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341431341431B001RVFEP2A1LTNRGWZFY4C9GROUCHHUNTER3351253318400Cheddar POPCHIPS are totally Yummy!I am addicted to Popchips - I love the cheddar flavored ones. I don't crave cheetos anymore which I was addicted to. I know eat a bag of these and my craving is gone. They are actually healthy and for only 100 calories a bag and around 3 grams of fat - it is a much better choice than cheetos. They are very crunchy and full of flavor. I am ordering these again.
341432341432B001RVFEP2A7FFT3N5OLKH4Bobby's Wife3351242345600Love Me Some popchipsIf you have not tried popchips, what are you waiting for? They are the best. Not baked or fried but low cal, lowfat and HIGH TASTE. I have tried everything on the market and these are by far the best product out there of it's kind. Guilt free snacks that are delicious are hard to come by. This company has it down! Every flavor rocks and new ones are coming soon!
341433341433B001RVFEP2AXRWQFINEQL8KA. Price3351239667200excellent!!!If you like salt and vinegar chips and are looking for a healthier alternative, you have got to try these! They are absolutely addicting.
341434341434B001RVFEP2A11VK79G41FSU6C. Dixon5641242864000We'll never go back to "baked"!These beat baked chips hands down! I love the crunch almost as much as I love the calorie content and the single serve bags! Because they are not fried you are saving fat and calories but they are not flat and tasteless like the baked chips either. You know the ones that if you bite off a piece the wrong way you can pierce your tongue with it? Never again! The BBQ is a tad strong IMHO but they are still keepers! The original flavor is awesome.
341435341435B001RVFEP2A3KZ7OH4VRL048Jonathan2231327622400A healthy alternative, but with overpowering and inconsistent flavorThese are definitely a healthier alternative than your standard potato chip - each bag (roughly 20 silver dollar-sized chips) has only three grams of fat and 100 calories. They are also kosher, gluten-free and vegan.

Instead of baking the flavor into the chip, Popchips add seasoning once the chips are "popped" (as opposed to fried or baked). This, however, is also the cause of my problem with the chips. I found the flavor to be wildly inconsisent from bag to bag, and sometimes from chip to chip within the same bag. One bag's lime flavor was so overpowering I almost gagged, while the next was a nice, uneventful snack. The lime flavor is also much, much more noticeable than the chili flavor.

As a healthy alternative to potato chips, these are a viable option, but keep a glass of water handy - with the almost-randomized flavor intensity, you're not going to know how intense the lime flavor is going to be until you open the bag.
341436341436B001RVFEP2A5H8NA5CJ0FK4K. "daisy4given"2251327536000Excellent!I was already a big fan of the Popchips Salt and Vinegar flavor, so when I saw that they were coming out with a Chili Lime flavor I was so excited to try it! The flavor does NOT disappoint - tangy, spicy, and a dash of sweet. This is my new favorite "chip"! Now, if you've never tried Popchips before, just be aware that the texture is different than regular potato chips, somewhere between a traditional chip and a rice cake. It can throw off die-hard potato chip fans, but if you just want something crunchy and awesome tasting, without as many calories and fat, then this is going to be your new favorite snack!
341437341437B001RVFEP2A1XEJRNQSZPWAIAndrea L. Heyart2231327536000Chili Lime Flavor ReviewI love Pop Chips. Parmesan Garlic and Sour Cream and Onion Pop Chips rock my world. They taste great, have a quirky crunch and are low cal/fat (in relation to traditional chips).

Sadly though I must base this review on the Chili Lime flavor I was sent through the Amazon Vine program. These are probably my least favorite flavor to date. They have the lime twang you would expect and a little chili heat (though not overly spicy) and even the potato flavor comes through. Individually these all work but somehow in this chip they really don't. Interestingly enough the aftertaste is actually better than the intial flavor of the chip itself.
I'm not saying this flavor is bad, it's just not that good.

Overall, great brand with great flavors in general but Chili Lime doesn't stack up against the others.
341438341438B001RVFEP2A18IZ3RTL9SD4VK Sprite2241327449600Soooooo yummy and great texture!OMG - these chips taste so good! I used to live in the UK and remember eating those delicious salt and vinegar chips. Flavor-wise these aren't as tart and vinegary as those, but they have a really nice twang to them that's not overwhelming, with some sweet/salty/savory overtones. Texture-wise these are light and airy. They are about 1/8 inch thick, like a mini rice cake though not as dense. They are great for dipping or eating all by themselves. The bag has just the right serving size. You don't feel too full afterward but they are definitely filling.

The only reason I gave them four stars instead of five is because even though they are natural, they aren't organic, and most non-organic potatoes are GMO (genetically modified), so maybe not totally healthy, but definitely delicious!
341439341439B001RVFEP2A1DNXL8BIR5R8RE. P. Brookshire ""TRUEobsession""2251327449600Pop these your mouth!Now the thought of a sweet potato chip might not initially appeal to everyone but I gave these a try and I am glad I did. They are the right mix of sweet and salty so all those cravings get satisfied in one bite. They are light and crispy. If you have ever had a Muncho chip, they are similar in texture to those but not so salty like a Muncho. You really don't get a strong sweet potato flavor and I at two small bags in one setting with ease. They are low fat, low calorie (100 calories per bag which is a serving). They contain natural ingredients like sunflower and safflower oil, sea salt, and organic yellow corn flour. They are very very good.
341440341440B001RVFEP2ASIMCC20UVK58R Shackleford2231324339200Popchips 5 Stars, Chili Lime Flavor 3 StarsI have a bag of Popchips everyday with lunch. So needless to say I love Popchips. When I saw a new flavor available on Amazon of course I had to try it. Chili Lime sounded interesting, and it is indeed an interesting flavor. There is a big hint of lime along with the "chili" flavor which is hard to explain. I think this is one of those things that you just have to try for yourself if it sounds interesting. They're decent enough that I will finish off the box, but I can't say I would buy this flavor again.
341441341441B001RVFEP2AZSVQQ6XTN4Y2Gail S.0051317254400These are yummy!I order Pop Chips through Amazon as none of my local stores carry the brand. I've tried a variety of the flavors they offer & all are very tasty, however, the sea salt & vinegar are by far my favorite. All I can say is....YUMMY.
341442341442B001RVFEP2A2Y6KBLUNU7171G. Williams "eba89122"0051317254400This stuff should be illegal!Forget heroin... Forget cocaine... Forget meth... NOTHING is more addictive than these "chips". Heed these words: these "chips" will cause the downfall all modern civilization.

In all seriousness, these things are very tasty, and nowhere near as bad for you as an old fashion potato chip.

My wife picked up a small bag in an airport vending machine while on a trip. She saved a few "chips" for me to try when she got home. I was so impressed with the taste, and the nutrition label, that I immediately thought of my dad. He loves a good snack item (don't we all?), but with a recent diabetes diagnosis, and the ever increasing challenge to lose a few pounds, his "snacking" options have been getting pretty sparse.

So I shoot him a text message, and include a picture of the nutrition label from the back of the bag. Seconds later I get a text message back: "Are you kidding? We're the reason Pop-Chips stock doubled last quarter! Put all your stock into BBQ Pop-Chips. They will replace crystal meth soon!"

Now, I haven't tried the other flavors yet. If you look through the feedback on the other flavors, not all of them appear to be smash hits. But you can't go wrong with Original. Definitely give these things a try. You won't be disappointed.
341443341443B001RVFEP2AW5KA7BC50FCUMichele Twigg0051317081600PopchipsExcellent Robust flavor, cannot find in Grocery store. Cheaper than grocery store.Very helpfull for dieters who love potatoe chips, the salt and the crunch.
341444341444B001RVFEP2A33J2B9QEI1BRAnetty0051316217600Yummo!They are so tasty and it feels like I am eating real BBQ chips. They are a great snack and satisfying when I have a salty craving!
341445341445B001RVFEP2A36LK8CP3ZC7JALR0021315785600Cheddar good, parmesan garlic badSome of these are quite tasty, but all are too salty. Way too much sodium.
The cheddar flavor is kind of like different-shaped cheetos, quite tasty.
Parmesan garlic on the other hand is terrible. Extremely garlicky with no parmesan taste at all, and too salty.
341446341446B001RVFEP2A2Y16WV77MR90EBored in Toledo0051315612800Tasty little chipsPop Chips are quite unique. They are unlike any other potato chip I've ever tasted. Not greasy and not overly salty. Easily better than regular potato chips. I'm officially addicted to Pop Chips.
341447341447B001RVFEP2A1YU54XZFZLMKKBarbara J. Hart0041315612800PopchipsI love these; a low calorie way to get that "barbeque potato chip" taste. Still somewhat high in sodium, but healthier than regular chips. You really do get that barbeque potato chip taste! If you are trying to eat healtier or lose weight this may satisfy your "potato chip craving". I really like the barbeque flavor. Great single serving for portion control. (It's easy to eat too many chips without knowing it!)
341448341448B001RVFEP2ALL9XFM0Q1N4EMonopoly J0051315353600A Great Alternative to Regular ChipsPopchips are really a great snack and not just an alternative to regular chips but a full on replacement as far as I'm concerned. The taste and texture are great for the Jalapeno ones. I hate greasy fried chips and often switch the baked version of any chips. Now I have another choice...POPPED! If you like flavored chips and you want something crunchy with a great taste then you owe it to your self to try a bag of Potato Popchips!
341449341449B001RVFEP2A3MJ7AYX57YD6G2sexy2b500041315267200PopChipsThis is a great product for those attempting to loose weight. I currently participating in Weight Watches, they have a product that is similar but with less taste. I prefer the popchips because of the flavor and it counts for the same amount of points in Weight Watchers.

Thank you.
341450341450B001RVFEP2AW9WCSUD5PG48B. Pier "Art Fan"0051315180800Delicious alternative (all but the Sweet Potato variety)I really like these. They are 3 points plus points on Weight Watchers and are much cheaper than the WW branded BBQ chips. My favorite flavor is the salt and pepper.

They created new flavors and I enjoy most of them. However, the Sweet Potato Popchips are now my least favorite Popchips. The flavor and texture just didn't translate well to the Popchips style chips. They tasted odd, almost burnt. Salt and Black Pepper as well as Cheddar remain my favorites.
341451341451B001RVFEP2A1YTNORSB6OG0SMarcia Goldman0041314921600bbq chips through amazonChips were fresh and securely packaged. It was not cost effective to pay retail and have to wait for delivery. Where was the advantage...other than to compensate for poor distribution throughout their stores? I like the chips (especially the cheese) and will continue to buy them. They are very pricy, so I will by them when I see them.
341452341452B001RVFEP2AVABPJCKE2MR5spal0041314921600Popchips Jalapeno flavorI bought a case of jalapeno chips as I love that flavor. This product is good but does not taste like the other jalapeno chips on the market (Lays, Ms.Vickie). I am now used to this flavor and eat it as it is healthy but wish it had that addicting jalapeno flavor that the other ones on the market have.
341453341453B001RVFEP2A1G74BYJHWBMAKJesse Vance0051314316800Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Chip EnjoyI have always enjoyed this flavor of popchip and they are highly addictive. Which makes the money saving 24 pack such a deal. The problem with the the 3 oz. is that you eat them until your in a coma and the rest go stale. The 1 oz. allows you to stop sooner without wasting good food. I don't like the extra bags to through away but the 3 oz wastes food and money. I actually found that at the time I purchased these the 24 x 1 pack here was cheaper than the 12 x 3 pack. My only hope would be that they introduce a larger resealable for less. These chips with their simple salt and pepper flavour go with almost everything. So enjoy. Bonn Appetite!
341454341454B001RVFEP2AG48H6T24B364Elisa J. Vega-burns "Ejvb918"0051313625600Love these chipsThese chips are a great treat when you're trying to stay away from conventional fried snacks. The product arrived in perfect condition and freshness despite the challenges of shipping such a delicate product.
341455341455B001RVFEP2A1J2N3VCR69KNYshoregirl19500051313539200love themthese are the best i go to weigh watchers and they are hard to find in the stores and they taste so good, i have a bag a day, and they are only 3 points for the whole bag
341456341456B001RVFEP2A3DACPR8D87FBKPatricia Murphy "Gizmo"0041313280000Pop WowThese are just as good as the Weight Watcher chips and easier to get. Great flavor and only 3 points. I will be buying more when I run out
341457341457B001RVFEP2A39LYTYBAYWWJBlinda0051313280000excellentThese chips are the best. Better than regular potato chips. So good in fact I am going to order more
341458341458B001RVFEP2A2O7EQPGUWFS7HLinda0021312934400Taste good - but not as good at Weight Watchers BrandThese pop chips are satisfying and good for a snack, but not what I expected. They do not taste as good, crisp or as light as the Weight Watchers brand that is so hard to find in stock. I wish Amazon could carry the actual Weight Watcher's Brand chips - They are the best snack out there.
341459341459B001RVFEP2A1NYT53G77JTJ3Mochamom "Mochamon"0051312848000Good Chips - Better for You!Saw these chips about 9 months ago and bought the BBQ at a Giant store in their organic section.
These chips are light but tasty and have a good BBQ flavor.
Of course they aren't Herr's or Lays but a good for you substitute. These chips are popped like pop corn. The package explains the process.
Trader's Joe's, sells their version for $1.99 a dollar less than Giant but I swear they are the same chips with different names.
Try them.
341460341460B001RVFEP2AJFXMVJTGGHTYWade Osborne "Wade Osborne"0041312761600great chipsPop Chips are the best chips I've had that are low calorie. The originals are my favorite but the Sea Salt and Vinegar are very very good also.

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