flavored teas too strong for a single brewed cup -and I prefer iced tea, so I make a pitcher of iced tea with regular tea bags and just one these tea bags included - adds a nice subtle fruity flavor that isn't overpowering. I swtiched from soft drinks to iced tea as my beverage of choice, so this allows me to vary the iced tea flavors to keep them from getting boring. This one is a terrific flavor.
340654340654B0017WPO42A1U09A6UCP1V6XM. Williams0051296950400Perfect for iced tea!!!This is my all time favorite tea to make iced tea. I actually haven't tried it hot, but it's delicious iced! I was so glad to find it on here because it seems to be discontinued. The pack of 6 was a great deal!
340655340655B0017WPO42A2WK4JKR8S9SFLKarleton Helfer "Karleton Helfer"0031282348800mild and pleasant when prepared according to instructionsThe following recommendation is based on having tried over 100 tea varieties in the last 2+ years.

The flavor is mild and pleasant when prepared according to instructions.

For those who prefer a much stronger and harsher flavor... this can be experiences when steeping for long periods.

Try it.
340656340656B0017WPO42A19KU41UZH9ULZGinger0051268611200White teaI can't drink black tea due to the tannin in it. Tasted this tea at a restaurant and couldn't find it in any stores so ordered it from Amazon. Order 6 boxes at once and get their free shipping. The tea is a wonderful tea to have in the afternoon...very light apricot flavor. This is not a stong tea but I love the flavor...very soothing. I drink the TOZO Cucumber White with dinner. Compliments just about anything I eat and it's a little stonger.
340657340657B0017WPO42A1QVDIQ1K2M7L6Love The Earth0051267401600TAZO Vanilla Apricot White TeaLove it--love it --love it!!! I enjoy drinking Tazo teas. They have an extensive variety of flavors. The "Vanilla Apricot White Tea" is my favorite. I drink it hot and cold. I like to make iced tea w/ a bag of it and (2) Luzianne quart-size bags. I get compliments every time. Enjoy!!
340658340658B0017WPO42A2DDZXQBNZEFOIWendy Horning "Humbug girl"0051246406400Summer fruitThis is my new all time favorie tea. Just love it.
It tastes like summer and apricot cobbler.
340659340659B0017WPO42A2IP6DSJP2Q1YWAlan J. Laduzinsky "Big AL"1811221436800No VanillaI bought the tea. There is no vanilla in what I got. Makes me wonder about Tazo.
340660340660B001EO6D66A1HZHZ9XH5RR7NMattie "Mattie"0051334707200Real Old World Flavor!Boy does this seasoning mix bring back memories! It made our pork roast taste just like the ones we used to enjoy back in our old German/Hungarian neighborhood in NYC, I simply rubbed it all over and let the roast sit in the fridge overnight then roasted in it the oven. Mostly all of those restaurants are gone now and we live far away from the area but this seasoning mix brought those old familiar flavors to the forefront again. I've tried over the years to make up my own mixs based on the flavors I remembered but didn't come really close, this is perfect. I can't wait to try it on other things.
340661340661B001SAQ9X8AAQH60DLS3EE0Cindy Sanchez3411313193600Wrong Item SentFrustrating. Order was for 24, 15 oz cans of Goya Gandules. Received order today of 24 14 oz bags of dried gandules.
340662340662B001E95KM4A248BAMI7QPNN6S. Reid1151168300800Excellent Buy!Love the smell of this extract. I also like that it happens to be organic. I use it primarliy for White Hot Chocolate and it's perfect.
340663340663B007FRDYPOA1E1ZXFK18L9OREmily J. Jensen "movie & book nut"4451275609600My favorite teaAlthough roasting mate removes some of it's nutritional value and lessens the amount of antioxidants in it, it is still better for you than coffee. This blend is delicious! I mix it with whole milk and a little sugar. Yum!! The energy/matteine boost is nice too.
340664340664B007FRDYPOA1USOFWS1ZE1FDorothy Daidone4451255910400Great Tea for Coffee LoversThis tea is great for the coffee lover, It has a wonderful taste, and is healthy for you. I recommend this tea for everyone who loves coffee and wants to kick the coffee habit.
340665340665B007FRDYPOA3BXVBZUA0Q1OGMom of Teens0051344384000Yum!this relaxing mate was delicious. It had rich bold flavors and that right touch of chocolate that warms a cold night.
340666340666B00438IU34AYBCQ12Z5ZPQGLoveThatRonWhite "avidreader"0151345593600Handy ItemWe have these chilled for dessert after Chinese food. It's always possible to find a few cans stashed away in the fridge for just such occasions -- very handy!
340667340667B00438IU34AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0151308441600Very Good Product!We like to have some long-shelf-life foodstuffs so we can improvise meals at times when getting to the food market is difficult. We store cases of beans, veggies and some prepared meals in our pantry shelves. Some of the items are canned or dried fruit and one of them is a case of Festival Mandarin Oranges in light syrup. We purchased the case at our local Costco store and the case is now about three quarters finished. These mandarin oranges are delicious. They're very flavorful and I like the light syrup which makes them much less sweet than many canned fruits. I enjoy them as snacks now and then. An entire can is less than 200 calories. My wife and toddler like them too. We all like them best chilled so you'll generally find a can in the fridge. It's a very good product.

Gary Peterson
340668340668B000F3N7ACA1Z67Y8DWIGZXVHealth Junky101011168560000Good Product...but buy the 700-ctAmazon sells a 700-ct for $15..why would i ever pay $35 for 1000-ct(plus shipping on 1000-ct)....seems crazy. Look up the 700-ct and you'll be siked.
340669340669B000F3N7ACA1MZKOXXQ9SO4GGerald Wigley8851150329600The Best Sweetner AvailableI am a diabetic and can not use aspertane - when I found this product I could not beleive that it tastes just like sugar and can be used in all cooking. Unfortunately, Sams clus lists the 1000 pack for 17.99 vs the 35.99 here!!!
340670340670B000F3N7ACAE9ZPX6BDW803Kent Davis "Devata Org - Khmer Studies"6611275523200Great sweetener...MUCH cheaper elsewhereSplenda is an amazing artificial sweetener. But you already know that if you drink Diet Coke with Splenda or you've been to a coffee shop in the past few years. Now you're looking to purchase this expensive sweetener for less money, right?

Recently, Amazon has consistently amazed me by being the product price leader and the place that wins my final purchase. I'll Google the heck out of books and electronics seeking the best combination of delivered price and seller reliability. Amazon wins more often than not.

Which is exactly why I'm so annoyed at myself for buying this 1000 count box of Splenda for $28.45.

The day after I ordered I was in a big-box member club (four letters starting with S) where I saw, to my shock, the exact same 1,000 count box for $20.50. Yikes. I paid nearly _40% more_ the day before and thought I got a deal.

Caveat emptor. Today on Amazon I now see Splenda No Calorie Sweetener 1000 Individual Packets Value Pack (Net Wt. 2.2 for as low as $22.89. But the less-than-sweet moral of this story is that things may not *always* cost less on the web.
340671340671B000F3N7ACA273D6OSIWFINZqqqq "J"2241303516800No box - bulk splendaThought I was receiving a boxed case of splenda packets. Instead I received a plastic bag of the 1000 packets. I guess if I was running a deli or restaurant wouldn't care. Item is bulk splenda & not boxed case that you would find at Costco or BJ's.

But, has worked out just not what I was expecting.
340672340672B000F3N7ACAFDU8YM3P3RP2Ts Hunter "DJ Comatose"4531165449600Good Item But Costs TOO MUCH!Sure, Splenda is a good sweetener and I have bought it here in this quantity in the past, but it costs TOO MUCH here, and I especially feel this way when I went right now and found it at the samsclub website for half as much. Now of course, samsclub sucks because they won't ship it, but we have to pay shipping here too, so why can't the price be half as much also, or at least comparable to that? I would even be willing to buy the generic version of Splenda, (sucralose + maltodextrin + dextrose) "Altern", but that isn't offered here either, but if it is in the future, IT SHOULD ALSO BE AT LEAST HALF THE PRICE, or more realistically, 1/4th just like it is in real life. Anyway, I am sorry, I just wanted to gripe a little. Sweetener should not be only for rich people. If they were to charge that much for sugar (which it is, look it up on Wikipedia), I'm sure lots of other people would have a heart attack also (not just me). :P 6/10
340673340673B000F3N7ACA2AKESMBTW76AUstormy1141311120000SPLENDAProduct was in perfect shape and received timely.
Some packages appear less full than others but that may be a factory problem and would still order this product again from this company
340674340674B000F3N7ACA1DPI83197LDY2Neal0041347840000SplendaGreat value. Love not having to go to the store to purchase these anymore. Always on hand when I need them.
340675340675B000F3N7ACA3045N2UV6KMV7Carole S Matthews0051342051200great packing and prompt servicehad to purchase a large quantity but it has a very long shelf life and saves me lots of $$$
340676340676B000F3N7ACANY4T96TQNZIQwilgon0051334707200Splenda No Calorie Sweetener 1000 Individual PacketsExcellent product. Some family members are controlled diabetic and need the product to sweeten desserts, coffees, fruits, juices, among others. This was using the normal sugar and glucose measurement was above the normal parameters.
340677340677B000F3N7ACA2BU8JVRRMIQK8Audrey J. Lippman0051329868800A staple food item in our housePreferred sweetener for us. Saving calories, plus easy to use. We have made this purchase many times, so this is a repeat.
340678340678B000F3N7ACA31UL68E1WJESGleon harvey0051319587200my feelingsAfter using this product , I was asked to write a review, so here it is. This product is Marvelous and Splenda! Amazon has done it again!
340679340679B000F3N7ACA2WKQ9LUO7IRBER. Greenhouse00513137984006 per qt sweet enough, but will it cause cancer?Tastes sweet! Not phoney. Then I will add more words to make this a twenty word review as required here.
340680340680B000F3N7ACA3MXF8POBVU1CUMscdfyahoo Com "Ms.cici"0031295395200Normal sizeAlthough it stated "Value Pack" it was the average size packets that I usually buy. I was disappointed with that but the rest of the transaction was good.

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