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341101341101B005D0EHBUA32QEVAS8W594Zkate0051332892800Best tea I've ever had!I recently had this tea at the Four Season Hotel spa and had to buy it myself. It is hands down the best tea I've ever had.

Very good!!
341102341102B0019S7IZMA3154VYB8HHGLIDaniel L. Hood0051227916800Best Chili Mix ANYWHERE!!I have been using this chili mix for over 20 years. It's difficult to find in South Carolina...except occasionally in small quantities at exclusive food shoppes. In the past, I have ordered it directly from the more! I saved over $20 per box of 12 when I ordered it from! This is a GREAT chili mix will all the fixin's ANYWHERE!
341103341103B000FTLZNMAWOEHBICQH1N4Charlotte E Wilson1151311120000lamb puffsMy 2 dogs love the lamb lung puffs! I give these to them when there is a thunderstorm or training them
so they are really focused on these treats! Thanks again!!!Jones Natural Chews All Natural Lamb Lung Puffs 2oz Dog Treat
341104341104B000FTLZNMAVG4NDYHEJMD8L. Bhatta1151224979200Jones Dog TreatsI have previously purchased the Jones dried lamb lungs treats for our dog but I have been having a hard time finding them in a retail store. Our dog loves them and they are all natural and have no preservatives. Our dog will have seizures when he eats treats with additives. The product was reasonably priced and shipped quickly.
341105341105B00022C748A1I6F59TEYRAL4Kristi M Klier2251312588800Wonderful for stress reliefThis tea is amazing for stress relief. Just one cup and I am very "chill". I have this tea in the reserves for particularly tough days. It has a rather pleasant taste and while I can fall asleep after drinking it, I can still stay awake enough to accomplish tasks. Though, for best use of stress relief plan to just lie down and do something calming.
341106341106B001GVIRKMA76EGHJE4PEWIA. Sharley191951261785600Excellent non-dairy egg replacementI've been using this egg replacer for over a decade. First as a vegan and now just because I have a few friends allergic to eggs and it is easy to keep on hand. I prefer to use it in muffin, pancake and cake recipes that call for egg. I've used it both as instructed (combine with water first) and I've just sifted it with my dry ingredients and obtained excellent results. If you have a recipe for vegan cupcakes for example that tend to crumble, just add 1.5 teaspoons to the dry ingredients in your recipe and this just might fix the problem! Recently I found out that I have Celiacs and so I've also been using the egg replacer in gluten free recipes, also with excellent results!
341107341107B001GVIRKMAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker8851288051200Better than eggs in baking for many reasons: ease, money, safety, etc.I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Not just because I am allergic to egg yolks and this magic mix has me baking again, but because I cannot tell the difference between the egg-full and egg-free versions in baked goods. My hubby, who is not allergic to yolks, was my judge can and attest to that by gobbling up everything I make -- and he is a picky eater.

I have used this in muffins, quick breads, pancakes, waffles, sponge cakes, boxed mixes, pound cake, cookies, scones, etc. All have turned out great!

-- I just mix the required dry amount into my dry ingredients and add the water to the wet mixture before I combine them and it is very easy to use
-- I feel good using it around my tiny daughter because if she licks the beater or bowl, there is no threat of Semonilla poisoning
-- You get 113 servings in one box for $4.41, that is just .47 cents for a DOZEN egg-equivalent - this makes baking much more economical
-- It is a painless way to bake vegan for the family members we have who follow that lifestyle

The one thing it doesn't do is add protein. If I am making breakfast muffins and want protein in them I will blend a scoop or two of unflavored whey protein powder ( 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate (Natural) Unflavored (Mega Pack) 10 lbs ) with the wet ingredients with no extra water, it works perfectly. I do not do that when baking vegan or if there are milk allergies.

I am so glad amazon sells this in bulk, it is half the price of what the grocery store charges and it is brought to my door -- can't beat that!
341108341108B001GVIRKMA3LE0UC4D5LWFZTiffany Nelson8841254096000Good for egg allergy people...My husband's deathly allergic to eggs. After using a baking cookbook that excludes eggs, I decided I wanted to give this a try. Overall, it is pretty good. Basically you mix some in a separate bowl with the recommended amount of hot water. And be sure to thoroughly mix so no lumps remain. I left lumps once and it ended up in the muffin and the lumpy spot tasted odd. Other than that, follow the instructions exactly and you get a powdery-smelling egg substitute. I used it in Betty Crocker muffin mixes and it turns out just fine! (Blueberry, choc. chip, etc) I tried it in a Betty Crocker brownie mix and I had to throw the entire thing out, it never thickened and was a gloppy mess. So for that recipe the eggs needed to be actual eggs!

So if you want to do a quick boxed treat and can't use eggs for allergy/cholesterol reasons, I'd say try it. On the back of the box there's recipes for many different foods. I haven't tried them though. It's not perfect but it's good in this world of egg-laden foods.
341109341109B001GVIRKMA3LF72TG5UMXA7Shannon M. Lemon5551322784000I LOVE this product!!As an avid vegan at-home baker, I use egg-replacer constantly. There are so many things you can do with this product. It works amazing in cookies (I usually add an extra eggs-worth than what the recipe calls for), it is perfect in pancakes and waffles, and anything, like a previous writer mentioned, that doesn't need to rise too much. On the other hand, you can make whipped cream with it and a slew of other things. However, this product has its limitations (most instances where you need eggs in baking it should work just fine). Recipes it is perfect for: cookies that call for whole eggs or egg whites (use flax and water instead for egg yolks or agar-agar in gelatinizing projects), whipped cream, pancakes/waffles, cookie bars, and virtually anything that calls for eggs (mind you its a POWDER, and cannot be used to eat by itself). You can use this product in quick breads, cakes, and muffins, however I usually avoid this and stick with the flax/water combo or applesauce, bananas, etc. depending on the recipe when making these things. Egg Replacer just doesn't have the eggy consistency of ground flax, and the fluffing power that normal eggs do. Also, you can use it as an egg wash, but it will not brown, it will just be shiny. If you want your bread for example to brown and look shiny and golden, I would try super-finely ground flax and water. Most importantly, this will absolutely NOT work in brownies or boxed mixes. Just don't do it. Trust me, I recently had a fiasco with some home-made brownies. If you are doing brownies, again, go with flax. It has to do with the low protein content of Egg Replacer, but I won't bore you with those details. Wow, I may seem like I don't love this product but it's actually one of the best out there and a MUST for anyone's kitchen. Why have all the cholesterol from eggs when you can use this in place of eggs for most recipes? And just because I personally choose to use flax in quick bread/cake/muffin recipes, doesn't mean it won't work for them. I've used Egg Replacer to make these things before ( I just have personal preferences ) and it worked just fine. There are only a few things that I wouldn't recommend using it in as mentioned above, but other than that it is fabulous!!!!!!!!
341110341110B001GVIRKMA26BG39KVPC17BSarah B. "Sarah B."5551262476800Great for use in bakingI've been using this for over six weeks now, as my daughter is on an allergy free diet. It's very easy to throw some mixture together and make rice flour waffles or banana bread. I highly recommend this to those who cannot eat eggs.
341111341111B001GVIRKMAOR52NN9OR1QKC. Schultz4441280793600works great for cookiesI have experimented with this in all kinds of recipes for homemade baked goods. I've never tried it in boxed mixes. It doesn't work for everything, but cookies & pancakes/waffles seem to have the most success. The less something has to rise, the better it works. It is similar to eggs in that it binds ingredients together, but it doesn't have the "fluffing" power of eggs. For most cookie recipes I use an extra eggs-worth of the replacer. The cookies will be more crumbly than those made with eggs too. As for using in pancakes, you can't tell the difference & I just mix the dry powder in with the dry ingred. Using this in homemade brownies results in a pan full of something that resembles a super oily sponge. Carrot cake also has the same result. Cakes in general do not rise well & do not have a good texture. I have made the banana bread recipe on the box & it is good. Not as good as my regular egg recipe, but it tastes good, although it doesn't rise as high. I haven't tried it in meatloaf since I use sour cream in place of the eggs. As for substituting with sour cream, my most successful egg replacer cookies have been recipes that have sour cream in them.
341112341112B001GVIRKMA2ETDX2PIFTCQDAmethyst Marzipan3351318809600Simply the best way to eliminate eggs from baking.I have been using this product religiously for the past decade, after becoming a vegan and experimenting with flax seed goop, pureed silken tofu, mashed bananas--all of the egg replacement staples. For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many vegans dislike this product. It's always turned out perfect baked goods for me, in both taste and texture, is inexpensive, and doesn't lend the icky flavor of flax or silken tofu to your baked goods. It's just neutral, and helps the baked good bind and rise, as egg would. I've made everything from brownies to decadent cakes to cookies to muffins to airy fluffy biscuits with this, and it's all been highly praised (often without realizing the goods are vegan) by omnivore, egg-eating relatives and friends who have begged me for years to open my own bakery.

I'm not sure what the general complaints I hear all too frequently are about. As I hope I've made clear, this product works perfectly for me. Here are some of my tips for using this product: 1) use a liquid that's already in the recipe (eg soymilk) to blend your powder. 2) always always ALWAYS do your best to get all of the lumps out of your liquid+powder mixture. I blend mine in a small bowl or ramekin (depending how much Ener-G Egg Replacer I'm using) with a fork or tiny single egg beater. If the mixture still has tons of lumps, it's not going to do its job. But when it doesn't have lumps, it works perfectly! 3) I always use about one egg's worth more of Ener-G than the recipe calls for. Just to be safe. 4) Consider adding about a half tablespoon per egg replaced of oil to make up for the lost fat content.

Good luck, and please give this product a try! It's truly excellent.
341113341113B001GVIRKMA18SNZN6Z16NCVM. Taylor "Myrna"3341278201600Works for SOME things.I have used this product in several vegan recipes, with varying results. Rice-based casseroles are fine, but other dishes are often "runny." The package arrived with "dust" from the product all over the outside of the boxes and outside the plastic wrapper. I suggest you purchase one pack at a whole foods store and try it out before ordering in bulk (that's what I wish I had done!)
341114341114B001GVIRKMA1M7FTRBRBSC6WLinda Redding3341262822400Great product!I use this product in scratch dessert recipes primarily, but it works well in things like meat loaf or as a binder in general. I have not tried the product in such things as quiche or creme brulee. My daughter has developed an egg allergy, but she still wants to eat Mom's desserts. This product has worked well for the most part. It has been a trial by error process, but there have been a lot more successes than failures. I would recommend this product.
341115341115B001GVIRKMAZ0BE1TWHDWQLMaman20012251291939200Great to replace eggs in baking!My son has a severe allergy to eggs and that product allows us to bake cakes, pancakes, muffins
and some pies for me. The texture is a bit different that if you had used eggs, it is more eleastic but it
really does the trick. It also usually requires a bit of extra time to be cooked than when using
eggs. It doesn't work as well on every single recipe. But it works well on things like pound cakes,
muffins and pancakes. On homemade cookies, it makes them really hard if they are not eaten the same day.
On the whole, a very helpful product for baking for people with egg allergies! I recommend it.
341116341116B001GVIRKMA1051DBTLWP5A2Monkey Momma1151326326400Not just for vegans and people with allergies! This product has NUMEROUS benefits!My husband has high cholesterol and I found this product years back and thought it'd be great for egg-free baking. At first I assumed that it'd be a mediocre product that would cause baked goods to lose taste and texture, but I haven't found that to be true at all. Not only that, it's made from decent ingredients. This product is not difficult to use and isn't messy.

I've used this in making breads, cookies, cakes, etc. I've even successfully used this in gluten free concoctions. I seriously haven't noticed anything lacking in my baked goods.

Besides the health benefits, this stuff is REALLY cost effective. It's quite a bit cheaper than using fresh eggs. You won't have to find yourself borrowing eggs from a neighbor because you've realized that you're short an egg or two after you've already started a recipe. Being that my children (including my 24 month old) like to help me bake, I don't have to worry about them getting sick if they happened to get batter into their mouths. I don't feel that I need to disinfect my floor or counter when the batter makes a mess.

This has definitely become a staple in my home. I don't know what I'd do without it!
341117341117B001GVIRKMA2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"1151284768000Saved by the Egg Powder!Although we do eat eggs, I always keep a box of this in the cupboard. It is an awesome emergency egg replacement for almost anything. Obviously, you can't make omelets with it, but I've used it succesfully in pancakes, waffles, box mixes, and many of my homemade recipes. It hasn't failed me yet.

This egg replacer is vegan, so I can use this instead of eggs for vegan friends. Also, there have been many occasions when I've run out of eggs and this egg replacer has saved the day. It's very easy to use, just mix with warm water. Many suggestions for optimizing effectiveness are included on the box.
341118341118B001GVIRKMA213UY0UG841AWM. auti1151282780800Pretty good egg replacementAlthough not as good as eggs , it is fairly satisfactory as an egg replacement product.
341119341119B001GVIRKMA1SB56S0DIDRGNTerah B "Terah"3451298764800You can eat the batter!!!I love this product. I went vegan a couple years ago, for many reasons but mostly to help combat high cholesterol. After only a few months my cholesterol was lower by almost 100!! and I never had to stop eating delicious baked goods. I've used this in pancakes, breads, cookies, muffins, brownies - and no one can tell the difference. For the person who had bad results with a boxed Betty Crocker recipe - maybe making them from scrach would yield better results (??) and would probably be healthier too! I've never had a problem with something not setting up.

Oh yeah - and my sons favorite can eat the batter and I don't have to worry about Salmonella. Also, eggs expire so fast (this product has a 3 year shelf life!!) and are more costly. One box of this is equivalent to 100 eggs.
341120341120B001GVIRKMA2HV3R355NY514M. G. Noble0051302739200Unbeatable price!If you do "from scratch" allergy-free baking then this is a great deal! I've been using this product since 2002 and have steadily seen the price rise over the years. ENER-G Egg Replacer is a great baking substitute when you can't use eggs at all, it binds and acts as a leavening agent to help baked goods rise. I received 4 boxes for $15.00 from Amazon. In the stores this retails locally for $5.75 a box. Thanks again Amazon for making gluten-free baking affordable!
341121341121B001GVIRKMA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"0051301184000Vegan Kosher Gluten Free ChoiceVegan. Kosher parve. Gluten free. Wheat free. No preservatives. No artificial flavoring. 113 egg equivalents [9+ dozen] per box. Only 15 calories per egg equivalent. Good for general baking and to make pancakes, waffles, etc. Useful for any vegan pantry and for many different recipes. Easy to use. I use a small short clear glass for preparing. Add 1.5 teaspoons [4g] of the powdered egg replacer along with two tablespoons [30ml] of warm water in the glass for each egg equivalent. Stir well. Then add to batter, or recipe as called for. A carton of almond milk (or soy milk) is the vegan compliment for any milk substitution as needed. Long shelf life. [The boxes I received were dated to 2014.] The Ener-G company makes a large number of vegan products and publishes a complete list on their website. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews and the vegancompassion Profile for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" & all the other helpful "Vegan Grocery" Listmania. Your input counts and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you. *** SUBSCRIBE & SAVE ***
341122341122B001GVIRKMA25LYQM4LHUVWKim D0051300665600Great if you are allergic to eggsMy husband is allergic to eggs and milk, and I was so affraid I will not be able to bake for him because I LOVE to bake, then I found this. ITS GREAT, he loves now he can have baked goods that he always thought he could never have.
341123341123B001GVIRKMARR0YABP2ED3Ejstockw0051298851200Good for people with egg allergiesAs you use this egg replacer everything tastes about the same. However you do have to play with recipes because I have found that you need a bit more of the replacer than is suggested.
341124341124B000H225TUA1Z1QCJG5R6ZUHMom of 73351194480000BEST CRACKERS EVER!AK-MAK crackers are the best! We love these crackers. They are healthy and delicious.
341125341125B000H225TUAIN65X3XT6S64tomnet2251333065600Stood the test of time.Ater the war (1945) things started to loosen up
a bit and my mom, daughter of a doctor, noted
athlete and osteopath - who eschewed medicines
as much as possible and set an example for us
in nutrition - would tell us about ak-mak and
when we did indulge in what is known as snack
food today - that's the cracker she'd buy. I
still do.
341126341126B000H225TUA34BRSDS9MJXTZP. Neely1151327881600Best crackers - and a way to manage bread addictionI LOVE Ak-Mak crackers. They are an essential staple for me. The price here is pretty good - $20.72 as of this writing or $1.73 a box - which is close enough to the Trader Joe's price of $1.69 to make me happy about ordering them from here. Whole Foods charges around $2.59 for a box.

If you crave bread, these are a fantastic way to get your bread fix without doing too much damage to even a very low carb diet. They are just 22 calories per each 2 inch by 4 inch cracker. They have no sugar, fat or cholesterol at all.

I have eight boxes of them in our cupboard just to make sure we don't run out.

Also, I think if you were a little kid, making fun of the name while you were eating them might make for a good time. I even know some adults who seem to have a weakness for saying "ACK-MACK!" just for fun.
341127341127B000H225TUA2V1TWWMZL1YL1C. Meyer1151248566400Perfect cracker for me, especially with brieTitle says it all. I first tried these crackers on a whim years ago when the packaging caught my eye in the local supermarket, and they've been my go-to cracker ever since. The bakers are able to ride that fine line of producing a cracker that almost looks homemade with minimal ingredients, but yet is impeccably consistent - I've never had a bad (broken, burnt, stale, broken seal, too many/few seeds, etc) batch. The flavor is mild, but distinctly sesame. For me, few things are better than this cracker topped with slices of brie cheese. With the packaging opened, the crackers last a couple weeks in the refrigerator.

I feel like a lot of love goes into this product, and I certainly appreciate it.
341128341128B000H225TUASPPJ1E7FCJ3RLinda, Chicago "teacupgalchgo"3451330300800Very good & low weight watchers points plus!5 crackers is 1.5 points plus on the Weight Watchers food plan. This is a win for me and in addition these crackers taste good and are good-sized.
341129341129B000H225TUA36YK9Y34NE7BIOhioGardener3451199404800Great ingredients make a great crackerWhat's in them: 100% organically-grown stone ground whole wheat flour, clover honey, sesame oil, real butter, sesame seeds, yeast and salt.

What's not: Partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, preservatives or anything that you can't pronounce.

The result: A crisp cracker with great nutty flavor and superb texture. Not as sugary as the cookie-like graham cracker but sweet enough to be the perfect complement to peanut butter. Truly sublime.
341130341130B000H225TUA2DT8E59UST8U4E. Ray0051344988800love these healthy crackersShortly after discovering these tasty healthy simple crackers at my local supermarket, I realized I was 'buying them out' every month. Amazon to the rescue! Having them shipped is quick, easy, and cheaper than retail. With cheese, jam, hummus, or just plain, they're a great alternative to breads and rolls. They're my new "staple" carb.

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