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342452342452B000084F3OAVZ864OCGIVX5Anna242551112486400Saved my Cat!Two months ago, my 11-year-old kitty began to vomit after every meal. She had been on a prescription food for FUS (feline urinary syndrome) for seven years and had never had any trouble with this food.

I tried sensitive stomach food, which didn't work, then another recommended food, which also didnt work. I tried diluting the foods with water. She lost a lot of weight (and couldn't keep anything down! I went through three bottles of spot cleaner!) but she still seemed to have some energy and was getting water, After almost three weeks I was ready to submit to vet bills, which I couln't afford. (Thought it might be hairballs but could have been food allergies or something worse.)

I read somewhere about Dick van Patten's Natural Balance, and tried the Ultimate formula, canned. It's been eight weeks, and my kitty hasn't thrown up since the first time I gave her this food. She has lots of energy now and has gained back a good portion of the weight she lost. No exaggeration, this has been for me like a miracle.

I don't know what the reviewer who said there was a smell was talking about, because there is no smell! (Maybe he was trying the fish formula, which should smell like fish?)

In fact, this food contains only human grade meat and veggies. Again, my cat loves the food. I have also used the Hairball Mgement formula, and that first week she liked that, too... now, she doesn't eat that alone, so I mix a smaller amount with the Ultimate formula and that seems to be fine.

I am very grateful to find this food and, having read some about cat nutrition, I feel confident that it is nutritionally very good.
342453342453B000084F3OA27M36HZN6KRZCMouse2251263945600No more "crazy cat"My cat simply seems to have fewer issues while on this food. She also likes it. I give her a small can of wet at night, and the rest of the time she grazes on the Ultra dry. Whenever I tried to tighten the budget and switch to cheaper supermarket stuff, I would notice a behavioral change in her. She would get twitchy, like her back was all itchy, and she would alternate between slinking around then running really fast, eyes wide and ears back with her hair all sticking up. It was like she was possessed. Kitty exorcist stuff. She doesn't do that ever while on quality food, though. I guess I'll have to cut the budget in other ways. Cats are obligate carnivores that are used to eating whole prey items, or whatever they can catch and get in their mouths. It is not easy to give an animal like that what they need. You really can't skimp on their food and be sure that they will remain in good health. Lesson learned for me!
342454342454B000084F3OA23OFF4FP99PJQYire Morlans2241221696000Healthy but...I started to do my research on good cat food so i could soon ween my kitten off of formula. They sell this at the pet store I worked and it was a little cheaper than the Wellness brand. So I started off with the Natural Balance cans and my kitten was doing just fine. However, I did notice he was never too enthusiastic about feeding time. I decided to chip in a couple more cents and get the wellness food and it's like he's CONSTANTLY hungry now.

Bottom line is, if the cat likes it, thats great because it's just as healthy. BUT my cat prefers the taste of Wellness a LOT more.
342455342455B000084F3OALCHVSBWBFFJZG. Vereschagina "GV"2251217462400My kitty prefers this over NB's salmon formula BY FARI bought two packs, salmon and ultra. My cat became obsessed with Ultra, and refuses to eat salmon. He actually refuses to eat anything else but Ultra, though he was never picky in the past. Since I have a huge pack of Salmon, I am tricking him into it (by mixing 50/50 with Ultra)... Let's see how long he will buy into it.

UPDATE: it's been 4 months since I tried it. The kitty is now happily eating 3 different formulas (Ultra, Salmon and Duck with green peas). He looks wonderful, the fur is shining he isn't loosing it much. I tried the dry food too (chicken), but that did not work: the kitty developed a bad allergy with lots of ugly pimples on the face, which went away after I eliminated this dry food. Normally, he is eating chicken products just fine, but this one definitely did not work.
342456342456B000084F3OADRUSRDVNWNE6Charlotte L. Kiffer2251199750400My picky cats love this stuff!I have never purchased this brand before. As soon as I opened a can of it, my cats went for it right away. I am truly amazed as they tend to be very picky eaters.
342457342457B000084F3OA34JGW6BDSSRM9Eileen2251184112000Great food for my picky cat!I just adopted a cat from the shelter, but she seemed underweight. For the first few days, she barely ate anything. I thought this was due to the spay operation she'd had right before joining us, but a few days later, she still barely picked at her food, whether wet or dry (the shelter told me she was fed dry food). However, she always seemed very hungry (she kept trying to eat crumbs from the kitchen floor). She would even come into our bedroom at 2 and 6 am to meow loudly. I'd try to feed her, but she would eat a bite, then decide she wasn't going to eat any more.

Frustrated and worried, I researched this product and picked some up locally. She can't get enough of it. Whereas before I was lucky if she ate 2 ounces of food, she now eats everything in her bowl. Since she's still a kitten, I feed her as much as she wants. I'm really grateful for this product, which I think will help get her back to a normal weight.
342458342458B000084F3OA211ZTBSXOPTRIApril Galezo "Cherry"4551185580800On vacationI am on vacation and this is the longest I ever had to spend away from my cat. I left her in the care of my mom. I decided I wanted to send her something new (food wise) because of all the problems that has been going on with Iams and stuff. Although I am still not back home, my mother tells me that she goes crazy for this stuff. My mom also said that the food does not smell nearly as bad as the market brand cat food. I am happy with these results, sounds awesome.
342459342459B000084F3OAOHKV11MHFTZFCalvin's mom "Sheryl"6951174003200Best out there!our cat only ate 9 lives wet and dry. then one day she started vomitting. and it wouldn't stop. after every meal i would find surprises all around the house. mind you,... i could care less about my cat (it's my husbands and the cat and i hate each other) but i actually felt bad for her. so i researched and tried other kinds and then came across natural balance. she loves it! wet and dry and no vomitting!!! it's a little expensive, but cheeper than the vet or tons of carpet cleaner. i just wish more stores sold it so i wouldn't have to drive so far to pick it up. her coat is shiny and no dandruff. i don't remember the last time she vommitted. and she even seems to be acting better (nicer) since the new food. it did wonders on her!
342460342460B000084F3OA30YA7KLPBG6CIKevin Busby2331195603200Natural BalanceI purchased the Ultra Formula based upon all the positive reviews here. I believe it to be an excellent product and it was shipped promptly. Unfortunately, my cats turned their noses up to it. I wound up donating the case to a local feral cat organization (minus the 3 cans my cats refused to eat).
342461342461B000084F3OA3KKTVL6QWOWT2Onlinebuyer1211316044800Can't believe the previous reviewsI'll begin by saying that my cats have a voracious appetite. They are under a year old. 10 months? They can eat an enormous variety of food. For this reason I was flabbergasted that they (both) smelled the food and walked away! Then I tried mixing it with a dry cereal that they love, NOPE, that didn't work either. So i allowed a good 20 hours go by without feeding them and again nothing. They would have starved before eating this stuff. The packaging is also what got me. They threw in a couple of cans they were dinged up and no labels. You couldn't place those on a store shelf, but hide them in the box for an unsuspecting online customer? Sorry can't rate this even one star. The worst part is I have another shipment this time "chicken and liver" from the same company. I'm praying.
342462342462B000084F3OA3DWUM6SN3N3NRAuthor Brian Wallace (Mind Transmission, Inc.)43321076457600the most unnatural odorI really hate to do this (having been a fan of the Van Pattens for years) but feel that I must to save you money. Opening up a can of this substance will release the most ungodly stench into your home that you have ever had the displeasure to smell. To call this stuff "natural" is like saying that Michael Jackson is "normal."

Not only will my felines do everything within their kittie powers to sidestep the pungent aroma spawned from this evil can, but I can't even manage to feed this to the most malnourished squirrel on the block.

When they produce this kind of product, they really must get some sort of quality control that keeps the stench in check.


342463342463B000NMK4O2A1VV0WTOH2BG8CRandy Turnbow "Big Red Curly Guy"6651280793600**Awesome Bonsai Umbrella Tree**I purchased this Bonsai directly from Brussel's since I didn't know Amazon carried them at time of purchase. This was an anniversary gift for my wife and she absolutely loved it! According to the Brussel's site it is 5 years old. Here are the details of the purchase.

Packaging: I was very impressed overall with the packaging. The box was much larger than I thought it would be and was quite heavy overall. Upon opening, the box was filled with foam peanuts which were surrounding and within the leaves and branches. After removing the peanuts I noticed the leave were green and not one had fallen off during shipment. The base was well wrapped in bubble wrap and tape and it was clear it had been well watered before shipping. The outside of the box had been marked with "LIVE PLANT". I couldn't have been more pleased with the packaging.

Plant condition: If I hadn't unpacked the plant myself I would never have known this plant had just been shipped via UPS or Fedex during the middle of Summer. The plant was larger than I expected, with the planter measuring 10"x13" and the height from counter to top of the tree being 17". The leaves were lush and shiny green and the planter soil was still moist. As I previously mentioned, I found no leaves that had dropped during shipping.

In the weeks after arrival the plant continues to do well and I've noticed new growth. We've placed it next to a plate glass sliding door that faces west where there is ample sunlight all day.

Based on this experience I will definitely look to Brussel's and Amazon for my next Bonsai purchase.

Big Red
342464342464B000NMK4O2A2VZRMKKMC7RV4Patricia L. Conway "oregonian"1151327276800WonderfulThis is the sweetest little tree. It is growing already. Tough enough for beginners. Packed well -- if you don't mind thousands of styrofoam peanuts.
342465342465B000NMK4O2A1GCRDCG78AMCUElaluf Calderwood "silelf"0011336521600DissapointedThe tree arrived with a broken base and in really bad shape (have picture to proof it). The bonsai was trimmed to early so during the trip lost its natural beauty. It was a present for a friend and she was obliged to return it due to its bad quality.
342466342466B000NMK4O2A2BGNFA8TKOCK6J. Robinson0311325894400Got a disease and diedWe don't like these Hawaiian umbrellas. We have had 3 and 2 (including this one) have caught some sticky fungus and died. We will not buy another.
342467342467B000BRQUTCA3IUDWDKA2G1KOAngela Beckwith "Ang"0111168732800on orderI just ordered this fudge. It looked so good and seemed to be priced well I thought I would give it a try. I have looked at just about every store where we live and can not find any maple fudge. I am hoping this will taste as good as it looks. I will send another feedback after I have had my first bite. Can't wait.
342468342468B001P1YWWKA240U6868H26TReader9951267488000Delicious.This is definitely the best almond butter I have ever had--and cheaper than any I have bought, too. I was a little concerned about the cane juice in it (am eating it in part because it's good for me, not to get extra sugar in my diet :). Anyway, I don't find it to be sweet, and the calories are reasonable for what it is. The crunchy bits of roasted almonds are delicious.

I highly recommend it.
342469342469B001P1YWWKA1YH083BJDUL5XRunningMaven8851247616000Amazing Almond ButterLove this almond butter - very different from any other that I've tried... the consistency is more like that of traditional crunchy peanut butter than like a "natural" nut butter. The roasted flavor is great! I love the chunks of crunchy, roasted almonds... this stuff is addicting - I eat it by the spoonful out of the jar!
342470342470B001P1YWWKA1LEBV3OB3GCLOMaleah4451266796800TastyI have tried three brands of almond butter so far and find Barney Butter has the best flavor. Another had fewer ingredients and lower fat but I like BB best.
342471342471B001P1YWWKA26U0RB7XFY2TMTango Chickster "Ex-pat E."4451247443200Yummmmm!I tasted BB for the first time at a grazing station at Whole Foods in L.A. April, and I ended up buying a jar to take back with me to Argentina where I live. I have been trying to spread as thin a layer as I can to stretch out the almondy goodness until I can stock up the next time I'm in the States. It's so yummy and crunchy, with the right amount of sweetness, that I may make a permanent switch from organic PB to Barney Butter. I haven't touched my PB since I started eating Barney butter. (Or maybe I'll just keep both in my cupboards, what the heck. I love them both.)
342472342472B001P1YWWKA36SF4I27CICSOBrenda J Shaw3351277683200YummmThis is one of the best naturals I have ever tasted. crunchy and smooth makes a great sandwich. I don't think I can eat Peanut butter again after this.
342473342473B001P1YWWKAAL5JAE5ORE9NPie 54 "CathyP"3351275782400Wow, I LOVE this stuffThis is so wonderful, I eat it by the spoonful. It needs no crackers, bread or anything. Although, I like it on toast also. It is very good if you make cocoa bark (with xylitol)and mix in some of this barney butter. It cures the chocolate peanut butter cravings.
342474342474B001P1YWWKA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall3351273449600Best Ever!Peanut allergy in my home. I used almond butter prior to the peanut issue came to light, but never knew it could be this good!
It is very hard to locate any nut butter that is peanut free. My hats off to the makers of Barney Butter for keeping it safe for peanut allergic folks.
Yeah to Amazon for Finally offering this as a subscribe item. I now get the chunky and smooth sent each month. We can eat a jar per week. Both kids eat it by the spoonful mostly. Huge savings buying it here, to buy one jar at Whole Foods puts you back $7.99! OUCH!

Give it a try, well worth the price.
342475342475B001P1YWWKA18IV1T1OA1KZFS. LaCharite "Sonni"3351266710400YUM! BETTER than peanut butter--It's the BEST!For those of you who are peanut butter lovers and thought nothing could top peanut butter---SURPRISE!
Barney Butter Crunchy Almond Butter is the best!
It is smoother than peanut butter, has a very nutty taste and supposedly is healthier for you.
Even if it isn't healthier, I would still be eating this like it is "not-good-for-you" junk food.
I've even skipped the bread or crackers and spooned it out of the jar for a low-carb mini-snack.
It is soooo delicious that I should be buying this by the 12-pk if it was sold by that amount.
Maybe next time, I'll get four three-pack jars.
Bon appetite!
342476342476B001P1YWWKARLWV9OJEOPSNAngie3351264550400BEST ALMOND BUTTER OUT THEREWhat can I say? I can't say enough about how happy I am with this purchase of Barney Butter. It is truly all natural and has the same consistency as Peanut Butter. The creamiest Almond Butter out there! LOVE IT! Will definitely be back for more and I have sold a bunch to other people already!
342477342477B001P1YWWKAMHUE4A12KNUZJanice Tumberlinson3351264204800Absolutely the best!!!I loved peanut butter all my life. On warm toast in the mornings, it didn't get better. But something happened and peanut butter doesn't like me anymore. I've tried so many other butters since and not found anything to replace peanut butter........ until now. This Barney Butter has the exact same consistency of peanut butter. You will not know the difference. It has the same color as peanut butter. It even has the little nut nuggets to make it crunch like crunchy peanut butter. I will buy this again and again. I cannot believe how lucky I was to run across it at Amazon. I would totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for a peanut butter substitute. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
342478342478B001P1YWWKA2X4JZJSYOS0EJS. Pinizzotto2251264032000better than peanut butter!I first bought barney butter because we learned our daughter has a peanut allergy. After testing, it turns out she is also alergic to almonds. So, I now just eat barney butter at work.

It tastes great, doesn't stick to mouth as much as peanut butter and I am guessing is more healthy becasue it is almonds.
342479342479B001P1YWWKA3I1KHPTYVA07MLisa Carter2251262217600HookedI'm a huge almond butter fan. This is by far the best I've tried!
342480342480B001P1YWWKA2L9G81KGUXOD7Jason Buberel1151318982400This stuff is awesome (but note, it contains cane juice)This is easily the best testing almond butter I have tied, and I've tried quite a few. Note, however, that it does contain evaporated cane juice, which gives it a very lightly sweeter flavor. If you're looking for something that is 'just almonds', this is probably not the right product.
342451342451B000084F3OA2ORNC8TD331R9B. K. Mennitt "Da Bomb"212151151020800My Picky Cat Loves It!My cat is a picky eater. I ordered this product because I was concerned about my cat's nutrition as she has recently started losing her hair. My vet recommended weaning her onto a healthy, high protein, wet cat food. I had been feeding her cheap dry food.

My cat absolutely LOVES this stuff! As soon as it arrived, I opened a can of it, just to see what it smelled like. THIS STUFF SMELLS FINE! I think that is smells BETTER than most cans of cat food that I have opened. It does NOT stink-up my house at all.

My cat does not usually eat a whole 6oz can of wet cat food in a day, but she will happily gobble up as much of this as I give her each day! I HIGHLY recommend this product to any one looking for a healthy food for their loved pet.

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