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340951340951B000UJTZ8OA3FASAII6D0OG4jamrjm19780051308700800Sweeney's mole trapThey work great. I now have seven and have killed 87 moles on my five acres in the last 21 months. There is a process I have learned by experience and it works well.
340952340952B000UJTZ8OA27FGOKW24UP1IJoann Arrington "Mama Mary"0051302998400Mole TrapI have used this type of trap for years, and this one works just as well as any others I have owned.
340953340953B000UJTZ8OA2QJSAB6OUAXUDPatch "Patch"0021291939200Good idea butthey are hard to use. Locating the tunnels is easy. But, catching them is almost impossible. I've tried this for 3 weeks with no success.
340954340954B000UJTZ8OA11FHRW69GS57ESummer Breeze0051290384000Easy and effectiveThis product works just as described. It was quick and easy to use. We set the trap at 7:00 at night and less than an hour later it had sprung and sure enough we had caught a mole.
340955340955B000UJTZ8OA3489ZV0MTGNHNNomdeplume1211299369600DisapointedI followed the instructions on the box and NOTHING! This mole goes everywhere but to the trap. I don't recommend this product.
340956340956B000UJTZ8OA379GSZSBQU222J. Ingraldi4711246492800This trap activates fine, it just can't kill anythingI've had this trap for 6 weeks plus and it's activated no less than 6 times. Quite simple it is junk, a flawed designed that cannot be improved. Every time it has activated it pushes itself out of the ground. With no penetration of the spikes in to the ground it lays affect on the mole. I have moved it around the yard (grass, dirt, and sand), tried deeper sets, and making a depression underneath the activation plate. But out of all the activations there is nothing to show for it. Absolutely buy something else, anything else.
340957340957B000UJTZ8OA21ET4OWCZDKI6KayakerNC "Sam"2411249257600Save your moneyThis contraption requires 2 people to set (or one person with three hands).
As has been noted, it tends to rise out of the ground causing it to miss the target.
On the whole, this is a useless piece of Cr@p, and should be avoided.
340958340958B000UJTZ8OAHA5E8AV5WM41K. Kempton "503beer"0111320796800no gooddidn't work and the instructions on the box are lacking. I ended up calling a "mole guy" and the traps he brought out were different (looked like pinchers). he said the ones I had were crap. He showed me how to place the different traps; you find the two ends of a recent tunnel, get two traps, dig up a section of the lawn at each end of the tunnel. place the traps in the hole, sprinkle some loose potting soil over the trap, don't pack it in. (he said don't use soil with rocks in it, since rocks will block the trap from closing and trapping the mole). the mole comes through and tries to clear his tunnel, and whamo. took about 48 hours for a trap to trigger.
340959340959B000UJTZ8OA3213XPTZ7OQ1AAmazon Lover0121316649600Overall, give this one a pass...Overall this trap was a disappointment. I've set it 50 times and almost every moring I would come out and the trap would be tripped, but it never seemed to catch the mole! I came out this morning and the mole had triggered the trap and then just tunneled around it and kept going!

I picked this one because the wife said "That one is better looking because it's painted, get that one..." Well, paint flakes off eventually and now the thing is just a sharp, rusty tetanus shot waiting to happen. I'm going to try the scissor style next.
340960340960B001EQ4DMUA3OAL8DJQEFHWJBrian Chipman1131190851200Good Cashews But..Planters Cashews as you should all well know are great. There is nothing wrong with Planter's well besides the price really when Emerald tends to be cheaper and taste just as good, if not better.

Anyway, the reason I rated this 3 stars was because it arrived dented and with the foil off some of the canisters and such. I contacted Amazon about this and recieved a prompt refund and no need to return the product.

So in the end, I can recommend you buy these cashews, but make note that Emerald is cheaper. Also these are whole cashews, but quite a few were halves and pieces. When for quite a bit less can get a can of the halves and pieces.

Has a great taste, but I will leave it up to you to decide if its worth the money.
340961340961B001EQ4DMUAEY4ZPB8G1VEHMS990011278720000Not what was orderedThese might be fine, if they were what I had ordered. Unfortunately, I did not order "lightly salted" whole cashews and, when I received the order, there was no form included that would have allowed me to return the items that I was not satisfied with or that were not what had been ordered. There was nothing in the description of the product that indicated that they were the "lightly salted" variety.
340962340962B001EQ4DMUA1P0K45WSGA8J8JMA0041266451200CASHEWSI ordered lightly salted, but they didn't send them. They sent reg. whole cashews. They sent a replacement order,but it was still wrong.
340963340963B001EQ4DMUALCQIQXXN73PTR. Algea0051257897600Good NutsI need Lightly salted to keep my salt intake low. Normal cashews have way too much salt. If everyone bought Lightly salted the manufactures would start to get the Idea. Put in salt guys - but keep it to a minimum.
340964340964B001EQ4DMUA1M3Q4IMALB984Thomas A. Vershaw "tv"0051220054400good cashews at a good pricewow .. thanks amazon ... the cashews are delivered to your door and it cost less than if you went to the store and bought it ... thanks again
340965340965B001EQ4DMUA2YPEW8EW3AQDISusan L. Mays "sewash"0251173916800I was missing one of the three cans I ordered.I e-mailed customer service and told them my problem and they wrote back telling me they could not ship just one can and they would ship me three more and I could return the two I had gotten.

They then said to go to a site and print a return label which the site would not let me do as none of the items I bought on that order were returnable.

They then asked me to tell them whether or not their answer solved my problem, I checked "no" and have never heard from them again on the subject.
340966340966B003F2JFXIARHGAKCHSND5IValSarah GUI "VAL"1111287619200Too Expensive...When I ordered the item, I just did not realize the expense : 22$ (more or less) for a box containing 2 small bags of cereals! Really, the price is too high for the quantity you get and knowing that you can normally buy about 4 boxes for the same price!
But it was my mistake not having paid attention to that problem on time!
So, of course, the bad rating is only concerning the price, everything else being fine.
340967340967B003F2JFXIA15F2ITEQJZ7QWTenille Hedahl "tlhedahl"0011305072000Holy cow this is expensive!!I came to Amazon to compare prices on this granola compared to what I pay at Sam's Club. There I can get the same box of cereal for $5.91. What the heck is up with Amazon charging over $17?!?!
340968340968B004PECICUA25TVH9W5A6IHPkristilou1151338854400Delicious!I've tried all the different flavors of bars that Fiber One offers and these are definitely my favorite. The caramel flavor is light and sweet and the fiber in these bars (a whopping 9g!) makes them a very filling snack or a quick meal on the go! I typically enjoy these in the afternoon to carry me through between lunch and dinner but have eaten them for breakfast on occasion as well and they keep me satisfied until lunch. Fiber is one of the hardest things for me to get enough of (25-35g is recommended daily) and these bars definitely help! Some people have reported digestive upset when eating these but I've never had a problem with them. I highly recommend this product!
340969340969B005SRVYIMAJE6VDG8M59Z8Sorek "Zendude"3351341187200What a great deal!What an excellent deal! A mere$2.99...and only $12.95 shipping! Yes, that's right...over FOUR TIMES the cost of the actual product in question! Dude, I LOVE Jiffy Pop...but really? What kind of marketing IS this?
340970340970B0011DFY38A16RFXG63RR3CSLarge Richard111251303603200Taken for GoutI had heard about some kind of juice being good for relieving gout symptoms, but I didn't follow up on it. Now the FDA has given one, and only one, pharmaceutical company the monopoly on colchicine and so the price is going up something like fifty fold. Yep, a ten cent pill will now cost five bucks. Colchicine is made from the ground up stamens of Autumn Crocus flowers and was first developed by the ancient Egyptians. People have been taking it for gout for centuries. Fooking FDA. Well, it turns out that it is black cherry juice that is good at relieving gout symptoms.

There are several choices at Amazon, I think this one, the pint of concentrate from Dynamic Health for $7.63 is the best deal. I have a Vitamin Shoppe nearby that sells their house brand for the same amount and I believe that their's is made by Dynamic Health too. It's good stuff and I do believe it is helping with the gout. I've been drinking black cherry juice for a couple of weeks. I use two table spoons in 8 oz of water to make a glass.
The first week I was drinking a couple of glasses a day, by the second week I'm down to a glass every couple of days. I haven't had any gout flares since I started drinking black cherry juice and I'm convinced it has helped. I still have a few aches that I know are gout related, but no flares. Now if I could cut back on beer and get some exercise even the aches might go away, mmmmm beer.

Some people have said that they don't like the taste of this particular brand. Taste like cherries to me but if you want something that taste "better" that pretty much leaves Knudsen and that brand cost considerably more. As I stated above, I think that The Vitamin Shoppe brand is actually made by Dynamic Health. I give it 5 stars, Knudsen may taste better, but at this price this is a fine choice.
340971340971B0011DFY38A1KDYW37P6WCC8LAV "lav_nyc"91051197849600tastes great and helps my dad's goutMy dad suffers from gout and I read that cherry juice concentrate helps reduce the uric acid levels in the blood. I bought him a few bottles and he loves it. He puts 2 TBS in his orange juice in the morning and he says it tastes great. It has also alleviated his gout symptoms.
340972340972B0011DFY38A3TY1MOSZLSCHUMaureen Shea6651215302400Delicious and great for my gout!My knees felt much better within a week or so of drinking 1 or 2 glasses (mixed with low-sodium seltzer water) a day. It could have been a coincidence and the attack could have waned, but what a delicious way to feel proactive.
340973340973B0011DFY38A34I25KQRJDKS5R. Yako5551331596800Good Replacement for Mixed JuicesGood product. We are trying to find a good way of sweetening it. It is in a plastic easy pourable container that must be kept cold after opening.
340975340975B0011DFY38A3F80QPD89CW85M. Colombo "MColombo"3351293667200Excellent qualityLove this product. Highly recommended. This is now our 5th bottle. This is concentrate so it lasts a while. We mix with water or ice tea.
340976340976B0011DFY38A3S6286STC63D5Bonnie L. Weiss "Lady Leo"3351264032000Arthritis ReliefI was skeptical when my sister told me a drug rep had suggested she take black cherry concentrate for arthritis pain, but I tried it for the pain in my hands and it really worked! Several of my friends are also using it with good results.
340977340977B0011DFY38A4SDCVOYZSKZLMark Pierce2251259539200Natural Gout MedicineRead about using Black Cherry concentrate to treat the symptoms of gout. I tried this for about a week, taking a couple of teaspoons worth each morning and evening. After about a week the gout cleared up. It seems to have worked. The product is very strong tasting, but that is to be expected of a syrup like concentrate. The price is better than what I could find elsewhere.
340978340978B0011DFY38A1EAH433QK3L3EAlbert I. Reiner2251191974400fourth ordergreat line of products when added to juice, water or placed on Yogurt or ice cream a real treat
340979340979B0011DFY38A28UT19K63O85BRobin Rubin "Robbiedoll"1141328140800Pretty good!This product is pretty good. It does not have the perfect fresh black cherry taste that I have experienced with a product that was twice the price, but it is not bad. We paid less than $5.00 for the 16oz., so bang for our buck was exceptional. We have paid twice that price for similar sizes. We are happy with the product. My husband swears by black cherry for his recurring gout.
340980340980B0011DFY38A34402I4ECPTNPcake-oh1131309392000I prefer another brandThis brand has more of the prune juice taste than another brand sold on Amazon. I do, however, prefer the bottle of this one. The other has a glass bottle that does not pour well, but tastes like fresh cherries. As far as relieving my arthritic symptoms, I do not yet know.

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