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342052342052B000EQX5SEA11MQT0T0EQ9M3Fight the Good Fight1151318464000GMO Free --- not like Barbara's and other so called natural brands!Well, cheese puffs are not my idea of a health food, but they are delicious, and my family sometimes snacks on these. The best thing to do if you have a family member addicted to them is to make sure that at least you are not getting GMO's and pesticides. We used to get the Little Bear brand in New York and they tasted fine. Here in VA I only found the Barbara's Bakery brand at my local natural foods co-op. They taste fine too but imagine my horror when I found out that Barbara's does not use organic, GMO-free, corn! The Cornucopia Institute did an expose on "natural cereals" and found GMO's and pesticide residues in many "natural brands." They also found that often times the better quality USDA certified organic brands were actually cheaper. See their "Cereal Crimes report". The same with snacks, stick to Little Bear or another organic brand for your cheese puffs!
342053342053B000EQX5SEA106ZCP7RSXMRULil MamaKitty "lilbit565"1151184457600Excellent healthy alternative snack!Most kids love cheese puffs (OK, even I love them!), but the store brands are full of partially hydrogenated oil, monosodium glutamate, and other health horrors! We decided to try these when they were on sale and I'm so glad that we did! With super-saver shipping, it was not only convenient but cheaper than buying the bad stuff in the grocery store! We blew threw a case in no time and had to reorder. The texture is light and crispy, has a good natural cheese flavor, and our fingers were not full of orange gunk after eating them! Keep these on hand for your kids to munch on after school, they will never miss the old junk, and you will feel good knowing that you are serving a healthier snack food.
342054342054B000EQX5SEA38PFI5WX644TTL. Cassity "cool games person"0051336176000A family favorite....!!!My kids gobbled these down as soon as these arrived from I was lucky to eat even one full bag alone. I will definitely reorder again.
342055342055B000YF7CSEA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims3341267488000Great Flour-But-waaay too expensiveYou can't make gluten-free cupcakes, doughnuts or beignets without this: you need it for "loft". However, with shipping, this price is ridiculous. This brand is truly gluten-free, and normally, it's much cheaper.

It's $5.00 at my local health food store. (And they're expensive!!)
342056342056B000FD78M0A2ZUAJMWPRTEF3Indy0041207353600Great on Salads and Past....Does not make me vomit in the leastWe stumbled upon this in Vienna initially. Great as a side embellishment to any dish. Rich in flavor and very hard to find here in America. Great on Salad or in sauces for an added rich tomato flavor. Add paprika if you like spicy dishes. Also great on its own in pasta.
342057342057B002ANE4CKA2HCKE75MA8DDSamazon mom 20110051316476800Great product and nice to not have to buy at the store!Our cat loves Science Diet Culinary Creations. We were so excited to find this online. Now, I don't have to drive to the pet store and stock up on heavy cans of cat food every month. It arrived at our door just as described!
342058342058B008EQA2XWA1U34JEFRFJMGRK. Raghunathan0051347321600Best Tea you can findWe (my wife and I) have been to (stayed at) Glenburn Tea Estate and it was there that we discovered the magic of darjeeling tea. The tea featured here is exactly the same as what you can buy at the tea estate. It has a mild flavor (compared to first/second flush) and is not highly colored. It has an amazing taste. The right way for the novice is to boil the water and then once the water is boiled, then add the tea leaves. (Once tea leaves are added, the water should not boil) If amazon has six stars that is what I will give for both the seller and the product.

We have also tasted the first and the second flush which have increase after taste and darker/stronger.

A side note for people planning on ecotourism. you should visit the Glenburn Tea Estate ([...]). It was one of the most really romantic places to visit.
342059342059B0012BUR8QA2B73MUGLPB65OBart J. Schuck0051318377600Great herbal teaDo you love the taste of licorice? If so, this tea is for you. I used to be able to buy it from retail grocery stores but they no longer carry it. It turns out that buying this online is about half the price of retail, so I win both ways (price & availability). I do not add sugar, milk or anything else to this tea. It is wonderful all by itself. However, just one bit of advice: Do NOT remove the bag after brewing. The tea is so mild, that I leave it in the cup the whole time I am drinking the tea.
342060342060B0012BUR8QAORPWPLDNI1J0SueB0051318118400Stash Meyer Lemon TeaStash tea's are a quality tea. Meyer Lemon makes a wonderful iced tea. Contains Lemongrass, orange peel, and Meyer Lemon oil, so there is no need to add fresh lemon to the iced tea. This herbal tea is also caffeine free.
Herbal Tea-Meyer Lemon - 20 - Bag
342031342031B003XUHHLEAEKN15YVV8GC0R.C.V.0051331683200Quick, easy, yummy!This soup is fantastic! I typically have long days, going from school to work, and I usually can't bring a meal that requires a refrigerator. I find this meal to be a great solution. The cheese tortellini is very enjoyable (though not particularly cheesey in flavor) and the tomato soup part is spectcularly tasty and exactly what you would hope a tomato soup would be! Yes, (shocker!!!) it is soupy... because it is soup! If you're looking for more of a pasta type meal, they also have a great tomato basil penne which still meets my long hours, no frige criteria. But as far as soup goes, you can't do much better. I like to pair it with half a piece of pita, which I break up into small pieces I throw in as I eat it. The two combined make a superb lunch at only 255 calories (180 from the entire cup of soup)!! Be warned if you're watching your sodium; the whole cup is 32% of your daily intake, but as far as soups usually go it isn't that bad! Enjoy!
342032342032B003XUHHLEA3SZ6OWF3NNLWKK. OBrien "LazyBoZo"0041327190400Good sauce, hard to make anything but floppy pasta in a soup like thisThe sauce is really this product's strong suit. The "tortellini" were just way too soggy and not particularly cheesy. To be fair, what can you expect out of pasta in one of these ready to eat type meals?? Those poor tortellini have to sit in wet soup until you decide to stick it in the microwave.

This would almost make for a better tomato/vegetable soup if not for the tortellini.

Still, I'll' give it four stars for that tasty sauce.
342033342033B003XUHHLEA3QTX2K5HAXUSCLogisti0051320537600Don't Believe the Anti-HypeI was a bit dismayed to see how low this soup was rated on Amazon after I'd just enjoyed a bowl of it. Let's go over some of the one-star reviews to address the complaints:

1) Some people didn't realize this was soup, or thought somehow it would not be very soup-y. I suppose if you saw this product in a vacuum you might get confused but on a shelf or web page next to other similarly packaged products it should be very clear this IS in fact SOUP. It is a light tomato broth with about 6 tortellini in it.

2) Some people said the tortellini were rubbery, while others said they are slippery. Again, I suspect the problem is people who are used to having tortellini in a sauce and not in a soup. My wife and mother-in-law make a similar soup, homemade from scratch some weekends, and I can assure you there is absolutely nothing strange about how the tortellini in this soup feel or taste.

3) Some people complained the tomato broth was "salty" while others said it was "tasteless". Obviously it can't be both of those things. Sometimes I get the sense that people just like to complain when something doesn't exactly match their unreasonable expectations.

Overall I found this soup, as a lunch, just barely manages to fill me up, which is amazing since it's something like 90 calories. It also has surprising flavor considering less than 20% of the USDA recommended sodium intake. For $2/meal that you can bring to work, leave in your desk, doesn't neet to be refrigerated, can be heated in and eaten out of the can, isn't heavily salted, isn't full of empty calories, and yet tastes good and leaves you feeling reasonably full, I don't think you can find a better option.
342034342034B003XUHHLEAG1JWQCP2UKI7KGS1211293494400Image revamped, title still wrontThe image provided for this item looks really good, doesn't it?
Well, forget about it because if you order you will receive something completely different.

What you get is a microwavable "bowl" of salty tomato soup with 6 tortellini in it.

The product title says nothing about soup, and certainly the image is not soup, but that's what arrives, so be warned. Funny thing: if you go to Healthy Choice website and enter "Healthy Choice All Natural Cheese Tortellini," you get the same image offered here.
Makes me wonder if there really is such a product (and it might be very good). Maybe you only get this awful substitute when you order from Amazon

UPDATE. Amazon corrected the image but the incorrect item title remains. There is, in fact, a product by Healthy Choice called "Healthy Choice All Natural Cheese Tortellini" and it is a 14oz meal of tortellini and vegetables. The image matched to this title, and the item you will receive if you order, is tortellini soup and a really poor one because it is just weak tomato soup with only SIX, yes only 6 tortellini.

This is a great example of Amazon's increasingly ineffectual management of their site.
342035342035B003XUHHLEA308G0QAGNEOEBmikonig2411294704000yuckI bought this thinking it would be yummy cheesy goodness on a cold winter's day. It was not. It was more soupy than I thought it would be, thinking it would be more pasta like- and the tortellini was absolutely disgusting. The shells were rubbery with a weird taste (consistency SQUID) and I didn't ever taste any cheese. If that was supposed to be cheese in there, someone has some explaining to do. Obviously, I was pretty disappointed. More so for the rest of the day as well, because I couldn't get the taste of the rubber noodles and fake cheese out of my mouth. All day I kept thinking about it and it just kept making me feel sick. I will NEVER buy this product again.
342036342036B003XUHHLEA18V4PUO8SJZT3A. Gift For You "Hearts"0111331769600This Needs DiscontinuedThis was probably the WORST soup I've ever had. I made it earlier today thinking it couldn't be that bad. Who can mess up tortellini? Well I ate one bite and just couldn't do the rest. Gag. The tomato base is DISGUSTING! The 4 tortellini are sooo gross. Seriously whoever let this be released has no taste buds whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
342037342037B003XUHHLEA1VN0WIC0TR0I1HoorayForBoots0111315699200Nasty.This soup is disgusting, plain and simple. It tastes synthetic and chemically. The broth is bizarre. The tortellini (of which there are 5, and supposedly that's TWO servings) are mushy and utterly bland. The only veggies in there are stewed tomatoes and some onion pieces, at least that I could find. Don't waste your time or your money. Gross.
342038342038B003XUHHLEA2ECHKYIQIV8TATC0111296432000AwfulIf I could give this soup a zero, I would. It is so gross that it is inedible. The watery, bland, tomato "soup" part has a very artifical, almost chemical taste to it. The "tortellini" (which insults tortellini everywhere) is slippery and leaves an aftertaste of vomit. Seriously- VOMIT. I was able to down one of them before throwing the rest out. Who taste-tested this soup before they released it? I will NOT EVER buy this again.
342039342039B0064UD6K6A107JX0JQRQUUPKevin J. Malantic0051346889600Dried mango goodness, sweetness in a sealed bag.There are few things grander than a San Miguel beer, chicharones with some datu puti, followed by a bag of dried mangoes. Your got your bitter, your sour, your salty then your sweet. It engulfs the senses and tickles your taste buds. These dried mangoes are a treat from my not-so-distant youth and I wholly approve them. They are fantastic.

Also, there's nothing better than finding a home-sick Filipino, then seeing the light shine in their eyes when you hand them a bag or two of these. Give them a San Miguel and you've got a best friend for life.. or at least until they go back to the Phils.

Highly recommended treat!
342040342040B0078DQGDMA2WI6EP5VE8E9HC. Hall0111344038400Save your moneyThis is one of the worse items I have purchased from Amazon. It was way over priced for the size of the 1 box I received and it was 3/4 filled with broken little pieces. I know I take a chance when I order crackers on-line...Well I learned my lesson...Never again. Save your money and try to go to a store and buy crackers so maybe your chances are that you will receive a box of whole crackers and not a box of pieces.
342041342041B000SSTZVYA34UL1J19X3QGGK271151334620800YES!this is awesome! it tastes like cheetos but a little sweeter, and lighter too. i will definately be ordring more!
342042342042B000SSTZVYA2825X4LG7SMTQDavid Van Brink "Consumer"1151329177600J-cheetosI'm a cheese puff junkie. Also pirate's booty and all like that. These "CHEESE KARL FLAVOR" snacks are awesome. Slightly lighter and sweeter tasting than cheetos but in a very, very, very good way. There's an edge, a hint, of soy and fish flavor and I know it sounds wrong, so wrong, but it all works. I say eat 'em.
342043342043B000SSTZVYA2K4FDAL3OD516VLM1231151327276800Meiji Karl Corn Puff Snack - Cheese = Yum!I received a couple of bags of these cheese puffs last week and love it! This brand is definitely tastier than Cheetos with a lighter, cleaner taste and as noted by the other reviewer, no sticky cheese puff residue. I really enjoyed it and will be ordering more. :)
342044342044B000SSTZVYA3NJS1Y0ZM8148Melissa B.1151313539200Delicious and LightThese are not as heavy sitting on your stomach as cheetos. I tried them several years back at Animazement and was hooked. They are light fluffy puffs of corn coated in a light layer of cheese (natural colored.) Not only do these not coat your hand and mouth with orange color, they are light on an uneasy stomach and the flavor is amazing. Very well worth the purchase.
342045342045B000SSTZVYA1F97GAL3LVO9HA. Gift For You "Rainey D"0051329350400Favorite Chips EVER!I grew up on these when I lived overseas. It was difficult to get them stateside and for many yrs only lived off a memory. I recently happened on them at a local Asian grocer and OMG still as delicious as I remember! These are by far my FAVORITE chips ever - and i dont say that lightly! wished they were carried in more places.... MUST TRY FOR THE CHEESE PUFF LOVERS!
342046342046B002BU483WA2I26662DA793VJulie M. Welch0051276387200Hit With The KidsWe've tried other fruit-flavored xylitol gums, cuz my kids don't like mint.... This one wins the flavor prize.
342047342047B002BU483WA3JQ6OLYD63KBJ. McElheny "razztaz"0051272067200Perfect for Feingold ChildLove the no artificial stuff and no preservatives for the kids. My son loves gum but he cannot have the typical grocery store kind.
342048342048B002BU483WA3AXA0D3NBB3I1Katipu0021261180800katipuI purchased Spry gum because it is sugarfree and I heard the xylitol is good to whitten your teeth. It does not taste like much... and the little flavor it has does not last long in your mouth.
342049342049B001KWXDQ0AREOHWLWVX0A8John Erikson0121251936000Tastes good at first but then you'll want to avoid it.The texture of the fudge is not like any fudge that I have tasted before. It's somewhat like a tootsie roll but with more chocolate. You might be able to finish the first pack but I doubt you'll be able finish all three. You probably will have to give it away.
342050342050B005GXEULGA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0051344643200Delicious and healthier alternative to other fried chips.Since these are fried in oil, they are by no means a health food, especially if you are focused on calories. That said though, they are an excellent snack and a much healthier alternative to potato chips or corn chips.

The main thing that surprised me about these chips is how good they taste. To me, they taste just as good, and are just as fulfilling, as the other salty crunchy snacks that I tend to munch on in the evenings. I enjoy them plain out of the bag, and also find that they are good with salsa or dip.

I wish the price was a little lower on these, but otherwise I think they are great. I highly recommend that you try them.
342051342051B000EQX5SEA19M7MUEZ2WD29Jenn Vermeulen "sweetmama"2251163030400Delicious!These taste SO much better than the mainstream brand. Now that we've been eating these, we've lost any taste for the popular brands. The Lite version, however, is not so nice. AND, they're gluten free so I can feed them to my son with celiac without worry. I'm glad Amazon will be carrying these in bulk because we eat them by the bag!

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