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342274342274B001VNP1T0A183GFNU4201BEpdxsongwriter1151295395200just what I neededI needed inexpensive cinnamon sticks for my candle making. These fit the bill. They were delivered promptly & were exactly what I was hoping for. I believe they would work well for baking purposes as well as the quality seemed good.
342275342275B001VNP1T0AX322LEKGH9KHShon Koenig1151285718400great buy on cinnamon sticks!Frontier Cinnamon Sticks 2 3/4", 16 Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

this is the first time i have purchased or used this product and I love them! I use them for canning lots of pickles. If you buy cinnamon sticks in the grocery store they are about $6 for a small bottle of 6 to 8 sticks. this is 2 pounds of sticks for about 12 dollars!!! they come packaged in two packages! This is a good product I am so excited! Im not sure they have quite the quality that the Saigon cinnamon has but for the price this an amazing bargain!
342276342276B001VNP1T0A1F5A9FIFU2AW9Beverly J. Schrider0051349654400Excellent product for your moneyI wanted some cinnamon sticks for decoration, for my hot chocolate, and just to have around to smell good. I was very, very happy with this purchase. I got TWO HUGE bags of cinnamon sticks. This was a GREAT purchase for my money. I would highly recommend it. I have enough not only for myself but to give away to friends...Great quality and received promptly.
342277342277B001VNP1T0A1V63QXAEZUX8TLynnea0051348617600Amazing quality well worth itAlthough I now have enough cinnamon for the next couple of year I am so glad I made this purchase. The quality is amazing and the price is phenomenal for two pounds of cinnamon sticks.
342278342278B001VNP1T0A135BEKRE8H1KRJLT0051334534400BEST CINNAMON TEA EVER!I got tired of buying expensive cinnamon tea bags to brew tea, so decided to try brewing tea from cinnamon sticks instead. I am so very pleased with this product, the quality, and the reasonable price. I brewed my first pot, and everyone loved the exquisite flavor of the tea brewed fresh from cinnamon sticks. If you are a cinnamom tea lover, I highly recommend this. You won't be disappointed ... and you can't beat the flavor or the price.
342279342279B001VNP1T0A2JRG4HOGHT71JM. Edinger0051332201600Good quality great priceGood quality, great price on such a useful item. This has been very helpful to use in a multitude of settings. I am so excited to use them in so many new recipes.
342280342280B001VNP1T0A3G548AL6UI6PSDenise Pirnia "D_Neice"0051330473600Excellent quality and freshness!I ordered the 2 lbs of cinnamon sticks to make fresh chai tea with. The quality and freshness of the product is excellent. It was sealed in an airtight bag that unleashed a wonderful aroma when we opened it. I recommend this product for anyone needing fresh cinnamon sticks in bulk. A great price and fantastic quality!
342281342281B001VNP1T0ANNDJBVT8B8Q4W. Petta0011325203200Not Cinnamon Sticks, more like Wood SticksIf you don't care about flavor, buy these. Absolutely zero cinnamon flavor. I was very disappointed to waste 10 plus dollars on these useless sticks.
342282342282B001VNP1T0A26JRV6ZBVPUUHJames M. Decker0051321488000Top Rated Cinnamon SticksWas buying these from a local health food store for $10 per 1 lb bag but they changed to another brand that did not have the same strong flavor. I use it in my coffee and everyone loves it.
342283342283B001VNP1T0A1W1JIPH6WU7UFSVK "SVK"0051314144000Love these!I love cinnamon in my tea, but the powder kind clumps into these disgusting slime plumes, so this has been a great replacement for me. So many and they smell/taste great! I keep them in the fridge, although i am not sure i need to?
342284342284B001VNP1T0A4HXN0IB22R7XSmartAZ0051307491200Where was this cinnamon grown?I had a problem with cinnamon: it just didn't taste like it did when I was a kid. It turns out that cinnamon used to be grown in Vietnam, and all the trees were killed in the war. That is why it's so hard to find good cinnamon now. I did find a gourmet brand that is called "Saigon Cinnamon" and it is fairly good but not great. Some people are trying to get descendants of the original trees to grow in Tanzania, but they aren't producing yet.

So if you don't like the cinnamon you get, you'll just have to try another brand. Try to find out where it's from for future reference.
342285342285B001VNP1T0A36GZSKR57IVKYOlson10210051306540800Wedding Candle BlissI had read the reviews and I almost thought that they were too good to be true! I am using the Frontier Cinnamon sticks to decorate candle votives for my wedding in October. These were perfect! The sticks came in great condition. It was nice to see that I didn't have any cinnamon pieces sitting on the bottom of the bag. I recommend this product. I was able to put about 15 sticks are the candle votive. Very happy with the result!
342286342286B001VNP1T0A2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves0051300665600DIY Christmas GiftI have been trying to save money, so I decided to get an early jump on my Christmas gifts. Most people love cinnamon, so I am making cinnamon extract for easy presents. It's so simple! All you have to do is dunk in enough of the sticks to bring the vodka all the way to the top of the neck of the bottle it came in. Set it in a dark spot, shake it up every week or two for at least a few months, and PRESTO! Cinnamon extract. The hardest part of the process is not sampling the goods. I made that mistake. If you want to make a more expensive, more memorable gift, steep the sticks in vodka for about five days. The cinnamon vodka is amazing. It is outstanding by itself, or mixed into cocktails.
342287342287B001VNP1T0A3QDITMY3OOYRPL. BLOUIN0051286668800Amazing parrot treat! A+++++This is a great deal. Excellent product. The parrot loves chewing on these nice cinnamon sticks! Subscribe and save is an even better value. A+++++
342288342288B001VNP1T0ASMVUWEEP3IXMSatisfied0151322352000My order was fineAfter not receiving my order by mail, the proprietor of the company called me and sent the order again, which I received within 3 days. Thank you!
342289342289B001VNP1T0A21VRKO8LZK13CMM (Cary, NC)3621319846400Cannot tell if this is a Frontier productJust wanted to warn everyone that this products arrives in bulk inside your average grocery store bulk fruits & vegetables bag. You have no idea if you are indeed getting a Frontier reputable product. You would expect to get this in the official packaging as you would see from the Frontier web-site directly. So purchase at your on risk from this merchant.
342290342290B001VNP1T0A3DNGUR962QQ6KAms4931292025600PlentyI wish they would have given the amount of cinnamon sticks that were in the bag, because I bought 2 not knowing if 1 was enough, and I didn't even go through 1 bag! There were easily over 100 cinnamon sticks in one bag
342291342291B002AN4NPSA36BTB6JU73L3ZLodi351151340323200superiour qualityI was a vet tech for 16 years and have always fed the best food. I bought this royal canin on amazon simply because my local store was out and my dogs needed it. I actually fed science diet for 15 years or so and recently switched to royal canin simply because I could not get the science diet locally. Royal Canin is a higher quality dog food. It is how the food is made that make it top quality. All of these years of veterinary medicine has made me very knowledgeable about quality dog foods. You would be surprised about what products are and are not top quality. I always find it amazing when people bash one food over the another because they truly have no idea what a good food is versus a poor brand of food.

The makers of Royal Canin have done their homework (research) and do know how to make a well balanced diet. A balanced diet is key to a top quality product along with ingredient and how the food is actually made. This product is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. There is a reason why most veterinarians recommend science diet or royal canin and most vets you see will suggest either. It is because of the medical knowledge they earned in 9 years of school, the knowledge that goes behind the making of these products. Most people are ill informed about products and I find it pretty entertaining actually.

What everyone should know is these products are recommend because dog goods can say what ever they want on a bag. That is right, a maker can tell you a product will save your dogs life and it is legal. Most products whether it be from your local store or organic are not what they seem. This product and science diet is recommend because they actually have what it is stated on the bag and do what they state. Vets know this because of the schooling they went to. I know this because of my experience. So before you believe everything you read online, listen to your vet they do know what they are talking about.

Great product!
342292342292B002AN4NPSAEQMPCYX10GBKDezz0051344470400Great foodMy dog is a picky eater and he seems to like Royal Canin best. He hasn't refused it yet and my cats seems to like it too!
342293342293B0006B4IIIAACSY44W8QLFFS. Kinsman "kinsman2k"6651221609600Great for Pad ThaiAfter having lived in Asia where I could get fresh noodles, this product makes a great substitute. They cook up great, no clumping and retain their shape well.
342294342294B0028M4X7OA1B01PDGN7GX50Busy Mom of 24451258156800Natural and deliciousRemember Chiclets of yesteryear? That's what this gum reminds me of...hard-shelled gum, fun to chew, and yummy. Plus, it's all natural, contains real chicle and sugar. I don't want to give my kids artificial sweetners like aspartame, which most gum brands use today. The mini packs contain 4 pieces of gum and are convenient to carry (pockets, purse, glove compartment). The packaging prevents the gum from melting and being squished. The assorted flavors of orange, bubble gum, and berry are really good, too.
342295342295B0028M4X7OA3VPOHSEIJOONBNinaSD0041337299200Yummy....without the harmful ingredients!This gum is the best out there that I have found without harmful ingredients such as aspartame, HFCS, food colorings, etc. Almost all other gums contain aspartame which - if consumed over a long period of time - has been closely linked to cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders and birth defects.
342296342296B0028M4X7OA24ZH91LIJ3DKXbookwyrm0051329955200Great natural gumWhile this gum doesn't hold its flavor as long as those with aspartame, it's pure and I can let my child have it without fear of allergic reaction. This is the only gum we've ever found that she can have, and we've tried a LOT. So glad Glee keeps it pure and simple without all the additives, artificial colors, or sugar substitutes. And the gum has great flavors, just not really long-lasting. We were hooked on the bubblegum flavor until we tried the triple-berry. Now that's our favorite!
342297342297B0028M4X7OA2X01RNZ2POM6Djkmfromla "jkmfromla"0131291075200Good, but I prefer Glee WeeEach pack contains 4 different flavors of regular sized Glee Gum. I think I prefer the Glee Wee because it's smaller.
342298342298B001JKGPVSA12GK5JUYAV0HMM. Spencer "Kitty"0051261267200Belgian (Hazelnut) ChocolatesI've recently discovered these. The variety assortments have a sweet, rich flavor with all natural ingredients. Be aware they are extremely calorie rich. Guylian offer various options and assortments.
342299342299B003APAN90AW6RXAHTUBQBEP. Hanlon0141277337600Great Carbohydrate DrinkI have been using this product for several years now. I usually buy them one at a time in the store or gym. But I decided that buying them in bulk would be less expensive and easier. I really like the results I get from it. Great for pre or post workout. The only gripe I have is that it took a week to arrive after ordering.
342300342300B0038KQG66A1TTTUZGYM69K2pseudonym "fatcatlucifer"0041316736000Chocolate!YUMMY chocolate... to be ordered with other stuff, why? Then its packed in a box. Round is a sphere usually.
342271342271B001VNP1T0AR0F4S02C6KU7M. Labbe5641263427200what i receivedThe cinnamon that arrived is "Indonesian Cinnamon" or Cinnamomum burmanii. Sticks are intact and look good. I am slightly concerned about how long the sticks might have been sitting in the Amazon warehouse as this was shipped directly from there. They don't smell, look or taste old, so perhaps it's nothing to worry about.
342272342272B001VNP1T0A32KAMWV31JB5OR. Devinney1151328832000Aromatic and flavorful, solid sticksBreak a stick and put it in the filter when making a batch of coffee. It gives only a hint of cinnamon but enhances the coffee flavor and aroma. These sticks are hard and sometimes a little difficult to break. The ones we used to get at the store were easier to break but cost over $2 for a one ounce cello bag with just a few sticks. We go through a lot of cinnamon and this is the best way I have found to buy it.
One broken stick will also lend a delicate flavor to a jug of iced tea, making it more refreshing, but only if the water starts out hot. It won't do much to sun tea because it takes heat to extract the aromatics.
342273342273B001VNP1T0AFGSK8VF5D17Ldb "dmonnie"1141303257600good valuegreat price , fast ship . not the best if you want the best , but it will do for aroma and if you want to drop a stick or two in your java

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