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341941341941B000ESJR20A2PRASPRTXU6EVS. Stutzman111241278288000Great compared to most (other instant coffees)I won't bore you with what has already been said. This instant coffee is a pleasure to drink in comparsion with most instant or even regular drip coffees. It is smooth and creamy even if a little bland looking to the eye. Even the aftertaste is pleasant as it lingers in your mouth for quiet a while. I find that I have to use a double portion of the prescribed teaspoon of instant coffee to achieve a decent taste per cup. The price is reasonable and the taste good but let me share my reluctance.

My only reluctance about this instant coffee is simply because I am a coffee snob. Starbucks VIA instant coffee is far better tasting instant with its only drawback being about $1 per cup. With a double portion of Mount Hagen instant coffee the price is about $0.25 a cup ($46 Amazon cost / 6 packs / 30 double servings per pack = ~$0.25) Furthermore, I wouldn't trade in my regular drip, french press, or chemex coffees for this instant as they are incomparable and an unfair comparsion.

Now why would I dare to compare this instant to other ground coffees? Simply because other reviewers have posted saying Mount Hagen is as good as regular. Unless you're drinking Folgers, Maxwell House, or some other coffee made with ground tires and run through an old shoe, no, this instant is not as good. I would reach for a good coffee of drip coffee over this coffee any day of the week.

But for what this instant is and the price, it is excellent. If you keep in mind that sometimes you only need one cup of coffee at night or on the go, you simply cannot lose with Mount Hagen's instant coffee. Again, it has an fantastic taste (for an instant) and won't break the bank. But don't expect this instant to knock your socks off either.
341942341942B000ESJR20A1B6SIX2I161O9ringo7751229299200Great for Iced Coffee tooI'm also a grind-your-own bean type, and I adore this coffee.

In addition to the other praises heaped above, I would also point out that it dissolves REALLY well, and is therefore excellent for iced - I put a couple of heaping table spoons in a quart jar (I like it strong), add about a half-cup of hot water, and then top off with cold water, milk, and agave nectar. Minimal fuss, and no energy wasted to heat water just to cool it down again.

For a while I was religiously consuming a (12-ounce/three dollar!) bottle of organic flavored iced coffee every morning. When I realized I could recreate the same beverage for about thirty cents using my own organic spices, sweetener, and milk the cost for a jar of this stuff suddenly didn't seem so unreasonable.
341943341943B000ESJR20A1XXFNV124P2TVM. Kline5551217030400The Best instant coffee there is!This coffee is the best instant coffee we have ever had and it is organic yet so it is also the healthiest coffee you can buy. My husband only drinks this coffee, he had put away the coffee make altogether.
341944341944B000ESJR20A3NNZZFQXA2OLMJeff7841211673600Smooth instant coffeeA co-worker introduced me to Mount Hagen instant coffee. The flavor is as close to brewed coffee as I have ever tasted in an instant product. It doesn't have that initial bitterness that causes one to wince at the first sip. But this coffee is hard to find in bricks and mortar stores, so I was glad to find it on Amazon.Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, 3.53-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)
341945341945B000ESJR20A2Y6JCC2O3T67VDave Graham4451327449600From burr grinder/french press coffee snob to instant - I'm a convert!Over the years I had become a coffee snob. Went from ground, to organic ground, to organic whole bean with blade grinder, to organic whole bean with burr grinder. Went from paper filter to gold filter to french press.

Then about a year ago I had my cholesterol tested - ouch. I decided to skip the statin and change my diet. Coffee is part of that equation. Here's a quote from the Harvard School of Public Health:
"Coffee contains a substance called cafestol that is a potent stimulator of LDL cholesterol levels. Cafestol is found in the oily fraction of coffee, and when you brew coffee with a paper filter, the cafestol gets left behind in the filter. Other methods of coffee preparation, such as the boiled coffee common in Scandinavian countries, French press coffee, or Turkish coffee, are much higher in cafestol. So for people who have high cholesterol levels or who want to prevent having high cholesterol levels, it is better to choose paper filtered coffee or instant coffee..."

So, I thought I'd give this a try (I didn't want to give up the 'organic' snobbery...). I'm so glad I did. This coffee is wonderful. Can I tell the difference with fresh brewed? Certainly. But I'd go as far to say I *prefer* this. It has a 'hot chocolate-like smoothness' that is really appealing. And it's a snap to make.

Btw, a year later my cholesterol is down within normal limits too - all diet changes. I'll drink to that!
341946341946B000ESJR20A3395Z673HTP91C. McHugh4451269216000Best coffee ever.I actually prefer this coffee over almost all brewed fresh coffee. There are a few exceptions when I would be out for brunch and would have an amazingly tasty cup of coffee that beat Mount Hagen's. I keep a jar of this at work and can make a truly delicious cup of coffee on demand with the electric tea kettle rather than running out to get a $2-3 cup elsewhere. I guess the trick with their coffee is in brewing really good coffee and freeze drying it. Simple concept, but others have failed to make any instant that is even in the same league. I probably get 30 normal coffee mug cups of coffee out of a jar. They say 60, but that's 8oz. cups, and maybe not a strong as I would like. So by that measure, it costs me about 25¢ a cup. If you're trying to save money, I don't know how you could do better.
341947341947B000ESJR20A204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.3351312502400As Good As BrewedI read the reviews here and bought a jaw of this at my local grocery. It was very good and I used it on occasions when I ran out of the real stuff or was in a hurry. Lately, I have gotten stale coffee beans from the last 2 really reputable roasters I use so, being ticked off, I decided to play with Mt Hagen's a bit further. I always grind my own beans.

Well, I'm here to tell you I have gotten it so that it tastes as good, AND USUALLY BETTER, than any coffee I have tasted or made!!!........I'm serious!! I use the Presto 12 cup percolator , and when the beans are fresh, it makes the best coffee I have ever made ( I have done the French Press, cold brewed, one cup Melitto brewed and just about every thing in between).....mainly, I think, because it has that controlled 195 temperature setting, and does not just flush the grounds with boiling water (nasty!) as most other makers do.

That could be the answer to why I now have Mt Hagen tasting so awesome (I do not foresee buying coffee beans in the near future!). Unfortunately, even Mt Hagen recommends using 'boiling water' when you mix their java but I used the water that was heated to just 195 degrees in my Presto (took the percolator stem out, of course....all you do is put the water in, plug it in, and then "PRESTO"...pun intended...perfect 195 degree water!). When I started mixing it this way, it has come out tasting so smooooooooooooth, medium bodied, fresh and downright delicious! Never, ever any aftertaste!!! Granted, it is not as full bodied as a "real" cup of coffee....for this reason, I am sure I will, from time to time, venture back to the real stuff.

One other thing....this is strong, rich coffee and I noticed when I put too much instant in the cup, it can be "off" and a tad bit bitter. But, if you use spring or filtered water, get the temperature around 195 to 205 degrees (just off the boil for about 20 to 30 seconds), USE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF COFFEE, I am sure you will have yourself one fine cup of a very cheap price, not to mention mucho convenience!

An excellent side note: freeze dried preserves all the nutritional value of the coffee, and this is great news because recent studies have shown coffee to be healthful in so many areas....especially as an antioxidant and brain food.
341948341948B000ESJR20A1N5XKT876V1CAMary Fiore "fussie annie"3351262822400Best organic instantI have alot of allergies to chemicals and additives.This coffee is wonderful.All pure.Used it for years
341949341949B000ESJR20A1BV82HMJ6OQM7L. Rockhold "KeikoasMom"3351258934400The Only Organic Instant?I usually drink whole-bean, dark roast organic free-trade coffee, from companies who support their growers and prevent destruction of the habitat in which the coffee is grown. But as others have said, sometimes you are in a hurry, or travelling....I have been appalled at some of the coffees I have found in the complimentary coffee baskets in some hotels and resorts. No better than gas station coffee!
Mount Hagen is organic and has good flavor for instant.
You might want to know that most instant coffee is a result from the BIG corporate coffee company's scrape and burn tactics in the rainforest regions, they plant as much coffee as they can, and it is the lowest grade arabica.
This is my choice for instant coffee in a coffee emergency (camping, treavelling or having to dash) and not having to compromise taste or my integrity!
341950341950B000ESJR20A124ECI7VJQER8Barton D. Mather3351253836800No HeadacheI like coffee strong and with the freeze dried Hagen I can easily vary the strength. Also unlike other coffee I have used there is no headache for me if I do not drink coffee one day.
341951341951B000ESJR20A10317LUD1C1VJCSN3351252713600Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, 3.53-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)As an instant coffee, this is the best (organic or not) out there. It's not quite as good as a probably brewed coffee but it's a good substitute when convenience is more important. The coffee tastes rich and smooth and doesn't have an overly acidic or bitter aftertaste. Price is steep but it's hard to switch back after trying this. Amazon has the best price with subscribe and save because most stores sell them for $8.99/each.
341952341952B000ESJR20A361YEWPNIZKMNBK3351252713600GREAT TASTE!This is the best instant coffee I've ever tried. The aroma is rich and pure with a little caramelized flavor, no sour muddy tastes. I don't think it's pricey compare to other products and the quality I get. Absolutely worth every penny. The best drink to wake you up every morning! Don't hesitate, just try it!
341953341953B000ESJR20A2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke3351246233600Excellent Instant!I finally tried this instant coffee and have to admit it's worth the higher price.
It dissolves easily, isn't harsh, acidic or oily like some cheaper coffees can be.
It tastes very good.
In my opinion, it's almost as good as brewed coffee.

I like to keep instant on hand for when I want a cup, but don't want to make an entire pot of coffee. This brand is perfect for that.
341954341954B000ESJR20ASWQHCBXTTMKRShopsLot3351238716800Impressive for Instant!I am fairly picky about coffee taste as I take mine either black or with just some skim milk. I was actually fairly impressed with this instant coffee. Please keep in mind that this is instant coffee, but the taste is good and fairly rich roast with a touch of a kinda smokey flavor to it.

I was surprised as the instant coffee bits look light colored but once mixed up, I got a nice deep coffee with decent flavor. I will keep these handy for quick pick me ups and will be nice for making iced coffee in the warmer spring/summer days. Just add enough hot water to disolve the coffee and ice water or milk to fill. Very nice.
341955341955B000ESJR20A1HBUSMWQV9SU7Amina2251329264000Love this coffeeNever going back to coffee brewer again. This is SOOO easy to make, melts easily in hot AND cold water, and tastes delicious! Highly recommend for student or whoever that need a quick cup of coffee time to time :D
341956341956B000ESJR20A18QP8A9YI1ZXURStempr2251308614400Outstanding! Consistent cup of coffee. My favorite.This coffee will make you smile each time you take your first sip. It is a favorite over all instants and most brewed coffees. It is smooth, rich, and presents no after-taste with just the right amount of caffeine. It provides a lift to get the creative spirit and physical energies flowing. The moment my box of six bottles arrived I felt like a child on Christmas morning.
I do not spend money frivolously and this is no exception. The quality of this coffee, along with the low per cup cost, is so outstanding that it puts this purchase in the "can't go wrong" bargain class. Four of the six bottles will be gifts when visiting friends and relatives this summer, like a fine bottle of wine but providing many more tasteful moments for weeks to come.
341957341957B000ESJR20A13RLPQH1MWZNVBobbi E2251273104000Hands down---This is the BEST instant coffee you will ever drink! No Acid kick back, smooth, creamy, FLAVOR!!!!!!!This "Instant Coffee" tastes like the best Brew. It's Organic! It's Smooth! It's got FLAVOR!!!!!!!! No acid kick back. Tried all the others and this one is "IT" Thankyou Mount Hagen.
341958341958B000ESJR20A23I02JZOWYJOMBJS2241266883200My wife loves the stuff!Though I think that this product is a bit expensive for instant coffee form Germany (or anywhere else), my wife loves the stuff. It is pretty good and buying it on-line and by a case of six makes the cost about $1.00 a bottle less than at Whole Foods.
341959341959B000ESJR20A2ZXDE5XN4HW5OHC Messenger2251263686400The Most Delicious Instant Organic Coffee to Be FoundI love coffee but have developed somewhat of an intolerance to caffeine. Although caffeinated, I am able to drink one cup of this most tasty coffee every morning - hooray! I like the caffeine energy, prefer organic, and this item fits the ticket to a T.
341960341960B000ESJR20A3EV7FFO4C5D33JRF2251259020800Love This Coffee!I've been drinking this organic, instant coffee for a couple of years now. I am spoiled! I detest the acid after-taste of most coffees. I love the smooth, full taste of Mount Hagen -- and there's no bitter acid after-taste. I used to keep a small container of it in my purse for when I went to restaurants, so I'd have my own and not have to drink the bitter coffee I usually find outside my home. Now Mount Hagen even makes individual packs good for a single cup (or glass)! It's great hot, warm, room temperature and cold. No kidding. And it dissolves immediately even in cold water. Thanks Mount Hagen!
341961341961B000ESJR20A11OQUV1ZI2MT2Soccer Mom2251242691200Great Taste for Instant CoffeeFor instant coffee I think this brand tastes better than most conventional store brands, and I like the fact that it is organic, too.
341962341962B000ESJR20A2LKAKZW2HSSHZM. Thebo2251216598400Excellent CoffeeInstant coffee- I know you are thinking it must really be nasty, but Mount Hagen is truly an excellent cup of coffee. It is better than most pre-ground coffee, and I doubt I will ever find another instant that is even close to being this good.
341963341963B000ESJR20A2CHLHRXQQUNOXPossibility1151346630400Stellar productI have been drinking coffee for a long time. Years ago, I tried pretty much all the instant coffee brands available in the main stream stores. I didn't care for any of them. My husband is a serious coffee lover and would buy a variety of organic coffees: he would grind the beans in the morning, smell their rich aroma and make himself a cup of coffee. I tried all the brands he bought and was always dissatisfied with the slight bitterness that always lingered. He tried to reduce the amount of beans per cup all the way down to 11 grams. And still, I could taste that slight bitterness that I didn't care for.

Eventually, I stopped drinking coffee altogether and switched to non caffeinated coffee substitutes made of roasted barley and chicory.

Then we went on vacation this summer and my husband bought a jar of Mount Hagen Instant Coffee for convenience in a health food store. It was nothing short of a revelation. It was smooth, tasty and had none of the bitterness I have come to associate with coffee. I drink mine with raw milk and a little sugar and absolutely love it. It also dissolves easily in cold water if you like ice coffee. It is extremely convenient when travelling. As it is, my husband and I like it so much that he has decided to stop buying any other kind of coffee.

I seriously doubt you can make 60 cups out of one jar and at $11.99/jar in the health food stores, it is quite pricey. However, at $8.25/jar at Amazon if you buy the pack of 6, it is more than affordable if you value your coffee. And of course, it is organic coffee and it is the only brand of organic instant coffee available in the U.S. This brand also comes in a decaffeinated variety.
341964341964B000ESJR20A20OPVV49VJVEKCathy1141344816000Not your average instant coffee.This is a huge step above other off the shelf brands. I like to mix a few teaspoons in warm water to dissolve, then add a few ice cubes. While the coffee is cooling, I'll blend a vanilla protein shake. When both are done, pour together with shake and wha-la... protein latte shake with solid coffee taste.

The 6 pack ships well and is always packaged with plenty of bubble wrap. I've been using this for about a year and still enjoy the flavor.
341965341965B000ESJR20A2211XUAO701D7Baroke1151342656000Delicious - changed the way I drink coffeeI cannot say enough good things about this coffee. I was reluctant to switch because of the price, but with Subscribe and Save it comes out to just over $7/jar, which isn't terrible. I'm now so spoiled that I can't go back to cheaper brands. It has a rich, complex taste that is special for any coffee, not just instant. Plus it's so easy to make iced coffee or "lattes" by simply using milk instead of water. I now prefer the iced "lattes" I make with Mount Hagen to the $4 ones at the coffee shop, so in the end I might actually save money.

Cons: The one teaspoon per cup suggestion is a joke. I need at least two teaspoons to get that delicious rich taste and to actually wake up. That means there's more like 30 servings per jar, not 60. Also, I wish it came in bigger jars. These jars are tiny and I think we go through one a week. I feel bad throwing away so many nice glass jars but haven't figured out a way to re-use them.

Overall, I can't imagine going back to regular coffee, not just because of the convenience but also because of the taste.
341966341966B000ESJR20A3AT820MD2ON6CMichelle Spina1131340236800OK cofffeeReally can't understand why anyone would give this 5 stars as it's just O K coffee. Nothing at all special.
341967341967B000ESJR20A1UX3HA54AH2S7RonDon1151338508800Best Instant Organic CoffeeI've tried all the other instant coffees in Health Food Stores and Mount Hagen Organic is the best.
When I serve guests Mount Hagen their comments are very favorable. One friend, who dislikes all instant coffees, after serving them a cup of Mount Hagen, without telling them what I was serving, thought it was one of the best cups of coffee they ever had.
The best feature of Mount Hagen is it is Organic as well as being good tasting.
341968341968B000ESJR20A1WMKFFNYFH0B5Bronx Boy "BronxBoy"1141337644800Better than BrewedI prefer Mt. Hagen instant coffee to brewed coffees. It's also organic. Not sure if it's Fair Trade
341969341969B000ESJR20AMLP22DK8Z7JQAnn K Lee1141329868800all except the packagingExcellent coffee. With warmed milk tastes just like a very good Latte. Much better than Starbucks.
I have them deliver me a case every three months, a significant savings from retail and never have to fuss with a coffee maker again.
However at my first delivery I found one jar broken and the box awash in coffee bits. They cushioned the jars around but not above and below. Major bummer. Do better or I'll have to cancel my standing order.
341970341970B000ESJR20A3LLEX1R9IXQSODF "DF"1151329696000organic instant coffeeThis organic instant coffee has a rich enough taste, is good for camping and I put some in an emergency stash of suppplies. I intend to put some jars into gift baskets. I got this in the first place, because k cups are starting to be an environmental problem, and I wanted a quick morning cup of joe without causing myself guilt. This will do in some instances.

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