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341041341041B000O2EV8GA3JDLU4XKZY5H7Toni Niemann101211331424000Mold in productReceived product with expiration date of 6/20/2013 and almost every package opened had mold. There's a no return policy on this product, so I'm not sure what can be done if anything. I'd like to get my money back. Beware...
341042341042B000O2EV8GA2LFSSP3XH0TBRK. Wang3321343260800new version is no goodold version of this product with the packaging shown in the picture was good. the new brown crosshatch pattern package (3 oz bags) version is no good. seems they sold out and went for cheaper beef and/or processing. really bummed out.
341043341043B000O2EV8GA1SUWFB1Y2JZ1VSiva3351238112000Awesome Organic MSG and Gluten free!! Reasonable price!!I have bought this product several times now. It's a great healthy snack for my kids, one of whom does not tolerate gluten. I could not find a single super-market brand that was free of both gluten and MSG. These bags are 3oz and most of the "regular" jerkey bags in the stores are around 3.75 oz. In my stores, the bags are usually around $5, maybe $4 if you're lucky, and with Amazon's average pricing on this it comes out to be about $5.50 a bag. So a little bit smaller and a little bit more pricey but I think it's WELL worth it for organic beef with no MSG, not to mention the perk of no gluten that is necesary for so many these days. Next time I'm going to try the BBQ flavor. The Teriyaki is great for us but very mild, so depending on what you are looking for if you want a big flavor punch you may want to try a different flavor.
341044341044B000O2EV8GA27ZJVSRIXTJCFS. Dipietro3341174953600quick energy on the runmy family all enjoys this product. the taste is good - very little aftertaste. the product is healthy and excellent for a quick snack.
341045341045B000O2EV8GAFFDINZ1OOX1FKindling555621340755200MoldSadly, I love this jerky and have ordered it before. This time, several packages were very moldy!!! And there are no returns of refunds..

I may not order this again.
341046341046B000O2EV8GAEKV8B2GGD32VJeanne Bernui5611337212800Mold in jerkyI have been receiving this jerky via subscribe and save for a long time now. I just opened the second pouch out of my last order and there is mold on the jerky! The sell by date is 8/28/13. The first pouch I opened out of this case was fine. I went to return it, but it is not eligible for return! Needless to say, I will be canceling my subscription to this product and looking for another. This is too expensive to risk waste because of mold.
341047341047B000O2EV8GA1ZKYELIGGB3K9DH5631162425600Too SweetI bought this with the expectation that it'd be original flavor, ie a bit on the salty side. Now I have 8 packs of something sweet which isn't what I wanted.

The overall quality is good, however.
341048341048B000O2EV8GA91BK8S5QH98KCelticWomanFanPiano2251278633600As addictive as a potato chip!When I eat this beef jerky, I don't want to eat anything else! The flavor is out of this world. Not too strong and not too weak. And the beef is delicious! I get so hooked on these that the rest of the day, I don't want to eat anything else. That is why I say that this beef jerky is as addictive as a potato chip. You can't eat just one! And it is healthy too!
341049341049B000O2EV8GA1SUWFB1Y2JZ1VSiva2251250294400The only jerky we eat!!I can't even count how many times I've ordered this jerky. It's declicious - moist and chewy. It's a great healthy snack for my kids, one of whom does not tolerate gluten. I could not find a single super-market brand that was free of both gluten and MSG. Some people tend to feel it's pricey, but these bags are 3oz and most of the "regular" jerkey bags in the stores are around 3.75 oz. In my stores, the bags are usually around $5, maybe $4 if you're lucky, and with Amazon's pricing on this it comes out to be about $5.50 a bag. So a little bit smaller and a little bit more pricey but I think it's WELL worth it for organic beef with no MSG, not to mention the perk of no gluten that is necesary for so many these days. If it's going to be a regular in your house like it is in mine, do the "suscribe and save" and pay only $4.70 per bag.
341050341050B000O2EV8GA2V2EEUQFHQD53Kate "SpringwaterKate"2251167782400You may not be able to stop eating this!Wow - this beef jerky is so good it should come with a label: "Warning - Highly Addictive." Hands-down, the best beef jerky we've ever eaten. Moist, yet chewy, very satisfying. Not too salty. Lots of flavor. Think maybe I'll go eat some now...
341051341051B000O2EV8GA2J93S434KH6CLCharlotte1111349136000May have MSG in it!!!This jerky may contain MSG. . The ketchup they use has "spices" and "natural flavoring" in it which
is code for MSG. Check out Dr. Russell Blaylock's vidoes on youtube re: the DANGER of MSG. And the over 30 names used in food products to hide the fact that there is MSG
in it. It says "no ADDED MSG" which just means they didn't add any themselves, but it in no way means they don't use ingredients which already have MSG in them.
341052341052B000O2EV8GA3ENMGM0W8EYMBsugarplum-mom "sugarplum"1151332374400Great snack for growing kids!I have started keeping this on hand for a "grab & go" snack that is also healthy for growing kids. We take a couple bags to the park along with some apples and coconut flakes to refuel after an afternoon of play. I also send a bag with my teens when they go on a sleepover or trip. Having some non-refrigerated protein available seems to help them keep up their energy better than the greasy, salty or sugary snacks that are usually available. It is a pricey snack compared to the typical processed options, however, it is also real food and I'd much rather skimp on the chips and soda and spend our money on solid snacks that benefit growing bodies!
341053341053B000O2EV8GABRWIYM5704QNA. Jarrell1151315872000Delicious!!This natural jerky is, at this price, cheaper than the national brand you see advertised on tv, yet has LESS than half the sodium, and is gluten-free and organic! I'm a big fan of beef jerky (ok...I'm addicted to it), and this is a very tasty brand! You can't beat it at this price! Taste and texture are perfect!
341054341054B000O2EV8GA3TRDO4SR6BXCTReaRea1151292025600Original Beef JerkyI love this beef jerky, its very flavorful and its not a bad price, without the subscribe and save offer its still only about $5 each. This beef jerky doesn't give me headaches like the store boughten kind does with all the crap thats put it in, preservatives give me a headache so I had to avoid beef jerky quite often but now I dont have to. I love that this is Organic and so much healthier for you! Be kind to your body, you're only given one so treat it right.
341055341055B000O2EV8GA2QMDBV657NE8HR. Suryasentana1151281398400Price changes?The price before was $36 for the original flavor. I subscribed so it becomes $30. Now it's $44. Will my next shipment remain at $30 or at new price? Beef jerky is awesome, I ate 4 packs in a day. 8 packs only last about 3 days for me :) I can only afford one shipment a month though :(
341056341056B000O2EV8GA28EWN6OUCQBWFWayfarer721141264464000Good Sweet JerkyThis is jerky in a sweet and soft style. It's not tough, or very chewy. Still tasty, though.
341057341057B000O2EV8GA30SKINCKAHI20James Kim11312566880003 oz packageThe product is good but this is 3 oz package.
which is much smaller than the package in grocery store.
price is not cheaper than local store.
341058341058B000O2EV8GA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner1151253145600Very good beef jerkyThis isn't cheap, but it is good. I'm not sure how long the unopened packages will last, but they say to use the contents within three days of opening. That will not be a problem, this is the most delicious beef jerky I've ever had. As far from the cardboard supermarket beef jerky as you can get. Lots of beef flavor.
341059341059B000O2EV8GAWH79USX9CMAXL. May "Crunchy Mom"1151246924800Great for school lunchesMy boys loved this beef jerky. It was great for snacks and their school lunches when they were tired of sandwiches. It took a little bit longer to eat since it is so chewy, they only get 15 to 20 minutes for lunch. If it wasn't so pricey I would definately purchase more often.
341060341060B000O2EV8GAJG6CQJN7CHEEValerinas "Val"1141228089600Delicious, but small quantityI would have given this product a 5 star for the taste and quality, but I gave it a 4 star because it is a very small amount in each pack.
341061341061B000O2EV8GA1HFHEYXF3ETFLEating Well1151197331200Great snackI always carry a pouch of this jerky with me for it makes a great snack. The high protein content makes it great brain food and it's low in calories, fat, sugars, etc. It's perfect for when I travel.
341062341062B000O2EV8GA2XJN6NOZ6E69HPeter2351330732800Beats all other jerky except homemadeThis is by far the best jerky I have had. I ordered the black pepper and it isn't that hot at all. The best thing is the low sodium, you barely taste any salt. And it is low carb, 5g, which comes from sugar, but it does not taste sweet. It is a soft jerky compared to those brittle brands and chews nicely. Wow, I've got to put another piece in my mouth.

UPDATE: About a week ago I opened a pouch and only ate a piece or two. Today, while sitting in my semi-dark office, I opened the pouch and ate a piece. Before my next piece I looked inside the bag and all I saw was white....all covered in mold. Thankfully I only ate one far so good.

I guess the rule is that once you open a pouch, eat it right away.
341063341063B000O2EV8GA1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"2321275523200Way too sweet and reconstituted textureI would give this really a 1.5 star, but I was generous. It is way too sweet. Others have said the same in their reviews, but I ignored them to my chagrin. It is very very thin and has a texture and appearance like it has been reconstituted and highly processed. Because it is so thin, there are never any big lumps of gristle, but sometimes you can tell the meat quality as a bit off in some pieces. The worst problem is the overly sweet flavor, the second problem is the texture and meat quality. This is not a very good jerky. Their Buffalo, while also too sweet, is much better as is their Turkey. They are much much less expensive than a really premium jerky like those from Mountain America, so it is a toss up. For the price, I may re-order the Turkey and perhaps Buffalo, but I will never order this Beef again.
341064341064B000O2EV8GA2VX59P8ZRD3K0AS0051346025600Delicious beef jerkyThis is my favorite beef jerky. I eat it for a protein snack after working out and it's very satisfying- high protein, low calories, and no preservatives or nitrites. It's also cheaper or the same cost as other beef jerkies that are worse for you. I have a subscription and plan to continue it for a while.
341065341065B000O2EV8GANQZZKNA5HKJNTom0051340064000I haven't foung anything better.I have tried both the sweet and spicy, and the peppered. Of the bags I have tried so far, all have been exceptionally tasty. Great flavor and texture. Have yet to have a piece with any nasty chewy fat like you get in every bag of Jack Links.
341066341066B000O2EV8GA3B070PORV952OZeppelin0031337212800Better than Gas Station Jerky Not as Good as Your Local Meat Market
341067341067B000O2EV8GAL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"0051333324800Awesome JerkyI had been looking for Organic Jerky and came across this on Amazon. I was a little skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I have to tell you the taste of this jerky is great. Not too sweet and not salty at all, just the right combination of flavors. At our home we try to eat organic whenever we can so this product works for us. I have ordered this jerky a few times already as my family just loves it. You cant go wrong. :)
341068341068B000O2EV8GA26RRRDZF9MMNEmaami39 "sophsmom"0051316304000Excellent organic jerky!I have been looking for a tasty, high quality, affordable, organic beef jerky for a long time. Buying organic beef jerky at the local market is expensive and they're often out of the good kinds. Not only is the price excellent, the quality and taste are superb! Jerky is a fantastic, low fat, quick snack and works great in my kids lunch. I highly recommend this product. But please, leave some for me! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!
341069341069B000O2EV8GAOP5TUC7TTEY0J0041310774400great snackVery tasty jerky. More moist than other brands, and the only one I've found that's gluten free. Much less expensive at Amazon than buying in a grocery store.
341070341070B000O2EV8GA2YVTFOX0YVSFQthaddeus Gabara0051308614400the bestgolden valley natural turkey, beef, and buffalo jerky I think is the best very tender meet and it's not to salty. I already ordered 40 bags and they go quick everyone at my job is crazy for them.

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