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342361342361B0002VQ4OIA1GE0T0C7ADJ0XElizabeth Stern "Lab Mom"5541181174400Diabetes FriendlyI thought I would never eat ribs with BBQ sauce again until I stumbled on this stuff...great flavor, nice and thick. The best negative impact on my blood sugar readings! Am looking forward to more ribs in my future!
342362342362B0002VQ4OIA1U3SDO95M7EUSK. Hall "Realrammstein"2241210118400Would eat it even if I wasn't looking for low carb....This sauce is phenomenal. It is not runny or overly vinegary (like most low carb sauces). It clings to the meat very well. And a little goes a long way. Personally, I prefer to cook the meat with a good rub and finish off in the last few minutes with Smokin' Joe Jone's low carb sauce.
342363342363B0002VQ4OIA1XZVR6FUIZ8NBMarkus Lofstrom1111259452800Don't like itIt's okay, but not great. I found K.C. Masterpiece sugar free bbq sauce to be much superior
342364342364B0002VQ4OIA19Q7N89K4JK0LHarold V. Schoultz0051311638400Absolutely Marvelous.I was put on a low salt diet and though life was over. Amazon and Smokin'Joe Jones has brought flavor back into my life.
342365342365B0002VQ4OIA2OPMYIJDXFIEPRhino0051253318400Perfect for low carbers and diabetics that want a great tasting sauce!Smokin' Joe Jones Low Carb BBQ sauce is flat out FANTASTIC! I have been following the low carb diet "Protein Power", which allows you around 30 carbs a day, since Febuary 1st. I have lost over 50 lbs so far. This sauce has become a mainstay for me on this diet. IT IS JUST SO GOOD. I grill with it, and sometimes use it as a dipping sauce.

If you are following a low carb diet, or are watching your blood sugar, try this product. Your tasts buds will thank you.

I need to go now--it's time for me to order another jar!
342366342366B0002VQ4OIAEXV0U23G2GTYGrammy M "Grammy"0041249948800EXCELLENT!This is the best no sugar, low carb bbq sauce ever! I took away one star because the shipping is so expensive!
342367342367B0002VQ4OIA28AULX9TBAOBCSue Holt0051235088000Sugar-free Barbaque SauceThis was the 2nd sugar-free sauce I tried and it is amazing. Tastes like it has sugar in it. I am very happy with the products.
342368342368B0002VQ4OIA1BLME6FUZSB0IGloria F. Garcia "glowflowers"0051231459200ove it sauce
342369342369B0002VQ4OIA1HMEISJ5D9JZODeep Eye82321180224000Nutrition Information PleaseI haven't actually tried this product yet (I'm getting ready to), but I am concerned that Amazon doesn't seem to offer a breakdown on the nutritional information. I do low carb and this is very important. Amazon offers many lc products, but I do not see this information on any of them. Makes it harder to order.
342370342370B000E19BZAA3F68N9OI8Y67Fitness Fan171751241740800My all time favorite chai tea...This one is the Best of all the chai teas I've tried, and I've tried bunches!

Numi - almost as good, but very pricey
Twinnings - all you taste is black tea, no chai spices
Stash - too cinnamony
Good Earth - great chai spice taste, but not enough black tea taste!
Yogi - see Good Earth
Celestial Seasonings - see Stash

I've even tried the Marsala Chai at Cost Plus, which was pretty good, but can't compare to Tazo!

Tazo has the perfect blend of black tea and chai spices and is reasonably priced. I alternate this one with Stash Holiday Chai (my 2nd favorite).

If you don't want to buy this much tea just to try, then go to Target. They have individual boxes of this tea for under 4 bucks.
342371342371B000E19BZAA1HLZLGEHLNYKFA. Carter4451216857600simply the bestI love coffee and black teas, and I've tried every black and chai tea under the sun. But I always come back to Tazo Chai Tea, I don't know why but it's the best one out there.
342372342372B000E19BZAAAAH4QIAZDTVSKirsten3351291161600Love Love Love this Chai!Why I love this chai:
+ You control the sweetness and sweetener.
+ It's organic.
+ Good and spicy.
+ Great alternative to coffee (or cocoa).
How I make it:
I use a one liter Bormioli Rocco Glass Storage Pitcher 34-oz., available on Amazon (also highly recommended ).
+ Heat 3-4 c. water (2/3 pitcher- I use electric kettle to heat).
+ Pour hot water over two teabags in a glass pitcher or teapot. Steep the teabags in hot water 3-5 minutes (I then dunk the bags a few more times trying to get the most flavor out :).
+ Heat large mug of milk (approx. 2 c. in microwave, 1-2 min, while tea steeps).
+ Add heated milk (to fill pitcher) and sweetener to taste.
It's soooooo good! A great start to the day and a treat any time. I introduced family to this over Thanksgiving, and they loved it too. I told my niece, who was hesitant to try it, to think of it as a spicy vanilla cocoa. That's a pretty good description.
342373342373B000E19BZAA3SJUCPMB971EJC. Pizzolato2251267488000Perfect Any time of day!This tea is so delicious, complex, and versatile. It is more peppery/spicier than other Chai's I have tried. In fact, this tea is so delicious, it is the only chai tea I will drink! Why bother trying anything else?!

When drinking this tea, I make sure the water is extra hot and I add a touch of honey and some milk, which makes tea drinking an exquisite experience. It's absolutely delightful at all times throughout the day.

Based upon the energy I personally feel after drinking this tea, it seems to have have more caffeine than the average black tea, such as RedRose.

Just as a side note, this tea tastes nothing like the Starbuck's Chai Tea Latte offered at the store. If you are interested in capturing the flavor of a Chai Tea Latte, I would recommend purchasing the Tazo Chai syrup, not the tea bags.
342374342374B000E19BZAA34NHLTQUNDPTSNikhil Iyer2251246320000Bombay in a BoxA hot summer afternoon, a Bollywood number belting out of a rusty boombox and a cup of Tazo Organic Chai. Its the perfect recipe to transport you to the streets of Bombay.

This tea hits the spot. Its bold and spicy and yet has that distinctive black tea kick. The ginger, cardamom and cloves remind me of the traditional Indian chaiwallah flavor. For those who aren't accustomed to spiced teas, I recommend adding equal parts of milk and two small helpings of your favorite sweetener. When the flavor grows on you... and it will :), you may reduce the milk and experience the richness of the masalas.

I have tasted other black teas but this one stands out. It truly is food for the soul. Highly recommended.
342375342375B000E19BZAA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"4541216771200Organic Chai Tea, Spicy Kick****
Tazo's Chai Black Tea is an enjoyable chai experience for the most part. To their credit, their new verson on Chai Black Tea is organic. On the paper tea packet, Tazo writes, "a rich blend of teas and spices in the style of the hill dwellers of the Himalayas." On their web site, Tazo describes the flavor profile of Chai as "cinnamon, creamy, sweet spice" and "medium-bodied yet full-flavored, with the spicy kick of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper. Tazo describes the aroma as "sweet, spice". Those are pretty accurate. The black tea "blend" is a little bitter, though, even with minimal brewing. It's a real trick to get it to brew long enough to get to experience the flavor from the spices without having the tea turn bitter.

The ingredients in Chai are: black teas, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, and star anise. It is caffeinated.

Tazo is an interesting company that makes only super premium teas. They are socially responsible, based in Portland, and have the motto, "The Reincarnation of Tea". Tazo is owned by Starbucks. Their web site is fun and quirky, with a Zen-type focus, definitely worth checking out. It is unclear, though, from their web site, how many of their ingredients are organic or kosher, and they do use some "natural flavors" in their teas--this wording seems a little vague for a super premium tea.

I would rate this tea, and Tazo in general, as good---better than premium teas like Stash or Celestial Seasonings---but not as good as Numi. I'm soooooo spoiled by Numi teas, which is why Tazo Chai gets only four stars.
342376342376B000E19BZAA1IITDWU58IC0TCrispy1151304294400Best ChaiFirst of all, let us differentiate between "western tea" and "Indian chai" - if you are looking for mildly spicy taste, then this tea is not for you.

But if you in for a spicy blast with black tea, then this is it. I have tried many other brands (I am particularly annoyed at the Yogi brand which switched to inferior ingredients and started hiding them by spraying essential oils) but nothing has come close to the authentic taste that this tea has.

PS (June 2012): I think I wrote my review a couple of years back - well, I am still stuck to this brand and chai. It has not changed and nothing new has come up that beats this one. I am Indian and I have Indian visitors and they often comment how flavorful my tea is. They think I made it from scratch mixing spices myself :)
342377342377B000E19BZAA2WLNVEHBO0LCLShoe-a-holic "Shoe-a-holic"1141296691200Too spicyIf you like your chai to be more spicier, thern this is the one for you. It is good but I prefer Twinnings Chai.
342378342378B000E19BZAA1SCQYLCP16AK3Original Larkin1151289606400Love the tea and super fast shipping!I bought this on a Friday sale and you really can't beat the price (especially if you use the subscribe and save discount). The price per box was less than the best sale I've ever seen on the stuff at a store. Love the tea, it has great flavor and is a good strength - I don't like it when I leave the bag in forever and still can't taste anything. I also received the delivery the next day, so overall a great buy!
342379342379B000E19BZAA2UGCA3LV9U449Yank15 "Yank15"1151241654400Chai Tea at its best!I have tried one Chai tea after another. When in the store I shop at they alway seem to be out of it. When they do have it I usually buy up all they have. Now I just buy it here at Amazon. It's always in stock and the price is much cheaper then any store price I have found. If you love Chai tea like I do I recommend this tea is for you.
342380342380B000E19BZAA1G5MHFUSL6C9Zy. chang1151239062400Awesome!I don't shop at stores anymore. I'm sick and tired of looking through isles looking for the items I want. is so awesome!! They have basically everything I need under my finger tips. YOu wouldn't think it'll be hard to find Tazo Chai tea like this at stores.... no kidding. YOu go out there and try. I'll only buy specialty items from Amazon from now on.
342381342381B000E19BZAA3HU2IEF5W2HSDCole Long "Faster"0021348444800NOT the same as pictureI LOVE's my drink! BUT the price gets a bit steep so I thought I'd try to make it myself at home. I was so excited to find this concentrate to be able to do so as I tried with tea bags and online how to searches and it wasn't the same. This is soooo NOT the same. I'm very disappointed.
342382342382B000E19BZAA1I5VIER157TQUArt Ray0041348444800Amazing productThis product is phenomenal. I don't even drink coffee/espresso and longer. My problem is that when I run low on this product
342383342383B000E19BZAA3UQ3AHZSWCRX8Alicat0051342569600Hands down the best chai teaJust the right balance of spices and tea, and the longer you brew it, the pepperier it gets. If you leave the bag in too long, like all teas it will get bitter, but the spices get bitter and the heat from the pepper can be a bit much. Anything less than 10 minutes makes the perfect cup. Yum yum yum.

Other chais I have tried are Yogi (too weak) Celestial Seasonings (strong vanilla, no spice flavor) and Stash (heavy heavy on the cloves). I'm not inclined to try the others since this is perfect.
342384342384B000E19BZAA35R8NSHLHUBV1John Kriegel0051324252800tChai Done RightFirst encountered this at the home of an Indian client. Managed to find it on Amazon.

After a few experiments with steeping time, concluded it's best if not allowed to steep very long; too long and it gets quite bitter. And I've also found that a small dab of honey makes it a real treat. Enjoy! JK
342385342385B000E19BZAAD4MFIC8E2PZBCece0051313280000Addicted!Love this tea. I am a chai tea fan and this on the top of my list. The more spice flavor, the better. This one has that for me.
342386342386B000E19BZAAKGOWYUNP22CMHappyMommy0051292025600Mmmm, happiness in a box!This has become a staple item, not only in the cold, winter months, but throughout the year. I LOVE the spicy kick that this tea blend offers, and the only other brand that offers that quality taste is Good Earth. The subscription service is perfect for me because I'm using the product regularly at home, and this saves me having to buy "extras" when I find a coupon or when the store offers a sale price.
342387342387B000E19BZAA2T5XNFGGCJL2Zaunt vonnie "healthy eater"0051283299200healthy eaterI enjoy making my own version of a chai latte at home instead of paying top $ for one with all the extra junk in it at Starbucks. This is a delicious brand and it was delivered promptly in perfect condition.
342388342388B000E19BZAA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace0051267401600This is: The GOOD Stuff !!!Some over-the-counter Chais are yukky -- but Tazo does NOT disappoint!! it is GREAT!!!

If you have no desire to make Chai from scratch (been there, done that -- it was very good), then try Tazo Organic Chai -- it's as close to home made as you'll ever get (IMHO).

Steep it as per the instructions on the box. Smell that wonderful aroma??!!!

Add a little cream or milk or Soy (or, rice milk, etc etc) and a little sugar/honey and kick back and enjoy!!

This is BLISS, this is MEDITATION of the highest order, in a teacup.

(PS- add this tea, cooled, to your smoothie or milkshake too)
342389342389B000E19BZAA9MNSV3NKN2CIris Green "Editor,"0051265673600DeliciousI tried this tea after having a delicious cup of chai tea latte at my favorite café spot. I decided to try my hand at making my own chait tea latte, using this tea as a basis. Delicious! It has the perfect blend of spices and black tea and when mixed with a blend of milk and honey, it's wonderful. And when made into a latte, it's also filling as a breakfast. I highly recommend this tea, and if you want to try another great tasting tea, I also recommend Zhena's Gypsy Tea Fireside Chai, 22 Count, 1.55 Ounce Tins (Pack of 6) (the gypsy fireside chai tea is actually my favorite).
342390342390B000E19BZAA2WK4JKR8S9SFLKarleton Helfer "Karleton Helfer"0051265155200My personal Day Time Favorite in the TAZO lineThe following recommendation is based on having tried over 100 tea varieties in the last 2 years.

Spot on. Great to drink when you want to enjoy something natural during the day.

Strongly recommend.

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