Amazon Fine Food Reviews

341611341611B001RVFEP2A332QMALTU5MW4janjill "janjill"0051255392000GreatI love these. I am very skeptical about healthy and tastes good in the same sentence but these chips fit the bill!
341612341612B001RVFEP2A2DC8ESDF4ADP8Janice K. Eskra0051254960000GREAT!!!Love these pop chips----low fat and calories and yummy flavor. Will definitely be ordering again!!!
341613341613B001RVFEP2A3SNO7O9K8EENPLoveToShop0051254787200Wonderful!These are really great! You would never know they are not fried and they don't have that bland taste like baked chips do. I must say though, this is the only flavor I care for. I bought the multi pack, and I just don't care for the rest. The sea salt and vinegar is downright horrible, the rest are tolerable I guess.BUT, the barbecue ones rock!!
341614341614B001RVFEP2A1U3UICGCDNJYYI need to quit shopping0041253664000Fantastic low fat optionThese chips were part of my recent diet in lieu of regular chips. The sour cream & onion and cheddar flavors are the best of the bunch (I purchased a variety pk b4 these) and are a great option to help you eat a little better. No luck getting the kids to eat them though.
341615341615B001RVFEP2A1LTNRGWZFY4C9GROUCHHUNTER0051253318400BBQ POPCHIP HEAVENWow - I am totally addicted to these. In my opinion, they BBQ flavoring is really good and these are very crunchy. It does not taste like these should be healthy for you. I would rather eat these BBQ chips than any other chips and I love all kinds of chips. I have now switch over to POPCHIPS as I know I am eating a better chip and its healther too. For 100 calories and around 3 grams of fat, I feel it is a good choice and the taste makes it worth wild. I have taken some of these to work and have gotten some co-workers hooked on these as well.
341616341616B001RVFEP2AVP3I6MPAICQGJanae Stevens "janaedawn"0051253318400Healthy yum.I love these chips! They always make a great healthy snack when I'm stuck at work with just the vending machine for sustenance.
341617341617B001RVFEP2A1LTNRGWZFY4C9GROUCHHUNTER0031253232000TOTALLY LOVE POPCHIPS!I am totally addicted to POPCHIPS! This is a very plain flavor, but tasts ok - it is not my favorite but I can eat them. It tates better than a plain chip - not greasy or anything. Around 100 calories and 3 grams of fat is still a very good snack, in my opinion. I would buy these again.
341618341618B001RVFEP2A1LTNRGWZFY4C9GROUCHHUNTER0021253232000Way too much Vinegar for meI totally love POPCHIPS - but the Sea Salt and Vinegar just has too much Vinegar taste for me. I felt like I was eating just vinegar. I took the rest to work and some people like the flavor and some said just to much vinegar for them.
341619341619B001RVFEP2A2TCY4Q5S0NO5ZMira L. Shanks "F.R.O.G."0051252713600Who said chips have to be fattening to taste great!If you are a person that eats a "clean" healthy food but you just a craving a healthy salty snack, this find from MOM's (My Organic Market)fits the bill. My husband loves them too! Crunchy tasty,and the single serving bags by the case are always on top of the fridge to grab on the run!
341620341620B001RVFEP2AWZMXVNG4PSBFSandra G. Neznamy0051252713600Self-Control is the Issue!I am not the type that ever writes reviews, especially for the internet, but Pop Chips are the best "potato chips" that I have ever had -- so much so that I have to limit myself to one bag per week! A friend introduced Pop Chips to me and I immediately told her that I hated her because they are so good, they are irrisistable. I purchased a box of 12 to be delivered every three months so that I can limit myself to one bag per week ... otherwise, I would absolutely be in trouble.

Believe me, you have to try these chips!
341621341621B001RVFEP2A1HTC4BKKYA9VCDiana A. Wang0051252713600PoPchipsI have said it once and I will say it again..These are the BEST!!! I am so addicted to this it is not funny. Love the single serving bags and so far the orginal is my favorite..I have friends who love the BBQ ones and Salt & Vinegar but the orginal ones are my favorite:)
Thank you popchips!!!!
341622341622B001RVFEP2A118FLR1Q37TGFM. Moore0051252713600Love these CHIPS!!!!!These are not just for people watching there weight they are for EVERYONE!!! They have great taste and come in lots of flavors. Try them soon.
341623341623B001RVFEP2A33DPP4SK3CCDDglenn0051252368000salt &pepper popchips are the bestAnyone that likes Salt and Peppercorn Kettle Chips will like this snack.

Salt and Pepper Popchips are one of the best munchie snacks that has come out in a long time. No saturated fat, and no trans fat...Great taste with no guilt.

Granted they are not quite as addicting as the Kettle Chips, but they have a lot less fat.

i am concerned that safeway and nobb hill grocery stores are not carrying this product anymore. i am thinking about ordering a dozen cases and stockpile them up so that i am INSURED of my supply.
341624341624B001RVFEP2A14YWJUJEYIGLRR. Rivera0051251504000Delicious Low-Fat Potato ChipMy husband loves pop chips, as a low-fat alternative to other potato chips. They don't sell them at our regular grocery store, so we bought them on-line through Amazon. The pop chips came on-time, packaged well, and it's cheaper to buy them in bulk like this!
341625341625B001RVFEP2A3UNPDOS40TSF1Hoolia0051251417600I never thought I'd switch from 'chips'I am an avid chip eater. Ever since I was a child (I'm now 29),I was always a 'salty' tooth.

I've gone through Ruffles and every other type of chip.

The problem is that no matter if I buy a small or large bag; I'd have to finish it in one sitting.

I read about this item in my "Shape" magazine for being a low-calorie food and yet being yummy.

I tried to find at my local stores but haven't been able to (I live in the Seattle area).

Thankfully, I found on Amazon and anxiously awaited my case to come. I was a little nervous to commit to a whole case but was pleasantly surprised when I opened my first bag.

I chose this size (0.8-oz over 3-oz) cause I think it's about the right size for a lunch bag.

The flavor has a little bit of a kick with it, not too spicy but definitely not a boring bbq flavor.

I highly recommend anyone who loves chips but can't stop with just one to try a bag of these. They definitely satisfy and don't taste like they're not fried.
341626341626B001RVFEP2A81CMMA3GHAHCE. Contento "Lacey"0041250380800Diet SecretThis is my diet secret> I needed soething salty and crunchy in my bag of tricks to help keep me on my diet, I love these things! Even if I eat a whole large bag it's still about 300 calories! I like all the flavors and I really like the samll snack size bags. I couldn't get them anywhere but on AMAZON!
341627341627B001RVFEP2A1UASXJKH475MVJ. Withers0051249516800As far as diet foods go, it's definitely 5 star!We received a sampler package from Amazon that had several flavors....cheddar, bbq, sour cream/onion, plain, salt and pepper, and also the salt and vinegar.

I've already received our first shipment of just the vinegar version. These are a good salty fix without the calories...and each proportioned pouch is satisfying in one sitting. I would've liked to try the garlic parm but it wasn't included.

Our #1 is salt and vinegar and #2 would probably be the salt and pepper.
341628341628B001RVFEP2A15337TKVGZSBTcarla45150051249516800Love these chips--Happy to see them on Amzaon.These BBQ chips are crisp, well-spiced, & satisfying. I don't eat as many of these at 1 sitting as I do with regular (Lay's) BBQ chips.
We were buying these at Costco for a short while. The problem with Costco is that when items become very popular, their bulk cost goes up & Costco moves on to carry something else. Not even Central Market (TX) carries these! Thanks goodness for Amazon. I am signing up for the automatic re-ordering program!
341629341629B001RVFEP2AL8TKSMZJZDOSJen0051249344000Yummy!I just tried popchips for the first time and they were great! I immediately went online to find them and order more. Only 100 calories in the .8 ounce bag - makes for a great afternoon snack at the office.
341630341630B001RVFEP2A14NQD4RHMM542Samantha Anderson0051249344000Fantastic!I have tried every variety of Popchips and this one is by far my favorite. The pepper gives it just the right amount of spice. If you love your food to have a little kick to it, then you will love these chips!
341631341631B001RVFEP2AI5SDO9RUZKVONatalie0051248998400THE BARBEQUE FLAVOR IS GREAT!!!These POPCHIPS are fantastic!!! I tried them at Target, on Sunday and I was hooked. I bought one bag. I came back on Monday evening, and they were sold out!!! I had to go to another store. The barbeque is my favorite!!! My kids enjoy them. I have everyone at my job eating them also. They are a little pricey at the grocery store, but I have to have them on a daily basis!!
341632341632B001RVFEP2A2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry0051248220800Addictive!I really like these. One reviewer mentioned they have soy in them. The last ingredient in them is soy lecithin (emulsifier)which is in many store bought foods. It is not a soy product though. I have to keep my soy intake down because I have Lupus but these do not bother me. They are quite salty and on the rare occasion when I made a pig of myself and ate the whole bag it made my tongue sore. They are really good though. I bought mine at Trader Joe's but am delighted to find them now at Amazon (for only 11 cents more a bag) as it is a pain to go shopping and have to get my wheelchair in and out of the car. I plan to order some right now.A great alternative to greasy regular potato chips.
341633341633B001RVFEP2A22IF292KOC9IPDolly DeAnda "Dolly"0041247875200YUMMY:)We ordered a case of these without never having tried them before and were pleasantly surprised...They have a distinct flavor and are VERY ADDICTING!!! The only down thing I can say is that when you open the package there is only around 1/2 of a bag and they are gone before you know it~
341634341634B001RVFEP2A339MEP4QVOSA2P. Hanse0051247702400Great chipsGreat potato taste and crunch with so much less fat than regular chips. The order arrived promptly and in good condition.
341635341635B001RVFEP2A2ZOGTU89HT0XKMichael J. Cresci "Mikeylikesit"0051247529600Love this flavor Popchip!Another great tasting popchip flavor! Popchips are one of the best snack foods available these days.
341636341636B001RVFEP2AL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"0051247184000These Rock!I am trying to lose a few pounds and am on Weight Watchers, these are the best chips around. I love potatoes and can not keep them out of my diet, these are tasty and low in fat and not drenched in oil. My boyfriend who is not on a diet also enjoys these chips! YUM
341637341637B001RVFEP2AHEA5TAENPASKA. Sankaranarayanan "BCBG=love"0051247184000A dieting woman's dream snack!!!!!!!!!These chips are awesome, simply awesome! I purchased a 24pk order of popchips from amazon a few months ago (Original flavour) and I absolutely fell in love!!! It's the only low-fat chip that gave me the same "crunch" as my favourite (super unhealthy) alternative - Kettle chips. I just ordered these last week, and my oh my, I think this is my favourite flavour now! Since I'm vegetarian, the BBQ flavour doesnt appeal to me, but I'm dying to try the Garlic Parm & Sour Cream and Onion... and OH, the cheddar ones are on their way.. can't wait :D... POPCHIPS ROCK and are a part of my daily 3pm snack routine :D
341638341638B001RVFEP2A13K3ZLWAWN1EIyogagirl "grrrl"0041246579200Very good substituteWell the main thing here is that you are trading oil for starch. I found that it had a slightly funny taste at first, but the salt and vinegar flavors are true to form so its a very workable substitute for oily chips. When I eat chips I tend to eat them for the salty flavor, not the oil.
341639341639B001RVFEP2AGMLN3EA0K8S7Pop Chip Fan0051243987200Great! Very Peppery!I like the strong pepper flavor and just like the other POP chips that I have tried they are always nice and crispy!
341640341640B001RVFEP2AQPPJX9X21XT0SusieB "Movie lover"0051242432000They are greatI saw them advertised in the Weight Watcher magazine and gave them a try. I love them. Tasty and crunchy. I've ordered more.

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