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341169341169B001B21B9UA33REC3J2JU2ELD. Figueroa1211339027200I Really Wanted to Like ThemI did read the reviews before I bought these, but I should have found them and tried them somewhere. I can't understand why people were gushing over how wonderful these were. The only bad review wasn't based on taste, so I felt secure in ordering them. My bad.

Cotton candy is one of my favorite flavors, too. I adore it. I like cotton candy-flavored anything. Jelly beans, gum, Slurpees, you name it.

Unfortunately, these taste nothing like cotton candy to me, not even remotelyk like it. They don't even taste like plain sugar. They aren't very sweet. There is pretty much no taste to them at all, except a faint chemical/cardboard flavor. These are the most vile-tasting lollipops I've ever tried. I barely got through the one I tried.

I have a fairly acute palate and I cannot describe the flavor of these lollipops, but it's most definitely not cotton candy, not even close. They're not even good enough to give away, in my opinion. They're THAT bad.

If you have not tried these before, do not buy them without trying them first.

I think that this is an item that you had to have grown up eating in order to like. It must be one of those guilty pleasure foods. I have them, we all do.

Also, about 20% of them were badly broken. I know I could contact Amazon and ask for a refund, but I feel that this is mostly my fault this time for not having done due diligence before the purchase. Amazon is not at fault because the product tastes lousy.
341170341170B001ECQ2YGA1L1OD2V298YMXLilly1151302134400I wish this product came in a better bottleThe product seems to work well. My hair held it's shape most of the day. The only problem is the nozzle on the bottle. It's very difficult to use. It seems to require a lot of force to get the product out of the bottle. That's the only issue I really have with this product. Although it's volumizing mousse it still works well with curling irons. I have used volumizing mousse for this in the past. I have fine hair so it's enough for me. I'm not sure how much it protects from the heat but according to the bottle you really have to use a lot of product to get enough protection. You basically have to coat all your hair with the product. I will update again on the product later on when I've used it more. So far I have only used it once. I would likely not buy this again just cause of the nozzle. It's really difficult to use because of the force it takes to use it.

Update 4/13/2011

I was showing someone how it takes a lot of force to get the mousse to come out and when they tried it I heard a snapping sound and suddenly the mousse was coming out easily. It seems there may be something inside the bottle that has to be released in order for the mousse to come out like normal. I changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars. It seems I could not use enough force to snap the release but a male friend was able to. I used the mousse with my hot tools deep waver and the waves lasted for 2 and a half days and even withstood me sleeping in them. It probably would have lasted longer but at that point I wanted to wash my hair. If you use a lot of mousse the hair will become stiffer but better protection from the heat and the style lasts longer. I would purchase this again now that I realize what the problem was.
341171341171B001ECQ2YGA3GA3EIA3FE62YErin1111110051319241600Love itThis is the only stuff that I have found that works on my thin hair. I have spent a lot of money trying different products and this even works better than the expensive salon stuff. Happy I could buy it in bulk because it's hard to find!
341172341172B003UH6PG8A2MIP3AQVSF2SSProduct Master "PM"0051351123200Dog seems pleased as punchI think she likes it! Haven't tried any myself, but the ingredient list is impressive enough. This is the good stuff, seriously.
341173341173B003UH6PG8A3SNBYKH3RQBCWAnnelise0031319673600Still problematic for some dogs...I know "Sweet Potato and Chicken" sounds very appealing (I wouldn't mind having that for dinner, myself), but if you're trying to look out for your allergic pet, please remember that quite a few dogs that are sensitive to grains and gluten are allergic to chicken, as well. As long as you're switching to a "Limited Ingredient Diet" (L.I.D.), you should really consider buying a product that uses a different protein source - like turkey, fish, lamb, duck, or bison. And be sure to watch out for "chicken fat" in the list of ingredients (a hidden source of the problematic protein).
The Dog Food Advisor website is a wonderful resource if you're interested in purchasing quality pet food for your companion. It rates every dog food on the market, and tells you what's right/wrong with it. The website has helped me make much better decisions on behalf of my 4-legged family members.
341174341174B003UH6PG8A13HFX0MKRNX0JT. Bernard "Dogsrule"0051297382400Dogs love it!My two cockers love this formula of chicken and sweet potato. I changed to limited ingredient dog food due to one cocker having allergies. After several hundred dollars in vet bills, changed her diet to this and things have cleared up remarkably in the last couple of months. She stopped scratching her skin off within the first week. No more licking her paws constantly, which can drive a person insane. You had to feel for her, between scratching and licking, she got no rest, and neither did I! Now her coat is returning and very silky. Her skin infections have cleared up, and we are both a lot happier. I just cant find this one in a 30 lb +- size. The fish and sweet potato is a fav also. Although I havent found one they dont like in this brand.
341175341175B001ELL6QGAM9SVF7W2617GS. Holmes6651205366400Good and good for you.Ever since I decided to start eating better I've been searching for foods like this. Bulgur is a good, low fat source of protein and fiber. It makes an excellent, healthier replacement of rice.

I've mostly been using it as a filler in recipes that call for rice so far but it also works pretty well by itself as a hot cereal.

If you use a lot of rice, or are just looking for a good replacement for higher fat sources of protein like a lot of meats you should definitely give this stuff a shot.
341176341176B001ELL6QGA3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"5551242345600Easy, tasty grainBoil some water, throw it over the bulgur (add some broth powder if desired), cover and walk away. How easy can it get? And make a large batch if you want because it tastes great and leftovers can be stored in the fridge for future meals. Again, how easy can it get? A substitute for whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, faster and lighter for summer dishes and salads or just add some salt and butter, or sour cream or dill dip and eat when the day has been a horror and all you want is your jammies and comfort food. A marvelous standby in the pantry.
341177341177B001ELL6QGA284N0O856F9T7J. Weaver "Techie"1151310342400Good food and nutritiousThis Bulgur wheat is filling, tasty and very good. I use it as a hot cereal in the morning and sometimes for dinner. They are many recipies on the web for Bulgur wheat. You will not be disappointed and I highly recommend this product. I've used my first batch and plan to purchase another soon.
341178341178B001ELL6QGA7I38TGIU0NSCDaniel J Keller Jr.1151304553600deja vue I had this when I was a childI have looked for this product for years, when I was a child being raised by my grandmother. I had this cereal and have never been able to find the same quality product in any store. This stuff is just as wonderful as the way I remember it. A pure and healthy treat A++++++++++
341179341179B001ELL6QGA3K2CDLDCGZ3TZJack E. Garner0051350777600Great for Taboli makingI have only used this product for making taboli. The texture or coarseness of the grain is just right for taboli. Also the 1.5# pkg is the optimum size for making taboli for my family.
341180341180B001ELL6QGA1I3WLRL0AD81YDonna Thomas-Krabbe0051284076800Tasty and good for youMakes a wonderful start to your day. Healthy and good tasting. I eat this year round - even in the summer. Sometimes I make a big batch and bring it into work, or sometimes I make it at work in our office microwave.
341181341181B001ELL6QGA2E8HXYLD5IHWZMudflap0051271289600Good Stuff ! Excellent taste and consistancySimply good Bulgar wheat. Cook it up and serve in place of rice. Great taste.
341182341182B001ELL6QGA800G62MOE4QXenerjizer "good living"0051249084800DeliciousI am trying to eat healthier and have been having trouble finding some products in the grocery stores. I found the Bulgur wheat and polenta on Amazon. It was delivered quickly and was very reasonable. I find the Bulgur wheat delicious and filling. It is a staple in my weight loss and control.
341183341183B001ELL6QGA2ZID9GV1E0SHCGreenJ "GreenJ"0051236556800Great product. Great packaging.Great tasting and easy to cook. I like it both by itself for breakfast and also thrown in with either beans or lentils. Decent cardboard non-sealable plastic bag inside. Will buy again.
341184341184B0005ZHPFIA3HRBWBN7DH9XVJ Keistler ""151651230508800Best All-RounderComing from south Texas with most of my family from generations of south Lousianans, hot sauce has been a staple condiment for most of my 50+ years. Certainly, my family never had the mania seen by some today for the absolute hottest sauce one could stand.

The most common hot pepper sauces are still staples in my kitchen: Crystal, Frank's, Louisiana, and Tabasco. They all have their uses, and I must admit I use Tabasco less than any because of its heat. One little drop can be enough for me. I enjoy Frank's most on meat products, not just Buffalo wings. I really like Louisiana Hot Sauce on eggs and other egg products. However, the most-used in my home is Crystal. Why? It's certainly hot, but not so overwhelming that heat drives out foods' flavors. I really love the Louisiana Hot Sauce's smoky flavor, but it's also twice as salty as Crystal. The garlic used in Frank's is also not desirable for all uses.

No, Crystal gets more use than any other. It costs a fraction of Tabasco--but then, someone has to pay for all that Tabasco advertising. I love the fact that I can actually fill a teaspoon with Crystal and down it straight without cauterizing my oral cavity.

Crystal may be considered the poor man's Louisiana pepper sauce, but it has been around a very long time and has endeared itself to an awful lot of people down here! Worth a try, and quite inexpensive to boot.
341185341185B0005ZHPFIA2PR6NXG0PA3KYGiordano Bruno6751263340800Straight, No Chaser Hot SauceCrystal Hot Sauce is as basic to Louisiana Cajun cooking as Miracle Whip to church basement potlucks. It's not as salty as some hot sauces or as smokey as others, and it doesn't carry any aftertaste of powdered garlic. It's essentially a "table condiment", what you reach for when the gumbo is bland or the fried catfish muddy-tasting. It's the 'on the table' pick at Angeline's Restaurant in Berkeley, CA, the closest thing to authentic Cajun in the Bay Area. I used to carry a bottle of it in my instrument case whenever I flew to the UK or the Netherlands for gigs, but "them days is gone" in the age of airport security. Now I carry powdered Chipotle chilis, and hope some day a security guard will open the little bottle and take a good sniff ...
341186341186B0005ZHPFIA2UEGB6AEJR83FJerry O'Brien "OB"81051169164800Good hot sauceIt is hot and not overpowering, you can also taste the food.
341187341187B0005ZHPFIAKIUO7EVL6ZABM. Sharpe "Ghostbusters!"2251317686400My very favorite!I eat this on everything that isn't sweet in taste. chips, burgers, salads, mexican food, chinese food, bread, sandwiches and my tongue:) this is an outstanding Hot sauce. It's not too hot but it tastes fantastic! it's easy for me to pour this and completely cover your food in it and that's what I do.

I don't know what else to say other than it's well worth a try if you haven't tried it already and at a cheap price, about $1.59 at the grocery store for this size, it's about 59 cents for the smaller I think.

bottom line, my favorite and the best I have tasted that won't catch my head on fire:)
341188341188B0005ZHPFIA2LVCIJVGPMS3RPeter J. Greuel1151279411200In a class by itselfThis is Louisiana hot sauce at a pinnacle. There are three types of Louisiana hot sauce: Louisiana hot sauce, Tabasco brand hot sauce, and Crystal brand hot sauce. Crystal hot sauce has its own place since it gives the best full, one and only, flavor, with moderate "heat." And of course it is not the one and only Tabasco, with its truly wonderful unique flavor. MY pantry is well stocked in BOTH.

You gotta' try it.
341189341189B0005ZHPFIA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"4651211846400In Louisiana We Like CrystalCrystal Hot Sauce Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce - 12 oz is popular here in Louisiana. We also like Tabasco Pepper Sauce Red - 2 oz, but we have both kinds and use them regularly. Many of us prefer Crystal for cooking. For example, my son-in-law prefers it for one of his special barbecue sauces. I talked him into letting me put that sauce in Flavored with Love: Mary Lou's Family and Friends Can Cook, but he told me not to share it anywhere else.

Paul uses it in his steak marinade. I had a really hard time getting this recipe from him, but I spied until I found out what it was. (He wrote it on a little sheet of paper that got grubby, and I watched him hide the paper!) This one is also in Flavored with Love. The Crystal Hot Sauce gives heat and flavor without dominating the flavor.

2 ounces lemon juice
2 ounces red wine vinegar
4 ounces beer
4 ounces soy sauce
2 tablespoons basil
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon Crystal® hot sauce (or less if desired)

Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly. Use 1 time and discard.

Paul's marinades are splendid. He mixes them with a whisk until all the flavors are thoroughly combined. Then he adds the liquid to the food he is marinating.
When possible he allows at least 4 hours for all the delicious flavors to be absorbed. He turns the meat or fish occasionally.
He adjusts the amounts as needed for the amount of food being prepared.

With the prices of everything going up, it is necessary to save money any way we can. Making a variety of sauces from a few basic ingredients is helpful.

Crystal is a basic sauce, including only aged red cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, and salt. It does not supply any vitiamins according to the label, but I suspect it does have some nutritional value that we just don't know about. It is excellent on collard greens, and as the authors of The Collard Patch we use it on our collards.

Here in Louisiana we can beat Amazon's price on this product. I don't know whether Crystal is available throughout the country and how the prices compare.

To us the bottle is a work of art, and we are delighted to serve it on our table. We take Crystal with us sometimes if we eat in public places that do not have enough seasoning. We are discreet about adding it because we would not want to offend a chef. We do realize that other people find Paul peculiar when he puts so much Crystal on his food. We NEVER take it with us when we go to eat with friends. We would not want to be rude. Maybe it would make a good gift for a hostess.

I hope you find this review helpful.
341190341190B0005ZHPFIA16KVN2SA5LWJDuncan Brown4651166227200some of the most flavorful hot sauce i've ever hadi fell in love with this hot sauce when i lived down south for a year and it's completely impossible to find in new england. i went ahead and bought a dozen bottles through amazon and i've been in heaven ever since. also, i hate to go to the nation's #1 "tex mex" fast food "restaurant" without this, it certainly turns it into something beautiful.
341161341161B0015GRTCKA3C7I4EO54ZVG5Shirley D. Martin1251287273600good cream of wheatMy daughter loves this cream of wheat and I buy it in bulk from Amazon in the subscribe n save. She eats it almost every day and doesn't seem to get tired of it. It is a good deal in the subscribe n save.
341162341162B0015GRTCKA25LE7PMMSB629Joe0151324339200Cream Of WheatThe product arrived very QUICKLY and was exactly what we expected! Good job by Amazon![ASIN:B0015GRTCK Cream Of Wheat Instant Maple & Brown Sugar, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)]]
341163341163B001V6OIX2A2NC1K303WINSJmtmomof53351244764800Taste great!No aftertaste. The best sugar replacement yet.

Low on the glycemic index .The problem: sugar raises your blood sugar levels of insulin, a hormone that signals your body to stop burning fat, and start storing it. agave, a low glycemic index food (approximately 30), does not raise your blood sugar levels.
Tastes like sugar. Try it, you'll like it.

All natural nectar derived from cactus plant, not like splenda or other artificial sugar substitutes
It is sweeter than sugar therefore, you use less, thereby saving calories; and it moderates blood sugar levels leaving you feeling more "satisfied". It will not "spike" your blood sugar levels and will let your body know that it is consuming calories. Xagave contains Fructose and Inulin that help moderate and manage consistent blood sugar levels.
341164341164B001AVC47UA1PTVYFJRPN4ZTElizabeth M. Cass "Liz M Cass"0311290470400GOD AWFULI guess I should've known since it said flavored coffee that it wasn't going to be plain coffee. It says no where on the package what flavor this is, but I can't drink it. I mean why don't you just throw everything you can find into it: lawn clippings, the entire contents of your fridge etc. It's just to much. I just wanted plain coffee. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with this. I can't even give it as a gift because I opened it. Actually, I was mistaken. I looked at the package again and it doesn't say anywhere on it that it's flavored It just says freshly roast jazzy java grounds. That's all. I had to go back to Amazon to actually see what was in it.
341165341165B001B21B9UAG2UUXK1NP5BAbebeblah5551327363200Sooooo goodThese lollipops are so good! Nice old fashion candy. Almost addicting actually.
Cotton candy is my favorite flavor. Cherry is very good also.
You won't be disappointed!
341166341166B001B21B9UA15ZXNZLG9B0O2warden@raex.com7841306022400Great flavorCotton Candy is one of my favorite flavors and these pops really hit the mark. Way more arrived broken than I would have expected.
341167341167B001B21B9UA2T603IQRKVOONSherean S. Munim "sweetface"0051335916800lovely pops!!these are yummy cotton candy pops like never before :) great pops, were used for a class party and the kids were indeed pleased
341168341168B001B21B9UA2R7CF3GKKYCT2florida gal91431304899200Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy LollipopsThere was nothing "fluffy" about these cotton candy lollipops. The flavor was good but if you expected something more like mini cotton candy you will be very disappointed.

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