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342781342781B000ET4SM8A3R03RXAJM4LWHFake Geddy Lee "beeks919"1251229385600AWESOME...!I'm very impressed with the quality of these vanilla beans...! They arrived very plump and moist.... lots of yummy paste when you split them...! All at a terrific price... I just ordered more...!
342782342782B000ET4SM8A2FDO7AAHSKDVMJennifer61011282867200Just not goodI'm really confused because I see everyone else giving these vanilla beans excellent reviews which is why I ordered them. I could tell they were off as soon as I opened the packaging. They had a smokey odor to them and the flavor was completely off. Certainly not something I would add to ice cream or other desserts.

Maybe I received a bad batch. They went into the garbage.
342783342783B000ET4SM8A3VY3JKKRBW31PLove Japan0151344124800Very niceFirst time using real vanilla beans and I must say I like it, yes I do and definitely intend to make all future purchases of beans from this seller, you should do the same!
342784342784B000ET4SM8AFVT4JQJ7YSCGA. Hensley0151326931200Geat valueThe beans arrived quickly and in a very fresh state. The pure vanilla extract that I made from the beans has an excellent flavor.
342785342785B000ET4SM8A1RPKQLX8Q56BICharlene H. Callaro "permanent creases"0151229731200aromaticthese are wonderful. i usually see vanilla beans in a glass container (two) for 5 or 6 dollars .they are so expensive. some of these will go as gifts which i hate to give up but will be happy to share
342786342786B000ET4SM8A3EXA87SALI07KMary "Pacific Northwest Gardener"0151217548800I'm so Impressed!Wow ... I still balk at ordering online, but this was impressive. First off, the price can't be beat .. at least at my local stores. Their communication got an A+ from me. Then, when I got my order less than 3 days after ordering ... well, wow!
And I do so love fresh vanilla beans and these are the best. Soft and bendable (= fresh), fragrant beyond compare - just lovely!
342787342787B000ET4SM8A2HKVSU1CLQC9WJudith R. Rieder0151194480000JRMushrooms - Vanilla BeansI ordered several packages of vanilla beans for myself and my sister. We both are very impressed with them and what a deal. We're both starting new batches of vanilla. Also, we received them very promptly. Thanks!
342805342805B000ET4SM8A2MJ8OL2FYN7CWLynne E.3351316044800Beautiful Beans at a Beautiful PriceMy Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker had a recipe for fresh whole vanilla bean ice cream that I wanted to try--until I encountered the $15 price tag on a single bottled bean at the grocery store! So I ordered 7 fresh beans from Amazon (specifically from JR Mushrooms, shipped by OliveNation) for less than half that price.

Seven plump, flexible, aromatic vanilla beans soon arrived. It was a treat just to open the package, because the beans smelled so good. They came in a sealed but resealable plastic bag, which I put into a glass jar in my spice cupboard for long-term storage. The French Vanilla Bean ice cream turned out to be wonderful!

After using up the 7 beans, I placed a second order for 16 beans. These beans came sealed in shrink-wrapped plastic, so the package itself wasn't infused with that marvelous vanilla aroma. However, the beans are the same big, plump, flexible vanilla beans as before, and they make terrific ice cream!
342788342788B000ET4SM8AOBF7J1ATPQ6USASED1321348358400Disappointed!Hello, I want to start by saying that I don't enjoy giving a product 2 stars! I don't have a lot of background experience with vanilla beans. The one experience I DO have is that I bought one vanilla bean from my local health food store ($6)and I brought it home in a little baggie, twist tied at the top. My whole kitchen smelled wonderful when this one bean was on my counter in a bag. When I received my 16 vanilla beans, I opened up the package waiting to be hit with that wonderful aroma I had smelled before. NOT EVEN CLOSE! I was upset, but very busy at that time. So I put them aside for about four or five days. Then I used them to make vanilla bean cupcakes, the same recipe I used my first vanilla bean for. I couldn't taste vanilla at all. When I had made it before people were amazed at the unmistakable flavor. What a waste!
Sorry for the long way around the story, I'm still upset...
342806342806B000ET4SM8A1PNE9O0ED1TEHJesus2241343520000Some Good, Some BadWhen I received these, I noticed that some of them were plump and moist and some were stiff and dry but, they all had a great smell.
342807342807B000ET4SM8AS55Q61BW6PB7M. Bear2251343001600Excellent Vanilla BeansI bought these to make my own vanilla extract at home. These arrived in a timely manner, vacuum sealed, and it smelled fantastic! The vanilla beans were super plump --no more going to the stores for vanilla beans. Thanks!
342789342789B000ET4SM8AWH6LJCEUG8JFkkr0231339545600I'll let you knowI just put all 16 into a 1.75 Liter of Vodka. After a couple months and a few batches of whatever crosses my mind, I'll let you know what happens.
342808342808B000ET4SM8A1FIJXX5LUYR4Qkatereviews2241340236800great beans! needs better packagingthese arrived in bags that looked like they were vacuum sealed at one point but the seal must have broke.This wasn't a huge deal since I needed them right away. The beans were not dried out and still fragrant. They worked perfectly. had I needed to store them though I would have put them in a different container for storage
342790342790B000ET4SM8ASFJUWKRT16VFJ. Taylor828251198195200Fresh vanilla-mmmmmmI had never used fresh vanilla beans, but wanted to try my hand at making vanilla extract. Vanilla beans are EXPENSIVE in the spice aisle of my local grocery store. I did find them in the fresh veggie section, but even those were $3.99 for 2 and I needed at least 16 for the extract. I decided to see what I could find online. This store (JR Mushrooms & Specialties, Inc.) has great reviews and the price of the beans was reasonable. The beans arrived quickly and I was impressed with the quality - plump, NOT dry and the smell was heavenly.
I made a coconut cream pie for Thanksgiving dessert and decided "What the heck. Let's give cooking with the fresh beans a try." In addition to the vanilla extract called for in the recipe, I split a vanilla bean and scraped the seeds into the mixture. OMG! I have never tasted coconut cream pie this good. The only difference was the addition of the fresh vanilla. My BIL called the next day to rave about the pie AGAIN.
I dropped the rest of the cut pod into a bottle of vodka (I'm using Tito's Handmade Vodka) and have continued to add pods as I use them in cooking. The extract isn't ready (it hasn't even been 1 month since I started it), but the smell is wonderful and the taste is well on the way to perfection. I'll definitely be buying fresh beans to use in my baking from now on.
342809342809B000ET4SM8A3JD1ZGX8MAJ76Sunny2251339372800Best beansI got the beans in vacuum sealed bag. The beans are very fresh and moist. I measured each bean is 17 centimeters or more. Highest quality as it is described.
Highly recommended.
342791342791B000ET4SM8A1DJ9FOEOA0WF1citizen fact checker15317151202860800superior products, superior serviceIf I could have given this merchant more than five stars, I would have done so. I ordered three items through the site, which was a very unclear site that did not become clear to me until I had already entered THREE separate items.

When I realized I was going to be charged for three separate deliveries of these three small items, I could find no way on the site at Amazon to make the change. I resigned myself to paying the extra shipping charges for the mistake I made in not being able to indicate that all three items should go into a single, small package to a single address.

At that point I determined never to order grocery items from Amazon again until their site instructions were made clear BEFORE an order is placed rather than AFTER.

But at 9:00 a.m. the next morning the PRESIDENT of JR Mushrooms & Specialties phoned me and asked if I did really want the three items shipped separately to my address. I told him I had tried to correct the problem on the Amazon site and was unable to do so. The president, Mr. Rusnak, immediately had the extra shipping charges deleted from my credit card.

I had placed the order on Sunday, Feb. 10, and all three items were delivered via USPS this morning, Wed. Feb. 13, in one, single package. Without a doubt, this is a company from which I intend to order many items in the future. In addition, all three items are of superior quality. I had ordered pure cinnamon oil and pure vanilla oil along with the vanilla beans. Thank you Mr. Rusnak. Please stay in business for a long, long time with the same superior quality products and SUPERIOR service.
342792342792B000ET4SM8A1H8S29BM1ORC1Donna Moskowitz "TV Enthusiast"313251188691200Vanilla BeansThe product is excellent and so fragrant. I have already used half of what I purchsed by making ice cream and cookies. They are so fresh when you receive them and they make everything in which they are used taste wonderful.
342810342810B000ET4SM8A1CAO6O07L4JJPJennifer Morgan2251327363200Very ImpressedI was a little skeptical about these because the price was so great compared to what you find in the stores but went on a recommendation from a blog I follow. Needless to say, I completely recommend these beans and this company and have already made several referrals to friends of mine. I got these less than a week after I ordered them and the quality of the beans were fantastic---much better than a local grocer I had bought 2 from for over $9. I already made extract and vanilla sugar! Very impressed with this company and will certainly order more from them in the future!
342793342793B000ET4SM8AIC2DPRRIILWXC. Vernon "book addict"151551259366400Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla BeansThese beans are wonderful! When I received the box and opened it, my whole place was scented with vanilla bean (and porcini mushroom--which came in the same package and are also excellent) aroma. As per Cook's Illustrated, the best way to keep them fresh and soft is to wrap each bean individually in plastic wrap, then store them in a ziplock plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer--either one will keep them fresh for a long time. To make your own vanilla extract, split one bean lengthwise, scrape out the seeds and add them to a one cup jar along with the bean, then add 3/4 cup of HOT vodka (any inexpensive brand will do), let cool, cover, and shake gently every day for a week; then strain if desired and store in a cool, dark place. It will keep indefinitely. This extract is wonderfully fragrant. In their taste tests it beat out their top rated commercial vanilla extract. I can't recommend these beans highly enough! And you can't beat the price compared to what you'd pay in the supermarket for an infinitely inferior, dried out product.
342794342794B000ET4SM8A25D59IEJW5R2Aazelasko121241318809600Great customer serviceI ordered these vanilla beans to use for baking. They are amazing! I stored them in a ziploc bag in my pantry and when I went back to use them 2 months later, I found them to be moldy. I was disappointed because they are supposed to last much longer. I was going to just throw them away, but decided to contact the company instead. I had a written response within the hour (on a Friday afternoon) and they told me to throw them away and they would send out a new package Monday morning. I did not ask for them to do this but I am really pleased that I don't have to buy more. Good customer service is so hard to find and I am impressed with theirs. I will order from them from now on!
342795342795B000ET4SM8A2UT1T61T5YZENhockey nut111151232236800softly plumpI make my own vanilla extract so was very pleased not only with the price, but the fresh, plump and long beans. Since the price can't be beat,I'll order them again from this company.
342796342796B000ET4SM8A1TIVD0Y3KJSCNlawyerwhocooks "lawyerwhocooks"9951229126400Moist, Vacuum Packed and Delicious- GREAT dealMy shipment of vanilla beans arrived vacuum packed for freshness. The beans are long, thick and large. The flavor and scent is intensely vanilla. I was worried that because these beans are sold for so much less than those in specialty/gourmet stores, that they would be of poor quality. Not true! These are the best vanilla beans I've ever purchased.

I have used these beans to make my own vanilla oil (split a bean or two lengthwise, then leave to soak in a couple of cups of a mild cooking oil such as canola. The resulting vanilla oil can then be used as the oil called for in desert recipes (think cupcakes!), or even body products such as lip balm. Split vanilla beans may also be used to make your own vanilla sugar or syrup. Just leave the split bean in a closed container with up to four or five cups of white or brown sugar for a week to make "vanilla sugar." Add a split vanilla bean to two or three cups of simple syrup, and you now have your own vanilla syrup (note: I also add a drop or two of vanilla extract to enhance the syrup's flavor. I've also made my own vanilla extract by placing two split beans in a closed glass jar of plain vodka (leave for at least two weeks before using, shaking container every so often). I cannot imagine the amount of money I've saved by making these items myself, plus it's fun and, in my opinion, better tasting!

Prior to finding this vendor on Amazon, I purchased and used vanilla beans from "specialty" and gourmet stores over the years. I find those other beans - Nielsen-Massey, for example - to be extremely expensive, dried out and relatively flavorless compared to the beans offered by this vendor! You cannot beat the pricing and flavor offered by the folks at JR Mushroom. Oh, and the shipping was extremely fast, and I believe I received a thank you note from the vendor with my purchase. Highly Recommended!
342797342797B000ET4SM8A34EZDCE3SK8CNCraig Wilson "benlomond"8841189555200Vanilla beans become affordableHard to see much difference between a supermarket bottle at $10 per vanilla bean and these for less than a dollar per. Makes it practical to drop one or two beans in making a cannister of ice cream.
342798342798B000ET4SM8A28SIFKY1M8QJ3J. Mack111251172016000Freshness!Received my vanilla beans very quickly. They arrived fresh, sealed well and exactly as we'd hoped.
342799342799B000ET4SM8A38GWHI2M93YMBC. Snyder6651193443200Second Purchase - these are great! Awesome seller - shipped free - Thanks again!This is my second purchase of these vanilla beans - I ordered 16 the first time & went for 1/2 pound the second time around. I made my own vanilla extract - amazing! I'll never buy already made extract again. (I used to get the expensive stuff too!) I'm also giving my extract away as Christmas gifts this year. I think I'll try the Creme Brule recipe with some of this batch. Thanks again, JR Mushrooms!
342800342800B000ET4SM8A18ZP8SFD2VC3AMariel5551329955200Nice beans! Here's how to store them.These beans arrived promptly and, as others have said, were plump and have a nice aroma. The price was so reasonable that it encouraged me to try them in many different ways. So far I've made a batch of Kahlua, a batch of vanilla extract, and a batch of homemade granola using these beans. And STILL have 8 left. I'm going to chop a bean up finely and add it to the heated milk I use for homemade yogurt. I'm guessing that will be yummy. Very pleased with this purchase - the quality is superb.

For those having storage issues, the proper way to store vanilla beans is to wrap each vanilla bean separately in plastic wrap, expelling all the air, and then put all the wrapped beans in a plastic bag (also expelling all the air) and store in your pantry or other dark cool location. Every month, take the beans out, unwrap them, let them air for 15 minutes or so, then wrap back up and store. I've never had one go bad doing this.
342801342801B000ET4SM8A2V3LW0E3LE83G. Crenshaw5551220745600Madagascar vanilla BeansFirst the price is incredible. The smell is fantastic. My cupboard smells great all the time. The flavor is intense. Strong and irrsistable. What I usually get for two here, I got sixteen online. Just GREAT quality. The beans are dark and long. The flavor is exceptional.
342802342802B000ET4SM8A23RQVQ92D2UCTZero4441317254400Good vanilla beansThese arrived for me very quickly, and major props for the free shipping. They smell good, but are not as aromatic as some I've had. Good product! Much better to get these and put them in my freezer, than paying almost $10 for a single bean at the local grocery store. This particular package of 16 beans comes to less than $1 a bean. Will probably buy from this seller many times!
342803342803B000ET4SM8A2BT968XSRPP0KCJBouhlal "Cjb"4431298937600OK Vanilla BeansThe quality of these beans is OK. I mean it's not stale but it's not as fresh as some of the other ones I got from different sellers. I would buy them again because of the price but not if they're any drier. Good price for OK Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla beans
342804342804B000ET4SM8AFH2BO2DPKWXITori3351318204800good productShips fast and the beans are amazing. They're soft and fragrant. I am using them to make my own vanilla extract, and they're perfect.

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