Amazon Fine Food Reviews

342631342631B0040QBAQSA29KEBGOFM7WP3heinz0051339286400Very Good TreatsOur vet said that these treats are very good for our dogs. She said the flaxseed is especially good for them.
342632342632B004P0N328A3F2E3UGP5ZRTLvivian wilson4431304467200not badArrived on time. Several cans were dented. Not bad humus, has a pronounced lemon flavor. Very thick straight out of the can. I mix in some tahini, olive oil, and garlic before eating. Bargain compared to store brands.
342633342633B004P0N328AEZM5BJYRGGC7Mary Anne Haas3411329955200Ich!! Way Too Acidic.I am very disappointed having just opened a can. The consistency is thinner than I like and paler in color. The taste? I thought I could past the overly acidic impact but I can't. I will probably throw away the whole order or 12. It is unredeemable. I ought to have stuck with the brands I know and prefer such as ZIYAD and YEHUDA.
342634342634B003J9QGOIA1CMGLBEZIWX2WM. Le2251323907200Real White Chocolate!I had purchased these chips because I could not find any white chocolate chips at my local food stores (at least, the most common ones people go to). So I had to resort to Amazon. The chips themselves taste amazing and are of great quality. They are of mini chocolate chip size rather than the normal you see everywhere. Price is a little steep with shipping, but isn't much worse than the "white morsel" stuff that is more commonly available. I had only wished this was a Prime Eligible or Amazon fulfilled product.
342635342635B001E5E1NWA2TNOL4SR0U08RAccidental Tourist9941189209600Organic Nectars Raw Cacao NibsThis is a very healthy food and a supplement rolled into one. I like the taste, although I must admit it will not appeal to everyone, which accounts for my four star rating. It might be likened to coffee beans with a taste of chocolate in the background and a very crunchy texture. If you want a sweet, chocolate taste and really like milk chocolate, then this isn't the best choice for you.
342636342636B001E5E1NWA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser3351201219200Great price!These are great cacao nibs! Wonderful in recipes! I even substituted them for chocolate chips in Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread recipe I had. It turned out very good! These are also great chopped up in the food processor & used in raw food snacks. I did have a problem with my first shipment from Amazon, one of the bags burst open due to their poor packing. BUT Amazon sent me a new shipment for free so no complaints there! Organic Pure Raw Cacao Nibs enjoyment the healthy way!
342637342637B001E5E1NWA34GM17T6WTJDKD. MCKICHAN2211230422400Will break your teethI have hit several of what must be shells of some sort, which are like biting into small rocks. I am also fairly certain one of the things I did encounter was a small rock as when I removed it from my mouth and washed it off that was the only thing I could identify it as. The taste and texture of the nibs are OK but I won't be ordering more in the future as there are too many "landmines" in the batch I got.
342638342638B001E5E1NWAPMDL000S5WXWGinevera0041269302400Fresh NibsIf you haven't tried these, you may have to develop a taste for them. They are bitter and crunchy. They also smell deliciously of dark dark chocolate. These nibs arrive fresh and stay incredibly fresh in the packaging. They are good for snacking, and even better for drizzling over breakfast cereal or yoghurt for added texture.
342639342639B001E5E1NWA36YC6ORRE10HBDavid Harris "some of this some of that"0051229731200Pretty goodThe only other cacao nibs I've had were from Nuts Online, and I like these better, theyre a little crunchier. For someone who never has eaten cacao nibs before, they taste horrible until you get used to them so dont expect it to be anything at all like eating a chocolate bar haha... They make a great addition to things though like in a bowl of cereal, trail mix, or in cake or cookies.
342640342640B001E5E1NWA1LVEPRENTHRSHAmazon Customer B0041221868800A Satisfying SnackI bought this product for a sugar-free chocolate indulgence. The nibs are O.K. plain but become a very satisfying on-the-go snack when combined with coconut or goji berries. Organic Nectars are less bitter than another brand I have tried. They also have much fewer hard pieces of shell than the other brand. Some may not like nibs because they are not sweet. I compare the difference in eating nibs vs. milk chocolate to the difference in drinking a good red wine vs. grape juice. I do occasionally have Lindt's Excellence 85% cocoa as a delicious alternative.
The fact that the nibs are organic is a plus.
342641342641B001E5E1NWA3QGWDUXI5FLARJayq0051218153600The StudentFrom everything I can tell, these (cacoa) are really good for your body and brain. Much can be said about them. Read David Wolfe's book on this subject if interested.
342642342642B001E5E1NWA6MJSN38NZZL0G. Canning0051216944000Yummy cocao nibsThis product is great. The nibs are crispy and crunchy to eat and have good bitter chocolate flavor. Come in a vacuum-sealed pouch to maintain freshness. Much better (and less expensive) than nibs from the bulk bin at your local natural foods store.
342643342643B001E5E1NWA6B4LWNVTI49XPatricia Hunter0051213747200Cacao NibsI am really sold on the health benefits of raw organic cacao. The nibs are a little too bitter for us to eat by themselves but are really good in homemade trail mixes. Still researching for more ways to work them in our daily diet.
342644342644B001E5E1NWA2XZY2XPFEHZXEIan0051212883200One word:Cereal. This stuff is fantastic on healthy cereal like Kashi and any cold oat-based product. I sprinkle a heaping spoonful (probably about a tablespoon) on every morning, along with pecans and blueberries (if they're in season). It adds a fruity and complex chocolate taste that doesn't overpower the fruit, nuts, and oats. Oh, and probably about 5 grams of fiber. On that note, maybe I should recommend that you work your way up to my super-cereal. 15 grams of fiber in one sitting might not be a good idea if that's how much you usually get in a day.
342645342645B004K6AVDGAMXQYDU8M8KXZJennifer Shrawder "that girl"3351322870400good food recieved on time!i'm a vegan and always missed ramen from my non vegan days over a decade ago. These are vegan and a great subsitute for regular ramen. I think they are healthier although they probably contain as much sodium but the flavors are fantastic. I mixed in fresh mushrooms while the ramen was cooking and it made it even more delicious! a great buy, and it arrived on time, great packaging too! (the ramen packages were 99% whole!)
342646342646B004K6AVDGA67PXOXM52IF9MsAstor1151331078400Great NoodlesI have been looking for low-fat ramen noodles since Campbells stopped making them years ago. The Koyo Ramen Noodles have an excellent texture and the mushroom flavor is very good. They only have 1 gram of fat and 190 calories per serving (1 pkg). I think that they taste better cooked on the stovetop. I boil the water, add the noodles and cook them for 2 minutes, then add the flavor packet and stir and cook for another minute...and they are perfect. Just be careful not to overcook them. I actually prefer these to the regular ramen noodles, and don't miss the extra fat and calories. They are a little pricey, but well worth it to be able to enjoy a healthier comfort food.
342647342647B004K6AVDGA1TO152N32IWXSJennifer P. Bell0051349481600Yummy!I was looking for a organic Ramen and this seemed like it might fit the bill. Turns out to be fantastic! I like to "soup" mine up (pun intended) with veggies. I like fresh veggie but don't always have time to clean and chop. So I always keep on hand a organic Asian frozen bag of veggies. I use 2 cups of water, 1-2 tbs of soy sauce, couple handfuls of veggies, add the noodles and dry packet, bring to a boil, pour into bowl, add fresh chopped green onion and 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil or hot chili oil, and then serve! I can make it in 5 minutes and it's really good, the green onion helps brighten it up.
342648342648B004K6AVDGA281E9Z9INZ5BVAmis0051325635200Excellent ramen but don't overcook itIf you are looking for easy comfort food, I can recommend this ramen. It can be dressed up with meat, vegetables or tofu but is tasty just on its own. Good for upset stomachs or poor appetites (it recently got my family through a nasty "tummy bug"). One piece of advice - be very careful when you cook it and follow the instructions closely. When overcooked, the noodles are limp and tasteless and not a bit appetizing. I have found that pouring off some of the cooking water after the noodles are cooked, helps too
342649342649B004K6AVDGA2BLZE8DW2LTFUSanlee0051319500800Low cal, fillingI love this brand of ramen, mainly because it's very low fat. The taste is good as is, but can be dressed up by adding veggies.
342650342650B000FDLB9QA2J2WMM2RUXWBPDouglas Waterbury "Doug W."111151210723200great coffeeHaving lived in Italy and addicted to a really good cup of espresso, found this coffee to the best I have found available in the US. Great robust espresso, just like I loved while in Italy, great price and great company. Will definetly be buying from again and again in the future.
342651342651B000FDLB9QA1AJVUD456GWC3Deonsdreaming9951203292800Espresso!!! Espresso!!! Espresso!!!I've been trying different Espresso from Amazon since they have a large selection to choose from. This is brand number five, Alessi is by far the best! It's a rich tasting Espresso, not bitter but creamy with a hint of cocoa. Best Espresso on Amazon! I found this Espresso months ago while shopping to refill my stockpile, but it was not available at the time. So I added it to my wish list in hopes it would be back in stock soon. Looks like no one has discovered this Espresso! yet. I sure it won't take long for my secret to get out .............Espresso!!! Espresso!!! Espresso!!!
342652342652B000FDLB9QA3BB78WDQRNSETN. Pyle-Moser "Nancy Cooks"8851218153600The best espresso coffee out there.When my husband and I decided to start making our own lattes, and cappacinos at home, I began trying different espresso coffees. Allessi, by far, is a smooth strong flavored coffee that I use to buy at our local grocery store for $8.00. So not only does it taste good, this is a very reasonable price. The finer the grind, the more flavorful the coffee and I haven't seen a coffee ground quite as well as Alessi. I also like the fact that it is vacumn sealed in a tin, not plastic. I highly recommend it. Alessi Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
342653342653B000FDLB9QAIWNX0V1WYKG9S.C.6651256428800Delicious!I bought this espresso to use in my Bialetti Moka Express. I love it. I'm no connoisseur of espresso, I just know that I tried this one and I like it so much that I don't feel the need to try any others.
342654342654B000FDLB9QAX7BWEX6P88MOM. A. Torres5551282521600Excellent Coffee for a Very Good PriceAlessi's Caffe Espresso is rich, smooth, and not bitter - and this is in my office coffee club's drip coffee maker. I rate this a 5 star because even though I know it's full flavor would come out as real espresso, it is fantastic on my cheapie set up. I've been testing a variety of coffees including the black can Lavazza and others, but so far this is my favorite. Excellent coffee at an excellent price from Amazon.
342655342655B000FDLB9QA21AQJYWEYDC7SS. Jones "Espresso fiend"4451231286400great espressoI love this espresso! I lived in Italy for 2 years and this brand is as good as it gets in the US. When my local store quit carrying Alessi, I went into withdrawal. While during a search, I found Amazon carried my espresso. Yea, Amazon!
342657342657B000FDLB9QA1ZFVAHS7BD0NSSteve X3351292284800Most delicious espresso ever purchased onlineDon't wait another second - just order this 6-pack. My wife and I are on our second can already, and it hasn't been very long. This brews up delicious as all get out using a simple Italian metal stovetop espresso kettle. Much more flavor and aroma than Lavazza, although we like that too. I can definitely see myself ordering another 6-pack of Alessi in a couple months.
342658342658B000FDLB9QA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning3351207872000It's so much easier than going to Italy [if less fun].....Full bodied, well roasted, smooth....just what we were looking for in a weekend coffee. Alessi is available in some chain stores, but these are darn good prices.
342659342659B000FDLB9QA1QH80ANQHO859Susan Thornton2241280620800been using it for a long timeI have been using Alessi for quite a few years and really like it's strong, but mellow taste. I buy it at Amazon because it's less expensive than in the stores.
342660342660B000FDLB9QA2LGGKMLUDG9QNTim1151338336000I'm a fanI've been an illy fan, but being a cheap arse, was looking for a good alternative to the pricier illy stuff I like. Alessi is a good coffee and I enjoy it using my french press.

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