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342331342331B001SB2SGOA3AGNAN2ZNAU02A. D. Ayer1151312416000What's not to like?Price is better than the local markets, even including shipping. Calories are 25% less than the usual syrups: Karo, maple, agave, or fake maple. Unlike the usuals, molasses includes significant amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It's shipped in glass. What's not to like?
342332342332B001SB2SGOA3LORKXNGG3PX3A. Harripesad1151288656000With iron!I wanted one with more iron and this is the one that had most! Tastes great! Big bottle!
342333342333B001SB2SGOA1OTBWGY1R8GUXAda0051350000000Tree of Life Blackstrap Molasses 32 OZ.I ordered 2 bottles of TREE OF LIFE's 100% PURE BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES. TREE OF LIFE is the best blackstrap molasses! The bottles arrived in perfect condition -- they were packed with great care! From Cyril Scott's inspiring little book (listed at Amazon) called "BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES ~ THE NATURAL WONDER FOOD," I learned all about the many health benefits using blackstrap molasses in one's diet. Cyril Scott explained how to make a tea using blackstrap molasses mixed into a cup of warm water for a daily health tonic. ...My grandmother -- born in the late 1800's -- was aware of the health benefits of blackstrap molasses; she always had homemade molasses cookies in her home to serve her grandchildren and now, as a tradition, I also serve Molasses Cookies!
342334342334B001SB2SGOA1T7O44KGLNI1FE. C. Guillot "ecg"0041334880000Black Strap MolassesI ordered this product through and it arrived sooner than the promised date. The taste is not pleasant, in fact it makes me grimace, but I do feel better. My mood is lighter so I would recommend it for that purpose if nothing else. My daughter is taking it and she agrees with me. Good value too. ecg
342335342335B001SB2SGOA3CVDASMR0U8HUWendy H0051326067200good product!Growing up in the south and living on the west coast, blackstrap molasses is hard if not impossible to find. I ordered this product with a touch of trepedation, not knowing what would arrive. The molasses is wonderful, dark and very tasty! It does have a litte bit of a bitter tase, but when added to my coffee in the morning (makes one think of New Orleans coffee) or baked goods, it performs very well.
342336342336B001SB2SGOA4O6NR9VCS9M0Rajkiran1241311033600Price is sweet, tastes bitterThis initially tasted bitter compared to 'Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blackstrap Molasses'. After using this for a few days i don't find it that bitter, but i may go back to using the Wholesome's product because of the taste. The label claims this has 20% iron and 15% magnesium compared to 15% and 8% respectively for Wholesome's molasses.
342337342337B000YT3626A1H3SBUUQX9LF8Captain Kevin Carney "MovieDemocom"1151267056000Bought this to lower cholesterol and because I travel a lot.Worked really nice - until I got the flu and came out of it with a gluten allergy. Doh now I have tons of cheerios.
But nice packing and makes it easy if you have kids or travel a lot.
342338342338B000YT3626A2MP7RXZH345IJJoe0051322179200A happy customerWhen my godmother asked for Honey nut cereal in bowls, I couldn't find it anywhere. I just can't get this item from a walk-in store. Thank you for carrying all these odd needful things. Joe
342339342339B008MMTAS6A4G402ORCHSXJEllen W. "Ecclectic Student"1151246320000A Delicate, Sweet TasteI first had these delightful candies in Japanese class. The first thing I noticed were the wrappers, which come in three different colors (yellow, blue, and pink) and have beautiful, realistic flowers printed on them. The flower names are also given in Japanese, a bonus if you can read it.

The package says (also in Japanese) that these are "milk plum" candies, and indeed, they do have a plummy taste. They're sweet, but they have a delicate taste that's kind of hard to describe. It's almost flowery.

These little plum candies are tasty and attractive- perfect for your candy dish!
342340342340B008MMTAS6AB7M7L1EBP72Dsweet milk3431278806400Plain ol' hard candyI'm not a huge fan of hard candy, but when I saw how cute the packaging was for these candies, I couldn't resist. The wrappers come in pearly pastel colors with different flowers on them. Even though the wrappers are different, the flavor is the same for each candy. It's somewhere in the realm between plum and peach, and isn't very strong. I didn't really want anymore after I had the first one.
342341342341B008MMTAS6A23MJLDET986F7XionRose0041348444800Kasugai CandySince personally I cannot read what this package really says, I was curious to try them. I had received a couple of these at work and was curious if they tasted like flowers or not, so I ordered my own bag, well when I got my bag of candy, I popped one in my mouth, the taste is very good, candy is shaped like a flower, so I'm guessing that is where the flower part comes into play. Flower tasting or not, very satisfied with this candy!
342342342342B008MMTAS6A2W8H62ICF3OHJT. Hunt "wasabi crush"0051339459200This week on Intervention:My wife Maki and I recently vacationed in Salt Lake City and found there a small Japanese grocery store. While perusing, we loaded up on candies and snacks for the long drive back to Montana the following day. Included in our cache: seven bags of Flowers Kiss candies.

"Seven," I said. "Do we really need this many?"
"Yes," she growled. "And if they had more I'd buy them too. Hand me your wallet."

My wife, recently yoked from Japan and transplanted into the States under the muse of our civil union, had apparently been hiding from me a desire for the Flower's Kiss that rivaled anything she could have ever found in We. Dumbfounded, I followed her to the cash register line and watched helplessly as she rapidly devolved from the soft spoken girl of my dreams into a rattled and aggressive junkie.

She didn't wait to leave the building before violently opening one of the bags and candy flew everywhere. There was a small eatery in the store full of what could previously be described as aloof Asians that were now ogling us from their chairs. I looked down and my wife of one wonderful year was on her hands and knees cramming the candies into her mouth, wrappers on. She was cursing and cackling and when the horrified business owner reached for his phone, I pulled her up off the floor, pushed her out the door, and then stuffed her into our car. Restrained by the seat belt, she eventually crashed an hour later. Her slackened, sticky lips moved wordlessly as she slid from consciousness and I could do nothing except punch the steering wheel.

What was happening to her?

In Japan they call it, "kisu" for kissing but when it shows up in the U.S., and it will, we'll call it an epidemic. While she was passed out, I took the remaining bags and threw them away save one which I stored under the spare tire in our trunk. I had the house to myself later that week, (she was still in hospital), and that's when I blasted off.

The write up here on Amazon would have you believe that the flavor profile is of the apricot-plum variety but I will not stand behind that description. They instead and more accurately taste of milky peach and are absolutely delicious. Roughly the diameter of a quarter and maybe half of an inch thick, they're mostly smooth discs topped with a knobby exterior that creates a sort of grip for your tongue that I found completely necessary.

When I took the candy, my glands responded immediately. The combination of delightfully balanced sweetness with the sudden eruption of saliva orchestrated in my mouth a vibrant sensation of such overwhelming sensitivity that it dumped me on my rear where I wept openly for the first time in years. How could I have ever condemned her for this? She was strapped down in a hospital bed sad and misunderstood while I got my kicks from the very substance that put her there. And I felt rotten about it.

"Flower's Kiss candies aren't BAD," I said to the nodding glitter wizard floating next to me. "These are as far from bad as good has ever been. My god, man, what have I done and why isn't she here doing this with me? Maki comes home NOW."

I stood to grab my car keys and that's the last thing I remember. The next morning I woke up in the bath wearing only a memory foam cuirass and a set of besagews made of alarmingly moist cod pieces. Bare from the waist down, my legs and groin were covered with cigarette burns and the glued on tufts of hair I'd apparently shaved off of a yak that was drinking quietly from a toilet full of what I thought was blood but ended up being melted Otter Pops. Things couldn't have been worse. I'd hit bottom.

Thus, here I am writing this by blowing into a computer straw because the staff here won't let me use my hands. And I get that - when the nurses walk in too fast I think they're wendigos and I throw things.

But I'm healing now and so is Maki. When we finally get back on our feet we're going to sue Kasugai for manufacturing what clearly must be the most dangerous candy in the world.

And I thank you for listening.

- t
342343342343B008MMTAS6AMTDEF7SAP17NCaelis0051338595200A wonderful treatAs a long-time buyer of Asian candies, I love that they always seem to be sweeter and tastier(and sometimes even less fatty/sugary/etc). These candies are not an exception. I was slightly afraid of the 'plum/peach' flavor since I'm not a big fan of either, but it was lovely. I actually don't enjoy the bumpy texture, but it's no big deal- and once they turn smooth it's only bliss. If I could afford it, I'd fill my Reach In Penny half gallon candy jar with these and Kasugai Rich Milk Hard Candies.
342344342344B008MMTAS6A2N7P48POX0BMMX-Sparker0051336953600Someone watch me or elseI won't stop eating these... They taste so delicious! Of course, eat in moderation as candies can be bad for your health and teeth. But if you just wanted something small and sweet for reward or feeling down, these are it!!
342345342345B008MMTAS6A30LBR2VOXBST7Trixie Belden "Omnivorous reader"0051333497600LovelyBought it on a whim to bring my order up enough for free shipping, and I'm very glad I did. The flavor is sweet without being cloying, and the fruit flavor really shines through. They have been a big hit at work, and I will definitely be buying more.
342346342346B008MMTAS6A5L1DFVIC7C22adobe princess21041163116800A mild mint candyThis is basically a peppermint candy shaped like a sea shell. It is milder than american peppermint, but not by much. 4 stars instead of 5 because this is not exotic. It is fine, but nothing special except the bag I am going to frame.
342347342347B0084FBLSSA2KZUAXV60K347Giant Sis2351339632000Yum!This is my favorite flavor of Mio by far! Great lemonade taste - and it doesn't taste like artificial sweetener. I devoured the first bottle I got!
342348342348B0084FBLSSA1F4FQAW2G9FRAJames E. Jefferson, Jr. "triggerman"0051350864000MIO Water EnhancerI bought these initially from Sam's and they are great being a diabetic aI look for ways to cut down on my sugar inteake these relly help when you want water but something with a little flavor without the aftertaste of nutra.
342349342349B0084FBLSSA2GGNKPGMWI2WQD. Thompson "Dan the Hippo"0051349740800I swear I'm addicted to this stuff after one bottleA friend gave me some of this at his house over the summer, and it seemed to be the best glass of lemonade I'd ever had. I didn't see how that was possible, because I've regularly had the real stuff made from fresh lemons, but this was just so delicious.

Now I'm into my second bottle, and I'm having two or three glasses of lemonade a day with it. One little squirt over some crushed ice, add water, and give it a bit of a stir.

As much as a fan I am of lemonade, now I'm thinking about trying some of the other flavors.
342350342350B0084FBLSSAUGL1QV6RMO5JSKYY0051346025600either love it or hate itThere's no way to know until you try it. Me, it's my favorite Mio flavor yet. It tastes like Country Time powdered lemonade. Fake? Perhaps. Delicious? Absolutely.

I just wish there were more buying choices on Amazon, as the only vendors that sell it are severely marked-up. The unit price should be around 2.8-3.8. There's still no 12-packs for sale.
342351342351B0084FBLSSA38SXAE26HWNWNNicole Harris0031345766400Just OKWhile this is a good way to add some flavor to water, it is definitely a fake/chemical lemonade taste. I'll finish the container, but I'm going back to Crystal Light once it's out.
342352342352B0084FBLSSA3PHFICWOLF7H9Shane Slayton0011345334400Disgusting.This was the first Mio that I tried. It tastes NOTHING like lemonade. It tastes like what a robot might think lemonade tastes like, but there's nothing even vaguely citrus about the flavor. It tastes like chemicals. Not even a good tart- more like a numbing coating in your mouth. Even the color looks more artificial than other instant lemonades. The Mio fruit punch is okay, but the lemonade made me wonder who tried it and said "That's it- sell it.". Seriously, it's so bad that I have a hard time believing that any of the positive reviewers here have even tried it. Not to question anyones integrity, but it really is baffling. I'm sticking with Crystal Light.
342353342353B0084FBLSSAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0041344988800A Suggestion For Frugal Diners.I have been on an anti-beverage kick when dining in restaurants. I don't want sweetened sodas or diet sodas and I've grown tired of iced teas. Well, almost any place will serve tap water if you ask for it, no questions, and the majority will even provide ice with it. That's okay by me. But tap water can be bland and sometimes doesn't taste all that well. Then I discovered these little bottles of Mio Water Enhancer and they come in a variety of different flavors. One container holds 24 servings (little squirts) and the container can be easily carried in pocket or purse. Thus it is that when I go into a restaurant (fast food or sit-down), I always order water with ice. When the waiter is gone, I discretely give the water that tiny squirt. You can use any flavor you like, but I think the lemonade is the best for this situation. Some places will even serve a slice of lemon in your water. There's no color. The flavor and sweetness is almost imperceptible in ice water. It goes down much easier than tap water. And, if you're a frugal type, it easily pays for itself many times over rather than their soda drinks or iced teas.

Gary Peterson
342354342354B0084FBLSSA3RJEF0XX8XZZ8Nicole LaFevre0011344384000Horrible fake chemical tasteI've tried the Strawberry Watermelon Mio and thought it was ok but this Lemonade flavor is terrible. I gave it to my husband and he immediately identified the chemical aftertaste I was complaining about - it tastes like those "mugs" from when we were kids. You probably remember those little plastic containers that looked like barrels and had the foil tops? My brother drank them like they were going out of style but they always tasted horrible to me, just like this flavor. So the moral of this story is you'll like this if you liked mugs, otherwise you won't.
342355342355B0084FBLSSA1IKOG44PHFNYSBrigitte Hoch0051342483200My favorite flavor!Most Mio water enhancers are good for some kind of flavor, but not spectacular. This flavor, however, is fantastic! It makes your water taste just like lemonade. Add some ice and you have a truly refreshing beverage.

Great addition to any low-carb diet or just for anyone who wants to drink more water.
342356342356B0019L6PKSA24M3TIWXO0HRWF. Wolven "FW"2251292112000ExcellentDelicious good quality masa. I even use it for champurradas. It's not as finely ground as the usual masa in stores, but that texture is probably better for dishes like tamales. The flavor is excellent.
342357342357B001KWZHQYA3GV3O1DGTA99PBy the Bay6621253059200Not awful, but not so tastyI've tried some of the Tasty Bite meal kits and found the veggie curry quite tasty, so I bought these on a whim. The flavor is very flat - simply peanut, but not fragrant peanut, more like jarred peanut butter. Tried it on tofu skewers and beef skewers. Not so great. I used about 1/2 of one pouch and couldn't figure out what to do with the rest. It sat in the refrigerator until it molded. Now I'm stuck with 5 packs. Not horrible, but I prefer the stuff from Trader Joe's.
342358342358B001KWZHQYA21VPPBA4Z8ZIUclaine3351260403200A good baseI use this sauce as a base when I need to make satay sauce in a hurry and don't have time to create any from scratch. Out of the pouch its rather bland, I assume because its all natural with no added salt...I add a little salt, lime and sriracha to give the flavor more depth, with these minor additions it makes a great satay sauce or dip!
342359342359B001KWZHQYA1K3X9S4UET8RTS. L. Gray1151285632000This was yummilicious!I just got the box today and sliced it open to taste it out of the pack before I tried adding anything. It was yummy, a little sweeter than I expected (probably because raw sugar was the 3rd listed ingredient) and less peanut-buttery than I expected. I think it had a little hotness to it, but not much. I like hot food, either really hot or a little hot. When I was heating it up I did add a little bit more hot pepper and another tablespoon of peanut butter (crunchy Joseph's peanut butter which is made from nothing but peanuts.) I did want to cut a little down on the sweetness for myself-add some protein, though I liked it with the sweetness. That was probably just enough because I could still taste the good flavor of the sauce. Then I added a tablespoon of coconut oil to try and thin it out a little bit. I don't know that the coconut oil added any extra flavor (because the peanut butter flavor covered it up) but I needed some coconut oil today so I figured it couldn't hurt it. It tasted fine without anything added to it though. It was plenty of sauce for just me and I still have enough for a another meal over rice and maybe a piece of chicken. And 150 calories a serving (though I probably doubled mine with the added peanut butter and coconut oil.)

I had some brown rice and broccoli I was going to cook and I had a little leftover ground turkey. I don't have gourmet taste buds so I still have to figure out what complements this the best. It definitely didn't go with ground turkey at all and I really didn't think it would but I tried it anyway (told ya I didn't have gourmet taste buds.) I didn't use it all on the ground turkey, just enough to taste. It tasted fine with the rice and with the broccoli but I like both of those things plain without any added salt, and often without any added butter. Brown rice has a flavor and texture that I don't really like to be covered up. I have to find something whose flavor it complements and doesn't just cover up. It says use chicken which sounds good, then I gotta figure out what vegetables go best with it. I'm gonna try it with Quinoa (which has a lot of fiber and protein in it, and a flavor I sometimes like to cover up with a spicy sauce.)

Keep in mind that I've never had this before in any version, not from a restaurant or any other brand, and I don't know anything about Thai Food. So I tried this without those kind of expectations. I bought expecting a 50/50 chance of liking it. If I've even had Thai food before I don't remember it. I've had Indian food before though I'm no specialist. I tried a Tasty Bite entree bought from the grocers with a coupon but I can't remember which, maybe one of the paneer things. And quite frankly I'm trying new ones here because they're on special now and I can try them without looking for grocery sales and coupons. I read the couple of reviews and decided to try it because I like peanut butter and I'm very used to foods without much or any salt added to them, usually when people say something needs more salt I think they're crazy.

Truthfully I think I'm hooked on this one and could eat it right out of the pack without any rice or veggies or chicken.

It was packaged fine in case anyone needs to know, the sauces were in their own little cases from the manufacturer's and Amazon had it inside a little packing box. I just ordered them yesterday and they got here today (I guess there must be a warehouse in a nearby city.) The expire date on these is July 31, 2011--quite respectable and I expect mine to be gone within a month or two (because I've ordered several other tasty bites sauces and entrees.)
342360342360B001KWZHQYAOTEC8KEH8JGNSeth S Moyers0031331596800Not bad - but definitely needs additionsAs another reviewer said, this is a good base. I added a touch of chili paste, some more lemon grass, and some salt. By itself I would say it is too bland, otherwise I would have rated it a 4 star. I will buy this in the future if it is on sale, but otherwise I will skip it.

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