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340711340711B002RM68C8AWEFO0J1CY5FErichie norco0031348099200pop'shave been eating pickled eggs most of my life (75 yrs old).in bars & home made,these are o.k.,but to RUBBERY.
340712340712B002RM68C8A1XE0802LSLU2XD. Girard0051338163200Om nom nom...Shipped quickly and so well packaged that they made it out to Afghanistan with no problems. A very refreshing taste of the midwest :)
340713340713B0013MCANYA2BLZHX020MYD5Jean M. Lutey0051229040000wild ricethis product is clean and is shipped in a very fast manner. it is absolutely delicious, even my four birds eat it,s very easy to substitute. buy this and try it, you wont be disatisfied.
340714340714B0013MCANYA28FJKI4T3UJXOV. Thomas0051214352000Hard to find RiceCultivated wild rice is hard to find in my area, so I was glad when I found it offered by Oregon thru and it was reasonably priced too. I just used it to make wild rice pilaf and it was very good. It comes in an attractive clear standup package. Some people don't know there is a difference between wild rice and cultivated wild rice but, there is a big difference. This pack should last me awhile but now I know where to get more when I need it. Thanks Oregon and for making this hard to fnd product available.
340715340715B0004JQW54A1FHUYGO3OWWRFA photographer1251298332800One of my favorites (but it ain't from Texas)Texas Pete is a mild sauce that goes with a lot of foods. I love the stuff. But then I'm a Louisiana native and I have yet to meet a pepper I don't like. Texas Pete has nothing to do with Texas, as has been pointed out previously, so don't expect it to be spicy like the foods you tasted in San Antonio or along the border. It sorta fits in the same category as the various Louisiana hot sauces although it is produced in North Carolina. It's a vinegar-based sauce, not very hot but lightly spiced with tasty peppers.

I admit to liking lots of different hot sauces. I keep a wide variety in the fridge and use them often. Texas Pete is one of the milder sauces that goes well when you want just a little spice for taste but don't want too much heat. Unless you're a masochist who has to have blisters on your tongue, you may enjoy it's lighter taste.
340716340716B0004JQW54A4UKBG3M5U5TIWestley71321120780800Lasso some Tabasco instead!Texas Pete's is the #1 hot sauce in the South - it's ubiquitous in every type of restaurant. If you ask for Tabasco, you're likely to get Texas Pete's hot sauce instead. The company was founded in 1929 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; their first product was their barbecue sauce, but the hot sauce soon followed. This is a basic hot sauce - peppers, vinegar, and salt - and it can be used as you would Tabasco or a Louisiana hot sauce. Unfortunately, it's extremely mild. I often find that, in order to add the desired heat to food, I have to add so much that the food becomes watery. My scrambled eggs end up a mess and still taste bland. If you like a mild hot sauce, then Texas Pete should be one of your top choices. Otherwise, avoid this wimpy selection.

The company's website includes a plethora of recipes using their products - the Chicken Brunswick Stew is a North Carolina tradition.
340717340717B0004JQW54A1IL6W1NK05UW9C. Baker "cbaker"91721105574400Average Hot SauceTexas Pete is very average. It has too much of a peppery taste and isn't really that hot. In fact, I would describe the overall flavor as bland, not tasty at all. I have tried a lot of hot sauces, and while Texas Pete is not bad, it leaves me a little flat.
340718340718B0004JQW54AX4KX8339OSB2scott w0331302480000Good but not as good as othersI am a huge spicy food fan! I put hot sauce on just about everything and have tried probably a hundred different sauces. While this one is good, I find it a bit boring compared to others. It does add a little kick but the flavor is lacking. There are a lot of sauces that add pure heat but either the heat is overwhelming or the flavor is completely lacking. My number one favorite hot sauce is:

Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Pepper Sauce -[..]

It's about as spicy but the flavor is fantastic! I put it on Mexican food, pasta, etc. I always have a few bottles of this around and give them away to friends pretty regularly.
340719340719B0004JQW54A1HJBIYMXEZASGJason A Gifford1711296086400HorribleI've been making and mixing hot sauces with extra pepper ect and tweaking it for awhile now. I normally marinade for hours and make wings almost nightly for the protein.

Long story short, I used this sauce and the first thing I noticed was the rancid smell coming from my oven. I kept trying to tell myself it would taste good, I ended up eating as much as I could of a breast and had to throw away the rest and I also threw away the bottle of Texas Pete's. I was absolutely amazed that a hot sauce could taste so bad when cooked, absolutely the worst sauce I've ever had; stick with Franks Red Hot and Anchor Bar and you'll never be disappointed. If you want more heat at cayenne pepper :)
340720340720B0004JQW54A2AJTHBFF8TMMUZ. Young "zak"21221171238400from a Texan's perspective...I have to disagree that this is the "#1 hot sauce in the South".

Maybe certain parts of the south...

I have lived my whole life in Texas and had never even heard of "Texas Pete's" until I travelled to D.C. (I think it's made in New Hampshire or something)

In Texas, sauces like that are referred to as "Louisiana-sauce" because it's fairly mild, vinegar-based, and uses the cayenne pepper. In Texas we prefer spicier, more chili-based sauces and instead of the cayenne, we tend to favor the Ancho for flavor, the serrano or even habanero for heat and of course the ubiquitous jalapeno.

I had a good laugh when I encountered this stuff.

For some good hot sauce, try:



Yucateca (XXX)


in Houston, we have an enormous Vietnamese population, so Sriracha is also very common, even at Mexican Restaurants. We call it "Ketchup"
340721340721B0004JQW54A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis31521153612800An emphatic NO!Texas Pete is the worst. First of all, its made in Winston-Salem North Carolina and served in all the diners here in the Carolinas like ketchup, which it complements very well, but doesn't add any heat too.

Rates out at about 500 Scoville units, Texas Pete can only be described as "hot sauce flavored thinned-out tomato sauce." Don't go out of your way to find this stuff, it ain't worth it.
340722340722B0000DI08WA3QIOGJJBP2Z3Ichillsister "chillsister"0051173657600Exactly What Vanilla Extract Should BeThis product is the perfect vanilla extract. So many brands are full of unnecessary additives, but this one is clean and pure. The difference in taste makes this one worth every penny.
340723340723B0029JVTK0AR7SRRG6PWACEUser Mac0041251158400Beware of false item weightI had no problem with the service on my order for Hershey Kisses Dark. However, potential customers should note that Amazon's product description page said (and still says as of this writing) Item weight 12 pounds. I didn't receive 12 pounds. What I got was twelve 12-ounce packages = 9 pounds.
340724340724B000NY4S6AA10M0797JHX8T8Lynda L. Childs7751221004800Excellent!I have used this product in the past and was having trouble finding it in the stores in my community. It was delightful to find it online and be able to make my special chicken spaetzle soup!
340725340725B000NY4S6AA2PR6NXG0PA3KYGiordano Bruno6851296172800Marco Polo Didn't Bring These Noodles Back from China!They're mentioned in German Medieval sources before 1200 CE and archaeological evidence suggests that wheat noodles have been a staple of Schwabian cuisine for at least 4000 years. I'm fairly convinced this is true, since most of the packaged Spaeztle I've bought in the USA taste roughly that old. The etymology of the name is obscure, but most Schwabian housewives declare that it's derived from Schwalbe, the German name for the bird swallow. Or perhaps it's the Schwabians who are derived from Schwalben because their dialect sounds like twittering. Not a single housewife of my acquaintance has been able to suggest what the connection might be, leaving me free to speculate about the possibility that Marco Polo carried a bag of Spaetzle with him on his travels to the Khanate, where his attempts to translate the German into Chinese via Italian gave the Khan's chefs the idea of making bird's nest soup, the birds in question being swallows. However, there's also the strong possibility that all Schwabians are genetically Chinese, since their profile of frequency of blood types A and B exactly matches that of certain districts of Shanghai, which would certainly demonstrate that Marco Polo never actually traveled to China but instead heard tales of the place from various German Dudelsack players who were imprisoned with him in Genoa for disturbing the peace.

In any case, Spaetzle are basically gnarly little egg noodles, usually served with meat dishes having rich gravies, when other cuisines might offer rice or pureed vegetables. Of course they're far better home made, but this brand is more than tolerable. There's a description of how Spaetzle are made on wikipedia, written in astounding detail, and you'll find recipes for appropriate saucy dishes on-line or in any German cookbook.

340726340726B000UXY2KGA2BYMZ09DS2T0BPhillip Fielder "chad"01931297123200OK?? : NUTRITIONAL INFO.? SALT/SODIUM CONTENT???
340727340727B001BM6I8OA2Y6A522GG6Q6XDavina Rafaela111141260835200really deliciousloved it. smells really good and stays moist. don't know why another reviewer made a big deal of the fact that it isn't gluten-free. it isn't meant to be gluten-free and isn't advertised as such, so giving it a 1-star rating because it's not gluten free makes no sense.
340728340728B001BM6I8OA1PYZZWU0WHCRThe Cupcake Chef ""6651244332800Organic not gluten free - excellent if you need to use a mixTime and money saver. Saves you from needing to buy bulk size ingredients if you want batch size freshness. Excellent ingredients is one of the keys to excellent results. This mix is a great start.
340729340729B001BM6I8OA2M273CS0HH937H. Critchfield "proud mama"2251272758400Great mix if you have food allergiesThis mix tastes good and is completely customizable. It has no eggs, milk or butter included and you can make whatever substitutions are necessary for your situation.
340730340730B001BM6I8OA3GV4F7X8TAH1XJ. Magro ""1151310256000Yum! Works for Cupcakes Too.While the package doesn't mention it, these make great cupcakes too. I usually make my cakes from scratch, but I had to make A LOT of cupcakes for my kids birthday party, so I used these and was very happy with the result.
340731340731B001BM6I8OAIXVOAT3SCAQNNat (Queens, NY) "nattiemj"0051347408000Excellent qualityI have been getting this cake mix on auto delivery for as long as I can remember. Its not sweet, its organic and the price is great, what more could I ask for. Thanks Amazon!!!
340732340732B003SBU4H2A2II07FLJ2CIRRMiller1151308182400Best Organic Soda and Price on Amazon!We are a healthy household but enjoy the occasional Soda, the compromise for my hubby to have soda with lunch daily is only if it's Organic Blue Sky it only has a few ingredients and nothing artificial. We can get it locally but it is expensive we did some research for the best price...Amazon is our go to for everything and they were the best price for this as well. We have it on Auto delivery so we get an extra discount and the only way we would order it online is if we got free shipping other wise the shipping is as much as the product, through this link you have the option of free shipping over $25 so we get two cases at once with free shipping. We're never disappointed with Blue Sky!
340733340733B003SBU4H2A1HVOCA5Y7JDH9off the beaten path0041345939200TastyTasty and organic soda. The only problem is the shipping. Sometimes the product gets damaged in route and comes in a plastic bag (not the fault of the sender so much as the carrier).
340734340734B003SBU4H2A1BKYCNRXPGGP9Christopher Alan Fields0011344384000DisgustingThe Flavor is Worse than Flint Stones Vitamins and Similar to Fanta, but Worse Tasting, I will Not Buy this Garbage again.
340735340735B002XFSQUGA3IMX326Y5QL5YB. Balin0011263772800very disappointedI guess I should have checked the size before I bought it but they are impossible to play with and are better suited for a GI Joe figurine than a boy.
340736340736B001SAWU7MA1KHYE8V71TQ2KPeg0051350345600Great for VegansThis company's new Organicville French and Ranch Dressing contains no sugar, no dairy, no gluten and is great for all those wanting a healthier diet. I put a little salt and some pepper on my salads and then use these dressings. I do not feel I'm withholding but creating a delicious meal that is good for me. Ever sense I went gluten free and dairy free my allergies and stomach issues are better and I have more energy.
340737340737B002UVLPA6A32CN4E8JK8J6CArnold Pulda9951297296000the bestThese are the best pistachio nuts anywhere. I have tried them all, and these are by far the best: no pieces, no chips, no filler, no garbage.
340738340738B002UVLPA6A33X80DIINN48YJ. Dugas "signature"7751311465600Lightly Salted, and delicious.I got these for my dad on Father's day. He has been trying to reduce his salt intake so I made sure to get the lightly salted pistachios. These are perfect. You can tell they have less salt then salted pistachios usually have, but they still have nice amount of salt on them. I will buy these again.
340739340739B002UVLPA6A3DQI0IL4I3B6OBrett W. Brottlund "Stach lover"6651307404800Great nuts and fast deliveryThese nuts are great tasting and lightly salted just right. The order was delivered quickly and this was the lowest price per pound I could find. Highly recommended.
340740340740B002UVLPA6A25Z6I5VL0O5XXmister e. shoppa3351323734400Good nuts! Fresh and tasty.These shelled pistachio nuts are as good as I have found on the market. They are lightly salted as stated and we all enjoyed them.

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