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342391342391B000E19BZAA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"0051236470400Delicious Chai TeaThis is simply put the best spice Chai tea you can get easily in the US. Hints of licorice, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves mix well with steamed milk for a fantastic Chai latte you can make at home. Great before bedtime, or as a digestive aid, Tazo Chai is well worth the purchase.
342392342392B000E19BZAA1FISKO5D20YVOR. Francis1251290556800Love this Tea!!!!! My favorite - better than any coffee!I love this tea! It's spicy and wakes me up in the morning without feeling like I'm drinking something unhealthy. Plus it's filled with antioxidants so this is good for my health too! I only wish they'd put it out in K-cups so i can use it with my Keurig coffee maker - which I'm shamelessly plugging as the next best thing on earth!
342393342393B000E19BZAA1WPM4OKY5R1CDA. Landry1351275436800My all time favorite black tea, no question.I've had around a dozen different brands of store bought black teas, and TAZO is by far the best. It is a dark, spicy tea, more spicy than typical brands. Without sugar or honey it is quite bitter, probably undrinkable to most (including myself). If you don't enjoy putting sugar or honey (or whatever) in your teas, I would not recommend this purchase. I highly recommend this tea with a tablespoon or so of honey, you will NOT be disappointed.
342394342394B000E19BZAA34DDDBIFZ6YA3Jake Moening0321255478400Not so muchI much prefer other brands. This one seemed bitter no matter how I brewed it. Judging by the other reviews I may have a different taste in Chai than most, or maybe I just got a bad box of tea.
342395342395B008ADQPVMA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051340150400Does not stick to your bedpost overnightThis is the story of a girl...a girl who went through two sets of braces. A girl who spent most of high school unable to chew bubble gum. Before I got the first set of braces, I was a bubble gum fiend. My favorite Easter candy was that little mini egg carton filled with bubble gum eggs. Still is, to be honest. But after two sets of braces and a TMJ surgery, I was firmly broken of the habit of chewing gum. If I'm offered a piece, I take it, but I don't tend to buy it. But when I do, I buy the bubble gum there anything better? It's another one of those flavors I associate with childhood and so this brings up all sorts of good memories, even at first whiff. Bubble gum ice cream, does anyone remember that? The rainbow ice cream filled with little gum was two treats in one! Two treats that made two separate royal messes! I also broke my nephew of bubble gum at the age of 3 (he's 13 now). I wasn't thinking and his folks said he could have a gumball, so I gave him one of mine. Filled with Shocktart powder. He won't touch the stuff now, ha! I should feel guilty, but I bet his dentist thanks me for it.

Anyway, bubble gum has a very fond place in my heart, and it brings up all kinds of memories. It was another of the new matcha flavors that immediately hopped into my cart and I had to try immediately. And I'm so glad I did. It's definitely the bubble gum ice cream of bubble gum flavors, a rainbow of different tastes and flavors, but under the single heading of bubble gum. Generic bubble gum. Not the teeth-rotting super sugary kind, but the Bazooka Joe kind that loses its flavor too quick. Except this tea doesn't lose any of its flavor. Oh gosh, it's good. My brain keeps trying to make me chew the tea, it tastes so much like bubble gum. I wish I had known about this when I was younger! I keep going back for sip after sip. It's taking definite willpower to put it down long enough to write this review! I want to blow bubbles with it. I get the feeling this would make amazing cupcakes, maybe with cotton candy icing. Yum, yum, yum. Definitely a staple in my cupboard.
342396342396B0002DHF1WA2WC6GICPZWKTZBambi3341292544000picky chihuahua eater luv's umwonderful treat!! nice and soft with a very natural smell. my chihuahua is a very picky eater and only wants expensive treats like chicken jerky, but he really enjoyed his "bacon jerky stix". the stix's are great size he was able to eat the treat with out any help and of course run with it if he thought i was trying to get it =]. FYI: i find they will get a slight bit hard if not placed in a closed container after opening.
342397342397B0002DHF1WA2KZ2MX1Y8TWKNThe Dude0111333411200Bad dealI ordered a two pound package of theses for my dog
It seamed like a good deal. I didn't receive a two pounder instead I paid
Way too much for the one pounder I got.
342398342398B0001H6DA8A1JJI6125FOLDPsoupy151551288569600Cardiologist recommendedI have been using rice bran oil since my cardiologist recommended it in the Spring of 2010. Rice bran oil has the highest phytosterol level. Search: List of Foods (with High Phytosterol)That Help Lower Serum Cholesterol.
This oil has almost no taste except for a very slight nutty taste. I use it for all my oil needs except for occasional use of olive oil for taste. This brand has the best price point and is also available in 1/2 gallons - which I use to refill the attractive 12.7 oz bottle. The more you buy the more cost effective the shipping expenses so I buy a few 1/2 gallons & share with my mom.
342399342399B0001H6DA8A2B8UZQU329BN0Susan0051350518400Really like this oilHave switched totally to rice bran oil from olive & canola because of all the health reviews I have
read. Had used another brand with a much darker container which is supposed to be better for oil
rancidity but I keep my oils in a cupboard so don't worry about that issue. Like the price value very
much so will continue to order in the future.

This oil is easy to cook with it - so far no burning/odors from cooking with it.
Have really gotten used to the taste of it - even use it on popcorn. A very light oil textured
which I like.
342400342400B002EDVBMCA1G29MRK4U08F1Ramkumar Balaraman1141282521600Very addictive coffee candyThis candy comes very close in taste to a real cup of double latte, though a tad sweeter. This does contain caffeine, so its not a decaf alternative to coffee, and its definitely not recommended for kids.

1. Great tasting coffee candy; a good caffeine fix
2. Hard toffee, so it lasts a long time
3. 20 calories per toffee, which is not too bad
4. Individually wrapped pieces

1. All the cons of regular coffee; overuse can cause headaches, dehydration, digestive dependence, restlessness, sleep disruption, stained teeth, bad breath and caffeine crashes
2. Very hard, brittle candy that is sometimes broken with sharp edges; I've hurt my tongue on occasion
3. A little sweeter than I'd like

I ordered a 20-pack from Asian's Best through Amazon. Great value at roughly 2 bucks a bag including shipping.
342401342401B002EDVBMCA2XMQKAM4TT8AAKristina M. Baron1151260835200Kopiko CandyThis candy is so good and addicting. I bought mine in Poland. I'm checking out buying it now. First page says 36 pieces in bag. When I go further into ordering it - It says 25 pieces per bag! Why the discrepancy?
342402342402B002EDVBMCARNOBR2VM6850Timothy A. Nichols "timnichols60"0051340496000Kopiko Cappuccino CandyI ordered the Kopiko because I had been given some at a Thai Restaurant and really liked it. I ordered the candy from When I got the candy and was surprised to find that it originated in the Orient. I received the candy early to the delivery date and it is just as I have ordered. The candy is definitely based on coffee and tastes like a cup of Cappoccino, Bustello or Cuban Coffee. This buisness shows a great care and responsibility to it's customers' needs. They are an excellent supplier of the Kopiko Expresso and Cappucino Candies. Order more than you think you will need, they go fast. Kopiko Coffee Cappuccino Candy, 4.23 oz and Kopiko Coffee Candy, 5.29 oz
342403342403B002EDVBMCA3G9J3ASK6PUHHPhil0051325721600Delicious candyI rarely like hard candy. However this candy is very special. It tastes just like cappuccino. All my friends really like this candy with great taste.
342404342404B002EDVBMCA1Y1N7TYVMLNN9GamerGirlOhYeah0041321401600I know this candy is delicious so I bought some, but...I'm a bit confused. Are there 25 pieces or 36? I am going to buy anyways, but a little clarification would be appreciated!

Either way, the cappuccino candies are so gooood :)
342405342405B002EDVBMCA3KI28LE8J7YUGMadeInDetroit860051318982400First time having kopikoAt less than 2.00 at my local asian market they are worth it. very tasty and they are addicting. i enjoyed them. ate 4 pieces in less than an hour....
342406342406B002EDVBMCA2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia0041299628800Taste is very good, price not so muchThe taste of this coffee candy is terrific - not too sweet, not too strong, just perfect.
The amount you get in 25 candies. Each candy is the size of 2-3 nickels stacked on top of each other.
If you consider the price of the item price plus shipping, it works out to be pretty expensive per candy.

Since I liked the taste very much, Kopiko candy inspired me to investigate other Asian Coffee Candies. If you like Kopiko I recommend that you also try Bali's Best Coffee Candy, 5.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12).
Bali's Best Coffee Candy, 5.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) Both are fine candy, but Bali's Best is a much better deal. See my review of Bali's Best Coffee Candy for details.
342407342407B002EDVBMCA30DP5W852UJJ2Paul M. Budd0051278201600Great!!!I actually bought a bag of these for my mother-in-law.....she loved them! She ate the whole bag in short order! I ordered her another bag (from same supplier here) just a few days after she'd received the first bag. She loved these!!
342408342408B001E6GL66A2RO0Q6WM77NR9Doug Turet0011350864000So far, so bad...!Just like the previous reviewer, the first thing I scanned wjth this new app was the (in my case, 18 ounce) box of Rice Krispies in front of me on the breakfast table. And, just like the previous reviewer's, the results I received were inaccurate: "Community 12-pack" (at a much higher price than we'd paid). I'll update my review once I've scanned and checked a few more products, but so far, I'm not as "wowed" as I have been with previous buys from these guys. ...P. S. - After writing all of the above, but before hitting the 2nd round of "Publish Review" buttons, I discovered that the result info had changed! Now, it's telling me that my 18 ounce box is only a 4-pack of boxes, instead of either the 12-pack it had originally said, or the individual package it actually is! (V-e-r-r-r-y interesting...)
342409342409B001E6GL66A31YF1UEQ7NUHDNeal R. Noble "nrnoble"3711235865600Something not right42.99 for 4 x 18 ounce boxes of Rice Krispies? That is $10.75 per box. Who in their right mind would pay 3 times the retail price. Clearly there is pricing error.
342410342410B001PILVGIAQEQS5LG6W42MM. Timmins3351246233600Best little crackerThis is my favorite snack cracker and I'm not a kid. These little crackers are healthy and tasty too. They are just sweet enough to please the adult.
342411342411B001PILVGIA3C7AKJISLZICIPatricia J. Mccall "pmcall41"2251334793600Annies Bunny Grahams ReviewI made Easter baskets for the grandchildren this year, and, put a box of these in it. Also, put a couple other boxes of Annie's products in their baskets. Like the Bunny gummies, and, Cheddar crackers. This gave them snacks that they could use through out the week, and, it was tasty for them, but, healthier than most of what the store bought baskets have in them. I added a few more goodies, wrapped them up, and, my daughter reported to me they loved their baskets! Works for me! Items were delivered in a timely manner too!
342412342412B001PILVGIA1GKMT3JP8F9ZSviolette332251314576000Guilt free snackI love all of Annies snacks. These graham bunnies are the perfect snack size, especially good for road trips. They don't seem as sweet as other graham crackers. products.
342413342413B001PILVGIA1MMFSW19AM019B. Wueste2251286496000Try these with NutellaRemember Dunkaroos? Well I've created my own by dipping these delicious bunny grahams into Nutella. I prefer honey bunny grahams, but this snack also works well with the chocolate or chocolate chip varieties. You can't beat this price as smaller boxes at the grocery store cost nearly twice as much. I want to say these are healthy, and certainly dipping them in Nutella doesn't help, but they are at least organic and there are no words in the ingredients list that would require you to consult a Chemistry textbook.
342414342414B001PILVGIA1MNREC40TVQF0E2251281484800thesethese are the best graham crackers i've had; they are delicious,don't make my mouth dry, are not messy and they're fun to eat. great with fruit and with peanut butter. enjoy!
342415342415B001PILVGIAVL5IDEE8YA3DRachel McElhany2251270166400Yummy!My kids love these and I love that there is no high-fructose corn syrup (unlike a lot of graham crackers out there).
342416342416B001PILVGIA2J2WXD5JGX3RHWilliam Back0051348617600nice for the grandkidsI tried these and they were quite tasty. Easy way to get healthy treats for the grandkids. Will purchase again
342417342417B001PILVGIAKVTQU1WHTAHXKarnsy0051348617600These Are The BestSimply put, I cannot eat any other graham crackers but these. They are so good, and organic which is a plus.
342418342418B001E5E22CAIH95YYRQPAWGSharon A. Haggerty "haggerhoven"121251185753600Rishi Organic Golden Yunnan Loose TeaThis tea has become the staple in our house. The flavor is bold enough, but never bitter. It stands up well to double brewing. In fact, my husband drinks mostly the 1st brew, and I drink the 2nd brew, with less caffeine, but it tastes great. We have tried double brewing at least 5 other varieties of tea, but they don't hold up- they come out flavorless and watery.

The other nice thing about this Yunnan variety tea, is that it tastes great black (husband's preference) or with milk and honey (my preference).

I highly recommend this tea. It is our all around favorite for everyday (we don't regularly drink coffee).
342419342419B001E5E22CA3AO0XZIHZ5MYGT. R. Wilson111151205366400Serious TeaTHis is a FINE tea. I also recommend highly their Keemun. I've other tea sources, that I enjoy for their highly elevated, fine qualities in flavor and all that is the tea experience for the very serious tea afficiando. BUt they are very expensive. This is comparable to Yunann teas that cost three times or more the price of this one.

The one thing I offer, you don't need as much of the leaves as the purveyor recommends. Only about 1.5 tsp. is enough for a full, big 8 oz. cup to produce a marvelous tea, and steep only 2.5 minutes, precisely, not 3 or more minutes... that will produce a tannic tea that is loses the sweetness that is inherent in the tea brewed a short span. Then, sip and find heaven in a cup. And Yunnan is great for that feeling we all want, uplifting, invigorating, without the nervousness that might come from coffee. Though, must add, love my coffee! Yes, I'm a caffeine fiend, but it is legal!
342420342420B001E5E22CAAZBX76JJ8MI3Bret Wiley "Sencha Guy"111151191110400Good TeaIve been buying this tea for years. The best Yunnan Ive found and Ive tried a lot. Some twice the price. If you mail order it buy the pound from Rishi its really inexpensive. A great morning tea for me. Very full bodied rich and spicey.

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