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340929340929B000N42A0GA2L4CXG23Z4U3UBoWiiVille11313347072004 stars for quality and taste, 3 stars for the priceI like Stevita products and these are no exception. You don't have to worry about the ingredients, because everything is natural and there are no surprises here. The taste is good, albeit a little weak compared to similar "Aspartame" flavored products. However, when you do the math, you are paying approximately 70 cents per packet and this doesn't even include the price of the water. If you still want an all-natural drink mix that is less expensive, take a look at the True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade. The product link is below.

True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade Drink Mix, 10-count (Pack of 6)
340930340930B000N42A0GA3VMW5MN6UB6LYSana1151333584000Pleasing natural alternative to artificial powdered drinksI bought this for my diabetic son-in-law as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. My daughter had commented that he was drinking a lot of artificially sweetened drinks at work as they were easy to pack and carry. When I saw this product I thought it might be a chance to see if he liked it! They both thought it was great! The only drawback is that it is a little more costly than the popular artificially sweetened drink powder, but when it is a matter of health, one may want to opt in favor of a healthier product if possible. I suggest doing a bit of research on stevia to see the positive health benefits as well before making a decision...
340931340931B000N42A0GA128Z73554FM1ITrish L. Brown1151315699200my favorite!tastes great - very convenient to take on the go. Strawberry tastes the best of the flavors. I wish it came in larger quantities.
340932340932B000N42A0GA2AD3BTF4P6AICPeter The Great1141266624000Nothing Artificial But Could Taster BetterOK overall. Glad to not be drinking poison aspartame or splenda anymore. These taste OK but I wouldnt call them great. Will try other flavors. Also, takes a while to dissolve in cold wafer
340933340933B000N42A0GA74AP580EAOO8Singingmommy41151222732800Loved it.Absolutely love this product. I use lots of drink add ins but this one I know is good for me. This is a new addition to this family.
340934340934B000N42A0GA28MM1M8MJYGVMHealthyH "="0011332633600Sticky in big chunks and can't even get out of the packetI have bought stevia before (granted not flavored except liquid) but in the other brands I opened the packet and the powder came out like sugar. This is NEW and all hardened and i cannot even get it out. Total waste. Never again. (The tiny bit I can get out tastes good but it's all hardened and wasted :(
340935340935B000N42A0GA10B8KQ8LR4V89Counselor0051326931200Strawberry FlavorLove this in my plain yogurt. About a forth of a package flavors a lot. Stevia is a favorite with me as a sweetener and so far I have not received any bad ill effects from this all natural diabetic friendly source of sweetener. This strawberry flavor seems to do the trick at putting a little more taste in my yogurt.
340936340936B000UJTZ8OA27WF6UHHP268GK. Galbraith131451274486400Works just fine.I have had a huge problem with moles in my yard and had no clue how I was going to get rid of them. I hated the thought of putting out poisons so I purchased this trap just to see if it would work. I have never used a mole trap before but figuring it out was very easy. I already knew where the active tunnel was so I pressed down on it and inserted the trap into the ground. I lifted it up and down several times to make sure debris was out of the way of the spikes. After I set it I went in the house and about 15 minutes later I noticed it was tripped. I went out and dug and sure enough I had a mole. Talk about quick results. I can't figure out why others are having trouble with it, but my experience was good and I would recommend this product to someone wanting to get rid of moles.
340937340937B000UJTZ8OA8IL6YG3Y1YMDMacDaddy "Mac"5651287187200Worked 1st day!Bought this at Menards for two dollars cheaper. Had a serious mole problem. This sucker was tearing up the yard. I found his main tunnel going back and forth between the woods and the house. Did a lot of reading. Placed two traps on his tunnel, after pushing the ground back down. I set the trap as it is supposed to be set. Leaving him room to go underneath and push the dirt up again. One day later, and I got him. No more tunnels! Pulled them out and stored them for the next guy, if he dare comes. I am telling you, if you set the trap correctly and wait a day or two with a fresh tunnel, you WILL get him.
340938340938B000UJTZ8OA3I2KHCC1B28BSLonteen81151245801600Great product.....I felt compelled to write a review for the Sweeney's Mole Trap because it has rid my yard of pesky moles. Both times I have used it I have impaled a mole within 24 hours. I didnt even have to move it around in different spots to get my kills either.

The first one I got, the trap had been triggered but there was no mole to be found under the ground. I pulled out the trap and saw blood on one of the spikes and knew I had got him. The second one I got I found the lifeless body of a mole under the ground beneath the trap.

This is truely a GREAT way to rid your yard of moles. I read bad reviews of the different types of poisons and electronic pulse thingys and decided to go right for the trap and I am glad I did.
340939340939B000UJTZ8OA6PMD4LQ454UYLinda I. Caldwell1151341360000Sweeneys Mole Trap Works GreatI'm on Amazon to purchase 3 more of these traps because my 2 local national hardware chains do not carry them anymore. There are 2 advantages of the Sweeney over others of the same type. 1)It does not rust like the others. 2) One of the spikes that support the trap in the ground (not the spikes that kill the mole) is turned sideways, making a wider path for the mole to come into, allowing him to be well under the "kill" spikes when the mechanism is sprung. Yes, the mole is killed, not trapped. And alas, the spikes just wounded one mole, and I had to finish him off. Ugh. But I digress. The trick with this type trap is to make certain that the portion of the tunnel where the trap is set is pressed down firmly so that the mole going through will actually push up the ground under the trap. Also, especially when the ground is hard, it is difficult to depress the support spikes deep enough so that the "trigger plate" is at ground level, a must if you want it to actually release as the mole goes through. To overcome this, I make a channel in the ground where each support spike will be located by pounding a chisel into the ground (and then pulling it out of course). Then you can easily depress the support spikes far enough into the ground so that the trigger plate is at ground level. One final clue. Before you pull your sprung trap out of the ground, depress the tunnel area where the mole came from. That way, if the trap spikes nabbed only a non-lethal part of the mole, you can stab him before he runs back through the tunnel. Ugh again.
340940340940B000UJTZ8OAJB02MTYF58YFCamera Guy3411289520000Seems like they would work, but they don't...I really wanted to use and like these traps for my gopher problem, but the fact is they aren't strong enough to pierce dirt that is even marginally packed, and the tunnel has to be no more than 3-4" deep. Basically, they're useless unless you have VERY shallow gopher tunnels, very loose dirt, and very stupid rodents. This trapping concept can only work with a foot long spike and a very powerful spring in my opinion... I ended up having to flood the gophers out instead. And to top it off I bought 3 of these stupid things, what a waste of money.

Grade: F-
340941340941B000UJTZ8OA3LNYTPP52Y0IMChris S.4651288483200Works WellI got two of these this morning. Set up is easy and within the first hour I had my first mole. Don't worry about the negative reviews some people obviously should not be doing anything more than sitting on their couch. If you have a hand and a foot you can set this up.
340942340942B000UJTZ8OA14197A2OKX0MEP. Mueller "pmuellerblue22"4641251072000Most effective way to get rid of molesI have tried poisons for the past 2 years with no luck (except a dead rabbit which I wish was avoided). I bought two traps and got a mole in less than 24 hours. These are easy to set and very effective - you just have to have some idea of how to set these before you go out in your yard. I watched some videos on youtube which were quite helpful. I definitely recommend this product.
340943340943B000UJTZ8OA2HY2SH13WRE85Dr Davy0051341878400#1 so this is #2Because this is the best trap, I bought a second one.

I bought one of these a couple of years ago and it worked perfectly, so I just bought another. I also bought one that is another brand. So now I have three traps set. I'm finally whacking those little monsters!

The price was good and it arrived quickly. It works well, and based on the old one, it will last a long time.
340944340944B000UJTZ8OA15N6S5GN8NHM7L. Paul Joseph0011340755200A trap that isn't as smart as a mole.I purchased this trap based on it's mid-evil appearence, thinking to myself that the design is simple and makes perfect sense. However, after following the instructions on the box; this trap hasn't killed one mole.

The mole(s) continue to borrow through their tunnels tripping the trap. I then use a spade shovel to dig up under the trap just in case the mole isn't dead and just impaled.....BUT NOTHING!
I'm actually causing more damage to my yard than the mole is from all the false/missed trips.....I would not recommend this trap and I'm here to purchase a new one.
340945340945B000UJTZ8OA38D84BQ47NL3ECook0011334707200Not very good.This product is really hard to set and goes of too easily. Very difficult to put in the hole without setting it off. The next day when you check it, it is set off, but no mole. Tried over a period of several weeks to catch moles, but had no success. Bought two of these traps and neither one caught anything. Would not recommend.
340946340946B000UJTZ8OABUG35LEQ2AREDirt Dog "Slap D"0011315267200Complete garbageBought this trap at my local Menards hardware store. Seemed ok at first...directions say make sure the lever is outside the metal plate, then set it (after properly placing it in the soil). It 'set' once. Didn't catch or kill anything when it went off. Could never get to 'set' again. There is a video on youtube where a guy says, "A lot of people are having trouble setting these traps".... then shows you how to do it. Only thing is, the one you have in your hand will not set like the one in the video. Completely useless. I wouldn't take this trap if somebody tried to give me one.

If that many people are having trouble setting this trap after following the directions then its a problem with the product. I now use the spikes from the trap (useless for killing moles) to cook meat cubes on the grill.
340947340947B000UJTZ8OA3STHYA02TVJBYmdubuya0021315180800no results in over a week of useI originally purchased the Sweeney's Solar Sonic Spikes in attempt to annoy the moles out of my yard, but they did not work. The moles actually dug up 2 holes right next to the spikes. I wrote to Sweeney's since the box said "satisfaction guaranteed" and they offered to send me an alternative item, and I chose the mole and gopher plunger trap.

It is pretty medieval looking, which was promising. I installed 2 of these traps in my lawn and waited, but never caught one. I tried experimenting with the placement, and using gloves, and following the instructions, but never caught one.

I ended up using a different product (Victor Black Box) and caught the sucker the next day.

Sweeney's has excellent customer service, but unfortunately the moles in my yard are wary of their traps.
340948340948B000UJTZ8OA3JET38OD7PFEZD. T. Kyle0011314316800Did not workWe tried over and over to catch the moles and no luck. So I would not recommend this product for getting the moles out of your yard.
340949340949B000UJTZ8OA2BPUJL5ZO011XMr. Johnson0011313712000Junk Do not buyThese traps are hard to set. They will trip easily while you are pushing them in the ground. Very frustrating to use.
340950340950B000UJTZ8OA2BLRV4BRCTNVNAudrey M. Storr0011308700800Poor designA very poor copy of the old Victor trap. Legs are too short and too close together. Worst of all it's powder coated. When the trap prongs go down the trap goes up resulting in a miss. I have 14 old traps that work and six Sweeneys that are about one tenth as effective. I ground off the powder coating, but the short legs are still a problem. I've been trapping moles on five acres of lawn for 30 years and would buy a couple dozen of the old Victors if I could find them.
340921340921B0036Z5HHWA3IHTXQYL7SJ6Zlynne Perrin1131318982400Sour Cherry JuiceI enjoyed it but have not re-ordered. Mostly a budget thing I believe. Everyone should try and make their own decision. It was a very goof product. Lynne
340922340922B001BCYBG0A3I25JFUCO91V6Surlier1151335052800Love this sauce! I even tweeted about it!Dale's is the best sauce that I have had in a long time. I let meat soak in it for about 10 minutes before broiling or grilling and the result is a juicy, flavorful main dish. The flavor is perfect. So, far I have tried it on pork chops and steaks. Though, I plan to try it on shrimp too in the near future.
340923340923B001BCYBG0A2Y53TFBKXPZECAndrea L. Robinson "Andrea L. Robinson"0021347408000DisappointedI purchased about 4 bottles of this product with a great deal of anticipation. I was not happy with the sauce due to the extreme saltiness. It actually ruined our dinner which was beef kabobs. Amazon provided their usual excellent service with delivery in a timely fashion.
340924340924B001BCYBG0A2FVYV7TITQZCKM. Craig0051324684800Happy to find this product again!I used to get Dales Liquid Steak Seasoning at our local Barbeques Galore. But when they stopped carrying it, I went in search on the intranet.
This is my first time using the low-sodium version, and find it to be just as good as the regular. Both versions give beef and even chicken a nice flavor after only marinating 30 minutes.
340925340925B001BCYBG0A1ZSW64N503VYFRobert L. Nicholson0041322179200low sodium DalesNot as good as the original Dales but still good. It's a little thicker but not as spicy for people that like food blan
340926340926B000N42A0GADRTBBLW426AWJayCee111151220140800Great ProductThe product was good. I was surprised that such a tiny amount could actually flavor and sweeten 16 ounces. Not too sweet and not bitter, just a great, refreshing drink. It does take a while to dissolve, but trust me, I have had other stevia and stevia drinks from elsewhere that dissolve instantly and taste horrible. You will not be disappointed with this product.
340927340927B000N42A0GA10VI1II7D2RB8Stef is Cool9941191801600Not badAfter receiving a free sample of the orange-flavored Stevita drink mix, I decided to try the cherry and strawberry flavors. The strawberry's sweet, but does have a slight bitter aftertaste. It also took a little while for it to desolve in the water bottle. However, it doesn't have that chemically aftertaste that you get with some drink mixes.
For someone who doesn't have a huge sweet tooth, or trying to wean themselves off of sugar/artificial sweeteners, the Stevita singles make a pretty decent alternative.
340928340928B000N42A0GA1GE2Q2WR6G9Gtech geek6651224288000Enjoyed this productI drink mostly water flavored with a squirt of lemon or lime juice so this was a nice change for me. I didn't notice any aftertaste and it tasted like strawberry malt to me (although not to my husband).

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