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342421342421B001E5E22CA196SEEGLL4OGDJ. Singer4451267142400high quality teaI don't usually put much stock in manufacturers' product descriptions, but Rishi nails the description of this tea: "Robust, smooth and malty with sweet-caramel finish." It's not as malty or quite as full bodied as Assam, but is has a deeper, more complex flavor with a very distinctive candy-like sweetness, and just a hint of dryness/bitterness. I think I've heard that some Yunnan black teas taste peppery, but this doesn't taste peppery to me.

Rishi says that this tea can be steeped multiple times. This is true, but unless you use a large amount of tea with a short first steeping, the second steeping tends to be much less flavorful and more bitter than the first. I prefer to use a little less tea with a longer steeping time, and just get one cup per batch of leaves.
342422342422B001E5E22CACFBYUB5IGIG6A. Berneche "operalicia"3351258243200Best Malty Morning Tea, EVER!If you love a full-bodied, malty tea in the morning (or anytime, actually) this is the finest I have found, and the company cares about sustainability. Also great iced. Do not brew too long (in my opinion, longer than 4 minutes) or it will get bitter, edgy, and herby.
342423342423B001E5E22CA7YRO6JIVVG7DS. Kay Murphy "Heretic"2251264809600SmoothThis is a great tea. Gorgeous color and scent. (You'll know you're going to love it when you open the can and the aroma drifts out.) Don't over-brew or it can be bitter, like all black teas. Just a couple of quick minutes produces a lovely amber liquid. Enjoy!
342424342424B001E5E22CA2B3LUSUXAM8A3Oleksiy Kolisnychenko2351182816000Amazing tea!I'm a long buyer of this tea and highly recommend the product for its taste! Worth every penny.
342425342425B001E5E22CA3MNBF8I3TH9WEM. Bekker "Super-Reader"0031350604800It is OK. I had better golden teas.I used to love this teach much more but I notice decrease in quality lately. It is not bitter but is not as delicious as it used to be either.
342426342426B001E5E22CA397CWU6DM3O5Gganka0021344384000Tastes like hayI used to like this tea, and was subscribed to it, but over the years it got worse. The leaves are very black, not golden at all as the name suggests. It brews to dark brown, but tastes and smells like hay now.
I only drink Yunnan teas, so I know how it is supposed to taste, and the Rishi tea is nothing compared to even least grade Yunnan you can find.
342427342427B001E5E22CA328S28RVN3A15Richard Father1411304985600I just don't like this tea (and other teas packaged by Rishi)I am sure that there are people who like Rishi Golden Yunnan tea, but I just don't like it. To me it is a combination of some tea and hay. (it smells like hay) Other teas I tried, like Sencha Green Tea or Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea are even worst. Out of four Rishi teas I tried only the Earl Grey Loose Tea is acceptable. As for Green Tea - I like the Japan Sencha Green tea packaged by the Coffee Bean Direct. Anyway, You will not know which tea you like until you tried them all.
342428342428B001E5E22CA36WAKMPKIF11CGreg Jablonowski1411276128000Not so goldThe organic "golden" yunnan apears to be just a black yunnan. Do not waste your money!!
342429342429B001E5E22CAG0M4YG063YQLBob "Bob"3921211932800Disappointed with this tea.I am disappointed with this tea. I am used to Indian black tea such as Assam or Darjeeling.
This tea has no aroma and tastes pretty dull, nothing compared to the aroma and tastes you get from Indian tea. The quality of the product is great; good beautiful long leafs, but if you are used to Indian black tea then this would not give you the same experience.
342430342430B001AYDSMWA23U78BUV98JPMTwiztedKitty0051348876800Inner Childs DelightI just got this today and it arrived way ahead of time! I opened right away and had to sprinkle some in my hand and try it, and as I remebered it was GREAT! My grandmother was japanese born raised in japan and married a navy cook only comeing to america after my mother was born in japan. MY grandmother and mom for awhile always gave this to me over rice on rice balls or just on other random items that make it so good. I'm very happy with this purchase and will be buying from them agien! SInce I live in a place without any asian stores around this will do :)
342431342431B00176IK80ARD791Y39HIIDaniel2211299715200Huge Rip Off!Wow! I've been buying dog treats for over 40 years and this one takes the cake! Pay no attention to the photo in the advertisement for this product. What you get is two (2) small chews in each of three (3) shrink wrapped over cardboard packages. That's a total of six (6) small chews for $30.00 not including shipping! I couldn't return my order quick enough.
342432342432B00176IK80A20OQMLRFNZADLJazzer2221297728000Sweet Leather for your dogI was not impressed about this product (Made in China). Cheaply made and not very good quality. Outside was coated with redish brown sweet something which stained the carpet. My dog first tried to lick the coating and then bit the "bone". It was like hard leather, more than bone, and left a mess of shreds about as well.
342433342433B00176IK80A3DAH78KLMMEMDJan M. Goshorn "iwantoknowyou"0051339027200Only rawhide my dog will chewOkay, my chihuaha is finicky...i have wasted lots of money on other rawhide chews and finally found one! Thank you beefeaters.
342434342434B00176IK80A1PZHQOMEO6M1NSmith1150051292284800Yorkie LOVES theseMy little yourkie absolutely loves these treats. He chews all the chicken off first, which I think helps keep his teeth clean, and then goes to work on the rawhide.

GREAT product, but the packaging wasn't too great. The bones were falling out when I got them... a little concerning.
342435342435B00176IK80A94014HP8EPVYdog mom0051290729600Bedtime treatEach evening before going to bed my dog gets a chick n top. It relaxes her with a treat that she really enjoys.
342436342436B00176IK80A2KZTED1RKELZXLuci Zahray0051281657600excellntMy hound is surprisingly picky about treats. But these are his all time favorites. He, Wimsey, likes all the chicken top/treated Beefeater products
342438342438B00176IK80A1TS2XUVMM9AUOPaul J "Bit Pusher"0141307750400wonderful treat but doesn't last as long as other rawhideMy 30 pound puppy goes crazy for these, he really loves them. He's just in heaven when he's chewing on one of these, but they only last about 20 minutes. If you're looking for something that lasts much longer than a biscuit but doesn't need to last for hours like other rawhide treats then this is perfect.
342439342439B000W2ZFY2A8CX44VGY95DZSinnnamin4511338508800ONLY ONE BOXThis sale is for ONLY one 3.5oz box of Nestle Sno-Caps! I could have bought them at the over priced movie theater for $5 less. I thought that this was a movie concession pack with more than one box, it is not.
342440342440B002NGQSD2A25RP96AEKO1K4Anthony0051330300800Love Prince PoloStarted eating Prince Polo candy while stationed in Europe, and have enjoyed them ever since. I'm happy to know that Amazon can satify my cravings. Thanks.OLZA Prince Polo Classic Dark Chocolate Confection, 32-Count (1.2-Ounces) Bars
342441342441B002NGQSD2A6O775VO82O94mom0051325462400OLZA Prince Polo Classic Dark Chocolate Confection, 32-Count (1.2-Ounces) Barsdelicious confection, it's my 3rd order and will order more for sure.I used to buy milk chocolate variety, but dark chocolate is best
342442342442B002NGQSD2A3LCYZGKJAWMD9D. Watts "Rav Reader"0051325030400Delicious!My son loves these and was so excited we could buy them on Delicious bars from Poland that you can't find in the grocery stores .
342443342443B002NGQSD2A50LBMY683OWRThatGuyWithoutGlasses0051324598400GREAT CANDY, BAD AMAZON PRICEThese are very delicious and very addicting, they do not taste like dark chocolate however. It's more of a milk chocolate with a kitkat wafer like crunch. Definitely a great candy bar for all ages.

My only complaint for them on here is the price..

You can get these a lot cheaper if you can find them (in a store outside of Europe or a European store).
I happen to live in a very European influenced neighborhood in Brooklyn and these cost $10.99.
342444342444B002NGQSD2A1N8PCNVD91Y6PSvetlana Zavalkovskiy0051300320000Delicious!This candy bar is my children's absolute favorite! It is not too sweet in comparison to other American candy bars, has a nice crunch and size is just right!
342445342445B002NGQSD2AVUWB1C7BN82XEwa North "ewa"0051299801600Extraordinary European WafersVery crisp and light, drenched in exquisite european dark chocolate . you can enjoy it with fresh cup of coffe or as on the go snack.
Its just perfect in sweeteness and texture.
342446342446B005JXDX70A3BADG55FYI5M2Gary M.0041345507200Good, but not ItalianThese are not bad as far as flavored peanuts go. You can taste the cheese and garlic. Tomato was so-so. I was hoping for a more Marinara sauce type of taste. The attempt may not have been for the broader Italian taste that we equate to spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce. I wish the flavor had been bolder. My favorite is still the El Cheddarales.
342447342447B005JXDX70A2XQC6JUIW3GP5Kim0051333497600Pizza in your mouth!I was skeptical about these. How could a peanut taste like a pizza? Boy was I wrong. The tomato, garlic, cheese and oregano tasted wonderful. Highly recommend.
342448342448B000OQX5C0A1PW6NU7SURYSAsuzijetlag0151299369600doggie bonesThis is the second time to order these bones. My dog loves them and I like the handy box they come in, the price is also affordable .
342449342449B000AY9U52AQ5BNRE036C94Southern Vet "Southern Vet"0051342915200What a reliefEvery one in the world seems to sell butter or wheat crackers. These are the only sesame crackers I can find and I love having them on auto-ship.
342450342450B000AY9U52A3SUSOLVPTGNDWRod0021317686400Stale!I have ordered these several times and they've been fine, however, this time they are stale! It is within the expiration date but perhaps improperly handled?

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