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342565342565B000F4GPC8A1IU84K9F2NX2AJennifer Leising0111313625600Bitter!!! I don't remember Miso-cup tasting this awful! Sticking to KikkomanI am a fan of Miso soup. The rest of the household is not. I can buy Miso paste at my local grocery in both red and white, and it tastes wonderful, but to save on fridge space, I often purchase Kikkoman brand miso soup and recall having ordered the traditional version of Miso Cup soup a while ago and it was comparable. While it didn't contain any tofu or wakame seaweed, I have dried wakame in the pantry that I can easily add to an instant powder, and I have tofu as well (though I prefer not to open a whole package of tofu for a single serving of miso soup).

The first mistake I made with this soup was to throw it in a single-serving bowl and then realizing each packet was meant to make two servings. So I poured the contents into a larger container and added the two servings of boiling water from my electric kettle. I had to stir vigorously and still ended up with a large chunk of goop at the bottom that I had to mash apart in order to dissolve. It does not dissolve easily, even in a rolling boil. It reminds me a bit of the trouble I have when I want to mix cocoa powder mix for hot chocolate and having it clump up.

The first taste of this soup was DISGUSTING. Nothing like what miso soup was supposed to taste like. It was rancid and bitter. I couldn't eat more than two sips - I threw the remaining portions out immediately. Bitter bitter bitter! Disgusted, I read the packaging more carefully -- the Miso cup brand labels this soup as "Savory Soup with Seaweed". In fact, I don't even think this is actual miso soup - the other three versions listed on the package were all clearly labeled as various versions of Miso soup.

I made a friend taste it before I tossed it out, and we both agreed that it was bitter "like coffee." I hate coffee. This tasted bitter, and left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I have to wonder whether my package was expired or foul - that's how awful it was.

I think I was duped by the brand name - "Miso Cup" is the brand, and this is not at all a miso soup. Either that, or I received a very disgusting rancid batch. This is nothing like the "Miso Cup" actual "Traditional Miso" variety that I remembered eating in the past. I am so disgusted I am not going back to this brand at all, I am sticking to the sweeter Kikkoman brand that includes dehydrated wakame and tofu. It's many times more expensive, but it actually tasted like Miso soup. I realize this "Miso Cup" brand is supposed to be more natural, but if I wanted I could easily just buy the miso paste at the grocer and make it myself (mix with boiling water), especially if I'm going to have to add the wakame myself. At least the flavor would be consistent with that faintly sweet miso taste.

No more bitter junk for me. I can't see how anyone could consider this appetizing. I can only hope that I received a rancid batch.
342541342541B000084F3XA2B7IYLCNXIJXYS. Tigner0131167782400Real hard BitesMy dogs really did not care for these. were not real p-nutty.
342566342566B000OUY4XKAH8YN2Z64J0SGganoexcel.user3351343520000miracle productNutritional Facts: Calories: 7.05; Total Carbohydrates: 1.65g; Caffeine: 0mg; Sugar: 0g, Total Fat: 0.06g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium (Na): 2.52mg; Calcium (Ca): 1.86mg; Iron (Fe): 0.09mg; Potassium (K): 6.04mg; Phosphorous (P): 0.014mg; Protein: 0.15mg; vitamin C: 1.76mg; Vitamin B3: 0.63mg

Each time you would like a cup of tea, consider Gano tea. Everyone knows a good cup of tea is relaxing - a cup of Gano tea is even better! Gano tea, also known as ganoderma tea, is special and healthy because it is packed with anti-oxidants, which detoxify the body and nourish the cells. It is deemed so healthy in some circles, Gano tea is known as the Super tea!

What makes Gano Tea so Healthy?

Gano tea takes tea to the next level.

It is made with rooibos tea, the well-known tea from South Africa, extract of organically-grown ganoderma lucidum or the miraculous red mushroom which has several hundred nutritional trace elements, and SOD or super oxide dimutase, a powerful antioxidant which eliminates free radicals.

There is even more! With every sip of Ganoderma tea, you are:

· getting rid of fatigue

· controlling your high blood pressure,

· reduce inflammation,

· and lower cholestrol

This is just the short list of benefits from drinking Gano tea.

If you suffer from allergies, it may be exactly what you need as ganoderma tea contains the active ingredient, ganoderic acids, which inhibit the release of histamines.

High in Comfort, Low in Tannin

Isn't it comforting to know that each time you have a cup of Gano tea, you are pumping nutrients and healing properties into your body? Better yet, it is tasty and nutritious whether it is served hot or cold. On cold days, a steaming hot cup of Gano tea comforting and assuring. On hot sunny days, Gano tea served cold quenches the thirst.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can serve Gano tea with sugar or Gano honey, which is natural honey blended with ganoderma extract. This combination is so delicious you can sip the Gano tea all day long!

With Gano tea, you won't have to worry about being kept awake. It's low in tannin and is caffeine-free, and in fact, gano extract is known to be good at relaxing your body and ensure a good night's sleep.

Further, it has been proven that ganoderma tea does not cause any side-effects, and is good for all members of the family of all ages. It is good for children, and pregnant women too!

The Flavorful Super Tea

We understand it's natural for you to wonder if the flavor is affected by the healing herbs. Let's assure you that Gano tea has the delicate and refined taste that you would associate with rooibos tea, and in drinking Gano tea, you are getting health and good taste in a cup.

There are many "healthy" teas out there, and what separates Ganoderma tea from the rest is that ganoderma has been shown to be effective in treating the widest range of health problems. You'll start to feel a noticeable improvement in your overall well being after a couple of months of daily consumption of Gano tea, but as it is so delicious, we are sure you will enjoy each and every cup!
342567342567B000OUY4XKA2ZESAZ1ZFIZI0Earth angel0041339200000Gano Tea ReviewHealthy great tasting tea. A little on the expensive side, but you can use the tea bag twice to make it more affordable with out any taste loss. Delicious and full of good things, what else could you ask for?
342542342542B001SB28KAA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"0041282262400T A S T Y.......S A L T YGEFEN NOODLE SOUP comes in a styrofoam cup. Two packets, (one for chicken flavour, one for hard bread chips), come inside the container. Also included is a "spork"-like plastic spoon, in two pieces which can easily be attached together.

To make the soup, all you have to do is pour boiling water into the seemingly solid mass of noodles. The noodles will soften quickly, and all you need to do then is add as much of the flavour and bread-chip packets as you like. It is very tasty soup -- with the added bonus, (especially for kosher-eaters), that, although it has chicken "flavour", there is absolutely NO chicken in it, meaning it is, (according to Jewish dietary laws), "parev"...and can be eaten with either meat or dairy. So, even if you are "kosher observant", you can add milk or cream to this "chicken" soup, with no guilt qualms whatsoever, and taste of the delights of "cream of chicken soup", of which you maty have heard others speak with such delight and relish!

This product can also be microwaved. Directions for either the "kettle" or "microwave" method of preparation are printed right on the label!

If there is one thing that I find fault with about this soup, it is the salt content. The net weight, (dry, I believe), is 2.3 ounces -- though it will be more once you add water and/or milk. For this 2.3 ounces, it is listed on the label that you get ............................... 1197 mgs of salt (!) The salt flavour, however, is not overpowering, probably because of the other ingredients within. I also believe that most of the salt is in the flavour packet, as the ingredients for the flavour packet, (alone), list salt as the first ingredient, but the ingredents for the "noodle" part of the packet list "salt" as only the third ingredient, (but also list "mineral salt" as the fourth.)

There is SO much salt in this delicious soup, that, if you drink it hot enough and slowly enough, you can actually unclog your nostrils with it! A handy thing to be able to do, and a far less messy way to clear out your nostrils than using the "pot" method or other ways. However, the amount of salt is enormous.....and so I don't recommend drinking this soup more than once a week.

As with most foods today, it has its pluses and minuses. Be aware of the salt content, (be cautions), and the flavour. Enjoy!
342568342568B000OUY4XKA2XY6T6M1H39JNLori A. Isom1231275782400Good TeaThis is a great tasting tea
342543342543B0013C7VOMA3ATGKJSG915N5Cheryl Blissitte0051296086400wonderful tea assortmentI gave this tea assortment to my husband for Christmas and he is enjoying the variety and quality of the tea enormously. Each tea is delicious in its own right,but the orange spice is a particular favorite of ours. When this box runs out, I would definitely order another. very good value for the price.
342569342569B0000DC332A18AMWCAVP8MKXAlita Moor4411328054400Big let down.I had read that Monin grenadine contained "No artificial coloring or preservatives" as stated in the product description and other websites had stated the same thing. Not true at all. I just received my bottle in the mail and read the ingredients on the side, there is nothing natural about this except the sugar. Loaded with red 40 dye and artificial flavoring. If you are looking for a grenadine that won't dye your insides red I suggest making it from scratch.
342544342544B0013C7VOMA158M54UZXY20Echicitysue "chicitysue"1251239926400Excellent assortment of good quality green teaWe buy this tea for our office and the flavors are very popular. One of the unusual flavors is Mango, which is not widely available. These are packaged well. I highly recommend this product.
342545342545B001DH6AJ4A38DHLI8O13I1GBreakaway Farm3351258848000Delicious, Gluten-free and the Best Pick-me UpMost chocolates are adulterated with thickener and sweeteners. Any health benefits (heart protection via flavonoids, reduced inflammation, anti-depressive) are negated by the additives.

The problem is even worse for anyone who is gluten-intolerant because cheap additives and/or poor manufacturing processes may introduce gluten contamination.

After scouring local health food stores for all the high-end, hich-cacoa (70-75%) content, organic chocolate bars, I started tasting. Several caused gluten-reactions. Others had no taste or "mouth-feel" and were unsatisfying. A few had nuts that were stale. (If the manufacturers were careless with the nuts, what else were they being careless with?)

As I got down to the last few finalists, I started doing blind tastings. Terra Nostra was the clear winner.

This stuff is GOOD!! Haven't tried the other Terra Nostra varieties because this one is so perfect at filling that deep primal urge for chocolate. And it's so satisfying, I rarely go over the 1.5 oz consumption that is now commonly recommended in many health columns for maximum benefits.
342546342546B001DH6AJ4A1IM7K82JET4Q1English Teacher1151243555200This is the BEST chocolate!I buy this chocolate by the case-- a box of 12 bars. The Intense Dark 73% is the WAY TO GO. I have tried all kinds of dark chocolates, but this remains my favorite. I cannot live without my Terra Nostra!
342570342570B0000DC332A16UH2O4UVYOJZHajnal's Secret Admirer in the Regenstein3341263254400ClarificationJust so you know, unlike most Monin syrups the grenadine syrup isn't made with "natural ingredients"--that is, it contains no pomegranate. Monin makes pomegranate syrup if you want something approaching true grenadine.

This is still a very tasty syrup, however.
342547342547B000F4GPC8A1KS2XOAG1LD24K. Wilcox101041173484800One DrawbackThe taste is OK, but not great. The one thing about this that is somewhat annoying is that it's a two serving packet which means that it makes 16 ounces for liquid. I really only want to eat up 8 ounces at a time. That means I have to guess how much is half and then roll up the bag to save the remaining portion. Even if I did want to eat the entire packet, I don't have a bowl that is 16 ounces (and all my bowls are perfectly normal sized). The bottom line here is that there is nothing wrong with the taste of the soup (still, I'm not in love with it). I just wish there was a better way of packaging. I'm the only one eating it, and maybe that affects my opinion. If you have more than one person in your family then it won't be a problem at all, and you can ignore everything I've said.
342548342548B000F4GPC8A3ROSGNTNR9AHJDVB "dVb"7851168473600Not your regular instant soup...This is a great alternative to chicken soup if you get sick. It will alkalinize you blood and help to get better much faster than you would normally do. Also try it in the morning instead of your regular cup of java - it will perk you up without the jitters of caffeine. True it has a lot of solium, but this sodium is from sea salt that brings with it much needed trace minerals. The seaweed veriety is the best. Open minded and adventurous folks will love it right away, for others it may take some time to get used to. Do try. Your body will thank you.
342549342549B000F4GPC8AA34TRZOWKY6APhebe Vance "WISkye"4451217548800WisSkyeThis is a must have product for me. I cannot use most dry or canned soups because of the MSG and other chemicals in them. I use this for cooking at home, and camp cooking, and snacking. I like the taste, preparation is easy, it is good for me. I can turn it into a meal when I throw a few vegetables, some rice and chopped up left-over meat into the pot. My husband likes it too!
342550342550B000F4GPC8AZS24SXHP3R1ERose Wood "Luci_D"1151260489600This Miso-cup Soup is Better Than the OthersThere are several brands of Miso-cup Soup on the market and in the grocery stores, all with the same or similar names.

I have tried several of them and have been disappointed to the point where I have to throw the remaining product in the trash.

This Miso-cup soup, distributed by Edward & Sons Trading in Carpinteria, CA uses higher quality ingredients than the others, and tastes a lot better.

It can be used as a broth to cook rice too.
342551342551B000F4GPC8A2KFBCWOCYBYTPB.Eddy0051342828800It grew on me ...Wasn't crazy about the taste initially, but now I like it. I usually add a bit of powdered kelp, some additional kombu, 1/4 tsp of tumeric powder and coarse black pepper (for tumeric absortion). Also some chopped onion occasionally. The 2 serving packaging isn't a big deal to me.
342552342552B000F4GPC8A25TRPRRP9KTCHLucyintheSky0041341964800Pretty good, a few drawbacks.First of all, the taste is very good. Miso soup is, however, an unusual/acquired taste, but as someone who has been drinking it for years, I find it to be quite yummy. Yes, the sodium content is high, but my diet is pretty low-sodium for the most part, so I am not too concerned. Plus, it only has 30 calories, and is perfect for when you have a craving for something something savory. However, I find the two-serving packets to be rather inconvenient, as it is rather hard to reseal the packets to keep the remaining powder in. Also, I prefer my miso with more seaweed, although that is a personal preference. That is easily remedied by adding some extra dried wakame. Overall, a good quality product.
342553342553B000F4GPC8A2K0JL9L38MK8LKwQd0051337299200My favorite instant Miso soupThis is my favorite instant Miso soup. I make a batch of short grain brown rice and add a generous amount each time I eat the soup to make it a bit more hearty. This is a great price, compared to what I have to pay for it at my local health food store.
342554342554B000F4GPC8A2HVL322I9QHEACupcakez0041334102400Tastes good but not like misoFirst, yes the sodium is high. Taste-wise, I think it is good but more like a beef broth taste and it is much better if you stir it then drink, stir then drink, etc. If you don't stir a lot, you get to the bottom and it is very grainy. Why do I keep drinking it even though the sodium is high? Two words: 30 calories. It's great in the afternoon when you are trying to lose a little excess weight and you want something to taste like food without the calories and you are sick of apples and green tea.
342555342555B000F4GPC8A2O8XS3QNT0QN4K. Wessel "Deep Search"0051317254400Good instant miso soupI've bought this soup from a health food store on several occasions. I think it has a good flavor and it has a lot of seaweed for a little packet. And I like that one package is for two cups of miso soup. I prefer having more than 8 oz of soup at a time. I usually eat it with a side of edamame or salad and it makes a satisfying lunch. It's vegetarian and healthy, the primary reasons I bought it in the first place.

It may not be as good as the miso you get at a Japanese restaurant, but it is tasty.
342556342556B000F4GPC8A33D8UR5GTR7TVJ. Karpf "smart guy"0021316908800I love Miso soup. This version is too grainy.I have one or two servings of Miso with our without Tofu everyday. If you're a vegetarian, Miso is one way to get some of your B vitamins, as most B vitamins only come from animals. Miso is fermented and the bacteria that thrive in the ferment are full of B vitamins because bacteria are animals. Anyways this version is too grainy, the seaweed is in very small, almost ground up pieces and the flavor is way too salty for my tastes. If you like Miso soup either make your own, or try the Kikkoman products.
342557342557B000F4GPC8A18AW14NE61NOTJenn "sfjenn"0041316476800Tasty & ConvenientI bought this product to use while camping & on motorcycle trips - it works great as a soup base with udon or soba noodles and a handful of locally purchased or foraged veggies. It's also very handy to keep some when I'm traveling on the California coast and end up in a fog bank - more nutritious than a cup of coffee and it gets me home!
342558342558B000F4GPC8A36LG2T5312LYWVulpesheyda "hypotheticaldali"0051304640000What's the Fuss About?I thought that this was incredibly delicious soup. I was highly concerned, seeing all the negative reviews, that this was a bad purchase and that the product would be downright inedible. My worries were for naught; this soup is amazing! It has a bold, savory flavor that is extremely satisfying, and would make a great lunch or dinner item at an extremely affordable price. It is true, some of the particles don't dissolve, but I don't find them to be unpleasant; all other instant miso soups that I've bought have had the same issue with the particles, and it has never been a bad thing for me. I just kick them up a little when I'm eating the soup; that way, the particles don't become sludge. Perhaps one thing that could make the soup better would be the inclusion of rice or noodles with meat (or tofu, if you're vegan like me), but I find it to be absolutely delightful on its own. Skeptical about buying it? My opinion is, don't be. This is a fantastic product at a great price, and would be a great thing to have around the kitchen for use as a broth or savory flavoring agent if you don't appreciate it on its own. I will buy this product as long as they offer it on Amazon for sure!
342559342559B000F4GPC8A1VYKA22BCQS09sylvia m klages0051299974400YUM!This soup is really good! It is very tasty and satisfying. It is not too salty, and the packages are not too big. I like the double sized package, because it makes a nice large bowl of hot It's even better when I make it with whole milk: First I stir the mix with a small ammount of hot water, and then I pour about two cups of milk in and put it all into the microwave oven for about three minutes, mix and sip. YUM!

Oh, one more important point: it has no MSG!
342560342560B000F4GPC8A28JTII5BA74CGM. Faithfull "Belly girl"0031250899200Okay - not the greatest flavourThe taste is OK, but not greatest.
It's a two serving packet that it 16 ounces for liquid. That means I have to guess how much is half and then roll up the bag to save the remaining portion if you are having a cup at time.
342561342561B000F4GPC8AVECJ57D1148YJoseph W. Harned "Charnett"1211284595200NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION !Having been raised on miso soup, I was looking forward to trying this instant variety. Objectively and politely reviewed, it is just terrible! When stirred briskly into boiling water, the granules become suspended briefly but do NOT dissolve, producing a brown sludge at the bottom of the cup. The presentation is unappetising. The taste is execrable. The bits of seaweed are minusule. And the deadly salt content is ten times (10 X) the recommended allowance! I am not sure what this is, but I can tell you from 70 years of experience with wonderful miso soups here and in Japan that this product is not fit for human consumption. I threw it out, not wishing to see it restocked and resold by the Seller!
342562342562B000F4GPC8A1IJ69NVDLTO82J. Anderson "Lover of all things tech"1211233964800Tastes really badI love miso soup and was shocked that this soup was so bad. The smell alone was enough to make me want to dump it out. I can't put my finger on what exactly was so bad about it, but after making one cup I threw the box away.
342563342563B000F4GPC8A33VGXGBXKEMG1Axel C. Rivera "gat0mog"1211177113600I didnt like the flavorSorry guys, I don't know if I wasn't tasting REAL Miso Soup at my local restaurant, but the thing is I didn't like this one bit, and I still have lots of packages left! haha.. I gave it a chance because I love the soup from the Japanese restaurant I visited and I wanted to taste this soup whenever I wanted, at home. But, I didn't like the flavor, don't know if I'm missing something, but better buy one (ONE) a see for yourself.
342564342564B000F4GPC8A1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick4711184112000Don't Buy It -- DreadfulI like Seaweed soup and just love the same product from San-J (also available from Amazon -- get it, it's 5-star!).

This Miso-cup brand is terrible. I can't tell you more than this is just yicky. Wish there was a zero-star rating.

I didn't finish the first cup even (but did give it a second try the next day with same result). Therefore, I only used one 2-serving envelope before giving away the rest. Oh, why did I stray from San-J? Actually, I thought it might be worth trying Miso-cup's different flavors to add variety to my afternoon broth experience. But ALL the Miso-cup were equally dreadful!!!

I gave these and the other Miso-cup boxes to a Food Pantry BUT I told them first why to warn others it might not suit them. Get the San-J brand!!!

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