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341011341011B0011DFY38A36KRK1CG3ZD1VJosephine Lee "Joz Lee"0151217030400Cherry as Cherry Should TasteThis trully is a delicious cherry taste not sweet like can of cherries
341012341012B0011DFY38APF4LLE49226SA. VanDeraa0151209427200Cherry juice concentrateLove it just as juice - but I use one of those "green" powder products that taste awful by itself. This cherry juice makes it easy to take! Have also mixed the juice concentrate with a lemon lime soda for a sweet treat!
341013341013B0011DFY38A1GKW4LWDNEXV8Tompattyt1351326326400The best cranberry concentrate!I've tried other cranberry concentrates and they were far inferior to this product.

First, the bottle is very well made. It is quality plastic, not too thick, not too thin, not too rigid, not too flexible. It pours exact amounts easily without dripping, and, of course, it's recyclable.

Next, the juice is completely sludge or separation the entire time I used the solution.

Third, the taste is just as you would expect from unsweetened unadulterated cranberry concentrate. It's sour and very cranberry!
I drink it mixed with water and ice during the day, usually once a day. In the evening, I have one or two cups hot mixed with an herbal zinger tea and a packet of sweetener.

I gave up beer because of some 'fluffy' tummy changes...Cranberry Concentrate prepared as above is a perfect substitute for me!
341014341014B0011DFY38A2SY6S4RQ2NOJADavid Turner4811218412800Like the taste of cough syrup?This tastes very much like cherry flavored cough syrup. A few drips of vanilla extract (maybe 1/2 tsp per bottle) completes the illusion.
341015341015B0011DFY38A2GXM8GCLEWZQ6Dianne Hay "holyhay"0251202428800black cherry concentrateI use all the dynamic health juice concentrates.Great way to get the benefits without the sugars. We use to flavor foods like yogurt, make our own flavored water, and the popular "fat flush" program uses the cranberry juice, but some times I'll add another flavor for a slight change sometimes, all the flavored concentrate juices are good and I buy them all.
341016341016B001W1T34KA18FMO1SOKI7RYcupcakegiraffe0051339286400OH! Powerful Candy!Super Lemon candy is a marvelous treat for the sour candy lover! It starts out with a shock of sour, then soothes into sweet lemony flavor, much like a lemon drop. The packaging promises a sour center, but it is more like a Warhead, in that, it has the sour exterior with the sweet ending. The retro packaging is wonderfully attractive with the dot press style, showcasing the shock of your first taste. I paid $4.25 in store for one bag, so anything near that price (don't forget to check shipping) is most likely the best you can find.
341017341017B003ULLA64A3M1BBUC0L3RQLaughsalot5551295481600My Favorite!This is my favorite tea. I love it. It has a hint of honey to it and it's quite tasty. I love the fact that's completely herbal (no caffeine) and doesn't taste like herbs or flowers, etc. It tastes like tea and that's one thing I was missing from herbal tea. I missed the taste of tea and I get it with this product without the caffeine. I can't ask for more than that from a tea.
341018341018B003ULLA64APSG0M305OH0VArmin_t "xman2"2251331683200Great taste and qualityNumi brand of honeybush tea is delicious and of a good quality. By the way, this is not a true tea from the Camellia sinensis plant, but rather a tisane, or herbal tea; in this case from the honeybush plant. There is no caffeine. Drinking it plain without anything added, the taste is very similar to regular tea (Camellia) that has a touch of honey added to it. If the bag is left in to brew for longer than five minutes, it does not become bitter. It makes a great iced tea, too. Just add honey and lemon -Delicious!
The quality is very good, too. The taste is full and rich, and the leaves don't leak through the bag very much. I've tried other brands that have a weaker taste and leave a lot of residue in the drink. It is organic and Fair Labor. It costs more than other brands of honeybush, but is worth it for the quality you get.
341019341019B003ULLA64A2WK4JKR8S9SFLKarleton Helfer "Karleton Helfer"2251310774400Try it, you will like it too.The following recommendation is based on having enjoyed over 100 tea varieties in the last 3+ years.

When steeped as recommended...
it tastes great....
for more flavor steep longer...
also tastes great then too.

Try it.

Karleton Helfer, tea drinker
341020341020B003ULLA64A2FYE60ZWKIUW6Scott Burgess1151325030400Very smooth rendering of Honeybush TeaI discovered honeybush tea several years ago, and it is a favorite for that late-night warm up drink since it is caffeine free. Several makers produce honeybush, but this one is the best I have tried so far. Sometimes other makers turn out a tea that is slightly bitter or astringent. This has a smooth, mellow, light honey and light floral flavor that is easy on the nose and palate. Just a touch of creamer and I'm good to go, no sweetener needed or desired.

Like rooibos, honeybush is full of antioxidants. But the flavor is smoother and cleaner than most rooibos teas, so I am now dropping my periodic purchases of rooibos.

I am pleased to see that Numi is supporting sustainable harvesting of honeybush. This genus has been pressured in its natural habitats, enough so that I would not make the switch from rooibos without these efforts. I am also pretty happy that Amazon is offering this three-box pack at such a great price!
341021341021B003ULLA64A3LAYCTGSO1IQRPurrrfectcat "purrfectcat"1141318204800good herbal tea without the usual yucky herbal tasteI was 1st introduced to Numi teas when I was drawn to the artistic, beautiful packaging of Numi's rooibos tea (the version with the artistic drawing of elephants in an african savannah) at Safeway supermarket as I needed a small food item but that had an expensive-look to serve as a "community" gift for everyday munching or drinking for coworkers at work for our small kitchen/computer/lunchroom at a prestigious company. After finding their rooibos tea so wonderfully tasting as well as relaxing to my nerves as I get anxious and nervous, rooibos tea has been my #1 breakfast tea to drink in the morning.

Their rooibos is much milder than you find with the more affordable Twinings tea but rooibos tastes a little nutty and you don't need sugar since it has a very mildly sweet taste. I, however, will also add organic raw honey to it to give me the benefits not only of the herb but also the benefits of the organic unprocessed honey which makes it a complete healthful breakfast tea for me.

There's a VERY TINY cut in the corner to indicate where to rip the teabag package but what I don't like about Numi teas is sometimes, the cut is not there and so that same small paper-plastic packaging that holds each tea bag is difficult to open OR when you rip it at the cut end, the rip still doesn't result in the opening of the tea bag pkg - it's protective with tough plastic on the inside and you NEED scissors or else you won't be able to open it unless you're Superman.

But what i love about their teas is that, like another reviewer posted, they don't taste like the usual flowery herbs (like licorice, flowery herbs/roots/leaves, mint, hibiscus, rosehips, etc.) which is what i hate about Celestial Seasonings Tea and why i moved away from Twinings blackcurrant tea when they changed the formula. So you get the benefit of the herb in the tea without the yucky flowery herbal tastes/flavors.
341022341022B003ULLA64A3KV4A1RFXK1GDN. Fisher0051333843200A Great Tea!I love this Honeybush tea. No caffeine, great health benefits like rooibos, but a better flavor (IMHO) that goes well with sandwiches, tea cookies, or just on its own. And it's organic. Thank you, Numi!
341023341023B003ULLA64A2IP61765MCIOSPatricia Harris0051331596800delicious tea!This Amazon-purchased tea turned out to be delicious, especially flavored with honey like it was done in the hospital where I stayed a couple of days following surgery. The hospital food service mentioned it is a favorite among their teas.
341024341024B003ULLA64A3L0C470KJ1DEOAnne Vincens Duffy0051306022400Rumi's Honey Bush TeaLoving this tea, and can't find it in my local stores any more. I love the taste and love that it never seems to change. Sometimes I drink it the next day and it still tastes freshly brewed. Delightful and a good price...
341025341025B0012OV3XQA36UZBRX8G50ATLois A. White "Lois"0051345852800Our Favorite MarinadeThis has been our favorite marinade for years - it is getting harder to find it in the stores. So glad we were able to find it here. It is great on steak, chicken or any meat.
341026341026B0016H8ZI0A28PE2P3NWY1NHMary Lannen0051259798400Hartz Flavor Last Stuffed RawhideYou can not find these chews anywhere in the local stores! Amazon makes ordering them so easy! My dog loves them so thanks!
341027341027B0016H8ZI0A3V9GVMLIC6PJ1Barbara L. Sutherland "Barb S"0041238284800Satisfied DogsI got these for my dogs to try. They LOVE them and they keep them busy for about an hour, chewing and licking to their hearts delight!
341028341028B0016H8ZI0A3HU5R0TJK24E2Rene "Action"0051231891200Super !My dogs love these ! They last very long (mostly 45 minutes to an hour) and afterwards they fall asleep very satisfied.
Only minus would be the strong "smell" that fills the room. But hey......if you see your friend al satisfied.....who cares ?
341029341029B0016H8ZI0AN7G2P0ILP2HOJosh0051223251200Great treatMy dog loved this bone. It has a hard chicken flavored rawhide outside and a soft bacon flavored rawhide inside and he couldn't wait to gnaw his way to that bacon. Lasts a while and keeps him occupied. I wish they sold them in bigger packs.
341030341030B007SM7150A2ZX2OEW7WL6G4Brian K Thornton0051349308800The bestGluten-free or not. As a pastry chef I am amazed at the quality of this scone. It is easy to make, light and moist. Dough can be made ahead and frozen. Thaws and bakes nicely.
341031341031B00061MUROA1U8X3BNK94MRUNicole Nelms2251266364800My dog LOVES these!My friend had bought some of these center bones for her dogs (chiuaua/min pin) and my little pug ended up with one some how and he just loved it! So I bought him some more and he loves the filling, and then continues to love chewing on the bones even when the filling is gone. I will definitely keep buying these for him!
341032341032B00061MUROA1DK9EDAL310Q6Nishi Shah0051334188800Enjoyed again and againA fairly small bone, but our (15 lb) dog enjoyed it thoroughly. We are able to re-stuff it with cream cheese or peanut butter or dog food, so it is quite reusable and one of her favorites. A convenient option versus visiting the butcher.
341033341033B007B4WRHMAAKS0RSQIKYCKChelsea2251331251200PerfectAbsolutely delicious. They came in perfect condition, all very fresh tasting. It came with Red Bean, Taro, Green Tea, and Sesame. The sesame was my favourite, followed by the green tea. As someone who has been to japan and eaten sweet mochi there, it's perfectly authentic, and highly recommended. <3
341034341034B007B4WRHMA13UG6F0HHIJ05X - w a f f l e z . c h a n - X "-Were All...0041350777600Really Tasty!!These little cakes are really good. I bought them for me and my friend to try and she loved them too. The only bad thing about it is that I ended up eating half the box in one go and all the sugar gave me a stomach ach. So be sure to eat them slowly :P
341035341035B007B4WRHMA3IMAPZNSJWLYFanne0051336780800Yummy mochiMochi cakes took some getting used to when I lived in Japan - they tend to be very sweet and rather bland. These cakes were very familiar flavor (Natsukashii!) that I had gotten used to, packaged well and were soft and fresh. The next time I get the urge for this taste I will certainly buy this product again.
341036341036B000O2EV8GALUV2YKWZENKKbored99171921335571200be aware: they downgraded when they changed packaging :(Sadly, this is no longer the super-premium jerky that it used to be. Granted, if you're used to grocery-store jerky, then this is still a much better product. But if you've acclimated to chemical-free jerky, then the "smoke flavoring" that they've recently started adding tastes like, well, smoke flavoring, and not the real thing.

You may not notice a difference. Apparently jerky is one of those things where you notice a down-shift in flavor, even when you wouldn't notice an up-shift in flavor. (Like margarine eaters think butter tastes fine, and powdered milk drinkers think cartoned milk tastes fine, but when people do the opposite, they find the tastes terrible. Jerky is the same--if you upgrade from convenience store jerky to premium you might not notice it, but when you downgrade from "the real thing" to anything else, it tastes distinctly artificial.)

I used to buy this in bulk every few months (with a discount per Amazon Subscribe & Save), but the change in flavor made me double-check the ingredients list, and I found that the new "smoke flavoring" was added when they changed packaging. So this jerky is good, but not worth the premium any more. If anyone has a suggestion for an all-natural replacement without ingredients like "smoke flavoring" I'd appreciate it, since I'm now searching for something new.
341037341037B000O2EV8GA2CER4KFZVB6CNMichael Sparrow171951165536000Outstanding jerkyI'm a big fan of good jerky; made plenty of my own, and this stuff is great. It's a little pricey, but the quality and flavor are worth it. It is on the sweet side, but that's to be expected hence the name "sweet n' spicy". You won't be disappointed. I couldn't keep my hands off the 8 bags and scarfed them down in 4 days--dirty gluttonous pig!
341038341038B000O2EV8GA1O85PWVAXRGCBC. Hulsing "Proud Mom of 5"91051163376000Simply the best!!I recently have become more health conscious and am trying to eat more organic foods, staying away from hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, etc. You know, all the stuff that makes you fat:) This jerky is a great & healthy LowFat snack!! It tastes so amazing you'll never go back to any previously bought brand of jerky again..I LOVE Jerky and have tried many different brands..this jerky is well worth every penny and I'll keep coming back for more..thanks AMAZON for making it affordable!
341039341039B000O2EV8GA1CQKL5XW6AKO2conic-ellipse "conic-ellipse"6651302652800Best Beef Jerky -- EVER!I am utterly amazed. I had no idea beef jerky could be so good!. I purchased the Teriyaki flavored. The taste is great. It taste so pure. It's neither dry nor too oily. I feel good knowing the cattle are fed sweet grass that is also organic! All of the ingredients used to make the teriyaki sauce are also organic.

Here is the list of ingredients:
Organic Beef, Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Soy Sauce (Water, Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol) Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Paprika, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder.

Best if consumed within three days after opening.
Allergen Declaration: Contains Soy Ingredients

Also worth mentioning:
Gluten Free
Organic beef raised without added hormones and without antibiotics
Beef raised on organic feed
Cattle are never fed animal by-products
No artificial ingredients, no added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
No preservatives, No nitrite, No erythorbate

High Protein/Low Fat - This is a snack I can enjoy, guilt free!

The meat was mostly very tender. There was one or two pieces with gristle in them, but this IS beef jerky, after all. I highly recommend it.
341040341040B000O2EV8GA1UK9643MIX0HPD. Duenas8951160438400Simply the best!This is the best beef jerky I have ever eaten. Very tender, full of taste and organic to top it off!

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