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340771340771B001RIXSNKA2JCNVXT7K29JBRose DesRochers "Founder of Today's Woman"0051294272000I'm Addicted.. HELPPretzel Crisps have no preservatives, no trans-fat, and no high fructose corn syrup which is a plus. The pretzels are pressed flat, like crackers, and are sturdy enough to use for dips or topped with cheese. They are the perfect combination of the pretzel and the cracker.

I tried several of the flavors and it really hard picking a favorite as all the flavors went over well in my house. Pretzel Crisps are the perfect snack for those of us looking for a healthy, delicious alternative to chips.

I have tried them with soup, with dips, and covered in chocolate. (Chocolate? There went the healthy part.)

My only fault I have is I find them quite addicting. They are so good, it's hard to stop at eating just a few.
340772340772B001RIXSNKAMOKUWGOI1323Robin A. Taylor0051267315200Delicious!!!These are light, crispy, flavorful and perfect for dipping. I just bought mine, but I am sure they will be a staple in my house from now on. I can't wait to try more of the various flavors. I can see them replacing chips as my favorite side to a sandwich...
340773340773B0043CVIBGAZY10LLTJ71NXundertheshrine "undertheshrine"4451303776000girl scout thin mint in disguiseif you love thin mint cookies that the girl scouts sell, then you will love these oreo's.

Not everyone likes mint but if you do, then this is the oreo to try!!

I couldn't find these in the store which further compelled me to buy them online and try them.
340774340774B0043CVIBGA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"3351298332800Ooh-lalaFor someone who loves Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookies but are frustrated at the fact that you can't buy them just any time, Mint Oreos provides a satisfying replacement for the times you can't have a Thin Mint. When I first tried this, Thin Mints was the first thing to come to my mind, because the taste of chocolate, flour, and mint make for an awesome flavor. If you're a fan of Thin Mints or just mint-flavored stuff in general, give Mint Oreos a try, you won't be disappointed! And the mint filling is great to lick off the cookie! Yum!
340775340775B0043CVIBGA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname1141292284800Yummy.I bought four packages of these mint Oreos to dip in chocolate and they were a huge hit. The mint flavor is a special treat I can only find around Christmas. It has a nice, thick green mint filling (I didn't buy double stuffed, it's just the regular size cookie) sandwiched inside the Oreo cookie we all know and love. Together, they are the perfect partners. Great on their own, but amazing with chocolate.
340776340776B0043CVIBGAL2OSJHFCQKTRTT "-TT"0051340928000Excellent mint flavorI was worried that the mint flavoring would have the strange sour aftertaste that many mint products have. I should have feared not, the vanilla creaminess and the mint flavoring are well balanced. The mint is not overpowering, nor is it too subtle. With the chocolate crunchiness of the cookie, it provides excellent mouth-feel and a very pleasant flavor profile.

I am not a regular OREO eater, but I might become one....
340777340777B0043CVIBGA891P0KYK4HJVAlex0051340236800Fresh CookiesNot even possible to improve the taste of this cookie.
The mint in them is sweet and so addicting! Getting a
4 pack is a dangerous thing because it will increase the
temptation but on the other hand, we froze these for
2 months and they were still soooooo good.
340778340778B0043CVIBGA3NTUO8EA80TCJRoss B.0051336089600Perfect Combination of Oreo and ToothpasteI have always loved eating Oreo cookies after brushing my teeth. The combination of the minty toothpaste flavor and Oreo cookie flavor is second to none. But, now I don't have to go to all that trouble!
340779340779B0043CVIBGA3OFVWDDEJGMNNMeh1230041335744000Addicting!After buying Cool Mint Oreos from my grocery store (and they're never hard to find), eating a regular oreo just doesn't seem to cut it anymore! My husband hates this kind, but I think he's crazy. I really have to watch myself with these cookies. They are creamier than the original (hence the double-stuff), and 2 of these cookies have about the same amount of calories as 3 of the original. Recently I've found oreos to be too sweet and dry, but these are certainly an exception. The mint and creamy filling really seem to cut the sweetness. They're so good, the glass of milk is optional. Some mint-flavored products taste artificial and have a chemical taste to them (think McD's Shamrock Shakes, Necco Thin Mints, or toothpaste). Not these! The flavor comes from real peppermint oil. Though I wouldn't mind if the bright green coloring agents were omitted. Chocolate mint lovers, beware.
340780340780B0043CVIBGA10Y59HW4O47N0bigguy11 "DWS"0051322870400Oreo Mint Creme Oreo CookieThese are the best of all the Oreo varieties. Very hard to find and almost always have to order online. The mint is the highest quality taste and lasts in your mouth for a long time. Great to dunk in milk or eat on their own. Beware you wont be able to put them down!
340781340781B0043CVIBGA1N7TI8FDNROIMmst3k4evr0051312675200Thin Mints Without the Fudge CoatingIf you are craving Thin Mints and they're either a) not selling them where you are at the present time and/or b) someone ate the stash you had in the freezer, these are the perfect substitute. The only thing they're missing is the fudge coating, but dipping them in chocolate syrup should do the trick.
340782340782B0002LIRO8A2X9NU2VE0S01PJWoolman9951285113600keep on hand for sick catsThis is worth always having on hand in case your cat gets sick or can't eat because of a mouth injury, cancer, etc. Also stock up on oral syringes (the 3 milliliter size works well for cats' mouths). There are 33 calories per tablespoon, and it's very syringeable with 1:1 PDG:water mix (you can make it even more concentrated and still syringe it, but it's easier for the cat at 1:1). So I add a tbsp of water to a tbsp of PDG, and this fills about three 3 milliliter syringes. I feed about 1/2 milliliter at a time with no trouble (let the cat swallow and lick in between...), so in a few minutes I can get 33 calories into the cat with no fuss. An inactive small cat only needs about 4 to 5 times that much in a day. Some cats can eat up to 2 tbsp of PDG at a time. This works well when the cat isn't even able to eat baby food meat, and even when they can - it's good to supplement them with some syringe feeding to get both of you used to it and to get cat-specific good stuff into the cat. I don't restrain the cat, just put one hand on her shoulder and put the syringe up against her teeth, then when she opens her mouth I squirt about 1/2 milliliter into her, aiming toward the back of the mouth and to the side (don't want kitty to choke...). Just be gentle and you shouldn't need to do anything more than that. You also should try the PDG/water mix in a little bowl, some cats will lick that up all by themselves. Whenever syringe feeding, it's a good idea to have easily eatable food right there also, since sometimes cats just need a little jump start with syringe feeding and then they'll eat on their own. It takes energy to eat, for one thing.

Cats should never go more than 24 hours to 48 hours max without food- their livers aren't all that efficient and they can get very sick very quickly without food, toxins release too quickly from stored fat for the liver. Dogs and people are different, they can fast without harm. But cats can very quickly go off their feed for various reasons, even if their nose if just stuffed up from a cold (if they can't smell it, they don't want to eat it) or if they are uncomfortable for some other reason.
340783340783B001EQ5ADGA23X9QV9XPU9MGBekahKnits4451297123200Gluten Free and YummyI searched everywhere for a Gluten Free boullion and this is it. It also tastes better than other brands I've had and rivals Better Than Boullion brand. Prefer it for long term storage as well. I use 2 cubes (sometimes crumbled and sprinkled on top of, or mixed into meat) with 1/4c dehydrated onion in place of Lipton Onion Soup Mix in all my usual recipes.

I wish Amazon would emphasize that it is Gluten Free (it says it right on the jar but you cannot always read it in the picture) it would have made my search easier.
340784340784B001EQ5ADGA136IRABCOMTR8EastsideGirl0051335744000Great tasting and Gluten Free!Our family is Gluten Free and this bullion and it's companion flavors has been so helpful. We eat a lot of soup in our house and this is a wonderful base to help fill out the flavors. It's hard to find a tasty, GF product that doesn't break the bank. This is so handy. Shelf stable, easy to use and really good. My whole family approves. Compared to what I was using before we went GF it's a super deal too. I love that Amazon has it in the auto-ship packages so I can stock up and save. I highly recommend.
340785340785B001EQ5ADGAAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"0051326931200Herbox is the best!Since our Albertsons doesn't carry them, I ordered here.
I make vegetable soup often with mostly ingredients I have bought thru Amazon. Libby's cans of mixed vegetables to start, plus I add a can of Libby's asparagus. And, of course, add several cubes of Herbox beef boullion.
340786340786B001EQ5ADGA250FFYP8R4OMJCee H0051325808000good and gluten freeI couldn't find this in my local stores so had to order online and am glad I did. It arrived promptly. I tried several GF beef boullions from the stores but they were bland and I couldn't find the flavor. Herb ox is the only product that tastes like my old GF bullion. Thanks Herb ox for making a GF product.
340787340787B001EQ5ADGA3NZJBGXKQ7MC6Henry E. Kinsey "Henry Kinsey"0051315612800No MSGWonderful taste and no MSG! I use this to can wild game such as deer or elk with onions boiled with them. I am completely sold on this product and will not go back to their competitors.
340788340788B001EQ5ADGA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee0031301011200Run of the MillThe problem is that when you tried the best, if only for one time, you start comparing all the rest to that high standard. I had better boullion and this one is average. It works in the sense that if you add a couple to clear water some sort of flavor will develop but to call this flavor a clean beef taste is pushing it. But I did wanted some alternative a little more economical so this is what I chose based on happy reviews. There is not one hint of an above average product so I am rating it with a 3 but to be fair a 3.5 could also work. For the money it gives a lot, for the flavor not so much.
340789340789B001EQ5ADGA29BWC41573AF8S. Little "RuffRuff"1351267488000best boullion or bouillon i have purchsedi use this for stews and a broth to cook rice and lentils. it is the best bouillon i have used in that the salt is not to dominating and the herbs (parsley) are a pleasant addition. add some celery and carrot to it and it is hard to go wrong. i will say that it is still a bouillon cube and not as good as a homemade stock or an upper end commercial stock. if you use this type of product you won't be disappointed it is great addition to any budget stricken, ten minute meal chef.

TO AMAZON IT IS BOUILLON NOT BOULLION. try checking in one of the million dictionaries you sell or read the package before posting it on the site.
340790340790B004O8GLLQA3HAPOWGFJ5UUM. FLADD7741331856000It's milkI am definitely happy with the purchase of this nonfat milk. After reading the directions, I was able to make the milk easily without any special utensils except a measuring cup. It tasted like nonfat milk after chilling it in the refridgerator. I am happy with the taste, and I don't think it will go to waste.

I am a bit concerned about the overall price. I seems like this will only make 3 gallons of milk, maybe 4. Even at 4 gallons of milk, it costs more than the milk at the store, and this is before the shipping cost. I don't think it's economical for regular use, but it is good in an emergency or if you are going camping. The expiration says it lasts almost 2 years in the powdered form on the bags I received.
340791340791B008JHROIMA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0051347580800Heat with a citrus kick, minus the vinegar and artificial colorsI love that this Tabanero hot sauce actually has some flavor to it, and isn't just adding heat to a dish with a mix of peppers and vinegar. The sauces blend of habanero peppers carrots and lime juice (with a few other natural ingredients) give your dishes a hot kick with a zesty tang of citrus. Two of my favorite things about this sauce are actually the two things that are not added to it, artificial coloring and vinegar. I'm allergic to artificial colors and vinegar can often cause me to have an upset stomach. So now I can finally have the heat with out the other issues. You can taste the freshness of the natural ingredients and the lime juice adds a brightness to the hot flavor. Absolutely delicious and very highly recommended. A sample was provided by the manufacturer for review.
340792340792B008JHROIMA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0051347235200Fresh taste & flavorfulI am so used to Tabasco that it is now tastes boring to me. I tried many kinds though; some are disappointingly watered down, while some are so fire hot but taste like synthetic or chemicals on the tongue. I also have the inexpensive favorite Sriracha; the problem with that is it does clogs sometimes at the tip. This is closer to the consistency of Frank's RedHot, but a bit spicier.

I like the kick and fresh flavor of this hot sauce. Maybe the absence of vinegar really makes a difference. The color is more like orange, which is similar to duck sauce. It goes well with pizza, lo mein, soups, and most meat.

Disclaimer: This is a complimentary item sent to me for review.
340793340793B008JHROIMA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051346025600Great Flavor and Heat - Highly RecommendedThis Tabanero "Hot Sauce Picante" has a wonderful natural flavor and a good amount of "heat". My family loves hot sauces, but our tolerance range from medium (my wife and son) to fairly hot (me and my daughter), and this is right on upper limit of medium.

Some hot sauces are hot just for the sake of being hot, but this is also very flavorful and can be used to enhance salsas, dips, or other foods that could use some zing. I like that the ingredients are all natural, including Habanero peppers, carrots, onions, Key Lime juice, agave, garlic salt, and grapefruit seed extract. Note that this does not contain vinegar like most other hot sauces, and it doesn't miss it all. This has a great fresh pepper flavor that is slightly sweet tasting with a hint of carrot flavor coming through. The sauce has a nice consistency that makes it easy to see how much has been added to your food.

It is important to shake the bottle well before serving since this has a tendency to separate, with the hot pepper component rising to the top. I didn't shake it before testing it on my finger tip and found it to quite potent, providing some amusement for my son.

This is a very different and enjoyable hot sauce that provides both heat and flavor!

Highly Recommended!

340794340794B008JHROIMA3S3R88HA0HZG3PT Cruiser "PT Cruiser"0051346025600Hot and complexi have to start by telling you that in recent years I've started putting hot sauce (previously Tobasco or similar products) on about 3/4 of the food I eat. I've found that hot along with sweet, sour or salty taste really good and add to the overall flavor. So I was happy to discover and try this Tabanero Hot Sauce Picante. This isn't your run-of-the-mill vinegar and cayenne hot sauce. It actually has some interesting and complex notes of lime, grapefruit, onions and garlic with just a hint of sweetness. (Sounds like a wine review, huh?) The actual ingredients are: select Habanero peppers, carrots, onions, Key Lime juice, agave, garlic salt and grapefruit seed extract. I like that these ingredients are all natural and there aren't any chemicals added or anything I don't recognize. The Key Lime juice adds the tartness that I'm used to in Tobasco sauce, but has a much more interesting flavor. Although carrots are the second ingredient, I didn't specifically taste them, other than they probably add to some of the sweetness and mouthfeel and they certainly add to the color. Now, although I've mentioned sweetness, the overall flavor of this sauce is hot/sour with the sweetness being much more subtle, not something that jumps out at you like in a BBQ sauce.

At first when I saw that this contained Habanero peppers I thought that it might be too hot. I don't like sauces that leave me in tears and that set my mouth on fire for half an hour after eating. But this sauce isn't like that. It's a little hotter than Tobasco but the ingredients other than the Habaneros even it out and give it a wonderful flavor. So I can still sprinkle it liberally on my food without the fear of serious mouth burns.

So far I've used it on burritos, in an Indian dish with lentils and curry, on lemongrass chicken and on steamed broccoli. (I know the steamed broccoli sounds weird, but it's really good!) I've added it to a bean salad with black, kidney, pinto and garbanzo beans with sweet corn, cilantro, lime juice and onions. I've also sprinkled it on popcorn. I added a couple of tablespoons of this hot sauce to a fudge recipe. Sweet and hot and chocolate. Seriously good! And only 1 calorie per teaspoon - not the fudge, just the hot sauce. Hey, we gotta conserve where we can!

I received a complementary bottle of this Tabanero Hot Sauce Picante from Tabanero for review. I'll be purchasing more when this bottle is empty. Two thumbs up for a hot and tasty product!
340795340795B008JHROIMA2BLFCOPSMBOZ9David Edmiston "Dave"0051346025600Good stuff!We like to add some heat to our meals in my family. We all grew up in Southern California where the spiciness of Mexican food is a big part of our diet. We use a lot of powders in our recipes: Since we like the taste of smokey peppers, we use a lot of chipotle powder when we cook. We don't use as many bottled pepper sauces though, because they're usually either boring and disappointing (like the same-old-same-old you get from Tabasco) or they're insanely hot. I like heat in my food, but I don't like the stupidity of the heat that you find in some of the smaller brands. Those sauces seem to be designed for über macho guys who are compensating for something.

So my fridge has half used bottles of Tabasco, Tapatillo, Chalupa, etc. We use them sometimes, but never with much enthusiasm. We usually turn to those sauces when we're too lazy to spice things up right or when we're out of a better ingredient. With that in mind, I wasn't too eager to open up another bottle of hot sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I don't know what I love more, what this IS or what it ISN'T.

First of all, what this sauce IS, is an incredible balance between flavor and heat. I wouldn't exactly call this "mild", but it's not overpoweringly hot at all. It's a great way to add some spicy flavor to an unspiced food. It also has a unique flavor all of its own that is really good. The main ingredient (and the source of the color) is carrots. That might sound weird, but it works very well. There is also a strong layer of citrus that catches your attention right away (in a good way). And probably best of all, what you don't taste is any vinegar. I get so tired of the overwhelming vinegar flavor from Tabasco sauce that it really makes me discriminate against the entire category of bottled hot sauces. Luckily the flavor of Tabanero is good enough that I can overcome this bias.

Here's what I've tried it on so far:

* First of all, I just wanted to taste it but I didn't want to wreck a meal. I decided just to sample it on something I already had in the fridge. I was in a hurry and lazy (but curious), so I just grabbed a slice of deli cheddar cheese and shook a bunch of this on it. I was really surprised and definitely hooked.

* Next I tried it on some grilled chicken. I put it on the chicken while it was on the grill and then I put some more on once it was on my plate. It changed the chicken to something else and it really created a new variety. My grilled chicken has always been very good, but this made it even better.

* I also tried it on some pizza. We got one of those take-home, bake it yourself Walmart pizzas. They're pretty mediocre pizzas, but they're cheap and they require absolutely zero brain cells too cook (we were tired and it had been a long weekend already). As I grabbed the bottle, I had to stop myself and ask what it was that I was trying to accomplish: Was I about to drown this pizza with hot sauce so I'd kill my taste buds and not have to taste the pizza? Because with enough of this sauce, that was definitely an option. Or was I going to apply just enough to transform this pizza into something better and turn it into something delicious. I decided to try for option #2 and see if it was possible. If that didn't work, I could always escalate things and add more sauce. I was really surprised though. By adding just enough Tabenero sauce, I ended up really enjoying this lousy pizza and turning it into something that I was happy to be eating (except for the obvious nutritional shortcomings).

Bottom line: I don't like most pepper sauces, but I LOVE this Tabenero sauce. When this bottle is gone, I'll buy a couple more so I'll have some in the fridge and a backup bottle in the pantry. And I'll probably toss out some of those other bottles from the fridge, because they don't serve a purpose anymore.

I was provided this item for review (thank you!!!).
340796340796B008JHROIMA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0051345852800Pleasantly hot and fresh-tasting hot sauceThe initial taste of Tabanero Hot Sauce Piquante is the unique chili habanero flavor and then a fresh, bright taste from the key lime juice with a gentle undertone of sweetness from the carrots and agave and perhaps a slight saltiness. The chilies quickly begin producing a pleasant heat that develops for a minute or two and then lingers in the mouth for about ten more minutes.

I have other hot sauces made with habaneros, carrots, and lime juice but they also contain vinegar, which muddies up the clean citric acid sourness with acetic acid. Tabanero tastes fresher and has a pleasant pulpy texture.

Archaeological evidence shows that domesticated chili habanero fruit have been part of Mexican cuisine for more than 8,000 years. This hot sauce is actually made down in Tabasco, where the tropical climate is well-suited for growing chilies.

Habaneros rate 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville scale, among the hottest of peppers commonly found in the grocery store, with much more heat than the peppers commonly used for standard hot sauce. Tabanero is hot enough that it needs to be kept away from the eyes and out of the reach of toddlers who may be attracted by the beautiful orange color.

Ingredients: select habanero peppers, carrots, onions, key lime juice, agave, garlic, salt and grapefruit seed extract.

A sample of this product was provided for unbiased review.
340797340797B008JHROIMA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"3651344816000My New Favorite Hot SauceHow do I put this nicely? Hrm, ...Tabanero makes TABASCO taste like spicy vinegar-water in comparison. I personally don't mind a bit of vinegar in my hot sauces, but Tabanero has opened my eyes to how good a hot sauce actually can be. Try tasting Tabasco next Tabanero, and I'd be surprised if you prefer the former.

Tabanero is really more of a food than a condiment. The ingredients include habanero peppers, carrots, onions, Key Lime juice, agave nectar and garlic; and they taste fresh and delicious. The agave nectar doesn't make Tabanero Picante sauce too sweet and it compliments the fire of the habanero's nicely. In fact, in a very short time Tabanero has become the staple hot sauce in my home. It has enough kick to make my taste buds stand up and take notice, but is mild enough to be used in a variety of dishes. It goes great with the usual suspects--from nachos to most Mexican dishes--yet is so versatile that I enjoy it with omelets and stuffed peppers too. Added to soup, it gives it a certain extra "something". You may think me odd, but I like a swig right out of the bottle when in need of a quick pick-me-up.

Tabanero has hit gold with what I consider the perfect blend of ingredients in a tasty, versatile picante sauce that packs just the right amount of heat. The all natural ingredients are a plus, just be sure to vigorously shake your bottle before serving for maximum flavor. Any self-respecting hot sauce enthusiast needs to give this product a try.

~ Kort
340798340798B008JHROIMA27OBN7V5XUBHHBob Palmieri "Connoisseur of Heat"0251344902400This Tabanero Sauce "smokes" the competition !!FLAVORFUL and ZESTY !!
This is the "HOT SAUCE" I've been dreaming of !!
Finally the "perfect marriage" of ROBUST FLAVOR and HEAT !!
This one will instantly become your "Gotta Have" hot sauce.
340799340799B008JHROIMA2OAGE29GQQZQZjohn0251344902400best hot sauce hands downGreat flavor. Just enough heat with perfect amount of nectar. Best part is that it tastes fresh...unlike other "hot sauces" that are bland, bitter, and watered down.
340800340800B008JHROIMA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0251343520000What a great find!I'm not a big fan of Mexican hot sauces. Cholula and El Yucateco I have
an affinity for, but the rest of the offerings from south of the border
just dont ring the bell knowhudahmsayin?

But this Tabanero is a total home run IMO. I love the fact that the producers
have gone totally natural with this sauce, no fillers at all.. and no vinegar
which is a major plus. They've substituted lime and grapefruit here for the
usually present vinegar and that makes it work really well on fish, pork, and
other light dishes where a mild citrus blast is warranted.

Ingredients: Habanero and Tabasco Peppers, Carrots, Onions, Key Lime Juice,
Agave Nectar, Garlic, Salt, Grapefruit Extract. See, all natural. And all the
flavors are present with the exception of the Agave. It looks like and has the
consistency of a good Caribbean sauce like Matouk's, but the overriding citrus
gives this a totally unique flavor, with a very mild habanero burn.

This is now my "go to" sauce for fish, and the pulpy blend mixes well with off
the shelf barbecue sauces to give a real boost to a rack of ribs or chicken.
5 Stars for the visuals, taste, and packaging. Well done!

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