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341131341131B000H225TUADBDU0H0O3IS5Developer0051344297600Health and deliciousI looked for the healthist cracker and this is what I found. Low in fat, high in fiber and other nutrients and it actually tastes good. When I get an order my family is hanging around to grab a box of them.
341132341132B000H225TUA1L6HOT03VAKN0emilyforce0051340236800Ak-Mak rockVery very very yummy crackers! They hold up well to anything you want to put on them, but they're not awkward to bite into. They have a distinctive but not overpowering taste (as long as you like sesame, which all rational people should). They keep well, so you can buy a case like this and still enjoy the last box you open. They're even healthy. Plus! If you give a whole four-section unbroken one to a toddler, it will be bigger than his or her head, making for a great photo op.
341133341133B000H225TUASHC5Y7IIW9T8karl0051339632000best crackers ever!I love this crackers. I am trying to lose weight and these healthy crackers keep me away of unhealthy food.
341134341134B000H225TUA1Y17EYU85VW9Subcatagorhyming0051328400000Very good productFor people who may have problems with wheat, this product may be an exception. It is for me. It's one of the few wheat products I can eat. The Ak-Mak company must get their wheat from heaven.
341135341135B000H225TUA2P93H0DOVMLTTMarlowe0011312156800Old and staleAk Mak is one of healthiest and tasty crackers available. It does not have a long shelf life. When it goes over the hill and becomes stale it taste terrible. Amazon just shipped us a whole case of stale old Ak Mak Crackers. Very disapointing.
341136341136B000H225TUA1JKA87K61PSFWHolmesie "Opera Fan"0051309219200It's a whole food that tastes good, tooI bought these crackers because I'm trying to transition to foods that are processed as little a possible. AkMak was recommended to me.
These crackers not only fulfill that requirement, but they taste good and have a great crunch. I recommend them whether you are trying to go 'whole foods' or not.
341137341137B000H225TUA1UWQIHQP2CHPUIvette I. Urbina0051242086400Great for breakfast too!!I top them with almond butter, Has avocado slices, a drizzle of olive oil and a little shake of real salt. That is alkalizing and nutritious...full of good fats and protein. Sounds weird maybe but try it... you'll be glad you did.
341138341138B000H225TUA18ZOKNA57PXDMNorma J. Lenac0051232668800You've got to try theseA nutritionist put me on to these in 2000 and I've been lovin' them ever since....they're a great snack and healthy! Try'll love them! Trader Joe's carries them along with other stores but Amazon had the greater value!
341139341139B000H225TUA1H42X910WCB9HCatherine M. Wentz "Musikate"0051232064000There is no cracker on the market that comes close!The price here is similar to that at my local grocery store, but they don't all carry it. If you live out in the boonies you may have to order it, but believe me, it's worth it! Better yet, have your local grocer order it. These crackers are addictive, but you don't feel like you've indulged in junk after munching on them. The balance of nutrients is ideal, and you can taste how fresh the ingredients are.

Triscuits, wheat thins, and other mass-produced crackers may look like they have similar ingredients, but they simply taste like cardboard compared with these little rectangles of divinity!
341140341140B000H225TUA5D3JR6T9T53VBoston Gal "Boston Gal"0051230422400Ak-Mak makes perfect crackers!I wish they would take off the old food pyramid off their boxs and add something important on it instead. But with hummus or peanut butter or cottage cheese or regular cheese these crackers are the BEST!
341141341141B000H225TUA2D72VZ2YNPSFGZombunny "PDXMODCHICK"0051218067200Excellent with Hummus.. Or alone!These are INCREDIBLE with hummus! I also make a lentil dip with roasted garlic, it is incredible as well! These are such a great snack and they stay crunchy even when left out in open air.
341142341142B000H225TUAVKTS1VGGMHUODima S.0151271980800Great crackers!These are great!!!

Think matzo, but 10 times more delicious! Especially the seasame seeds on top!

Pick these up at TJ's for less than 2 bux!

341143341143B000H225TUA360SH1CDFTH83Jersey Gal "jersey gal"0151263600000the rest of the reviews say it all! amazing crackersI am watchign my weight. These crackers have been helping me for months. They have substituted for bread and can be paired with anything, sweet or salty. The sesame seeds on them make them delicious. I highly recommend. Can be found in Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and are reasonably priced.
341144341144B000H225TUA68RJZ1X055FAMusicalba0151260057600Tastiest "Good Nutrition" Cracker GoingI have been snacking these crackers with nothing on them for years. They are crispy, tasty and simply delicious. My grandchildren (under 10) love them as snacks instead of sweeter things. They are also wonderful with peanut butter, cottage cheese, any regular cheese (cheddar, name it)or jams or jellies. A great low calorie snack that also happens to be a "good" food. How amazing is that?
341145341145B000H225TUA1TI72CTD64YNVT. Taylor0151257206400Delicious and Nutritious!I can't add too much more than what's already been said, other than to concur with all who say these crackers are delicious and versatile. Plus, if you're doing Weight Watchers, you can eat 5 for 2 points. So, delicious, nutritious and calorically compact!

It's hard to describe what's so good about them other than to say that they are a delicious combo of salty, sweet and sesame flavors. Great just as they are out of the box and due to the whole grains and fiber content, 5 crackers is a satisfying snack!

As others have said, they are hard to find on the grocery store. When I do find them, I buy them up, so buying in bulk on Amazon is a good alternative.
341146341146B000H225TUA2DB720I9XRX7KK. Draper1151223510400DELICIOUS!!!Ak-Mak crackers are my favorite. They are good with anything and everything on them--peanut butter, cheeses, cold cuts, hummus, you name it. They also make a terrific accompaniment to soups, salads and so on. I also like them just plain to snack on. So much better for you than chips or cookies! But you won't miss them, Ak-Mak tastes better. They have a unique delicate crispiness that is difficult to explain; you just have to try them yourself. I hate running out of them, so I love getting them in bulk from Amazon. My husband and kids like them, too, and I like to keep some on hand in my car in case I need something to munch on. Delicious!
341147341147B000H225TUA179HCH1SJV6GFDeeGee0151211846400Best Tasting of Healthful CrackersI purchased this cracker because it was among the most highly rated crackers having higher percentages of whole grain and minimal negative components. Both my wife and I agree that this is a better tasting cracker than even most crackers that are not touted as being for those who are health conscious. In our opinions, it is the best tasting cracker we could possibly buy. The higher health considerations is just an added bonus. It is a great tasting cracker!!
341148341148B004M8MVSKA1DHMRQ244N7TJawd1141318032000Rich by itself, yummy mixedThis is really good used with the espresso t-disks and some milk to make a mocha. It is very rich on it's own and you need to add a lot of milk to drink it as hot chocolate.
341149341149B004M8MVSKABMUZ7V6F0PRCLynda Myers0051346544000AWESOME!!!!I have ordered and used Suchard's Chocolate for several years...I love it, wouldn't buy any other. I use it for mocha lattes and chocolate caramel machiatos. It is far better than any others, without a doubt!
341150341150B004M8MVSKAW8WTEWW0WPIJB. Garrett0011345939200Read the ingredientsBasically an artificial facsimile of a chocolate drink. Doesn't have any real chocolate in it that I can make out!
341151341151B004M8MVSKA188L7J8NCPRAXR. Segroves "Shockwave Rider"0021326326400Not My Cup of TeaChocolate is watery tasting and not creamy enough to suit my taste. Maybe adding Creama but then it might be more drink than I'm ready for.
341152341152B00915BHWUA2ZOZGHLLA6JX7N Conn1151348876800Tastes just like Bovril!YUM! Tastes just like BOVRIL! I cannot get enough of this stuff and my kids seem to love it as much as I do.
We are literally drinking it and the smell alone makes my mouth water. My children and I love it with butter on toast but it's also outstanding spread on top of cheese on toast...even used it in my pasta sauce to 'beef' up the flavor.
Great service, easy to order and arrived promptly!
341153341153B003N0S9FMA2RC94J517UZQES. Kwan2251286668800Love it!If you love strawberry lemonade, then you'll love this. If you love Strawberry Surf Rider from Jamba Juice, this is almost like that but in juice form so I'm pretty sure you'll love this too.

I love lemonade and I love strawberries. I'm glad they have this..
Now if only they come out with a strawberry watermelon lemonade drink.... yum.
341154341154B003N0S9FMA2C2CP2614B4TENoriko Ai1151320019200Awesome!I first found Purity.Organic drinks when i was traveling in california. the safeways out there all seem to stock them, but they're impossible to find in my state. All-natural ingredients with a fantastic taste - you just can't beat these juice drinks!
341155341155B003N0S9FMA51G9TIWR4L0LHillery1151308268800This juice is the best!I got into this juice a few months ago and it quickly became an addiction. It is tart and sweet with real fruit flavor. I cannot remember ever having a juice this good. My Whole Foods discontinued the line but luckily I found it on Amazon. I am so thankful for the auto ship membership option which allows be to have a case delivered every month for less than what I used to pay at the grocery store.
341156341156B0012271Z2ARW4SSX0IJ60YKatie2211306886400Not worth moneyPurchased this product and was not happy with it at all. It did not even taste or smell like lemon. I was really disappointed.
341157341157B0012271Z2A2FLXMR9YDW8Q4Red Rover2251224892800lemon peelI use lemon peel alot, however, it has been harder and harder to find in my local stores. When I can't find something I usually try Amazon. Boy I was sure excited to see this listed and at such a great price!
341158341158B0015GRTCKA3SKX3U5NNJCMCWhat?1131332028800Great product, worst price availableGREAT -- for flavor. Love the instant maple packets. Plain Cream of Wheat is too plain, and I have to add sugar and dried fruit (blueberries, raisins, something!). Which also means buying and storing expensive dried fruits, sugars, etc. Maple flavored Cream of Wheat is great as-is, with no additions. I'm a serious fan at this point.

GREAT -- for prep. I live in a cabin (no power, water, or heat) about 1/3 or more of the year. Boil-and-serve foods are important so I can conserve fuel use. Also important are a fast prep and clean-up because I have to do it outside. Yes, I do mean outside in the cold, rain, wind, sleet, snow, etc. -- because that's where my stove is. Cream of Wheat really fits the bill: Fast prep, fills me up for hours, gives me a warm stomach even on freezing days, and has really easy clean-up.

PANNED -- for price. I give the amazon product listing a LOW RATING -- 1 star on this. My local grocery's standard price for a case is $39.86. Amazon wants $60 for the same thing. That's an outrageous difference -- a 50% markup from the local store. My advice: Call your local grocery and ask for the case price. You'll save big bucks.

- tkh
341159341159B0015GRTCKA3STZRJRZ3964Bleemabean "leemabean"1151311811200Best breakfast food there is!I love Cream of Wheat Instant Maple Sugar. In fact, I loved it so much I bought a whole case of it. It fills me up and "sticks to my ribs" so I don't get hungry and snack during the day. The flavor of Maple and Brown Sugar is delicious. I don't like my food too sweet and so this is perfect for me. I received it quickly at a far better price than I would have to pay at a grocery store.
341160341160B0015GRTCKAILSYXK4YFADXS. Pughsley1241289952000Good source of daily fiberAs long as the price is reasonable, buying Cream of Wheat in bulk is a good way to get your daily fiber for several months.

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