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341731341731B001RVFEP2A1B2UXUU1H9CPTK. Haught "ArLo"0521279238400Not so goodAfter doing numerous googles looking for Chipsters, one of my favorite childhood snacks, some reported that this product was very close to them. I disagree. About the closest flavor to the Chipsters so far would be Munchos, but still not the same. If you are conscious of diet, these will probably due.
341732341732B001RVFEP2A3NKQ6NPDL9J7QY. You1711284508800TASTE AVERAGE, INSANELY EXPENSIVEThese chips taste average and they are insanely expensive compare to the big bags of chips from safeway or costco, for $2, you can get a big bag with 10 times the amount of chips compare to these 0.8oz bag chips, so for $5 in safeway, you can get $30 worth of popchips, these bags are so tiny, it's like serve size for fat people trying to lose weigh or something, for me, i never gain weigh, i rather go buy big bag of chips, these are expensive ripoff chips, will never buy again.
Maybe i think the price is high because i bought it from, maybe elsewhere is cheaper, but chips as junk food, shouldn't be that expensive compare to local stores.
341733341733B001RVFEP2A1FSZILKM1W3NNChicago reviewer41611238284800TerribleThese chips (all flavors of the variety pack) are really terrible. I have thrown away a lot of them and suffered through eating some of them. They are over spiced and nasty.
341734341734B001RVFEP2A3S88SC5W0MC5Hcrunchie11411295136000Great ChipsJust the right kind of chips, they are crunchie, light and wonderful.
Great for people dieting. They are popped, not fried or baked.
Try them you'll enjoy them.
341735341735B001RVFEP2A1UWVEW0RXGWMWJackie Woodcock1151347580800Great Pop ChipsThese Pop Chips are great! Love them, even low in WW points.Popchips, Original, 0.8-Ounce Single Serve Bags (Pack of 24)
341736341736B001RVFEP2A1E517P7IR19RHVimo "EShopper"1151347235200Sweet Potato PopChips are Sweeeeet!I think Sweet potato is the best flavor that Popchips offers. They have the lowest sodium without sacrificing taste. Not only do I love them, but my son loves them. And he is hard to please. Very healthy alternative to fried chips.
341737341737B001RVFEP2A2IED2NKLD292TCollette1151347148800Sweet Potato Pop ChipsAbsolutely love these chips, have introduced them to many of my friends. First time I tried them was the large bag and I ate the whole thing.
341738341738B001RVFEP2A2LSLI2WG2NYA7Lynda1151345075200Love Bar-B-Q Pop Chips!I love to snack and pop chips have allowed me to still get my crunch on at only 100 calories a bag. I've lost 35 pounds making small changes and counting calories and this is one one them.
341739341739B001RVFEP2A1P20FFQ2AG7T7Ira1151344988800Sweet potato yummiesThe new sweet potato popchips are yummy and filling One small bag fulfilled my desire to nosh for the evening. I felt no guilt on my diet.
Good job Popchips!!
341740341740B001RVFEP2A1HGHFGUN0ZH4HJer M1151344297600Popchips DeliciousNot only were the chips delicious but they were delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Will order again. Wish they had an option where u could choose which flavors you want.
341741341741B001RVFEP2A2ZHCZLMAYQBB1u21queen1151343692800Good low cal snackThis is a tasty low cal snack and the single serve bags are good for those who won't rest until the bag is empty. If you need to watch your sodium this is not a low sodium food. The Jalapeno is spicy without burning your tongue and lips.
341742341742B001RVFEP2A1AN6VU7LTA960rob4merchant1151343347200Addicted!I've tried every single flavor of Pop Chips they make. They are all tasty, but barbecue is IT for me! These have been my salvation while dieting. One serving practically fills an entire cereal bowl, but has way less fat and calories than traditional chips. I'm hooked! I highly recommend trying these!
341743341743B001RVFEP2A10B0RPG0JI7AFTSMUSIC1151342569600Awesome popchips!Great product for weight loss help! If you are looking for a chip substitute, you need to try these. They have a great crunch and they are low in calorie.
341744341744B001RVFEP2A24JKH2U43M5X4Ruby Redbird1151342483200so good!These taste like roasted marshmallows/sweet potato casserole from Thanksgiving! They are awesome! My only issue w/ them is that I cannot stop eating them.
341745341745B001RVFEP2A1ANPMPOYVPMSBT. DELP1151342051200pop chipsI love these chips. They are not only diet friendly but they taste really good. I will definetly buy them again, I love that they are a one serving package so I don't have to figure out how many I can eat at a sitting.
341746341746B001RVFEP2A2RD753QZWN1OEtotmomma1151341100800yum yumThese popchips are the best and they only have 100 calories per bag! I can have a bag everyday they are so good.
341747341747B001RVFEP2A3BLM2W246JK39annette1151341014400We love Pop Chips!We love pop chips at our house, they are a great addition to a Weight Watchers diet. They are kind of pricey when they are regular priced at the store, So we buy them in bulk either on Amazon, or when they go on sale at CVS pharmacy. Our favorite flavor is the BBQ. Great snack, no guilt!
341748341748B001RVFEP2A33PLZ7SD5MCG0Patty Kaye1141340496000Love the texture and the flavorI'm a big fan of Sea Salt & Vinegar chips, so my daughter decided to surprise me with these new Popchips. I really like the different texture...light, tender, and crisp. The salt and vinegar taste is strong and tangy but not overwhelming. I like the individual packages, because I actually stop eating when I finish a bag.

In each bag there are about 18 large chips, 3 grams of fat (not bad!), 100 calories, 15 g of carbohydrates, 140 mg of salt, and no cholesterol. They are vegan friendly, parve (no meat or dairy), and gluten free.

The package says they are healthier because they are not fried and they are tastier because they are not baked. They use heat and pressure to "pop" the potatoes into light and airy (my description) chips.

Finally, these packages have a "use by" date of nearly a year, much longer than regular chips.
341749341749B001RVFEP2AIW77UMHDBGLUCalliegirl1141332288000Love them, BUT NOT ALL FLAVORSWe really love Popchips or at least we love the BBQ and the Orginal. Good and crunchy without all the fat and calories. The single serve bags are really great. Costco really has the best price, when they are available there. Since we are a big fan of Jalapeno, we went ahead and ordered them here at Amazon,even though the price was high, and we regret that purchase, the Jalapeno flavor is just wrong. Awful would be the right description. We also tried the Cheddar and that on also failed badly for us. So, we will stick to the BBQ and the Orginals.
341750341750B001RVFEP2A31J374YOS01NCChristopher A. Moreno1151332028800Great FlavorI recently discovered Popchips and their greatness. So I have been trying them out flavor by flavor. The Chili Lime has is now my favorite. It had previously been the Salt & Pepper. It is def not too spicy, so don't let that scare you. If anything the lime is the highest note of flavor. If you already like Popchips, this is a new great flavor to try. If you have never tried them, then this is a great flavor to start with.
341751341751B001RVFEP2A1IW1ANBV0DPVIVee1151331769600Soooo Yummy!I'm a little bit of Pop Chip addict, so was very excited to try a new flavor - I was afraid these would be too spicy as I'm not a huge spicy food lover but these are so yum - whole family loves them!
341752341752B001RVFEP2A3MFU0GVZUVH3KBetty L. Dravis "BETTY DRAVIS, author/reviewer"1151329868800I still like potato chips, but these are surprisingly delicious! Airy! Crispy!These Popchips are delicious! The best thing I like about them is that they're crunchy and airy with a perfect blend of chili and lime flavoring. I love the boldness of the chili and tartness of the lime! Each chip appears to me like two thin potato chips sealed together with air inside! That might be a bit fanciful, but that's how it feels when I bite into one. They satisfy my taste buds and I get an extra jolt from the airiness and crunchiness.

What else can I say, except: Yum! Yum! And, oh, yes, with all-natural ingredients and only 100 calories for the entire bag, my Dr. approves them too.

Reviewed by Betty Dravis, February 22, 2012
Author of "Dream Reachers" series of books (with Chase Von)
341753341753B001RVFEP2A3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden1151327881600Light and deliciousThese are little airy and delicious nuggets of goodness...except of course, they aren't nuggets, lol. Really though, these chips are nice and crunchy while also being light and airy. The salt and vinegar flavor is just right...not too strong, but never lacking. Actually, my only real complaint is that i find it difficult to stop eating them. However, that is simply my cross to bear.

341754341754B001RVFEP2A1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan1141327881600Great crispy crunch and flavorMy family is addicted to crispy, salty snacks and I've tried a few different kinds of chips trying to find a healthier alternative to the junk food they all love.

I like the Terra Krinkle Cut Sweet Potato Sea Salt chips for their high level of vitamin A. But they are also high fat, and the texture and flavor don't appeal to my daughter.

These chips don't have any vitamin A according the to the label, but they are low calorie, low fat and low sodium. The texture and flavor are a definite hit with everyone in my family, even my very picky daughter.

The sweet potato chips aren't too sweet or too salty and they don't feel greasy at all. They are really crisp. The flavor is a little bland, but it also doesn't have the aftertaste that some vegetable chips can have.

The first ingredient listed on the chips is rice flour, not sweet potatoes.

I'd like these better if they had more going for them nutritionally. The Terra chips are higher in dietary fiber, vitamin A and C.

I plan to try some of the other flavors soon. I think they would be a wonderful topping for casseroles if they stay crispy enough.
341755341755B001RVFEP2A3NZVCL9N8CLHBLeo "Katphish"1151327536000Addictive!I've never been a big fan on chips. When it comes to snack foods, I'm more of a pretzel guy, or maybe something cheesy. Potato chips, in particular, just never appealed to me. But these aren't potato chips.

If you read the bag, and I'm one of those strange people that actually do read the bag, you'll find out that these "chips" are not chips at all. They are neither fried, nor baked; they are made similar to how cheese-puffs are made, only in a way that results in a chip-like product, rather than a puff. This gives them a really addictive, crunching texture that keeps me going back for more. They pack a pretty good Sweet Potato flavor, with a noticeable sweetness balanced by saltiness and what I think are some subtle notes of spices like cinnamon. They're really tasty.

While I wouldn't exactly call this health food, it's certainly not as bad as many traditional snack foods. Each individual bag is a serving and contains about 19 chips. The caloric price tag is 100 calories, which is not bad at all, especially considering nutritional payload is a respectable 3g of fat (none of which is saturated, so it's "good" fat), and no cholesterol. More impressive is only 45mg of sodium and a mere 2g of sugar. Comparatively speaking, these are a pretty smart choice for a snack if you're worried about those kinds of things.

I was really happy to see the ingredients list was relatively short and contained no hydrogenated fats (sources of trans fatty acids), high fructose corn syrup (they use cane syrup, which is preferable to me), or MSG. Rice flour, dry sweet potatoes, and tapioca are the biggest ingredients. As far as processed foods go, not bad at all.

I will definitely buy these again.
341756341756B001RVFEP2A41MKHZQ85J9UGr8ful "Love a good book"1141327536000DeliciousI really liked these. Great snack for someone watching their fat and or calorie intake. Light, crunchy and full of flavor. They don't taste like a traditional chip they seem infused with air or something. The biggest problem for me would be if I bought the large bag I would be too tempted to eat way more than a serving. So these single sized bags are ideal.

Also should mention that the sweet potato variety that I tried do not contain any dairy which is a necessity for me and I'm sure others have similar issues.
341757341757B001RVFEP2A28WXDXJA1P0MCT. Casto1121327449600These definitely taste like "diet" chipsAfter reading several reviews from people apparently on diets I now understand the high star rating because if you can't have the real thing something like this passes for good. These are bland, have a weird texture and aren't very good. I will be sending these to work with my husband so he can give them away. I ate a few from my first and only bag before throwing them in the pantry. They are low in calories and low in taste. Pass.
341758341758B001RVFEP2A231LBC8EGPO5LOutlawPoet "OutlawPoet"1131327449600Chili Lime Flavor - ReviewIn general, I love Popchips. (BBQ are my absolute favs.) These are the chips I go for automatically at the store because of their crisp texture and great taste.

This review is for the Chili Lime Popchips.

They have a little heat for the Chili and a bit of acid for the Lime, however, I must admit that these are not my favorite. The taste took some getting used to and, while not awful, this is not a flavor I'll be going back to. The chips have the same great Popchip texture however, they left a bit of an unpleasant after taste coating the back of my throat. An after taste that lasted quite a while.

Since everyone loves different flavors, I'm sure there will be folks that will love these, but for me, the Chili Lime flavor rated a 3. Not awful. Not great. Not on my shopping list.
341759341759B001RVFEP2A7RFDGVXDYQLJJJ "avid reader"1141327449600Keep Popping!The crisp texture of these PopChips is very appealing. The chips also stayed whole in the bag, which is a big plus. They have a nice sweet potato flavor, with a light hint of salt. Best of all, no greasy fingers! I like that they are a healthy alternative to other chips or crackers. The information on the bag well represents the taste of the chips. I think that children would like these and they would certainly be a healthy alternative to other chips. They are also gluten free...which seems to be a growing trend in foods today. Overall, I would definitively buy these chips again and look forward to trying other flavors of Popchips.
341760341760B001RVFEP2ATDE9JYCPI0L1Alyssa A. Lappen1141327449600Satisfies a sweet potato toothSweet potatoes are among my favorite vegetables, and I especially adore sweet potato chips. So an Amazon Vine offer of these chips seemed a sure bet.

They taste a bit like sweet potatoes, yet ever so slightly sweeter --- with fewer calories and half the fat of a bag of real sweet potato chips (100 calories, 30% from fat, compared to 130 calories with half from fat in a regular bag of chips).

But I agree with others. The taste is slightly strange --- and the ingredients tell why. The key ingredient isn't sweet potato, but RICE FLOUR! Sweet potato flakes (whatever those are) come second, then tapioca starch. Next comes oil (sunflower, safflower, or canola) then yellow corn flour. And finally there's cane syrup --- sugar --- which explains why the chips seem a tad sweeter than sweet potatoes.

I like these Sweet Potato Popchips well enough, and will keep the box at the ready for brown bag lunches over the next several weeks.

I may buy them again, too --- but only if no real sweet potato chips are available to satisfy my sweet potato tooth.

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