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342511342511B001P1YWWKAZ4559S8F5J4FGuy Stewart0051252540800FANTASTIC......My FavoriteI already wrote a review on the smooth version of this but this is by far the best tasting almond butter on the market. It almost tastes like peanut butter. Did i say FANTASTIC......
342512342512B001P1YWWKA22DTSBYVRSD5Jmorris peterson1231287273600product contentsthis product says 'Natural'..., but it was not until arrival that I note that besides 'almonds'; it also contains 'Palm Oil'. This should be noted in the product advertizing.
342513342513B001P1YWWKA2DG6DMOULXRIWD. Holmer "good reading"2421280793600contains sugar and palm oil!Why why why ruin this product with "evaporated cane juice" and palm oil -- among the most unhealthy oils -- pure saturated fat! Almond butter, due to its monounsaturated fats and ldl cholesterol, can and should be a very nutritious substitute for peanut butter and even butter. That's why people buy it (aside from its amazing flavor)! What are these people thinking? So disappointing (and gross). I don't know if I can give this stuff away.
342514342514B001P1YWWKA133FK8886PGZ2Wesley G Brodsky0251333756800Almond ButterI like Almond Butter better than Peanut Butter.
I like Almond Butter better than Peanut Butter.
I like Almond Butter better than Peanut Butter.
I like Almond Butter better than Peanut Butter.
342515342515B001P1YWWKAAU5E8XTBDNRUSG "SG"0211286323200Doesn't taste goodI bought this almond butter from Amazon. It has a different packaging from the one showed in the picture. The almond butter doesn't taste like any other almond better I have tried. I think it's made from peanuts. There is a bad after taste after eating this - I think it's the palm oil. Tastes like bad oil. Very disappointed in this product. I won't buy it again! Not sure if the product I got is a fake. I will stick to Justins butter which is amazing.
342516342516B0083JP1K4A2X48JEDEEUSUYAnonymous3451318377600Wonderfully unique flavors!If you love chocolate, get yourself a box! The flavors are distinct and most unlike the usual chocolates you may be used to. Buy, buy, buy!
342517342517B0083JP1K4ABEBZX6N4F3OAOldmel0031348963200Not as creamy as it should be.The bonbons were not as creamy as I had in Brazil. Possibly processed (Dried out) for long lasting export, or old stock. Also the mix did not include a favorite of mine PELE (Large round multi chocolate) I will not be reordering.
342518342518B0083JP1K4ABIDPTZJE14L9Christina0051329523200goodItem shipped fast. Taste delicious. This is the second that I bought Graroto here. Highly recommend this to those love Brazil chocolates.
342519342519B000Q5XO16A20U43K9P7BURZRetired "Carol"2241231459200The BEST instant Hot Coco Ever!!!I am not a big hot chocolate drinker. A pack came in a gift basket I received so I decided to try it.....WOW! I looked at a number of Starbucks stores, assuming I could buy more....wrong. I scoured web sites, including Starbucks....they were sold out. Only Amazon had them offered and the price was better than any other site. The seller mailed the product quickly. The packets are a little "roughed up" looking, but all in tact and the product is tastey. I tucked a few of the good looking packets under the bows of Christmas presents to share the goodness. Be sure to had a handfull of mini-marshmellows....enjoy.
342520342520B000Q5XO16A2MJUL1QXQ5TMLAmy0041237334400Perfect replacement for morning coffeesEver since I got my teeth bleached as a Christmas present 2 years ago, I've been trying to stay away from coffee (which is hard in an office environment considering that's where all the good gossip happens). Well, ever since I found these, my craving for coffee has diminished to none. I make 1 packet of this cocoa every morning with microwaved 2% milk and it satisfies my sugar AND coffee cravings until lunch. Yes, I realize it doesn't actually have any caffeine but the dark, hot, and creamy goodness is close enough! It's the best tasting cocoa you can get in an instant packet and much more chocolate-y than Swiss Miss. Of course, if you're trying to compare this to authentic hot chocolate made with actual chocolate chips, you'd be a bit disappointed.
342521342521B000Q5XO16A1SA2JGIRKGWVRbradybunch0911199404800What a Taste! HORRIDIf gourmet is another way of saying horrible, then this product is the shiny example! Worst Hot chocolate(whoops, I mean COCOA) that I've ever had, and makes me yearn for the hot choc. pouches in the GI MRE's. Not recommended for animals either.
342522342522B000GB3MP8AB4J5BXLR3DA6JB0051336953600Lemongrass adds the perfect touchThis is one of my favorite teas. This tea is very light, but still is a great morning pick-me-up. The orange and lemongrass balance so well with the black tea that this tea does not need anything added like milk or sweetener. This is definitely a tea I will always keep in stock.
342523342523B004XXXLXIA312OMK1VGE4KTJwilkins0051313539200Truly GloriousI've eaten at the little sheep restaurant many times in China, and the taste from these packages is nearly identical.

You do need a powerful pot heater you can place on the table to have a properly hot-pot style dinner, but if you don't have that it makes a delicious large pot of soup also.
342524342524B001D4CJJ2A15JUNE49U7JFACord Silverstein4411262736000Terrible brittleThe pictures on the box does not even come close to matching what the brittle actually is inside the box. There are no peanuts, it is just brittle. And the brittle is just bad. Do not purchase.
342525342525B001D4CJJ2ACX2RRA98X5UFM. Garrett2211289865600No peanuts, no chocolateThere is no chocolate at all. There are almost no peanuts. Most pieces have no peanuts at all. Just sugar. A waste of money. I tossed it into the garbage.
342526342526B001D4CJJ2A1M3UHO597M9IJGilbert G. Faellaci "Jazzman"221128632320099% sugar-1% peanutsI agree with I hate it , practically no peanuts. I bought it because there was a couple of 4 and 5 ratings, but should have listened to the 1 rating. I purchased peanut brittle from another company that was delicious but they are not taking orders now. Thought I would try this, and I took a couple of bites and through the rest in the garbage. Save your money DO NOT BUY.
342527342527B001D4CJJ2AFHBOY53FODWEPaul Kil "block writer"1141267315200Pretty tasty.My mom is a big fan of this brittle. I personally think it lacks in the peanut department but I bought it for her and she loves it so I'm happy with it.
342528342528B001D4CJJ2A14322X0BXV3TSAL0011334102400Very Terrible productThe Pennsylvania Dutch Candies Peanut Brittle taste terrible and it has after taste as if they are using a very bad sweetener to make it. I would never recommend this product to anyone.
342529342529B001D4CJJ2A3TLFCCG6SE273Matthew Priore0051294704000PleasedAfter buying once I purchased this product again within a few weeks. I was happy with both the quality and quantity of brittle for the price.
342530342530B001D4CJJ2A1YICAF1ACTLKOIzzy0041265846400Good reviews.My brother-in-law loves peanut brittle. He liked this Pennsylvania Dutch Peanut Brittle very much when I gave it to him as a gift.. It looks and tastes like the gold old fashioned kind of candy of years gone by.
342531342531B001D4CJJ2A2MR2JC2CMJEVKS. Cleary0051257897600Auntie loved itMy 93 yr old Aunt loves peanut brittle and I can't find it in the stores. I sent her some of this for her birthday through Amazon and she loved it.
342532342532B001D4CJJ2A2B8Q9SF6DY8JLVictoria "V.A.S."0051242691200thumbs up!I bought the peanut brittle for my son in Iraq & he says it is good, so I must agree!!
342533342533B000XB5736AYPBRA3HISGE4Saywhat0531289174400??How in the world does a 6.6 lb bag of any dog food have an original price of seventy some odd dollars?? Is this ad wrong?
342534342534B0029JHUVWA34LYU13K8EGQ1Ted "tedpas"0051346803200Great candyTastes just like 3 Musketeers.

My co-workers love these and are glad that I brought them into the office.

Wait, it is 3 Musketeers!
342535342535B0029JHUVWAGJLD33CGEXXLHope0051291507200Nummy!My favourite chocolate bars!
Less fattening too so I can indulge even more! I got these on Amazon for a very reasonable price.
342536342536B001YJ9J76A3UCFR8Y344JYVGregory D. Dantzler2551289779200FantasticThe product was and is fantastic. The people who made this possible by helping me be able to order this were absolutely fantastic!!!!!
342537342537B000084F3XA1H8NAVEQBP92WCynthia0021350864000Too SmallThis is for puppies the bag is super small!!!The bag didn't last more than a day. I thought it was funny when I got the bag I thought it was a gift to be honest!!!
342538342538B000084F3XA2399KWZ5RHMOGpepper love "pepper"0051319673600Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Snacks for Dogs, Mini P-Nuttier, 20-Pound BoxMy dogs love these and even my allergy dogs can eat them too !!
thanks for have these on your site again 5 stars! and paws up for old mother hubbard & Wellness treats
Pepper Love
342539342539B000084F3XA34A2SK45Q1UAOC. Lambert0051212105600My pups gobble them down!Old Mother Hubbard biscuits (we've tried these as well as the puppy variety) are the only true biscuits my dogs like! They would eat the whole bag if I let them. The only thing I don't like is they contain wheat, but as long as your dog doesn't have a wheat allergy, it's no big deal. I would definitely recommend them.
342540342540B000084F3XA2W0EIK2WVBP23Joyce E. Cheney0151302566400Order 10lbs - Great treatsUse these as treats for my five labs. Use only this type as they contain the ingredients I am looking for and are a great size for labs. Ordered them for years. Dogs love them.

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