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341830341830B001EQ55E0AOWEZTD98JK08cliftonia111451270684800Tastes great!Very good to flavor broth. I got this kind, genmai, because I cannot have gluten grains. No reactions so far.
341831341831B001EQ55E0A390JBJW0A28T9Yo Geek3451315526400Better Than Expected!!I just opened one package (came with 3 packages together as a set). Each package is small and indeed makes me (probably you too) feel the item pricey, in comparison to other Miso products in Amazon. But this can be compensated by a "Free Shipping" eligibility. Other miso products from different suppliers often require a hefty shipping charge. Not only that, 3 small packages as 1 would be better for keeping freshness, especially for those occasional users. The taste is wonderful. This miso is red so I expected some bitterness. I usually choose shiro-miso (more lighter color miso) for sweeter and milder taste. However, this red miso has beaten my prejudice against my red miso stereo type. Oh, even though this miso tastes good by itself, please use it with sea weeds, fish stock, and / or "hon-dashi" when you make miso soup. I am enjoying this!
341832341832B001EQ55E0A1VIHBXWV0W8GSeagletwo0041350518400The Rating is for the TYPE of Miso, Not the QualitySomehow I purchased this very high-quality organic miso paste under the assumption that I was buying white miso. This is RED miso. I am honestly not as fond of red miso, and I would not have bought this had I realized I was ordering the red. That being said, it is obviously a fantastic product, and it does have a lot of flavor. Unless you eat miso soup every day, I think the three-pack will last people a long time. And, truly, I just bumped this up from a three-star to a four-star review because I don't want other people who do prefer red miso to be turned off by a bad rating, when indeed this is a fine product. But I really want to just give it three stars ("It's okay") because I honestly don't like red miso as much, I wanted white miso instead, and I'm disappointed I made the mistake of buying red. So I guess you could say I took away a star because I don't think it's very clear on the package exactly what type of miso you're getting when you order this product.
341833341833B001EQ55E0A9KKKIGABV16MSam Stabley0051346803200no GMO hereThis miso paste is organic, imported from Japan and made with brown rice. No fillers, preservatives or ingredient's you can't pronounce. I also like the packaging - at first I thought it to be inconvenient but then I figured I just need to cut a small corner off of the inside package to squeeze it into a spoon for measure and use a an outside zip-lock package to store. Most of all of course I enjoy the flavor of the food I make with this miso paste. Great, healthy product.
341834341834B001EQ55E0ALVE8MTFU3LEJAmazonNutriDoc0041344470400Arrived on time, well packaged, ready to use.Miso is a great quick soup in the heat of summer. With a little fresh tofu, green onions, it is a meal. I look forward to using this product over the next several months.
341835341835B001EQ55E0A201FMX4SQSJX5E.M.0041331596800You'll never go back to miso packets againAfter purchasing the cookbook Washoku, I was determined to make my own miso soups at home. While I was awaiting my order of both Genmai and Shiro miso, I couldn't help myself from purchasing those convenient powdered miso packets from the supermarket to try it out, too. Big mistake. I was so turned off by the flavor (as I've only had white miso before and the packet was clearly dark) that I was afraid to actually try the Genmai miso when it arrived! I am so glad that my shipment of Genmai arrived before the Shiro because I decided to give it another chance. The Eden Genmai Miso is very good, light years away from the nasty supermarket, cheap powder packets. Very easy to make, it took less than 15 minutes to prepare. I followed the recipe on the back of the package, since I am still awaiting my kombu for dashi. Highly recommended.
341836341836B001EQ55E0A1RKGXC2I8PJ22Arctic lady0031325116800not white misoI have to admit that i didn't know what I was buying and ended up with a large quantity of something I didn't intend. This is not a white miso and does not have a mild taste.
341837341837B004QXKIHMA168LO84YOQL5IRodney W. Cooper0051327276800coffeeI liked the taste of this coffee.Do not see how you would dislike buying.I thought it tasted good especially in the morning when waking up.
341838341838B00269OR3EA1WP08XBHAF9Y9Fazal Majid7741292716800Delicious drinking chocolate, albeit expensiveGuittard is one of the best chocolate-makers in the US (i.e. companies that make their own chocolate from cocoa beans). Until about a decade ago, they sold mostly wholesale to chocolatiers, bakers and restaurants, but added baking chocolate and tasting bars, and now chocolate powder to capitalize on the recent trend for hot chocolate, which is different from hot cocoa, much richer and thicker and with a more satisfying mouth feel.

This chocolate mix is made from cocoa, chocolate liquor (i.e. containing cocoa butter) and sugar, not just cocoa. As such, it makes hot chocolate, not hot cocoa. You have to follow the instructions and use four tablespoons of powder for one mug of hot chocolate. This may seem excessive, but it produces some of the most amazing hot chocolate you can get short of visiting Angelina on Rue de Rivoli in Paris (you could get similar results by melting half a bar of chocolate in milk, of course).

Be aware the powder has sugar already mixed in, and thus you are not paying just for chocolate but also cheaper sugar, which makes this a fairly expensive product, specially considering one box does not go very far, sadly (hence only 4 stars, even if the taste warrants a full 5). The sugar ratio is a bit on the high side, probably to cater to American tastes. Adjust accordingly if you use this for baking. Diabetics should probably opt for other Guittard products like their Cocoa Rouge cocoa powder.
341839341839B00269OR3EA16GHSRXWD4Y4IM. Cavicchio4651254528000A SECOND one of the best Cocas I have tastedLike my review for the German Made Chocolate, this fine european coca is neck and neck in genuinely rich chocolate taste.
341840341840B00269OR3EAYROKSAR78S52MamaLew0121345075200Flavor is just So-SoThe good:
1. Melts fairly well
2. Easy to use (microwave directions)

The bad:
1. Flavor isn't that great, I found myself wanting to just get some Swiss Miss mix instead.

I'll just pay more for the special order hot chocolate from Whetstone Chocolates or find a local place that uses chocolate shavings and not this powdered mix or I'll hit up the grocery aisle and save some cash.
341841341841B00269OR3EAQZSI21GYV4WJCool nerd0351292371200high quality chocolate powderIf I recall correctly, this is 100% cocao powder, so there's no sugar in it. It's a fine quality, and I love it. For my hot chocolate, I mix this powder with a tbsp of semi sweet chocolate chips in a cup of hot milk. I like mine a bit more bitter, so I don't add extra sugar - it comes out perfect everytime! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Just realized I placed the review for the wrong product. This review is for this product on amazon. The correct cocoa powder says it's "unsweetened rear red dutch cocoa". Sorry for the confusion!
341842341842B00269OR3EA1Z4RCLDYW7NA7Kristal Magallanez "cheapreads"1821273104000Not my cup of cocoaI didn't like this cocoa. It's very bitter and the sweetness is almost undetectable. I had to add sugar. I wouldn't buy it again.
341843341843B001M1L3RUA14FE1746MDBOTwaehlers2251322784000No Better Kona AnywhereI was stationed in Hawaii for 3 years and got my Kona Peaberry directly from a coffee farmer there, who saved his best peaberry for family and friends (his nephew was my crew chief for a time). That farmer has since retired, however, Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee, Peaberry, rivals that hand selected peaberry from my Hawaiian tour. Mahalo to Blue Horse!
341844341844B001M1L3RUAAV7XRHRL9FJAMark W. Bender1151261008000The Best this YearThis Kona Peaberry is the best coffee that I had all year and I try all kinds of coffee from many different places. I'm looking forward for them to get some back in stock so I can buy some more. Great Stuff.
341845341845B001M1L3RUA3HUJMIVB4PCGNDoubleLifeOfVeronique1251232150400This Is A Great Peaberry Kona!!!!After finally trying this Kona I'm a believer. It's the Best!!! This is a 1st class Peaberry Kona in every way. Don't be fooled by others of lower quality, Blue Horse is the real thing. Fresh, unsurpassed quality, great price, supper fast shipping and great company philosophy. Give Blue Horse Peaberry Kona a try, it really is one of the best Kona out, in my opinion. Thanks guys, A
341821341821B004989EGKA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0041342483200Great energy boost, no added sugarThese wonderful fruits are of a consistency somewhere between apple sauce and baby food. I found this particular flavor to be more "baby food" than some of the others, but I did enjoy the combination.

While these are more expensive (even in the store) than the little fruit cups, they have a perfect use ... Traveling! As any parent with a child knows, kids, spoons, and liquids are not a good mix. Spills happen! Since these include only fruit, juice, and natural flavorings, they make a nice snack without added sugar.

However, having recently made an extended trip by myself, I discovered they are wonderful in a different way. They make a great boost for the driver as well. And they aren't half bad, even when warm! I am a diabetic, so the 15 grams of carb are a perfect complement to my needs for a snack. I kept a couple next to me, and they were perfect when my blood sugar was dropping and the next rest stop was far away. My only problem using them this way involved getting the lids off!
341822341822B004989EGKA2F0EQ25LYMZKVUH0051321142400Awesome snack!My kids just absolutely LOVE these Buddy Fruits. They are easy to take along, don't bust open in the school bags. They are nourishing and healthy but also fun and a cool snack. They also don't make a mess with the lid and the thick pouch. Great product! Wish more stores would sell them in single packs and in boxes. We also buy some of the other flavors they come in.
341823341823B004989EGKAS44QEHT3KSPKslaphappy0041318464000mostly applesauceI've tried a few different brands, and got this during a special and combined the promo code with a subscribe and save rate, so it was cheaper than what another reviewer had posted was the cheapest price they saw it for at a Walmart (80 cents each.)

My 10 year old loves them, and I love them because he eats them. He loves fruit, but sometimes we run out of fresh fruit and I want to make sure he has some fruit each day. I am not thrilled with these - to me, all I taste is applesauce. But again, the point is that he is eating fruit. I would like to try other flavors, but it seems that most of these products, regardless of brand, taste simply like applesauce. Wish they would have more berries and more berry flavor. I realize this flavor is banana and apple, but other pouches claim to have berries, and I'm pretty sure there are probably 1 or 2 berries in the entire pkg.)
341824341824B004989EGKA3V8AYT3GHP3YURoraww0051298592000Delicious!For someone who dislikes fruits & veggies... I love these little pouches!

They taste great (apple banana is the best), they are no mess, and they are a quick and healthy snack!

Currently the grocery store sells them for much less in a four pack... just waiting for Amazon to match the price to set this on auto-deliver!
341825341825B001LJBJ5YA2QWL1KGBCZ1TKYehu D0051235865600Great ExperienceGot my Chocomint 2 days after i ordered it. Great customer service and delicious gum
341826341826B001EQ55E0A2R62KGNIF8DX6Moon Glough262751243555200perfect misoi can't get good miso (with no alcohol or other inexplicable ingredients) at my local stores, so i get this miso online. i have been using miso in my daily cooking for more than 30 years, and i like it pure and plain like this eden genmai organic miso. it's a flavorful and nourishing base for soups, and spreads. it's easy to digest. i recommend it highly.
341827341827B001EQ55E0A3TUSOAWOO2G0QK. Beal222641182729600A First Time Miso-MakerThis was the miso base I used for my first attempt at home-made miso soup. I used instant hon-dashi, tofu, and wakame as well. It wasn't bad. I'd certainly buy the base again, though my tastebuds prefer something a little saltier. (Keep in mind, though... I added a pinch of salt to my own bowl and it suited me just fine. And, the instant dashi could be making a difference as opposed to how the miso would have turned out had I made it by scratch.)

Give it a go. :) The best thing is that one package by itself would make several servings. 12.1oz container, using 1-2tbs of miso per pot... you get the idea.
341828341828B001EQ55E0ARVQ4KDMT0FS9Memento Mori9951306368000Great tasting base for soups, dips, and many other recipesThis organic miso tastes better than any of the other kinds I've tried and it's also less expensive than what the majority of local stores have. The package is resealable and comes with more servings than you could shake a chopstick at. Despite being made from only five natural ingredients (one of them being water) this miso has a very rich flavor. It is also low in carbs and high in Vitamin B12, Acidophilus, Zinc, Folate (Vitamin B9), Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Calcium, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B2. This soup goes great with rice, sushi, noodles, and adzuki beans (or any other type) but also is great for dips, sauces, etc. Numerous studies show the health benefits, such as improved immune response*, of eating fermented foods such as this.

* [...]
341829341829B001EQ55E0A2XCWZZW92FDH5R. Jones91051271203200Love itI absolutely love Genmai Miso - very flavorful, easy to use and lasts a long time in the fridge. Makes a great miso soup combined with soba noodles, tofu and some seaweed!
341846341846B001M1L3RUA55CAYQ7Y6CJGChristopher J. Shaker "cjshaker"0331269993600BoringWas disappointed in the lack of flavor from this coffee. Expected more intense flavor from a peaberry coffee.
341847341847B0078DQ8H6APP2UBCZY7SRCglutenfree family0051346803200I love this bread!!!I have been gluten free for almost 2 years. The hardest thing to give up is bread. I have a great bread recipe but its not for sandwiches. This is the first bread that I have tasted that is so good. Bake a couple at a time in the oven and enjoy white bread again. YUMMO!!!
341848341848B000LKZ8U6A1J6GGVZIGIH7CT. Drummond "Peace Monger"6641200268800Surprisingly tasty....especially for a GF product!This product was recommended to me by another Celiac and I was not disappointed. I did however, add sliced onions and green peppers, to make it more like the stroganoff I am used to. Very quick and easy!
341849341849B000LKZ8U6A3HM6NU94LDALKF. Minerva "Just T"3351211500800Tastes like regular pasta, easy and quick tooI've been trying to cut down on Gluten for a while now. I'm finding my kids' eczema rarely flairs when I feed them gluten free as well. I LOVE all of Mrs. Leeper's pasta products. My (italian) husband said he wouldn't have known there it was GF if I hadn't told him

This "kit" is SOoooo easy. When I really need to be quick, I open up a large can of the Hormel Beef, drain most of the gravey out, warm it in a skillet and follow the rest of the directions on the box. Talk about tasty!!! Even better if you add a dolop of sour cream when it's cooled a bit.

I would definately recommend this (and any of) Mrs. Leeper's product.
341850341850B000LKZ8U6A2HBYI24ZNIC8LMissy2241254096000gluten free stroganoff mealI had eaten this product before, but could not find in natural food stores. So when I saw it on Amazon, I decided to buy. This product is good, but a little to salty. If you have leftover & reheat, it can become mushy.

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