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341371341371B001RVFEP2A1V7889Z1SVIVYAdam Flath "-adam flath"0051329004800Best chips ever? Probably!SWEET POTATO
- Amazing Taste
- Good packaging, almost no chips ever broken, all full shape.
- Great nutrition for such a tasty chip (hardly any salt)
- Perfect serving in the bag

- Hard to open the bag

These chips are now my favorite brand, especially these sweet potato ones. Since the order comes in a big "retail box" that comes with a count of 24, i gave them to out to friends and coworkers. EVERY SINGLE PERSON was blown away by the taste. Ironically, every person also commented on how hard it was to open the actual package. :) Now the next dilemma is trying to decide... should i buy the sweet potato ones since they were so good, or try another flavor.

For the current asking price, it is actually cheaper than buying other branded chips at the store. Once again, these things blew my mind in that chips could be so good.
341372341372B001RVFEP2AX54G5AL870Q8Ratmammy "The Ratmammy"0051328918400It's not fried!I am on a restricted diet, so these popchips was something I was eager to try. I am always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to snacking - these were neither fried nor baked (although I will gladly eat a baked chip over a fried potato chip) - popped chips... they reminded me somewhat of Pringles, except the salt content was much lower and not that greasy either. And, using sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes caught my eye as well.

I loved these popchips. They are slightly sweet and definitely quenches my need for a snack in the middle of the day. I've seen these at my local Sprouts (not just in sweet potato flavor but other choices as well) and recommend them. I think it's wonderful to see different types of alternative ways to healthy snacking available to the consumer.
341373341373B001RVFEP2A2UE9D1TQ3XGUHtwinsmom0041328918400Mixed reviews from my familyLet me start by saying that I am not a sweet potato fan, however, my daughter and husband are, and since we are always looking for healthier snacks, this looked like a good option. There are only 3 grams of fat in a .8 oz snack bag, so they are much better for you then regular chips and if I remember correctly, are even healthier than the regular potato popchips. Personally, I thought the chips were just OK, but my daughter and husband love them, so I averaged out our reviews to end up with 4 stars.

When I first bit into a chip I found it intensely sweet but then quickly I tasted the salt and it formed a nice balance, though after eating several I did find them more sweet than salty overall. They are really very light and not at all greasy. If you are a fan of sweet potatoes, you will probably like these chips. If sweet potatoes aren't your thing, these probably won't sway you (they didn't for me).
341374341374B001RVFEP2A1TCFQP6796ZYBLayla Jane Anderson0031328918400its okayi dont get the big deal. First of all they are not nearly as delicious as regular chips so they dont even satisfy the same chip craving in me. They taste okay but slightly carboardy styrofoamy - i.e qualities that you do NOT want in a chip
341375341375B001RVFEP2A1NVK25SNU2BOMKay Mackenzie0051328918400Insanely yummyMy husband and I agree, these have got to be the best chips ever! Delightful texture, toasty sweet potato flavor, just the right combination of salt and sweet. We're converts!
341376341376B001RVFEP2A1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn0041328832000Gluten free - Munch worthy & Crunchy with a hint of sweetness & salt..Popchips Sweet PotatoI'm all for healthier, crunchy snacks. Popchips works for me in this category. Popchips Sweet Potato is gluten free too! These chips have a very, slight sweet flavor with a hint of salt. They don't have a strong sweet potato flavor.

These chips aren't fried or baked, but are cooked using heat & pressure until they pop. They are all natural with no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, no cholesterol, no saturated fat & no trans fat. They are vegan & gluten free. 28gr of Popchips Sweet Potato have 50+% less fat per serving when compared to 28 grams of regular fried potato chips. (28g of Sweet Potato Popchips has 4g of fat; 28g of regular fried potato chips has 10g of fat) Keep in mind that this bag of Sweet Potato Popchips is 23 grams with 3g of total fat.

Nutrition facts:
100 calorie per .8oz bag
Total fat 3g
Saturated fat 0
Trans fat 0
Polyunsaturated fat .5g
Monounsaturated fat 2g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 95mg/4%
Potassium 45mg/1%
Total Carbohydrate 16g
Fiber 0
Sugars 2g
Protein 1g
Vitamins A, C & Calcium 0
Iron 2%

Rice flour, sweet potato flakes, tapioca starch, sunflower, safflower and/or canola oil, organic yellow corn flour, seasoning (sea salt, dried cane syrup, maltodextrin, sweet potato powder, natural flavor, citric acid), sugar, annatto (natural color)

My daughter & her friends love this flavor & give it 5 stars; I like it and think it's a little bland. I give it 4 stars. Since I'm writing this review, I'm sticking with the 4 star rating.
341377341377B001RVFEP2A1ANQK92F4HIJRPop lover0051328832000I love thesevery good ..very yummy... just wish jalapeno potato came in super share bags !!!! that would be super awesome !
341378341378B001RVFEP2A1HYH206E18XVCBass Cadet0051328745600Tangy and terrificWhen I asked my older daughter to describe this flavor, she said to be sure to mention the word tangy. That is a fair description as the lime does heighten the taste buds and enhances the slight heat from the chili.

My family really enjoys this flavor and it is among our favorites. We have tried most of the other varieties of Popchips and have our own preferences. My older daughter likes salt and pepper, barbecue, and this flavor the best. I like barbecue, sour cream and onion, and this flavor the best. My wife likes salt and vinegar and this flavor the best. My younger daughter does not like this flavor. She prefers barbecue, cheese, and sour cream and onion. Our least favorite is the original, probably because it is so plain by comparison.

To me, Popchips are sort of a cross of potato chips, popcorn, and rice cakes. They are potato, but popped like popcorn and sort of puffy like rice cakes. They definitely have more flavor than many rice cakes and are a nice alternative to popcorn. They also can be used with dips although they never seem to last very long in our house.
341379341379B001RVFEP2ARZJUEJ3P7NP7Darris C. Sweet0041328745600Pretty Good Taste, Ok ValueI do not eat potato chips very much anymore so I bought Popchips to see if it was a good product. After eating two bags and giving a few to friends/co-workers I think they are above average. My friends/co-workers liked them.
Still processed food but better for you than regular, oily potato chips. For what they are they work.
The price is OK. Maybe they are more expensive to make so not a big hit here.
341380341380B001RVFEP2A3KZCNV1N8R9GCdiljs0041328659200POP it's a chip!I'ma fairly healthy eater, but I LOVE chips. Potato chips, tortilla chips, I like them all. Popchips offer a chip like substance,with the promise of low fat.

They crunch like chips but don't quite have a chip like texture; it's closer to a rice cake. The seasoning is decent as well. They have a surprising amount of a great sweet potato flavor.

The ingredients are okay as far as healthiness. I like that rice flour is the first ingredient rather than potatoes or corn. You still get oil, although less than normal chips. There's more salt and sugar than I would like.

In the end I found myself munching through the case of 24 fairly quickly. Popchips taste good and aren't as bad for you. Check them out!
341381341381B001RVFEP2A1JFGBFN1W5G6UDaniel L. Bateman0051328659200Delicious and not bad for youI don't like sweet potatoes but I do like sweet potato fries. I love these Popchips Sweet Potato Chips, they are very tasty. There isn't a lot of salt, fat, or carbs. My only complaint is each bag only contains .8 ounces, but I guess they wanted the bag to be exactly 100 calories.

The rest of the Popchips line is great too. Not fried or baked, and reasonably healthy.
341382341382B001RVFEP2A8WIWT45M3IGPMoniquesreviews0051328659200Crisp and good flavorI really like the sea salt and vinegar flavor. To me it tastes better than regular potato chips. Was packaged nicely no crushed bags or broken chips!
341383341383B001RVFEP2A3K11Z15PE4IMWMikeFox0051328659200Crispy, tasty, wonderful!These are just delicious. Better than the traditional chip and better for you too! I would recommend that everyone try them. I plan to order more flavors and more and more.
341384341384B001RVFEP2A23GS4UGLQBG2VC. Boudreau0041328572800Lots of flavor, not a lot of bad stuffThese chili lime chips have only 100 calories and 4 grams of fat per bag. Most 100-cal snacks that I have had are tiny portions, but these chips are a normal sized serving.

They aren't my favorite Pop Chip flavor, but there definetly is a lot of taste. It is strong flavor that grows on you. When I first tried them, I would have said 3 stars, but now I really like them. A few other Pop Chip fans I talked to rate them at 3 - 4 stars too.

In the end, they are pretty not-too-bad-for-you, but the taste is, well... a matter of taste.
341385341385B001RVFEP2A1B1QMGK8VYG80Dan Seidman0041328572800Pretty Good, VERY HealthyFinally, someone has created baked chips that have a crunchy texture and good flavor.

If you really attend to your health you want to avoid foods fried in oil, top 3 being french fries, donuts and potato chips. Your body has a tough time breaking down the oil once it's fried.

So the Popchips are an excellent option for potato chip lovers. (though I prefer the Chili Lime flavor over the Sweet Potato).
341386341386B001RVFEP2A3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH0041328486400Great flavorFor those who have never tried Popchips before, they are not exactly a normal potato chip. Popchips are air popped rather than fried. They have a sort of puffy physical trait and kind of remind me of the Munchos chips I used to eat as a kid. You still get the crunchy feeling of a chip, but they are just "different" than a regular potato chip.

As a huge fan of barbecue Popchips, I was very anxious to try the Chili Lime flavor. After the first few chips I ate, I didn't think there was much kick to it. However, it seems like the more you eat, the spicier they get. I didn't neccesarily taste the lime in it. I would personally prefer a little sweetness to the chili flavor, which it didn't have, so maybe that's where the lime falls in. Overall, these chips have a lot of flavor and are decently spicy. They are now my 2nd favorite Popchips flavor behind the barbecue. So, if you like a little spice in your chips, definitely try the chili lime variety.
341387341387B001RVFEP2A24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"0031328486400So SoI have to agree with the recent reviews, these are just so so as far as taste. I bought them as a lightning deal special thinking these would be a little healthier and keep me away from the Kettle chips that I love...after eating a bag of these, I want the Kettle chips back. They are ok but not as good as a fried chip. Maybe eating these will discourage me from chips period. Like some other people making comments, I'll probably finish the box and not buy again. They remind me of Pringle chips just smaller and maybe a little puffier.
341388341388B001RVFEP2A3RXGD0GGXS7U4Rodney Myers0031328313600These chips are mehI bought the BBQ flavor. From time to time you want some chips with a sandwich, or maybe just a salty snack. The BBQ flavoring is good, but these chips are not as good as fried chips. Frankly they don't taste good enough to keep my attention as a stand-alone snack. I eat a few then lose interest. I'll probably use them as a side with a sandwich.
341389341389B001RVFEP2A3QO73FZ1J4DITGinni0031328313600Just okayI've tried some of the other pop chips flavors - and they have MUCH more flavor. My kids, however, absolutely love these and since they're so much healthier than potato chips (I hope) I'll probably just continue ordering them.
341390341390B001RVFEP2AVBYIVT620ZL5A. Hard0041328313600These Are AddictiveThese are not at all what I was expecting when I popped one in my mouth. It is a very nice union of salty and sweet with a light sweet yam flavor. Some sweet potato chips are too strong tasting for me, but not these. These are light and airy, but still provide a good crunch. Kind of a cool feeling on your tongue too, like bubbles evaporating. I think these are my new chip because my waist certainly can't afford the fat in traditional chips anymore.
341391341391B001RVFEP2A1Y8ZODMDEIYYKDavid Gasior0051328227200DeliciousMy favorite PopChips flavor is the Parmesan Garlic flavor, but this is definitely my new second favorite. It does have a lot of lime flavor, with the chili flavor being a little less present. That said, it is there and it is tasty and not spicy. I was really pleased with this purchase and will definitely buy them again.
341392341392B001RVFEP2A28RBR0UMPBUR1Kathy Lenehan0041328227200Alternative to rice cakesI'm on a diet and there are times when I just want something crunchy. But I also have high blood pressure so a lot of snacks that I use as a treat are too high-sodium for me. I eat rice cakes with peanut butter or cottage cheese once in a while and I happened to see Popchips on These Popchips Original Potato Chips, 0.8-Ounce Single Serve Bags (Pack of 24) were advertised at a special price and all the flavored ones were sold out, so I decided to try the original flavor. After trying my first bag I have a few comments.
1. Great service - I ordered them on 1/27, and they were delivered on 2/3, with no damage to the packaging.
2. I like the 24-pack that are individual servings because that helps me regulate portion control.
3. As a previous reviewer noted they do taste somewhat like Pringles - whether that's good or bad is up to individual tastes.
4. The nutritional information isn't terrible: a serving has 100 calories, 3 grams of fat with no cholesterol or saturated/trans fat, and only 160 mg.sodium; Pringles also contains 160 mg of sodium but has 150 calories and 9 grams of fat, as compared to potato chips with an average of 150 calories, 180 mg. sodium, and 10 grams fat, and pretzels with 110 calories, 450 mg sodium, and 1 gram fat.
5. They are kind of dry and bland, but are delicious with salsa - I really liked them with Costco's peach mango salsa! I don't have cottage cheese in the house so I couldn't try that. And I think peanut butter wouldn't be good unless something "wet" like sugar-free jam or jelly is also added.
I just got them so I'm not sure if I'll reorder another box; I think I'm going to next order Amazon's 6-flavor variety pack (4 Original Potato, 4 BBQ, 4 Salt & Pepper, 4 Sea Salt & Vinegar, 4 Sour Cream & Onion, 4 Cheddar)before deciding. I would give them 3 stars if my review was just based on taste; I'm giving 4 stars because I really want to like them because they're more healthy and I can think of lots of healthy foods to use them with - why not tuna,, egg salad, etc?
341393341393B001RVFEP2A4MB1VMWPKCK4Deb0031328227200BBQ are fantastic but don't waste your money on the Chili LimeI absolutely LOVE the BBQ popchips. They are my favorite but when I saw they had Chili Lime I thought that would be even better. Not so much. I purchased an entire box of 12 of the 3oz bags and wish I would have just stuck to my BBQ.
341394341394B001RVFEP2ATGKNPXJIBE42Carol Sausen0041328140800Great FlavorThis flavor is very good and unexpected. The flavor of the cheese and garlic go well together and they are very crispy and satisfying.
341395341395B001RVFEP2A379IB3EYAEL5SPARKY0210 "CC"0051328140800These are goodBelieve it or not, I don't really like chips, I don't dislike them, but if I see them at a party, I usually won't have any, I prefer pretzels. I thought that I would give these a try anyways. They are really good. Very light, not greasy at all. I don't like sweet potatoes, but I like the flavor in these chips. I would encourage all of you and my friends to give them a try. You'll like em.
341396341396B001RVFEP2A3HQAPXAJV7PRXDiane Kistner0051328054400Where have you been all my life?I've never heard of these chips, but when I was offered the chance to review them, I got the Popchips Sweet Potato. DH had a heart attack last September and, after getting two stents put in, has had to cut out all of his beloved snacks, largely due to the high fat content and sodium (especially the sodium). I've been looking for something "snacky" with reduced sodium that isn't awful, and these are just the ticket. One .8 ounce bag, one serving, is a nice round 100 calories with only 3g of fat (.5g polyunsaturated, 2g monounsaturated), no cholesterol, 16g carbs, and 95mg of sodium. They have a bit of a salty taste, and they aren't very sweet with only 2g of sugar. I think they'd make an interesting dip chip with a plain-yogurt-based dip.

I liked these Popchips so much that I got the next lowest sodium kind, the Chili Lime Potato flavor with 170mg of sodium and everything else the same except 1g of fiber. DH can have no more than 1500mg of sodium per day, but considering I'm using mostly frozen vegetables and not adding any salt to anything, I think he can have a bag of these on occasion without worry. And yowie zowie! What a big burst of flavor! The Chili Lime Potato Popchips are definitely the go-to chip when you've got to have something that tastes really "bad for you."

I expect we're going to be signing up to get our Popchips delivered regularly via Amazon subscription. If we had been eating these Popchips instead of the regular high-fat/high-sodium/high-carb fare all along, I expect we'd both be a lot healthier now. A highly recommended product.
341397341397B001RVFEP2A3AZI828WJN1CDBecky (beckygardens)0031328054400Really sweet but sort of tastyAt 100 calories a bag these are a nice substitute for that afternoon craving of crunchy chips. The popchips give a nice satisfying crunch, and I would not have know they weren't fried. They have the nice mouth-feel of a fried chip, they don't taste baked or rice cracker-ish. The only off putting problem I had was these are really sweet. I don't mean sweet potato sweet, I mean eating a salty sugar cube sweet. I checked and the carb count isn't bad, there are only 2 grams of sugar, but these have a weird sweet taste and a strange after taste. If you like the sweet salty trend, the salted caramel or bacon sweets, you'll probably really like these, I prefer a more savory crunchy snack.
341398341398B001RVFEP2A13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis0031327968000I love Popchips, but I don't love this flavorAs I write this review, I'm looking at 3 large boxes of Popchips stacked in my living room. I bought 2 of the 3 boxes, which each contain 24 bags of the chips. One of the boxes I ordered is Popchips barbeque flavor, the other is the Popchips Variety Pack and now I have a box of the new Chili Lime Popchips that was provided by the manufacturer for this review.

I am a big fan of Popchips and I've bought them many times. Generally, Popchips are low in calories, low in fat and relatively low in sodium. They make an excellent snack that's a lot better for you than regular potato chips.

Problem is, the chili lime flavor really isn't very good, in my view. There's sort of an off-putting aftertaste to them that I can't just put my finger on. You can taste the lime, although it's a bit stronger than I'd like, and it sort of tastes like bad chili, but I'm not a fan of this variety.

Sure, I'll eventually finish the box, but I wouldn't order them again. So while I love Popchips in general and enthusiastically recommend them, I can't recommend these and give them a 2.5 star rating, which I'll round up to 3 stars mostly because I do like and support Popchips.

I'd recommend avoiding these. The flavor isn't quite right, in my view. My favorite flavor is barbecue followed by plain and the variety pack is a good way to figure out what you like the best. But I cannot recommend Chili Lime Popchips.
341399341399B001RVFEP2AJ2FDNZ3COBFNCassie0021327968000Not as good as I'd hopedI had been eying the Popchips brand for some time but I they seemed too expensive and I passed. So, when I got the opportunity to review them, I was so excited to try them out. Unfortunately they did not live up to any expectations that I had from the good things I heard about them. The bags are hard to open but once you finally open them, of course the bag is less than half full. In my case that was a good thing. The texture is strange and light but I could get used to that. The chili lime "flavor" is terrible! Mostly what I taste is lime and salt. I like lime, but not that much. The so called "chili" flavor is almost non-existent and not enjoyable. It doesn't add anything in my opinion. Despite my experience these chips have good reviews. That tells me that I just need to try other flavors. This one needs improvement.
341400341400B001RVFEP2AFTPBXAEUB993JLuv0051327968000TastyThese are super tasty treats for days when you want something crunchy and salty. I didn't find them overly salty as some commented. They are very good and I would buy them again and again if the price were lower. I got them as a special (24 single serve bags for $14) and would buy again at that price just to keep around as snacks. Each bag is 100 cals and you actually feel like you are getting a real bag of potato chips. Yummy.

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