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341791341791B0054ETSPAA3707YB2PN3VURDr.Thomas Anderson "TJ"0051341273600good dealgreat deal great flavor it came with few breaks, I would buy again, you can get your rocks off with this sealed good
341792341792B0054ETSPAA7GF6V6KYUVAMcllgal20050121344556800Rock Candy for Birthday Party FavorsI bought this product to use as party favors for my sons 8th Geology themed birthday party. I chose these for the price because they are cheaper than buying the rock candy on the sticks. The rocks are bigger than I expected but they were in pretty bad shape. Most of the rocks were fused together and you cannot even see the strings on most of them. I cannot even tell if they all have strings in them. Most of the strings were broken into small pieces. Besides the size of the individual rocks themselves I was not very happy with this product.
341793341793B004THNPKMA1J27H6KVHM89Xtoothygrin "toothygrin"0041334275200Not quite as delicious as HawaiianThis passion fruit jam is fine...more mellowed, without the bright fresh notes of the more jams I got in Hawaii.
341794341794B001M1L3RAA2ESLJ71YI8RTKmookman288 "MooK"91051264464000Here's to you Blue Horse Kona Coffee GuysI received a package today, intended as a gift for a family member, of
one pound of Blue Horse Kona Whole Bean Coffee. I purchased this coffee
through Amazon, and added one of their "free gift notes" to the order.
When I opened the package, I was greeted with a small orange envelope,
filled with what would be the best gift note I've ever seen. In addition
to a beautifully artful drawing of my internet handle and a cup of
coffee, attached was the note I had included, handwritten. For $30, I
received not only a pound of coffee with shipping, but effort and care
of which I have very rarely seen. I can't comment on the taste of the
coffee, as I've yet to try it (and I'm, gasp, not much of a coffee guy,)
but if it's as awesome as the note I had been greeted with, it should be
a great gift.

Here's to you Blue Horse Kona Coffee Guys
341795341795B001M1L3RAA3CMR01WF2T6B8Dale Hughes "boat builder"5551293408000Great Kona CoffeeThis is one of the best Kona Coffee's I have purchased. They roast your coffee beans after you order them. So The coffee is fresh and neatly packaged. Shipped on time. And definetly a five star brand.
341796341796B001M1L3RAA2W7L2F36SOBFDOnQ 4U4451253404800Good Stuff MinardGreat Rich brew. Best Kona I have ever had. I recommend this one and will be ordering again soon. It was at a great price too.
341797341797B001M1L3RAA3T4UQRGKU4SPGCherlin "Artist"2251332892800WowMy husband loves medium blends. I love dark roast, I heard that this was the "best". So I bought it for him this past Christmas. Husband thought it was fantastic, I was expecting the "best" and was disappointed, I got him the medium roast. I really liked it, but wished for a darker roast. Coffee really is subjective. Recently someone told me to try a particular Sumatra, said it was the "best" and it was nasty, I tossed it out. Very bitter, it should never be bitter.

His birthday is tomorrow and I had to get him another medium pound, but I also added this dark roast. WOW. I am in love!

It's the best. Now that I understand how subjective coffee is, we all like diffrent beans, blends,roasts, some in my family like added flavors (shudder), i think good coffee has enough flavor by itself and only inferior needs additives.

I love darker roasts, creamy, chocolately, luscious. This is all you'd expect.

Having now tried both, all I can say is you will really enjoy both types, but love the roast you normally prefer.

The price can't be beat and they don't charge you high S&H rates, that's a nice feature.

I hope this helps.
341798341798B001M1L3RAA211LFMOISV0NWR. Cerminara1151342742400Simply the BEST!I had requested my wife look into getting me some Kona Coffee for Father's Day this year.

First off I am an avid coffee drinker that can take down anywhere from 2-4 cups a day on average. While we have plenty of great coffee options in my area, I do enjoy making a delicious pot of coffee in the morning as it just seems to start the day off right.

Secondly I drink my coffee black. I do not add milk, cream, sugar, Splenda, or any other crap into my cup of natures perfect beverage. As such, there is nothing to mask the taste of bad coffee. If you have never tried enjoying coffee w/o turning it into a glorified milkshake, this is the coffee to try it with.

Blue Horse Kona coffee is my dream come true. It makes me feel like I am relaxing on a resort in Maui. My wonderful wife gave me both the Medium and Dark Roasts and they are both perfect in their own ways.

The moment you package arrives you will smell the quality and amazingness I am attempting to describe to you.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who appreciates the taste and freshness of their coffee and wants to feel like they are on vacation everyday while they drink it.

+Awesome Packaging
+Wonderful Aroma
+Taste, Taste, Taste
+Resealable package w/ air lock

341799341799B001M1L3RAA24ELBDWJSETWZLindsey A. Lawton "LindseyMBA"1151329264000A "Mild" Dark RoastAfter trying Blue Horse's Medium Roast and finding the flavor much too mild/weak for my taste, I decided to try Blue Horse's Dark Roast. The dark roast is perfect for me! I don't like bold coffees (e.g. Starbucks), so I was worried that this dark roast would be too bold. The coffee beans SMELL bold, but the brewed coffee tastes just right! If you're looking for a bold coffee, this is NOT the right coffee for you. This coffee has a smooth consistency and a not-quite-bold (but definitely not weak) taste. Very good! For reference, I think this coffee tastes very similar to Hawaii Roasters' Medium Roast (which I also recommend to Kona lovers!).
341800341800B001M1L3RAA1S46TPS2G3BNBMichael B. Hayes Jr.2351263686400Good coffeeI am really enjoying this coffee. Its as easy as doing an smell test with another premium bean. They look, smell and taste amazing. I plan to buy again in the future!
341801341801B001M1L3RAAULI08C6OT4VIMarielle C. Smith "goobetta"2351249603200best coffee. ever.While I love all the Blue Horse coffees, the dark roast is my absolute favorite. It's like magic. You will love this coffee - darkly delicious. Enjoy!
341802341802B001M1L3RAAVRQA087NINYNDoug&0051347667200Loved It
341803341803B001M1L3RAA6TA59SP2W4DClowelaw0051342915200Blue Horse Kona Coffee delivers.Absolutley terrific coffee! All claims about its authenticity and taste are true!
I would buy this again without reservation.
Fast delivery and outstanding quality.
Treat yourself.
341804341804B001M1L3RAA313H6238N589Jaewoo Kim "OB-Wan"0041340496000Almost as good as Hawaii RoastersI have tried both this and Hawaii Roasters brand. They are both very good coffees. This brand (Farm-direct) is priced about $4 below the Hawaii Roasters.

First, Hawaii Roasters came in a vacuum packaging. The packaging of this brand was not as airtight.

I tasted the difference especially on the first time I opened the packages.

Hawaii Roasters tastes better and is somewhat more potent.

But this brand is still a fine coffee, and it tastes very close to a very fine French coffee. There isn't much flavor here but it provides a fine surge of coffeine rush.

The Hawaii Roasters cost almost 20% more, and it might be almost 20% better. But if you want a quality Kona coffee, then this brand will probably meet your needs.

I still recommend this coffee but it isn't quite the best Kona coffee I've tasted.
341805341805B001M1L3RAA27ZA33BJZOU7HC. del Castillo-Hegyi "CMSDCH"0051338940800Best coffee in the worldI don't understand how anyone can taste this and not be in love. It is the best coffee I have ever tasted. I love the chocolate undertones. Perfect in every way. I have not been able to visit Starbucks or any other coffee establishment without feeling nauseated or underwhelmed since. Mahalo to your beautiful farm and beautiful product Blue Horse! Christie
341806341806B001M1L3RAA68MVDTTSYA6VKevin C0051333756800Excellent Coffee!I like this particular Kona a lot. Very full bodied flavor. If you've never had Kona or if you're an avid fan like myself, check this brand out. I will certainly be ordering it again. Also, you cannot beat the amount of bean for the price.
341807341807B001M1L3RAA3NURJG90XA7U7Brian D. Miller "jazzforce"0051327363200Best Kona I've Had!The Blue Horse Dark Roast has a complex flavor palette that I haven't experienced with other Konas. It comes in a beautiful vacuum sealed bag with a tri-fold inside explaining the ten reasons why this Kona tastes better. This is a family run plantation, not a big company. If you want to save this for guests, better purchase two pounds!
341808341808B001M1L3RAAGJL5G6XVF9BGAmazonian132421334793600Not a great Kona CoffeeI have to agree with another reviewer that this is not the best of the Kona coffees that I have relished in the past. That includes those that I have had the pleasure of drinking in Hawaii several times. Frankly, I found it to have a bitter aftertaste rather than the smooth finish that is typical of this type of superior coffee. I can't knock the seller for his promptness, though I was surprised the coffee arrived in a bloated looking USPS priority envelope.

Now granted I haven't been to Hawaii for a number of years so I am not sure if the criteria for Kona coffee quality has slipped to a large degree. If this is any indicator then I suspect that I will not be in the market for Kona in the future as it is not worth to me the premium price. I've been an avid coffee drinker for over 40 years, and tasted coffee from virtually every global region. Unfortunately, this coffee was a disappointment, and I will not be ordering it again.
341809341809B001M1L3RAA17GU3DA7I443TTrent Edwards "Buy"4931258502400CoffeeIt is good coffee for the price. I received it promptly. I was happy with the service.
341810341810B001M1L3RAA3NPRM8N64IBE5AmazonMan1431294876800Good - not Great - Kona CoffeeI recently bought a pound of the Blue Horse dark roast kona. It's good but not as good as the kona I had in Hawaii. Still looking for that perfect cup of kona. Maybe the medium roast would be a better choice.
341811341811B002RBOCV8A60ATYEZM715OJ. Oswald1151331942400Chocolate HeavenIf you like Chocolate Peppermint you will like this brand. Smooth, rich and delicious. Probably you shouldn't buy it because it does seem to be addicting.
341812341812B002RBOCV8A3F8L10VJ896FOMaggie Lesoing0051342915200Perfectly minty dark chocolate!This is, quite simply, the best mint dark chocolate I have ever tasted. It's not over-poweringly minty, which I appreciate. Also, it's a spearminty kind of mint, not peppermint, so it's a bit softer, less of a bite. The chocolate is fantastic, and the overall experience is smooth and REALLY creamy! I really really love it! I actually bought a case to just have on hand, which saved me about $.60 per bar below the price at my local grocery store, so that's a plus, too! Even with the pre-purchase. You won't be disappointed!
341813341813B0022NC1AUA3HXLJRBKDH1NCAnnie A0051337385600For more then just cande makingOh this is so good! I've bought this and other dry flavoring so I can use them to flavor coffee, tea, and even water. And not pay the high prices of already flavored products.
341814341814B001710K4CA116O8Y1KIU1MJJS "joyzilla"5751210809600Dad Loved'emGot a package these sent to my father for his birthday. He's the kinda guy who thinks meat as a gift is awesome. Furthermore, when it's Omaha steaks, I don't think one can go wrong. He said the steaks were tender flavorful. The packaging they arrived in was secure and intact upon receipt. They were delivered within time for his birthday (I ordered about a week before the date). Will definitely order from here again. And anyone I know should feel free to send this to me as a gift! ^_^
341815341815B001710K4CA2SAC6IMXCRXKZlady luck0051314057600busterThese steaks were very good, not to much fat and just the right size, they were cooked on a gas grill, also very tender, I would recommend buying them 1
341816341816B001710K4CA257HEY3P4JH5DMr. M1311271894400Not worth the price.I asked my Dad to honestly tell me what he thought about the steaks I sent him for x-mas. He told me the ribeyes were small and thin. He had to cook all of them for a meal for 2. He also said the flavor was just okay. I'm glad he was honest with me because I don't want to waste money on something that he isn't going to enjoy.
341817341817B001710K4CA27GDPFLH2M1WZLorraine F. Upton0341229731200Great Gift for the Meat Lover in Your LifeIf you have no idea what to give the male in your life for a gift, I have discovered that carnivores like these Omaha Steaks. It is a real surprise and they get a gift that keeps on giving.
341818341818B007FK3CVMAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051344038400Good Tasting And Refreshing. Many Side Benefits. A Bit Pricey.I do a lot of my food shopping at a nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market and they continuously introduce new gourmet items, which I greatly enjoy trying. The latest was a couple varieties of Aloe Gloe Natural Aloe Water and mine is the White Grape Pulp-Free variety. It's quite a good drink. It's good tasting and refreshing. It's certified organic and contains all kinds of health benefits, as is explained on the label. Furthermore, it's gluten free and is only 35 calories per 15.2-ounce bottle. That's a hard-to-beat combination, and, yes, it's a bit pricey.

Gary Peterson
341819341819B000EA2EOGA19U1DROW6K7UAvant80051279843200Good dealBought these for my brother, who is a health nut, and he said they'll probably last him a year.
341820341820B004989EGKA2RRTH8B6H2N9HDoowop19990051351036800Perfect size fruit snack for on the goI'm a home health nurse, driving from home to home, and spend half my day in the car, which leaves little time for me to stop for a decent lunch or dinner. I carry these with me and open one when I start feeling hungry and it satisfies me until I can get a decent meal. Healthy, nutricious and just the right amount when I need it.

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