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341281341281B001RVFEP2A38XFVFJS7RD5QGator Girl1151224892800PopchipsI am doing Weight Watchers, but there are certain foods I did not want to give up. One was potato chips. I love the Popchips and they do taste like potato chips unlike other products I have tried. One serving is 3 points on the WW point system and you can have 18-22 chips, depending on the flavor you choose. Very good!
341282341282B001RVFEP2AXXWXM6K66YMZimmelbatoast1151224288000Great and HealthyI love Salt & Vinegar chips and once I went on my diet I felt like I had to give them up because it's so hard to find healthy ones. Then I finally found these and I love them! They're strong tasting and I actually like them better than regular salt & vinegar chips. They're less oily and I don't feel sick or guilty after having some. The one-ounce bags are perfect for a snack, but the 3.25 ounce bags end up being cheaper so I divide it up into 3 ziplock bags once I open them. It works great!
341284341284B001RVFEP2A3QDB4O188ARFLSharon A. Alvarez3451238112000These are WONDERFUL!These chips are so good! Feel like I'm eating real potato chips ... what flavor ... I love all of them!
341285341285B001RVFEP2A14ENWEKTHCBXRR. L. Miles "Miles"2321327363200DisappointingI was really hoping to get a really great nutritious & delicious snack for my family when I ordered this product. I was really disappointed.

The packaging is really good looking and I had high hopes, so when I opened the package to my chips, I expected something great. I ordered the Chili Lime flavor and, since, I have had higher-fat chili lime chips in the past, I'd knew that I would love them.
First, they don't really look like what they appear to be on the packaging (no big deal though).
I took a bite out of the first chip and it had a really funny texture and strange flavor. So, I looked on the back where it showed the ingredients and I was pretty surprised--it had a LOT of chemicals in the product. Also, AND THIS REALLY FREAKED ME OUT, the main ingredient is not a sliced potato, but, "potato ingredients (potato flakes, potato starch)". In other words, it's made of instant mashed potatoes!

I thought the taste was funny and the ingredients curious. However, there are no transfats or saturated fats in the chips (that's why I gave it 2-stars).

All in all, I would rather pack my kids lunches with a bag of Lay's or Kettle chips than give them these chips.

All The Best.
341286341286B001RVFEP2A3DINDWUOVBDJGDavid2311297468800Never tasted cheddar cheese like this!I really wanted to like these after reading all of the good reviews. I am not a cheese snob. I like Baked Lays with cheddar flavor. But something in the flavor of these cheddar Popchips is not right. The first bite is OK but then there is a bitter aftertaste. Too bad. Back to Lays!
341287341287B001RVFEP2AOZ2O1XRJKWI3MonkeyFace2321280880000Not A True Potato ChipPopchips are ok. However, these snacks are made from potato flakes, similar to "Pringles". If you have ever eaten "Funyuns" the onion flavored rings made by Frito Lay you have already tasted pretty much what Popchips taste like, just without the onion flavoring. If your not concerned with calories, but simply want the best potato chip you can buy, try "Grandma Utz" potato chips, a true potato chip.
341288341288B001RVFEP2A2OH0EA9PEW4FNbookgoddess882331279411200Only 2 points for Weight WatchersI order these chips on a regular basis. I like how they are portioned and one bag is only 2 points if you're doing Weight Watchers. My last order however, arrived at my house in an open box with a huge amount of tape. This resulted in me getting a case of crumbs. I was very disappointed because usually they come in safe packaging. I give the chips 5 stars, but the packaging this time around was horrible!
341289341289B001RVFEP2A1LNMX0VCOU7XKMom_of_4 "Briana"2351202515200Super Yum!Light, crispy, super-tasty. Only disappointed that my grocer doesn't carry more of the flavors. I guess I will have to buy the variety pack on Amazon.
341290341290B001RVFEP2A3EJRBPUFFECQPJen Y.0051351036800great portion contolled snackThese are great to have around as a snack... it's ok to eat the whole bag! My husband loves this bbq flavor.
341291341291B001RVFEP2A3KR0FZONNLRBCValery Van Wicklen0041349654400Sour Cream Pop ChipsI've had these before and loved them! This time I only like them! Don't know why this is - maybe manufacturer changed recipe. If so I wish they would go back to the original recipe as I liked them a lot more!
341292341292B001RVFEP2A1MASK2XKRKDAKgoveg0051349481600OMG! Love these chips!Crunchy, not greasy, no saturated fat, and YUMMY! Oh, and VEGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I'm completed addicted and have nearly gone through 2 cases.
341293341293B001RVFEP2A2GRD2QRTIHLO5jackiemasumi0051349222400Love, Love, LOVE!So far my absolute favorite chips. I get my "chip fix" without the quilt of all those calories. The small single bags help ration the amount of chips I eat at one time. For the larger bags, I can find myself finishing in one sitting! I love spicy, so the jalapeno are my favorite.
341294341294B001RVFEP2A3H4FFQ4AYZOROKevin A. Dixon "Mark"0021349049600Not my cup of teaSalt and vinegar is just ok to me.
They are not in the same league of utz Salt and vinegar potato chips.

Just ok

Not enough taste to them.
341295341295B001RVFEP2A36E68YOWHTIDNJessica0051348704000Delicious and a little bit nutritious....Not greasy or salty like a traditional chip, these actually tend to be more satiating as a sweet snack than a salty one, at least in the sweet potato chip variety. A handful of these is a sufficient pick me up and relatively wholesome, with just around 100 calories. The sugars are low too so even though you feel like you are having something slightly sweet it's really not going to spike your sugars (I think around 3g per serving). Overall these are a great little snack that you can feel good about eating.
341296341296B001RVFEP2A1GQRGB8FGSLIZM. Leingang0011347062400Not a fan of the Sweet Potato Pop ChipsOur family has liked every other flavored we have tried (BBQ is the best). We like sweet potatoes so we assumed would like these pop chips. I was wrong, no one in the family likes the sweet potato pops chips.

I highly recommend you go to a store that sells the sweet potato before deciding on purchasing a large quantity.
341297341297B001RVFEP2A1XZLZ0IHKT2JLbichonandon0051347062400Chips without all the naughtinessIf you like chips, but don't like most of the health problems associated with eating them, you have to try these.

Simply put, they are potatoes with flavoring. You can spend time baking a potato or you can open up a bag of Pop Chips.
341298341298B001RVFEP2A2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford0051346716800Great barbecue taste!I've tried most of the Popchips flavors, and the barbecue flavor is my favorite. It has a sweet spiciness, but nothing is overpowering; just the right balance of smoke, sweet, and spice, they're all good, but the barbecue has the most robust flavor.

Popchips are a good choice for those who are trying to trim a few pounds. They're tasty and filling, but relatively low in calories compared to traditional chips. I parcel mine out into sandwich-size reclosable bags to help with portion control, and still manage to have a satisfying snack that fits in my program.
341299341299B001RVFEP2A3PK0OXUVMHMCAllSeeing0051346544000The snack you can eat without ruining your dietThe snack you can eat without ruining your diet. I find 13 chips to be a perfect snack, strong in flavour, low in fat and calories. This amount also makes the bag last longer. Yes I would buy them again, no I will not recommend them, they are all mine, mine ,mine!
341300341300B001RVFEP2AGYD1ZOSM59XMJ Bird0051346371200Wonderful alternative to regular potato chipsI love these chips. They are light, crunchy, sweet, and salty. Buy them by the case through Amazon because they can be pricey at the grocery store.
341301341301B001RVFEP2A22IEMCYCS128SPam McEachern0051346371200Very goodThese chips are tasty and meet the need I sometimes have for a "treat". Usually potato chips are off limits due to fat and salt.

These fill the need for that "treat". The individual packages help limit the amount I eat and are very good.
341302341302B001RVFEP2A3HKCFUS9TYB1FMovie lover from HB0051346371200Best Popcorn-type Chips of 6 Brands I Bought & Tested!I wanted to have "sized" portions of chip-type product that would be tasty and filling. I tried at least 6 different brands of popcorn-type snack packages (unfortunately, most came in 24-36 item packages). After receiving the first 5 brands, I felt they were total waste of money.... 2 had texture of light styrofoam peanuts, with almost no flavor. A couple others had reasonably nice flavor, BUT only had a couple small handfuls of popcorn in each bag so way overpriced and I definitely did not feel satisfied after 1 bag.

Then I received the variety pack of PopChips. I first tried the barbeque, which turned out to be my favorite. They have nice strong bbq flavor, nice texture, and each bag has enough to feel satisfying. The Original and Sour Cream and Onion came in lower second, but most of the others were just ok to fair- (not worth eating for my tastes but interesting).

Best of all, the nutrition counts are good, with each bag only having 100 cals, 3 grams fat and 15g carbs (0 Cholesterol).

I would definitely recommend this product (and above flavors) over all the other popcorn types I tried.

P.S. PopCorners White Cheddar brand came in SECOND. Nice crunchy texture and pleasant cheddar flavor
341303341303B001RVFEP2A2V99EKUVSQHZRJAS0051346284800YUM!!I cannot stop eating these wonderful chips! Even my children like them. I am currently a WW member and each bag is only 3 points so I get to eat the whole bag without any guilt. Love, love, love them!
341304341304B001RVFEP2AH7OWWE8BRDFOA. Harkins0051346198400Weight Watcher Friendly ChipsThese chips are very good and are only 2 points a serving per Weight Watcher points calculator. I like the Barbeque Popchips best and having them in a single serve bag prevents me from eating more than a 0.8 ounce serving at one time . This is my second order of chips and I will be ordering chips again.
341305341305B001RVFEP2A3GYWYUCPI8MONVik301150031341014400Not the best pop chip flavorWhile the chip is still light and crispy the flavor is off. It does have a nice little kick to it, but to me it tasted more like pickle than jalopeño. I think they should be called "pickle chips"
341306341306B001RVFEP2A34HB1897MDSD9BethRose0051340323200Great ProductThese chips are really tasty for being healthy. The whole brand of chips is good, I have my family hooked on them, but being a gluten free vegan this is the only kind I can eat now, but its so good I don't feel like I am missing out
341307341307B001RVFEP2AITMNT3PUFDBGK. Johnston0051339459200Excellent chips!These chips are always good! They are not your normal chip, and do not have the greasy-ness about them. They are light and crunchy and much healthier than your regular chip. Most people really like them once they try them and get over the 'Oh, it's a HEALTH food' thing! They are not as healthy as eating fruits and veggies, and are still chips, but they are a much MORE healthy alternative to your regular chip. And they do still have an excellent taste! Sour cream and onion is amazing, but so are the other flavors! (Whatever your person preference is!)
341308341308B001RVFEP2A2N7YLIQN52J1NCLB0051338508800These are greatThis is my favorite flavor. I love them and never get tired of them. They never upset my stomach like regular chips can sometimes.
341309341309B001RVFEP2A2SVLQVQ7QVDRWRLP "Forgiven"0051338422400Nice SubstituteI love salt and vinegar chips, and when I found these in the store, I tried these and thought they were a great "healthier" substitute. They have a nice crunch and flavor, but I think that 24 bags was overkill for me, since I am the only one in my home! Will buy them again....just not 24 bags at a time!
341310341310B001RVFEP2A368DD41WIERM8Judy Morgan Ronding0051338422400Great Taste and Not All the Calories/FatThis is the first time I've tried these and I'll be getting them again. Great substitute for chips while following Weight Watchers - plus they taste good too. Going to be substituting these for my fries w/a hamburger every time. Definitely Buy Again - and Will.

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