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342721342721B000ET4SM8A2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee10051306454400FRESH AND PLUMP!Do you know how expensive Vanilla Extract is?...I am sure you do, that is why I decided to make my own. I stumble into these Plump and Succulent Madagascar Vanilla Beans one day and thought to give them a try, with in few days they were at my doorstep, I had already purchased a bottle of Vodka, 750 ML, doesn't have to be a Name Brand, (paid 5 Bucks for it) cut them in half and insert 15 Beans (I kept one for something ells) inside the bottle and in three months you'll have the Best Vanilla Extract for under 15 Bucks, Mmmm, they are so Good. I am working on my third bottle; I better get some more Beans! Thank You
342722342722B000ET4SM8A11N3LJE4KJQUJYesica0051305849600Great productThia is a great product at such an amazing price! and I got my order in 2 days. Amazing seller, price and quality!!
342723342723B000ET4SM8A3698PS26ZDQDZKeegan0041305244800Great vanilla, astounding price, but a hair in the bagI am seriously impressed with JR mushrooms pricing I bought a half a pound of vanilla beans for 22 dollars but there was a hair in the bag which was disturbing other wise extremely satisfied.
342724342724B000ET4SM8A2B5MBB40B9O4Mary Kay Peters "MaryKP"0051304121600Super Service & Brilliant BeansFriendly fast service, great communication (I had to change my ship to address after I ordered, my fault, their fast-save) now these beans are in the process of making some delicious vanilla for baking! I'm going to order more, soon!
342725342725B000ET4SM8A1QOIPGQW9KSE9chefbina0051302652800vanilla beansI am a chef and I love that I can get fresh vanilla beans at such a reasonable price compared to wear I live. Keep up the good work.
342726342726B000ET4SM8A23Q4ZUJUDY9C5K. Pena0051301529600Fantastic!!!These beans are plump and VERY affordable! They have an amazing flavor, and are much better than some of the other beans I tried.
342727342727B000ET4SM8A3FG4TRR8815R3ghostrider0051301184000Vanilla BeansAfter doing lots of research on vanilla bean prices, this was the best I could find. I use all 16 of them to make homemade vanilla. These have a WONDERFUL smell and taste! Highly recommend!
342728342728B000ET4SM8A1EIDFUDCWT20DT. Roberts0051300752000Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla BeansWOW! I must say that I was very impressed when the vanilla arrived. After seeing just one bean cost $5.00 in the store, I wasn't expecting the quality I received. 16 beans for under $10! Very fresh, very smooth tasting, simply awesome!
342729342729B000ET4SM8A36ZCMK3QLQ9VEAshley Marroquin "Ashley M"0051300060800Best VanillaThis has to be the best vanilla I had bought so fresh. I never write reviews but now I know where I am going to start buying my vanilla from. The only thing is that it took a while to arrive. But the fact that its really good vanilla it didn't bother me much.
342730342730B000ET4SM8A1FQQ0M9BIUBLLE. Fransen0051300060800Vanilla Beans ReviewThese are great vanilla beans. Already made some homemade caramel ice cream with them, terrific! They are a great product for a great price.
342731342731B000ET4SM8A167TJ2U14QGQNChristina Vollmer0051299628800Amazingly fragrant and deliciousI had forgotten that I ordered these. I went to check the mail (in Alabama in July) and couldn't figure out for the life of me why I started smelling vanilla from 20 feet away from the mailbox. Obviously once I held the package in my hand I remembered. I used most of these beans to make my own vanilla extract (which was amazingly easy and SO worth it). I have also used them a little in baking and to make some vanilla bean ice cream. Every use I have found for these has been perfect. I think I have one still in the bag in the back of my cupboard but I'm unsure as to whether or not it's still good.
Making your own vanilla extract, buying some pretty bottles and some ribbons/labels is a great Christmas gift idea.
342732342732B000ET4SM8A32KVPN4GDNGV3Str1ker0051298332800fantastic beans, fast shippingThe shipping on the beans came faster than I had expected, and that's always a plus. The beans themselves smelled so good and looked good too - nice and plump. I made a vanilla bean pound cake with the beans I had recieved and it came out really well.

Overall, I would by from them again and the product is fantastic!
342733342733B000ET4SM8ANFZAPK1TYSPUVergie M. Timmons "tim123"0051296691200Nice and FreshProduct came as described, items were very fresh and packaged well. Making vanilla extract from scratch,can't wait to see how the finished product turns out.
342734342734B000ET4SM8A3DJ509B91B7IDJoan0051296000000vanilla beansI bought these vanilla beans to make my own vanilla,it has been about a mouth now and it sure smells great, I might make my own vanilla for Christmas presants this year
342735342735B000ET4SM8A32EQJT15F2OCABLACK_0P "Love not War!"0051293840000Best Vanilla BeansThese are the best Premium Vanilla Beans you will find, and at a unbelievable price.
I looked all over for the best price and JR Mushrooms & Specialties are
in my opion unbeatable. Most places I found only offered half the quantity of beans
for the same price JR Mushrooms & Specialties offers, It's like getting 50% off all the time
without them even being on sale,and these are FRESH VANILLA BEANS, real fresh.
I have since ordered two more packages.

342736342736B000ET4SM8A23KLK7OTHDL2UKate Witt "SnakeGrrl"0051293408000WonderfulThese are so affordable! Don't ever buy them from the grocery store--it'll cost more than this does and you'll only get two beans. And these are such high quality! I absolutely love them!
Let's just say I've been dissappointed by vanilla beans in the past. Not so this time! These were fresh and soft and easy to work with! And they gave a wonderful flavor to my cheescakes, puddings, and even pound cake. I used them for everything that vanilla was the predominant flavor in. Didn't use them in anything where the flavor of vanilla would've been lost underneath chocolate, cinnamon, etc.
Just be sure to use them up within six months or so of buying them. I went away for a few months when they kinda needed to be used up, and the ones that I had left dried out. Should've stored them better. Oh, well, now I have a way to make homemade vanilla extract. I've had a couple soaking in a canning jar filled with vodka for about a month, so I'll bet I have some really nice homemade vanilla extract now. So anyway, even if you accidentally let them dry out like I did, you can still put them to good use. I think a jar of homemade vanilla extract with the bean still in there would make a great gift for one's friends who love to cook.
342737342737B000ET4SM8A3E300G90Q07H9Cayla7770051292371200AMAZING!After going to the grocery store in search for a couple vanilla beans, I was blown away at the price of $8 for ONE. I was amazed when I found 16 beans for $14 on amazon. These are REALLY good, and they smell amazing, and once again, I cant get past the price! I will never buy from anyone else but these guys again!
342738342738B000ET4SM8A1MY8KIYYVU6REatMoreGreens0051292284800amazingbest smelling vanilla beans ever. the aroma is so pronounced it has infiltrated my pantry with the most wonderful vanilla smell. And I haven't even opened the package yet - the vanilla aroma is coming right through the packaging!
342739342739B000ET4SM8ADDAQ0FECYN1RC. A. LaPage0051290643200Amazing productI followed the recommendations from the other reviewers and I'm happy I did. I ordered the beans on a Thursday night, they shipped Friday morning, and I had them in hand Monday afternoon. They were plump and so fragrant and full of flavor. Vanilla beans are so expensive in the store, but at about a dollar a bean, these were so worth it. I'll definitely be ordering again.
342740342740B000ET4SM8A1AL52F0EX5I45Aaron0051289347200Very nice beans, very affordableI spent 11 dollars for a single bean at a local grocery store. 16 beans for 15 is quite a price difference. I'm no connoisseur of vanilla beans, but I have been pleased with these.
342741342741B000ET4SM8APX6YV8HBR20LPeteypab280051286064000Vanilla BeansGreat product. Beans filled my house with a delicious aroma. Used them in a banana creme pie. Will use them to make ice cream soon. Great vanilla beans will buy from them again.
342742342742B000ET4SM8A266MI5TC0E02PS. Kaur0051284854400Great Product~I must admit I was a little skeptical about ordering these since they were so inexpensive. I was impressed with how fast they shipped. They smell great and are great quality Vanilla Beans! I am very happy with them and would buy them again.
342743342743B000ET4SM8A3VRHNRSAQJ16OBensMommy0051284768000Beautiful beans and FAST shippingI ordered these beans on a Thursday morning, within two hours of placing my order I received an email telling me they had shipped. Today is Saturday and they are already here! These beans are beautiful. An added plus, not only are they relatively inexpensive (compared to purchasing in a store), they are extremely large and fragrant. Each bean is close to seven inches long and is extremely fragrant and moist. They are so fragrant that I knew they had arrived even before opening the package. I look forward to cooking with these and will definitely order again. Beautiful!
342744342744B000ET4SM8ABYUNTRXBPEYGM. Morrell0051284768000Madagascar Vanilla BeansThe beans arrived quickly....I didn't even have to open the mailbox, I knew they were there. This is the first time I've purchased vanilla beans. They were excellent. Moist, large, a very vanilla flavor. I would definitely purchase these again.
342745342745B000ET4SM8ASS7AL9JKUNIXGelato Vero0051284681600AmazingWhen I opened my mailbox, I was assaulted by the amazing smell of vanilla. Make sure that you have a glass jar to store these beans because their scent cannot be contained by a ziplock bag.
342746342746B000ET4SM8A2R5VI6PPEALEOL. Olson0051283731200First time real Vanlla Bean userBeans arrived in great condition and I love using them in my homemade vanilla ice cream. Great product!
342747342747B000ET4SM8A3GMQCDOCBUYVQB. Jones0051281830400Great vanilla beans!The vanilla beans were fresh and very flavorful. Shipping was FAST! Will buy again!
342748342748B000ET4SM8A321IWKQ3UEPC8The Traveler0051281225600Excellent for cooking and home made ice creamThese are great for cooking. These beans were very robust and full of the delicious black dots that now float among the eggs and cream in my ice cream mixture. I may end up investing in a new ice cream maker. I like to drink, and vanilla smoothies is sounding pretty good right now. I'd pay triple the price for the quality of these beans...but heck, I'm not complaining about less than a dollar a bean. Now I don't have to feel guilty about using an entire bean, hooray! I had long since been buying beans from the local farmers market, $5 for 2 beans was a super good deal to me. When I moved, my new location didn't have a farmers market supplying me with fresh beans anymore...Amazon to the rescue! I read the other reviews and didn't quite believe the hype - how different can vanilla beans be? The ones I had been getting were great, how much better can it get?
342749342749B000ET4SM8AVOBFQO23AEJHSheriF0051280016000Dont hestitate to order these vanilla beans!!!!I wanted some vanilla beans to make my own vanilla flavoring. The price of vanilla beans was very high in my small east Texas town and they did not look that fresh. After reading reviews on Amazon of these beans I decided to purchase them. Wow! When I opened the package the smell was unbelievable and the beans were not dried out. I was very impressed and would order these again!
342750342750B000ET4SM8AWPZYBFSUU7J5B. Burns0051279584000ExcellentThey are wonderfully aromatic, not at all dried out, and contain more seeds than any beans you can buy in a store at a much better price.

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