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342481342481B001P1YWWKA38JHPV8JL132Brack1151312675200Best peanut butter replacementI use this to get my PB fix now that I'm on a paleo diet. The best I've ever had!! I've tried a ton. Get this, well worth it!
342482342482B001P1YWWKA1SS6E06C34UMIAndrew Nguyen "ranova"1121302307200What happened to the price?!Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Barney Butter, have been buying it for months now. I have been buying it for $17-19 on Amazon, and now it jumped to $30! That is RIDICULOUS for a 3 pack.. Guess I will have to find another brand.
342483342483B001P1YWWKA2JZ4C3Y5V1322ram3261151286582400Yum!It does have a few "extras" in the almond butter but I think it is what sets it apart from the others. The texture and feel is similar to that of regular peanut butter. When trying to make the switch with a 3 year old and picky husband, this was the best for us. It is overall yummy, no stir, and be left at room temp.
342484342484B001P1YWWKA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"1151284768000this almond butter= awesomeI have always been a fan of nut butters. I have tried more then I can count. Peanut butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, walnut butter ect, organic, raw. You name it I have gone out of my way to try to. Many of these expensive most not worth the price. I was very pleased with this product. Not only for the amazing taste but also with the price amazon sells it at. Without the subscribe and save it is still way cheaper than other almond butters in the stores. After i finish up these three i will get it sent to my house once every two months and save the additional three bucks. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an alternative to peanut butter. I put this on my toast in the morning. I look forward to it with my coffee. A great buy.
342485342485B001P1YWWKA11SQGJKS3ZTYJMary Tofflemire "marytoff"1151275696000Barney ButterGreat tasting Almond Butter. I love it. Has a good texture and don't have to refrigerate.
342486342486B001P1YWWKA2A6N58793821FLouis E. Nusser "Louie"1151271289600scrumptiliciousThis product is superior in every way. It is as good as the advertising
342487342487B001P1YWWKA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding1141266192000ok if you don't like peanut butterIf you can't eat peanut butter or don't like it, this is fine but the taste difference doesn't warrant the increase cost. I buy pure peanut butter, Krema, which has no salt or anything else added and it is half the price and I think better. Again, I was expecting something with a lot more almond taste.
342488342488B001P1YWWKA1EUMJC8VE44QLMatt Fuchs "MF2x"1151258416000Delicious!I was a little hesitant about trying this because for one, it only came in a 3-pack (and what if I didn't like it) and two, at 7.61 per jar, it's a little expensive compared to only about 3.00 for Skippy and 4.95 for Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter, but cheaper than Full Circle Organic Almond Butter which comes in at almost 10.00! Regardless, I thought I would give it a shot. I am so glad I did because this stuff is just delicious, absolutely better than any peanut butter I have ever tried and as an added bonus, it's better for you. That said - it's not just simply almonds. It does add evaporated cane juice (sugar) and a little salt. It also adds palm fruit oil, but that particular oil is actually quite healthy for you so I don't mind. I read in another review that they contacted customer service and discovered that they don't include the skins. This explains the color and taste. However, while you still get a good source of monounsaturated fat, calcium, vitamin e and magnesium, you're missing out on many of health benefits only found in its dark skin. Therefore, I would still recommend that you try to eat whole almonds and other nuts but Barney Butter is still a very healthy option and I did I mention it's so very good. I love this stuff!
342489342489B001P1YWWKA1BF3RRLPAR2PKD. Hung1151254700800The best ever, satisfying with spectacular taste.Almond butter has been a long time favorite, light, wonderful taste and crunchy. Tastes great on crackers. The biggest plus is very low on salt. :o)
342490342490B001P1YWWKAMCG1FIJC0NVZaura eyes1151252540800Wow! This Almond Butter Tastes Great!I wanted to try something healthier than peanut butter. I was also hoping that the other reviews were right about the taste. Indeed! It's low in sodium and saturated fat, and it really tastes superior to any peanut butter I've ever had (including the natural ones)!

You get three little plastic jars, which is actually kinda nice because they're easily transportable. You can throw one into just about any bag or purse. Also, it doesn't need to be refrigerated or stirred.

I love chunky, and this almond butter certainly doesn't skimp on the chunks. I will certainly buy more when I run out. So far I've tried it with low salt rice cakes. Yummy!!! This Barney Butter is a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Even after expecting a pretty good product, I am pleasantly surprised with how extraordinarily good it really is.
342491342491B001P1YWWKA1CY0ZUZXLYIF1Silverdrake5711297814400Not 100% Almond ButterYou get what you pay for: Barney Butter contains Palm Oil, which is a saturated fat, and sugar. Palm oil production causes substantial and irreversible damage to the environment. Unfortunately, I didn't read the nutrition information until I'd already opened one of the jars, and now I have to figure out what to do with the two remaining jars. If you're trying to steer clear of saturated fats and sugar, find a different product. Trader Joe's carries 100% almond butter, and you can buy Maranatha, Sunland and some other unadulterated almond butters at
342492342492B001P1YWWKA2BYTMGGKRKAISS. Feldman2331270252800Almond ButterI ordered this because my local grocery store does not always have the crunchy almond butter and it was supposedly "all natural". This was crunchy enough, but had too much sugar and maybe some other additive. Tastes just like the sweetened peanut butter on the grocery store shelves. Definitely not a all natural almond butter.
342493342493B001P1YWWKA18EZS6CD4ROYRFreudian Slip0051350691200Good tasting healthy stuff!This is great on apple slices and seems much healthier than peanut butter. Also, has anyone else noticed peanut butter just doesn't taste like fresh peanuts anymore? Well, this almond butter is GREAT!
342494342494B001P1YWWKAQ199K2VRKFVCTaargus0051350172800the shiznitone million times better than peanut better; the price difference it totally worth it. crunchy is the way to go, and i like to have it with apples
342495342495B001P1YWWKAAX6M2M5FUR1SSumari "lcr"0051349654400Delicious and well pricedThis is delicious, if you like Jif Crunchy-type butters. Tastes almost identical. Nutritious and relatively inexpensive. Highly recommend. A good value.
342496342496B001P1YWWKABFHI4BCP9OT1D. Hong0031349395200Deliciously dangerous...The almond butter itself is very scrumptious. I personally eat it by the spoonful! In fact, my first jar was devoured within the first day of arrival!

Anyway, my almond butters seemed to be contaminated. After my first jar, I continued on my second jar; which was contaminated with what I believe to be salmonella or something really bad (I've done research that led me to this conclusion; lots of recalls on nuts!). The contamination caused me to vomit violently along with persistent stomach aches. THe third jar seemed to be have the protective seal broken with pinkish-oily material spread all over under the cap.

Be careful purchasing any nut based products as of now! There are many reports of recalls and salmonella outbreaks, especially almond-laced products!
342497342497B001P1YWWKA36TZM34N9TEV6J. Paull0051345852800love this stuff!This is probably the 5th or 6th time I've ordered this. My son and I love it! Just wish it came in larger jars.
342498342498B001P1YWWKAAE5HFXFJ27R5Walsh0051344729600World's best almond butterI'm a huge fan of almond butter, but I never enjoyed almond butter before like I do now with Barney's -- it's the world's best, no doubt!
342499342499B001P1YWWKABUE0ALHKWKHCKiwi0051343865600DE-LISH !I decided to try this almond butter as the brands my Village store offer are WAY too expensive. I thank the previous reviewers for helping me make that decision. It is, indeed, delicious and the best I've eaten to date. It's creamy like peanut butter and spreads the same way. Perfect to spread on apples or any other fruit of your choice. The roasted crunchy texture is great for making plant based desserts as the bits of nuts work throughout the whole recipe and there's an almond crunch in every bite.

Try it ! You'll be glad you did !
342500342500B001P1YWWKAJSTZXYIAVULFkabe0021340841600quite different almond butter, too much like peanut butter!I love almond butter, and was excited to try Barney Butter based on all the positive reviews--but was really disappointed when I received the product. I don't usually write reviews, but Barney Butter is quite different from any other almond butter, so thought I would share:

1) it's very watery/oily/runny, with large chunks of what appear to be blanched almonds--stirring it up didn't help the consistency; 2) it looks just like crunchy peanut butter, (plus with all the salt, tastes much more like it too)--honestly, as someone with a severe peanut allergy, I found myself a bit apprehensive to eat it because of this, I definitely would not have it around kids that I was trying to teach to stay away from peanut butter--I wouldn't have risked tasting it at all (anaphylactic shock's not too fun!), but they do have it clearly labelled as produced in a peanut-free facility; 3) by the monotone color, (and comparing it to the other almond butter I usually get) it looks like they used blanched almonds--by missing the skin, I'm assuming I'd be missing out on a large part of the vitamins/nutrients I get by eating almonds; 4) more sugar and oil than most other kinds of almond butter out there; 5) the taste is kind of bland--not as much depth as other brands.

If you are looking for a copy-cat peanut butter substitute, I think you'd be happy. But, I would rather go with other dry-roasted varieties that are healthier, don't make me feel like I'm eating peanut butter, and have a better taste! (Plus, with a name like Barney Butter...I feel like they're just trying to snag the preschool market & feel kinda silly having it on my shelf!) Hope this helps!
342501342501B001P1YWWKA2IEUX8S2XA4HITeddy Bear's Mom "americaforamericans"0041337990400Barney Butter crunchy almond butterMy husband is allergic to peanuts so he can't eat peanut butter - obviously but he can eat this. I had to try this and it does taste pretty much like peanut butter. Which is almost too bad, I like almonds and would rather it would taste more like almonds. This is salty like peanut butter if you can't digest peanut butter this is the product for you.
342502342502B001P1YWWKAAM063RUI0OTHMrQuincy0051336435200This is the best tasting almond butter I've ever hadPositives:

+ I've never tasted almond butter this good. It tastes NOTHING like the stuff they sell at Walmart.
+ The ingredients are great. Only 3 grams of sugar per serving.
+ You can mix it in your smoothies in place of protein powders (If you're wanting to focus on whole foods)


- The name. Barney Butter. Just kidding.

It's good enough to eat directly from the jar. I don't even buy nuts anymore.

A serving in the afternoon holds me over until dinner and a serving before bed will keep me satisfied throughout the night.

I love Barney Butter and you will too.
342503342503B001P1YWWKA1GSKM60J3JP59Gulfside0051336003200Barney Butter CrunchyHi love the taste, but I'm on a new SCD diet and thought by reading product information there was no surgar in product, but there is. It tastes great but with my IMD I wish it had mentioned cane sugar!!!
342504342504B001P1YWWKA39RX3QSHVX3Y3mr.blanco3330051335484800The bestIt is the greatest spread ever made. Made by baby angels. The only problem is it goes quick because it is so good.
342505342505B001P1YWWKA3H7LXBHK4JJQYCarol_in_WV0051331856000Barney Butter Crunchy Almond ButterThis is our first experience with almond butter . . . and it is wonderful!

Smooth butter with crunchy chunks of almond, nice flavor. Everyone at our house approves!

Would buy again.
342506342506B001P1YWWKA1UAUX5Q1LRHHECarmen0041330992000Barney ButterThis product is great! I believe it is one of the best types of almond butter I have ever had, I will recommend it to friends.
342507342507B001P1YWWKA1NJ6V7FEFB65CGiugiu0051327190400Yummy!!!!!!Love it! it's the best Almond butter out there! and I have tried so many! Bit pricey but worth it! never going back to peanut butter again!
342508342508B001P1YWWKA3LABOG3R2FRU6Mark R.0051326844800Delish!I've tried a few Almond Butters and this is the best so far! I love the taste of peanut butter and this comes closest. Best part for those with peanut allergies, this product is OK for you! It is the only almond butter my buddy eats and he has an extreme allergy to peanuts. Try it! Sign up for the subscription to save some $$.
342509342509B001P1YWWKAKAT811SZJ5H6D. Taylor0051307836800The Best!Normally when I buy peanut butter or almond butter it will last at least a month or two. Until now. I can't believe that I've gone through 5 jars in as many weeks. That's how good this stuff is. I'm back for my third order. My favorite is the crunchy. They are very generous with their almond chunks which I love so much that I just eat it with a spoon. It's not too salty or too sweet. As long as their standards stay the same I'll keep buying it. Do yourself a favor and give this a try.
342510342510B001P1YWWKA1AWWSONKGK92Maggie0051299456000Can't beat this!Barney Butter is my favorite!! I am not allergic to peanuts, I just prefer the taste of Barney Butter to Peanut butter or other almond products. It is also a better in cooking. Try it in substitution for peanut butter cookies.

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