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341475341475B001RVFEP2A33ODUX6596NW3AmandaGal0051303948800OMG! These Are GoodI normally HATE fake chips. I don't even really like real chips, but if I'm having a chip, I don't want any of those taro, cassava whatevertheheck kind of chips. They border on disgusting. I was tentative to try these when I got them.

I was surprised. These chips are thick, airy and wonderful. The BBQ flavor is the closest I've had to "real" BBQ chips. I could eat a whole bag.

I wouldn't call them a healthy snack, but they are more healthy than regular chips and quite enjoyable. I can't believe I like a fake chip!
341476341476B001RVFEP2A3DUH8XLN7ZWVKN. Mielke0051303948800i'm hooked!I got a free sample of these once, and now--we're on the subscribe and save program. Not much of a chip fan, I love the slight spiciness of these (from the pepper) and the exploded texture of the chip. It's so nice they're not greasy, and they manage to hit those little salty + crunchy cravings that hit everyonce in a while! Definitely recommended.
341477341477B001RVFEP2A13FEDZA2FZLCCRyan Walsh0051303862400My favorite brand of chipsWhen I first heard about Popchips I thought they'd end up tasting like either kettle cooked chips or Cape Cod style chips. I was wrong. They are light, airy, and have a great taste to them... (a note to the makers of Popchips, however, there does need to be better quality control - I will randomly get a bag of chips that are, for lack of a better description I'll say "harder" than the majority of the batches I buy.)

The Salt & Pepper variety is the flavor I love the most. It has a nice kick to it (if you're not into heat, you might want to stay away from this flavor and stick with my other favorite 'original'... otherwise, just have a bottle of water nearby.) I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is a lover of chips.
341478341478B001RVFEP2A1A2NH6F7Y4VXYBiznisnut0051303776000Tasty chip and great deliveryI like Popchips. Sea Salt & Vinegar are one of my favorite. It may be an aquired taste, but I feel it's superior to baked and healthier than fried. The subscription serivce is wonderful. I get it quarterly and since I know my eating habits, they seems to arrive just when I run out. Recommended.
341479341479B001RVFEP2A36YQLW5FDZG68M. DaSilva0021303689600Didn't satisfy the void of baked salt & vinegar chips for meI was really excited to try these out as salt & vinegar has always been my favorite flavor. I have to say that the taste is spot on but the texture was off-putting for me. I could get used to and somewhat liked the stale cracker feel but they left an awful coating in my mouth. It was akin to plain Smartfood popcorn. I'm guessing it has something to do with the production of popped foods. Not bad but not something I'd try again. However, the two positives are that they are significantly cheaper on Amazon by almost a $1.50 per bag and have less fat content than baked. If you're a fan, this is a great choice.
341480341480B001RVFEP2A1RJN4KXIQD5N5A. Beer0051303689600Healthy Chips at a super priceIf you are addicted to potato chips, or just love snacks, you may want to grab some of these. I picked up my first bag at a store about 80 miles from home because they are low in fat. The flavor is excellent and they are crisp and fresh packed in what looks like a foil package. At only 4 grams of fat per ounce, these are the best flavored chips I have found.
Buying from Amazon brings the chips to my door at less cost than buying at a local store and I don't need to spend my time or money for transportation to get them. They are well packaged in the box and each bag is sealed with a volume of air that keeps it from squashing and breaking the contents in transit.
All in all a great flavorful low-fat snack that hits the spot. if there is any negative at all, it is that with 12 bags in the cabinet, I need to ration them to myself so I don't pig-out on them. Enjoy !
341481341481B001RVFEP2A1C88279OPP89RSharon0051303257600Pop Chips are greatPopchips are great. I got the barbeque in the single serving, 100 calorie size. It's the best way to get 100 calories I know of! They were not broken or squashed in shipping either. Amazon is always careful about that. I'd buy them again.
341482341482B001RVFEP2A31R4NEBHWLTJ1Boopshkeen "Boopshkeen"0041302652800Love them!I love the small packaging,
I love the taste (BBQ is my favorite)...
I wish I could buy them in Europe...
Mmmmmm, so good!
341483341483B001RVFEP2A1P80DQ1QCO68QHide0051302307200100 caloriesThese chips are so flavorful. They taste close to potato chips but they are 100 calories and about 3g fat. Much healthier. They have a great crunch and are nice and salty for when that's what you're looking for. My favorite is the BBQ a few of the others taste a little weird to me.
341484341484B001RVFEP2ALN3FDYXNZI0M. Jones0051301875200Greatest chips on EarthWe got a discount with Weight Watchers on this order a while back which I was really excited about. This is my favorite flavor of PopChips and would definitely recommend trying them out!
341485341485B001RVFEP2AWX2QVHDINYGQChristy0051301702400PopchipsIndividual popchips are a great snack! They are only 3pts. per bag on the new Weight Watchers Plus program. They are a quick snack & they make your head happy!!!!
341486341486B001RVFEP2A2O8HQH5PLBMQEChristina Eszenyi "SPEDteacher"0041301702400Love popchips!This is my least favorite flavor, I find it bland. But these small bags are great for kids lunches, and a nice alternative to fattening chips. The chips have a great texture for not being fried.
341487341487B001RVFEP2AA22L63CXOHDLAnnalee Dunn0051301097600Best Chips Ever...Popchips are tasty and healthy. I enjoy a bag everyday for my afternoon snack, they are satisfying and don't make you feel weighed down.
341488341488B001RVFEP2A2I7KNBGTK6WV9Uriah Jackson0051301011200Nothing BetterBBQ is my favorite flavor for all Popchips.

Popchips are Healthy (as fas a a chip goes) and flavorful. The best chips I have ever eaten
341489341489B001RVFEP2AFLPWZ266H0A4James J. Pyke "Pajkossy"0051300924800If you like black pepper and you like potato chips...Pretty much can't go wrong with these. Very peppery. Good potato flavor. Cruchy, but not mouth-injuringly so (you know how some brands of chips can be). Plus if you are extremely fastidious, you will undoubtedly enjoy the uniformity of size and shape that these chips have.

Like Pr*ngl*s they are made from potato starch rather than actual sliced potatoes, but unlike those and other similar brands, they do not leave me feeling like I ate spoonfuls of vegetable shortening after consuming half a bag.

The only other flavor of Popchips that I like are the plain original flavor. The other ones have poorly constructed flavor profiles in my considered opinion. Sometimes if you want to go lowfat, you really need to go simple with the seasoning, and it doesn't get much simpler than salt and pepper.
341490341490B001RVFEP2A33TD18SVQTDN0Ashley Ray "Aray"0051300838400These are Great!Each bag is only 100 calories, so it makes a perfect snack. And they taste great, they have become a staple in our pantry!
341461341461B001RVFEP2A5FBD6P261CZLM. Richards0051312243200These are amazing!I've tried all the flavors but the Original is by far my favorite. Ordered these through the Popchips website and it routed me to Amazon. So delicious and at 100 calories for the snack size bags...I can finally eat chips without the guilt! No shipping costs so runs right around a dollar a bag. LOVE THESE!!!

Ok, I freaking love these, have I mentioned that? I had to subscribe to make sure I always have them around to snack on. Totally addicted, thanks Popchips! :)
341462341462B001RVFEP2A1O3ONM1MJM7EMC. Marsteller "Cafreen"0051311638400Reminds me of MUNCHOSLove original flavor PopChips, it reminds me so much of Munchos. I love that there is a healthier alternative that actually truly tastes good! BBQ flavor is excellent too. Although I love salt and vinegar chips, I wasn't crazy about their version. The sour cream and onion and the cheddar were also so-so. Out of all the flavors, original is my favorite. You don't feel you're compromising anything with this alternative chip. Way to go PopChips!
341463341463B001RVFEP2A2YTE8OTJRPWTMDog Lover0051309478400Yummy low cal chipI ordered a box of 24 of the variety pack of these after trying a couple of different flavors from my cafeteria at work. This is a really great alternative to chips and they are really flavorful. I typically take a sandwich to work everyday and was buying a small bag of pretzels or baked chips in the cafeteria. I found these and they have the same texture as a chip, but have fewer calories and taste better. After trying the variety pack, I really love the BBQ flavor the best. My husband really loves the sea salt and vinegar flavor. I do enjoy the cheddar potato as well, but we are subscribing to receive the BBQ and the salt and vinegar on a periodic basis since those are our favorites. The original is rather plain, the parmesan and garlic is very garlicky, the salt and pepper is OK, but I'm just not a huge pepper fan so I'm probably not a good judge. I really don't enjoy the sour cream and onion which is interesting because I do enjoy that flavor with other chips.

So bottom line, great chip, great alternative to other chip options. Low calorie, low fat, and the subscription option is really convenient since I can't seem to find the individual bag option at any store in my area.
341464341464B001RVFEP2A3GMF3G8MB8BQRDSR "music fan"0051308614400Delicious!I love Pop Chips! I've only tried the "regular" ones so far. Enjoy getting them for less from Amazon with a subscription. Everyone I've shared them with has really enjoyed them. If you haven't tried them, you're missing out on a delicious, low fat and low calorie snack that tastes decadent.
341465341465B001RVFEP2A3NJ7NZL6M3ARMamaT0051308355200Great for DietersGreat for Dieters. Better taste than baked chips. I like these with the regular pop chips for good flavor. Just right on saltiness. Target carries them also but not all flavors.
341466341466B001RVFEP2A2E3PDH1EWALPHTuscanGal0051308355200Pop Chips - Wow!A friend told me about the Pop Chips and how great they were, so I ordered a case of 3 different flavors to share at the office. With only 100 calories per bag, they make a great mid-afternoon snack!
341467341467B001RVFEP2A27KU9B6VPQNZAQuilting Cat Mom0051308268800BBQ Pop Chips are yummy and convenient!I love the BBQ Pop Chips. They have a little zip to the flavor and are better than most BBQ chips. The individual bags are great for taking them with you and watching your portion size. I love the convenience of the auto-ship program. I never run out.
341468341468B001RVFEP2A2KSMEP917LEW7Mommadot0051307750400Can't get enough of these!!Barbecue has to be the absolute BEST variety of Popchips. (I've tried them all.) They're so good they're addictive but won't derail your diet. I'd give them TEN stars if I could!!
341469341469B001RVFEP2AHS0PKJQWMM73Vtec260051307059200Great SnackWe really like this relatively healthy snack. We actually use it primarily for our 1yr old son after comparing ingredients and nutrition info with specific for toddler snacks. Popchips actually compare as well or better than many snacks for toddlers so we went with this.
341470341470B001RVFEP2A2FPXXL23GYEK4misspossible0051306627200Pop goes the chipsThese chips are really the best alternative to regular chips. They are crunchy and delicious and satisfy that chip craving without the calorie count.
341471341471B001RVFEP2A2CU0WYTQHTFFLSadie Delaney "Dog Lover"0051305331200Send wrong itemsI love these, but Amazon sent me the wrong flavors. Received the box today, opened it, and they sent an assorted box instead of the salt & vinegar only. Went on to my account at to let them know and Amazon said I "could not take any action" because I "hadn't received the shipment yet." Then what is this box in front of me????? Anyway, I need the chips for a party in two days, so guess I am stuck with the assorted box. 5 stars for the salt & b=vinegar chips, but 1 star to amazon for the screw-up.
341472341472B001RVFEP2A20KXGXD42I45ELH0051304812800cheddar popchipsCheddar cheese popchips have 3 to 4 grams of fat and taste better than the real thing! Highly recommended.
341473341473B001RVFEP2A1508YUDOCR066Victor L. Castagnoli0051304380800Awesome chipsThese chips taste great, are are not nearly as bad for you as regular chips. I don't know anyone who has not like them.
341474341474B001RVFEP2A3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding0041304380800the garlic parmesan pop chipsIf you really love lots of garlic, you will love these. I like garlic but these have too much.....the garlic overrides the taste of parmesan so they might just as well call these garlic chips. You will have the garlic taste in your mouth for a looooong time.
In spite of that, I do love the pop chips especially the barbeque(which is strong but good) and the cheddar. I also like the plain but only when I have already eaten something spicy. The other varieties aren't bad either. I like these chips because they also help my cravings and I can eat them and have been able to lose weight which I really have needed to do. Although more expensive than traditional chips, I look at it as a trade off for a more healthy lifestyle.
I only gave a 4 because of the overly garlic "parmesan garlic" pop chips. Otherwise I would have given a 5.

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