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342241342241B000SWVPV8A22D15JXGR8G9XS. Page1141317859200Tasty SaltThis salt is a little expensive but is healthy and tasty. I try not to eat normal table salt, but use sea salt instead. I do recommend this product.
342242342242B000SWVPV8A3AU7YECZIBS81Blackbird "Kat"1151301875200Amazing flavor!I purchased Celtic Sea Salt on the recommendation of Isabel De Los Rios, author of the Diet Solutions Program. I have been using this coarse ground as well as the Celtic Gray Sea Salt for about 7 weeks now, and I must say that I really enjoy it. I had pretty much eliminated salt from my diet before this but this is HEALTHY salt. It's great to not have to have bland food anymore. I purchased a wonderful salt pig from Fox Run to hold this salt, as it needs to breathe. Try this salt - you won't be disappointed.
342243342243B000SWVPV8A1G65XP8VHE7Y4Judy Leffler0011339891200Not coarseI bought this with the intention of using it with a salt mill. Don't bother, it's too fine to grind. It is suppose to be coarse and it certainly is not at all. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
342244342244B000SWVPV8AV1PWBBGRCYWYTea0051331078400How can salt taste so GOOD?Absolutely the tastiest salt ever! My doctor recommended it for my adrenal fatigue. I made a salad for my sister and salted it with this, and she wanted some too. YES, you can taste the difference!
342245342245B000SWVPV8A3IWO1KYMRQWMITaylor Grandberg0051330041600Love this salt, you can taste the differenceI'm on a health kick and knew about the fact that regular iodized salt is just plain not good for you. Celtic sea salt is moist and grey. Not every salt mill will grind it, but if you look you can find what you need or just sprinkle the course grains in your food or soups. Either way, I'm glad to know I'm getting trace minerals with my salt instead of eating bleached and deodorized and ultra=processed stuff with fillers in it.

I will continue to use a natural salt for my needs and celtic sea salt does not disappoint. I would buy it again, although I'm interested to try other kinds of salt out there like Himalayan pink salt. I heard Redmond 'Real Salt' does not have as many minerals as these other two brands do.
342246342246B000SWVPV8A33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0041326672000does something for your health NO other salt can doA couple of years ago I tried a very strict alkalizing cleanse program to try to reboot my health. There was a VERY restricted list of things I could eat and drink including restricting salt, but two forms of were allowed; dulse which is not salt, and small quantities of Celtic salt. Why?

Apparently Celtic salt is alkalizing where other salts are not. The human body has become more acidic in Ph over the decades because of diet. In general the healthier, more alkaline choices of whole grains, fruits and vegetables would support proper/healthy Ph but many people do not follow the best eating guidelines including myself. Little steps like using Celtic salt are easy for me to follow to gain small advantages.

This salt also tastes great. Not sharp like regular iodized table salt. Great for table use, cooking, baking and anywhere you'd normally use any kind if salt. Choose fine ground instead though unless you have a salt grinder.

Pleased with this product and highly recommended.
342247342247B000SWVPV8ATSAMM3YL4IU1K. Jones0051321488000Miracle Salt is What it Should be Called!Did you know that if you wake up in the middle of the night to..., you know... p that that's a sign of a mineral disfunction? Well I just found that out, and took the advice to take a little bit of this salt right before going to bed (I take like a quarter tea spoon with some cranberry pills), and do you know that I do not wake up AT ALL all night long!!! It's like a miracle happened. I have not slept through an entire night in, well, a few years! but now this Celtic Sea salt in take before bed is doing the trick! A miracle I tell ya! A miracle! and I love this salt ta boot! I put it on just about everything.
342248342248B000SWVPV8A2H4KG68XK6F47DAT "Steinway's Mom"3551250812800Celtic Sea Salt Rawks!I bought this to do the Master Cleanse 'salt water flush'. I had to put 2 tsp in 4 cups of water and drink it. But it tasted kind of like brother.

This salt has a really great flavor and it's all natural and has minerals and stuff. I'm definitely a convert!
342249342249B000SWVPV8A30LWKHG50WTM9Duped in FL "Duped"4731314057600To say this has minerals and is therefore healthy is misleading and deceptive - this is SALT.While this is an unprocessed, and good tasting salt, to say that it contains minerals and is good for you is simply misleading. The amounts present in the salt are so low as to be negligible. Lets take a look at the actual mineral content of a few minerals:

The potassium content in one serving (1/4 tsp) is 2mg. This is absolutely nothing and equates to less then 0.1% of your daily value. Its the same deal with all the other minerals. Not enough to make any difference whatsoever. Its just like saying my tap water from the faucet contains minerals.

This salt doesn't even contain enough iodine to put on the label and isnt nutritionally relevant - they even admit that on the package. I would actually say that regular iodized table salt is more nutritious because it contains 40% or more of your daily value for iodine. Yet people are even claiming it can prevent radiation!? This is absolutely ridiculous and contains nowhere near the amount of minerals to do anything at all. On their website they like to show that bar graph that shows its superior mineral content. We are dealing with parts per MILLION, folks.

It really misleads people when they think they can load up on this salt and they think they are being healthy or getting more nutrients. Dont fool yourself. This stuff is SALT. Any lower sodium content is really negligible and honestly its misleading and deceptive to claim that this is "healthy and doctor recommended".

You would have to eat the entire 1/2 pound package to equal about a fourth of a banana's worth of potassium. So, yes, TECHNICALLY they can claim it contains minerals, but they are being deceptive if they claim it will actually make a difference.

As far as taste and texture goes, thats a completely different story and I will personally say it tastes great, but I realize this product for what it is - salt. People attribute these health benefits to sea salt that just are not true, and may end up using even more salt then they would have normally, ultimately being even more unhealthy. This is certainly NOT a salt substitute and is NOT for people with low sodium diets. There seems to be this craze around sea salt because it seems all natural and from the Earth, but its health claims are quite unsubstantiated and many people are being fooled.
342250342250B000SWVPV8A3JP8ORNTVVH7DRobert Hilton "Dr. Bob"0141286236800Grey sea saltGreat flavor but it is kinda clunkey and needs to be put through a grinder.
342252342252B00248E7ZKALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"6711259712000NOT Vermont Maple syrup!!This says it is Vermont maple syrup in the description, but is is NOT! When you get the bottle, it will clearly say that it is Canadian, with Vermont maple syrup added. Other "Butternut Mountain" syrups may be pure Vermont, but not this one! I returned it.
342253342253B005DMUJXIA29QDG6Z3GRFFJMaxwell0011329177600DiscardSmall leaves; taste & bouquet are musty, taste is "hard", not appealing. After three, separate infusions I've given up and will discard the rest.
342254342254B0006B4IISA3CBFW0NZQYKF8delighted0051316908800FlavorfulNagatanien Nori Chazuke is delicious and savory and I prefer it to any other rice seasonings I've tried. The seaweed flakes are small and fresh, the salmon bits don't taste overly "fishy", and it makes a nice broth when you pour hot water over it. However, I like the salty seaweed flavor undimmed, so I sometimes even just sprinkle a package over a bowl of steamed rice and skip the hot water. My kids, ages 6 and 8, love it as well, though a whole packet is too salty for them. They each only need half a packet, so you can 'stretch' it to your liking.

It definitely shines best when paired with sticky Jasmine rice, steamed rather than boiled.
342255342255B0006B4IISA1CMYUX9BVWU7LErik Anderson1311298160000Seems *way* priceyI confess that I have not bought this product as listed. I'm writing to alert the seller and any potential buyers that this price, $7.99 for one packet of four chazuke servings, is ridiculously high. Is the description wrong, and this is actually more than one packet? Is the seller really trying to get a 300% markup over regular retail just for selling through Amazon? If you're thinking of buying Nagatanien ochazuke, you're better off buying the ones sold by Uwajimaya. Amazon carries these as well, under the "More Buying Choices" box that (for me at least) shows up on the right of the screen.
342256342256B001AC87WAA18IO6431TOBOOBeth Wright "ZenAmberBliss"0011275696000Artificial RED colored weak watered wing sauce - such a shameSuch a shame. I am a Jim Beam lover. This stuff is awful. I find Ashanti Chicken Wing sauce to be superior.
342257342257B001AC87WAA1LCNK2160VVWGWorking Hard0041239062400Great taste with a kickI really enjoyed the taste of this wing sauce. It was a little too watery but corn starch helped. There is a nice kick to this sauce but I added more hot sauce on half the wings for that extra "OMG get me some water" flavor. A few of my guest thought the sauce was spicy enough without adding anything to it. People were asking to take a bottle home with them. lol

Great price for this different tasting sauce.
342258342258B000ZPOTUWA1Y4MWLLRXXKY2glotzy0051324339200Fun, flavorful, and deliciousThese were a great addition to my wedding reception candy buffet. The purple went perfectly with my all purple buffet theme. The flavor was great. There were so many in the box when I received the package - I was quite surprised.

Nothing negative to say about the product. I just caution buyers if ordering during hot months. Taffy will soften and get super sticky in the wrappers.
342259342259B001VNP1T0A3IM5CXXBNKIH3Nom Prophet171751288742400Save $$ this winter!As most of you cinnamon buyers know, cinnamon in grocery stores is outrageously priced! The best I could ever find was $7 for a 1.2 ounce jar. And that only had 12 sticks. We brew a crock pot of apple cider practically 24/7 from October to March and like to add about 3 sticks per half gallon. That was really adding up but I was skeptical when I saw this offer. With free 2 day shipping from Prime, I got 32 ounces for less than the price of 2 grocery store ounces! And I will confirm that this stuff is legit. 3 sticks a day for 120 days!! Cider party!!!
342260342260B001VNP1T0AB3T5SRHH7MNGJeffrey M. Barber "Effie"293621314921600This is cassia-not cinnamonYes this is a great deal for cinnamon.. but in actuality it is technically not cinnamon. Everything that I have read has said that cassia has similar properties and taste to cinnamon but it is NOT, in fact, cinnamon. This is not a problem if you are using it in arts & crafts or some kind of potpourri, but when it comes to ingesting these (or even attempting to grind them with your coffee grinder- I think they will make short order of your grinder (They are very hard). They also contain a substance called coumarin in a dose high enough to cause liver damage to sensitive individuals. I'm bummed, because I was going to use them to eat/drink, but now I guess my apartment will just smell like cinnamon..everywhere..
342261342261B001VNP1T0A1454T92DRI7JOPratibha Shah101141246579200Good quality Best priceFrontier Cinnamon Sticks 2 3/4" (vera Aa Grade), 16 Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)
I have purchased Frontier Cinnamon with the other supplier Durkee Cinnamon because Cinnamon helps in my neurological problem MS, so I wanted to compare and find out best valu for my money, I found out that Frontier Cinnamon is as good as Durkee (Unless Durkee explain me the diffreance) Frontier cost me almost half the price of Durkee, and more over Durkee's is not returnable as per Amazon policy.
342262342262B001VNP1T0A1LO4ZY3TT7N4J Higgins "J Higgins"5551317427200Maybe the best "cinnamon" for your healthGreat product!

It is claimed that this cinnamon (Cinnamomum Burmannii) is not real cinnamon....Perhaps. But, after research, I found it has more healthful effects than "real" cinnamon, and that the harmful coumarin is found in far less amounts in Burmannii versus other "alternate" cinnamons that are the primary forms found in grocery stores. Burmannii has been shown to have high amounts of cinnamaldehyde (effective anti-inflammatory) and other beneficial compounds.

I haven't figured out how to grind it easily yet, as it is very hard. I struggle a bit with my hand coffee grinder. I'm sure I'll figure it out. The Burmannii is strong but still smells and tastes great... especially in my coffee.
342263342263B001VNP1T0AKG02HTYGM88LJennifer Defillippo "~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~*"5551277510400great product!I ordered these cinnamon sticks to put in my coffee mug, simmering it all day as I refill the cup. There is a wonderful aroma that wafts up to me as I sip...making the experience truly comforting.
The company is fast, easy to deal with & the prices are complaints here!!
342264342264B001VNP1T0A3RUOERNLO9ZFUJennifer Carbon4451297555200Flavorful!Frontier cinnamon sticks are very flavorful! I had recently finished the Taste brand cinnamon sticks I ordered through Amazon. The Taste brand was excellent so I was wondering if the Frontier brand would compare. The Frontier brand is every bit as flavorful & a better value. I would definitly recommend both brands. Both are a much better value than purchasing them at traditional retail stores. The Taste brand does come nicely packaged in clear plastic containers. The Frontier brand comes in foil bags but there are more for about the same price.
342265342265B001VNP1T0AD1REZL2ULJQMom of 4 and more4451291593600Terrific buy, great for crafts!I needed a lot of cinnamon sticks to make Christmas ornaments with, so I bought Frontier cinnamon sticks and was very pleased. There were close to 200 sticks total, and they were all nice and smooth, not crumbly. They smell wonderful as well. The price was great - much cheaper than even the dollar store. I will definitely be purchasing these again.
342266342266B001VNP1T0A19XMHRB3G4DIRjavajunki "javajunki"4451272240000Excellent Price - Great Cinnamon Sticks!I'm quickly becoming a fan of Frontier spices after trying several items and pleased to report this is not just a fantastic price but also very nice cinnamon sticks. Very nice flavor, fragrance and texture. Terrific value!
342267342267B001VNP1T0A26QH7B7BR2AWEJ. Guetschow4451265846400Outstanding product at the best price.After reviewing a number of sites for bulk purchase of stick cinnamon, Frontier had by far the best price that was even a better deal if combined for SuperSaver shipping. This is a high quality product and certainly less expensive than any other source I have found.
342268342268B001VNP1T0A1HKRSH00ND4JUislacaladesi6731274572800not the best qualityI purchased these cinnamon sticks for the purpose of making chai. Not sure the origin of this particular cinnamon as it arrived (as stated) in bulk packaging without botanical name. These are not the best quality. In fact, the fragrance is very, very faint compared to the more expensive brands. I bought these sticks because of the price but as with all things, you get what you pay for.
342269342269B001VNP1T0A2V9DTXTQ5YIMKA. Hudson "papillon_lover"3351302048000Great for simmering on the stove!When it is cold outside or in the fall/winter I like to simmer cinnamon sticks on the stove. I have had a hard time trying to find them locally if they are not sold in the grocery aisle. I like to place them in a glass pot in the stove with water, add a few sticks, and turn it up to a slight boil. The WHOLE house smells like cinnamon. I can leave the sticks and just add water to the pot for about two weeks before I need to replace them. I have received so many compliments or how great my house smells. I love to turn the pot on right after dinner as I am doing dishes. Tonight I had some fish and as I was cleaning up I turned on the pot with the cinnamon and I could not smell the fish in any part of the house. I know these are designed to use for food but for the price I could not pass them up. You get A LOT of sticks. I am still not halfway through my first bag and have had them since January. I highly recommend these cinnamon sticks. They are top grade!
342270342270B001VNP1T0A2ULHXQR2FNNOSChristopher A. Lee "Dr Flea"3351262822400Delivered as described!The cinnamon sticks came intact (not in small crumbles) in sealed (unbroken) silver pouches. No problems.

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