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341641341641B001RVFEP2A1TOAY6N7WO95TD. Snider0041240704000Good snacking optionI picked up a bag of these in NYC and ate them on the train home. I liked the flavor a lot, and the fact that they have less guilt in them than other options like potato chips. When I got home, I could not find these in CT, so I bought a case on Amazon. I have shared several of the bags with friends and everyone loves them. I highly recommend these chips (if you must have chips, that is!!!)
341642341642B001RVFEP2A2I971PPYPP61FJessie L. Maske "Jessie"0051240185600POPchipsThese are awesome, the problem would be limiting oneself to a single serving. My husband is on a gluten free diet and these are by far the best chips we have found. The other varieties of the POPChips are bland and not as tasty, we keep coming back for more of the delicious Barbeque.
341643341643B001RVFEP2AGV6IFM1ICPDHD. J. Timperlake0051239580800Love These Chips!!!!Purchased these by the case since they are so hard to find in my local store. Also enlisted in the auto delivery program. The only problem is by purchasing them 12 at a time - they are always in the house and tempting me. Will never go back to regular chips again.
341644341644B001RVFEP2A3M798YYM8TSQGJudy0051236988800Similar to MunchosDiscovering I have a yeast allergy meant I had to quit eating Munchos--a childhood favorite. Hurray!! These are very similar and just as good. :)
341645341645B001RVFEP2A2TS39A4PLC2UQrobsmom0051234224000RobsmomThese popchips(original flavor)are great tasting, low in fat, and a snack that is satisfying. With free shipping and handling with amazon prime they are now at a price I will order and reorder. With my son's food allergies I am so happy they contain all allowable ingredients!! Thanks Amazon.
341646341646B001RVFEP2AX668BUQRHI7Cstephie0041229385600These are delicious!I love these Barbecue flavored Pop Chips. They're crunchy, loaded with spicy Barbecue flavor, and highly addicting. Beware... you're going to want more! After trying these you'll find it hard to believe they're pretty healthy. Go to their website and see for yourself (not every product page lists ingredients, it's worth checking it out). I'll definitely be buying more of these.

4 stars instead of 5 because although they're absolutely delicious, they're also inconsistent. One bag has different textured chips (and coating variances, mainly color difference) from another. That's fine with me but it's just a a little off putting.
341647341647B001RVFEP2A1VXTRVD6NI8Y6Disney Fan "Thoroughly Hooked"0051229040000Great Snack!we love Pop Chips, but they ceased being available in our area. So I was happy to find them available on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING! These are yummy and also a healthy choice! Can't beat a deal like that!
341648341648B001RVFEP2AJ6GK0GEB3OANick0051227398400great chipsMy parents were visiting us in Las Vegas from the east coast. I was at my favorite grocery store and as we passed the chips I said "you have to try these chips, (my wife and I have been hooked for some time now) my mother said that she doesn't buy chips since they are too greasy. I said I promise you will love these. When we got home I opened the bag and handed it to them. They loved them. When they returned home I got a call from my parents telling me they went to every healthy store around and no one sells them. I sent a case to their home since you can not get them on the east coast and they are almost finished with them. Time to order another case. BEST CHIPS EVER. We keep many bags in the house.
341649341649B001RVFEP2A1ONCPHCQIWQN7Georgia D. Simms0051226793600Pop ChipsLower in calories and great taste. I like them just as much as the regular greasy chips. It's nice to have a great tasting healthy alternative.
341650341650B001RVFEP2A5LQNB1ZPDO5IA. Myers0051226275200great chipsBest chips I've ever eaten but you should sell them in 11 to 15 oz bags.
341651341651B001RVFEP2AGPA9FDHI49E5Dances With Words "Kate"2251239667200Unbelievable - healthy and incredibly tastyYUM - what can I say. I am a sucker for BBQ chips and these really taste delicious, especially for something that is good for you. I agree that they leave you wanting more, so beware. ;-) So yummy!
341652341652B001RVFEP2A3GGQC9BRC6ABKBrandi L. Booth "b"2251239235200Amazing Chips!These chips are really good. Crisp and delicious. My favorite flavor is the salt and pepper, my second in the garlic parm, but they were all good. (I'm not even a fan of BBQ anything, but the BBQ chips were alright).

Only 110 calories for a small bag. Not to bad if i say so myself.
341653341653B001RVFEP2A1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"2251222992000ADDICTIVEAfter years of being addicted to Smart Puffs, as soon as I tried these Sea Salt & Vinegar chips, I was an instant convert.

They are light, crispy, and perfectly salty and vinegar-y.

I think they taste amazing, however, my husband can't eat these chips because they make his eyes water. I *love* vinegar (I could drink the stuff if it wouldn't kill my stomach) so I don't understand how he's not obsessed with these chips (he likes the BBQ the best...). I guess if you're sensitive to vinegar-y tastes, this may not be the chip to you.

However, if you LOVE Vinegar, like I do, these chips will pretty much take over your life as your favorite food. I sneak them all day. And they aren't terribly bad for you (12 grams of fat in a large bag), so if you overindulge, you won't have to add an extra mile to your workout the next day. However, you will get a raw tongue.

My only complaint is that some of the bags are a little overcooked, and the chips are a light brown instead of golden colored. But they still taste the same, and are far and above any other Salt-and-Vinegar chip I have ever tried, including the ones that are terribly bad for you.
341654341654B001RVFEP2A1XKPUN6WTKQM2Pauly "dvd guy"2251212451200Popchips are the BESTPopchips are so much better than, say, potato chips with about 1/10th the calories and fat. I have tried the variety case and absolutely love all the flavors. Instead of chips and dip, I now have popchips plain or with fat-free dip or salsa and still loose weight eating something that I truly enjoy!!! Popchips are the best tasting 120 calorie snack on the market. It truly does replace your craving for salty, high fat potato chips, doritos, fritos, etc. You may be amazed when you try these popchips!!
341655341655B001RVFEP2AZBEOADXPY11WChristabel4511328227200THESE HAVE CHANGED....AND NOT FOR THE BETTER!Let me start by saying that I have purchased Popchips for several years. I was even on Amazon autoship for 2 boxes every 2 months because we enjoyed them so much. That being said, I have been very disappointed with the last 2 shipments received. The barbeque had little to no seasoning on both boxes of both shipments. Not to.mention that the bags are now half filled with air. The bad thing about this is that both shipments came from different plants. I was so dissapointed with this last batch that I attempted to return them, but Amazon does not accept food returns. I have canceled both autoships and I won't buy them again until I am assured that this problem has been corrected. LISTEN UP POPCHIPS: YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS WANT THE PRODUCT THAT WE ARE ACCUSTOMED TO CONSUMMING. IF I WANTED ORIGINAL FLAVOR CHIPS I WOULD HAVE ORDERED THEM. I WANT MY BARBEQUE CHIPS TO TASTE LIKE BARBEQUE. YOU HAVE LOST A VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER WITH YOUR COST CUTTING EFFORTS :(
341656341656B001RVFEP2A18RACX6BGBU39Marys1151350000000Grandchildren love theseMy two grandchildren both have severe food allgeries. But the PopChip salt and pepper chips are great for them and they both love the taste.
341657341657B001RVFEP2A2TWFX4XFPSY9OTJB016 "TJB016"1151349827200Great chipsI know some have given these a bad review for their taste. I really like the taste - and most would consider me a picky eater. I think they taste similar to muncho's without as much salt. When you need a salty snack, this is a great one to try.
341658341658B001RVFEP2A3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu1151349740800super super yummy chips, minus the guilt -- Salt & PepperThese Popchips are my absolute favorite. I love Popchips because they are super-crispy and light. They're air-popped instead of fried or baked and all-natural. You can pronounce all the ingredients on the list. Vegan, kosher, gluten-free, no cholesterol, no saturated fat, no trans-fats, low sodium (220mg or 6% USRDA), no preservatives or artificial flavors and colors, there's nothing in here for me to complain about.

1 bag is only 100 calories (30 from fat), which is about 1/3 less than regular potato chips. I could eat the whole thing without feeling guilty. The salt and pepper taste is very pronounced and adds a really nice bite to the chips. When I was done, I found myself running my finger through the inside to pick up the remaining seasoning bits and crumbs.

I've tried the BBQ flavor as well as several of the others. This one is my favorite. Highly highly recommended.
341659341659B001RVFEP2A3E64AWBCQ932MWinnebago1151347840000Crunchy....saltyLove these chips. Good taste,very crispy and very easy to clean up the entire 3 oz. bag in one sitting. NO greasy after-taste. Original and barbecue flavors are my favorites but I haven't tried all flavors. Great product.
341660341660B001RVFEP2A2MQ558CSD9N8BCloudcroft Girl1151347753600Excellent SnackPopchips are a perfect late afternoon snack. Gives me the energy I need for a few more hours. I have it set up for periodic automatic shipments.
341661341661B001RVFEP2A35Q0RBM3YNQNFM. Hill0051224979200Healthy & Delicious Potato ChipsOh, these chips are wonderful. They are not greasy, have a very satisfying crunch and although they are formed chips, they taste like actual potato chips. Only one grocery store in my area carries these chips and they are frequently out of stock, even at $3 a bag. Worse, even when in stock, I am lucky to find more than a few bags at a time in the store. I hate making the special trip just for the chips, particularly when I often find the shelf empty. Problem solved -- Amazon's are much more reasonably priced and I can stock up -- and this snack is as close in flavor to actual potato chips that I've found to date.
341662341662B001RVFEP2A13ML5W7NK1M7OJocelyn1231348185600LOVE these with one caveatI am surprised just how yummy these chips are and my kids ADORE them. They have no artificial anything which is important as my kids are on the Feingold diet which eliminates all artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavors. The only thing that kept me from a higher star rating is the choice of oil they used to coat the chips. I have NO PROBLEM with oil as I believe fat is GOOD for us and the great thing is they coat the chips with oil AFTER they heat them so they don't create free radicals. That said, the ingredient list says, "sunflower, safflower, and/or canola oil." Hmmmm... that's not very definitive!

Sunflower and safflower oil are good but canola is a FRANKENFOOD that I don't want my kids to eat. Sigh... a yummy possibility spoiled by canola oil.
341663341663B001RVFEP2A31KGHESBF1770Hen C1231347840000Good alternative to potato chips, but very salty!After sampling a bag of Pop Chips, I was excited about buying a large box from Amazon and stocking up on these healthy but tasty snacks. The chips themselves are a bit airy and they kind of dissolve in your mouth after you crunch into them, and they pack a lot of flavor! However, after the first couple of bags, I found the flavor was overwhelming and that the aftertaste was a bit too salty for my taste. The product itself is good, but the quantity was just too much for our household! Be sure you can eat 12 bags of these chips before they go stale, or just stick to buying one bag at a time at your local grocery store.
341664341664B001RVFEP2A19TDQXYI4O4Q1mommel1211331510400just awfulLove the other flavors...this one is horrible. And I cannot return...oops. This flavor is almost a chemical one, does not taste anything like cheddar and my kids thought the same!
341665341665B001RVFEP2A3CMDR34KFLGFXReader2008 "I write honest reviews; if you do...1231327536000Interesting taste....I had to fight to open the sweet potato chip bag because my mind just doesn't want me to be eating sweet potato chips. Anyway...I get the bag open and I expected them to be gross. The chips are not gross. They taste like sweet potatos which to me means they need some butter flavor added to make them taste good. As it stands, they taste like an unflavored bake potatoe without any butter.

I tried to eat a whole bag and they kept getting stuck in my teeth so I gave up. Also, it just doesn't feel right to be eating sweet potato chips. I have a whole box of them so I am going to continue to try to get used to them.

Update: I still have a box of these chips left. I couldn't stomach them, my co-workers said they were too bland, and my friend co-worker said they taste like unflavored cornflakes.

I don't see how these will be a hit in stores.
341666341666B001RVFEP2A350HRB16YUX9PR. Wismer "Ron W"1231327449600A little blandI thought these were going to be sliced sweet potato's, but they are not part of the ingredients. It's actually sweet potato flour. In addition, there is rice flour and corn flour mixed in. I think the taste of the corn flour overpowers the sweet potato flavor. Overall, the chips taste like salty corn flakes with a hint of sweet potato. Overall, probably fairly healthy for what they are (low in fat), but short on taste. If you are not expecting a strong sweet potato flavor, then these may be a good choice for you.
341667341667B001RVFEP2A18PH6BXQS9CM4C. Moreno1251285372800Once you pop - you can't stop!These are wonderful. Very satisfying, great flavor - I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys chips and doesn't want the fat and calories in typical chips. These are unique and have a great "crunch".
341668341668B001RVFEP2A2JM39W6837PU4@RNTGirl on Twitter "I started a blog about m...1251283817600Once Upon A PopchipIf I were a Sleeping Beauty, I would so want my Prince Charming to be a BBQ Popchip. I'd SO hit that.
341669341669B001RVFEP2A21ULDWKG425JDJoe H1241269302400Taste Great and Less GuiltI first found these at Whole Foods but they were so expensive it was prohibitive to buy them often. However, this deal enabled me to get a whole bunch for a reasonable price. I'll probably do it again once I run out.
341670341670B001RVFEP2A1TZB6PA2EZOY4Tracy A. Altman "Evidence Soup & Ugly Research"1251240963200Finally, the perfect snack!Finally! I can indulge in a crunchy, tasty snack that I won't regret an hour later. My favorite is the sea salt and vinegar flavor -- not too much vinegar, and just the right amount of salt. (The plain Pop Chips are solid, too.) These chips are unbelievably light. They give me the same satisfaction as munching on popcorn, but with less guilt and hassle.

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