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342811342811B000ET4SM8A2M26PBUWXHV7Chchase1151343692800Good vanilla beans for a low priceThis is the second time we've bought this product to make homemade vanilla extract and vanilla sugar, and it is great! It's so much less expensive than buying them at a gourmet grocery store and they are great for everything we've used them for.
342812342812B000ET4SM8A350XKI4PFZJ34Willyb051151343606400Moist Vanilla BeansExcellent product! The beans are very moist and fresh, unlike most of the beans in the grocery store. All of the beans were long and there weren't any sub par ones to make up the 16 beans, each one was excellent.
342813342813B000ET4SM8A1346EQ30NFWXOS. Martin1151342396800OMG Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!These are some yummy vanilla beans! I purchased these to make homemade vanilla ice cream, to start. OMG - this ice cream had the best vanilla flavor EVER. I have other recipes that call for a vanilla bean and can't wait to use them again. I am so glad I tried them! I started out with the 16 pack first, but if I have more successes, will get larger packs.
After I made the ice cream and removed the outer pod, I rinsed the pod and dried it. It still smells amazing! I saw somewhere online that you can place the dried pod in sugar and make vanilla sugar. I haven't tried that yet, but thought I'd mention it.
342815342815B000ET4SM8A2DU36W3HUN55ULyn L. Ickes1151340323200excellentLove these beautiful pods. Arrived is a vacuumed sealed bag. They smell delightful. I am using them to make my own vanilla for home use and gifts for the holidays.
342816342816B000ET4SM8A3DEIXS5TPT2M0keverman1151339632000Yummy!These beans are great! I use them to make my own extract, and the flavor is excellent! I would highly recommend these beans for any kind of cooking use.
342817342817B000ET4SM8AN0A6YUZG8RP4Rainy Roo "Rain"1141339286400great, fresh beans!These are really high quality vanilla beans, and they have a great flavor. However, after opening them & placing them in a ziploc bag in the cupboard, I noticed they started to get some mold growth on the outside. I removed that, and put them in the refrigerator. Hopefully, that will keep them from going bad, since it will take me a while to use them all. Overall, these are great!
342818342818B000ET4SM8A3MWFL5CI7YSH0gmabunny1151339286400awsome vanilla beansI was really impressed on the size and how moist these beans where! They are really nice and I got them really fast!I will be buying more of these
342819342819B000ET4SM8A2K0OX20XU284JTasha1151339286400LOVE them! :O)Ordered 2 packages when they were on sale to attempt making my own vanilla extract. They are SUPER fragrant & so far, my vanilla is cooking nicely. Great flavor in my first attempt at vanilla bean creme brulee - HIGHLY recommend these! They shipped in vac sealed container & arrived in just a couple of days.
342820342820B000ET4SM8AVNXAMQ9KRDPLStill Life "jl"1141337904000Homemade vanilla extractI'm using my beans for homemade vanilla extract. It's not going dark-colored as quickly as I seem to remember the last bottle of vanilla extract did. But that was a few years back, so maybe I'm just not remembering very well. The last batch lasted several years, just add more vodka when it gets low in the jar, the beans keep the vanilla flavor strong for a very long time. Great deal compared to buying little bottle after little bottle of vanilla extract.
342821342821B000ET4SM8ANB2RH2J42IZVsharon101151331251200great vanilla beansShipping was very quick. Product was just as good as expected. I am in the process of making my own vanilla with a few of the beans.The remainder of the beans I packaged seperately and froze to use at a later date.
342822342822B000ET4SM8A3OC1XBXM9XQKWB. Gilhooly1151329004800Best way to goBuying these vanilla beans on Amazon is the best way to buy them. They're cheap, yet they are very plump. The grocery store gives you two sad beans for the same price. If you use vanilla beans in any of your cooking, this is definitely the place to buy them!
342823342823B000ET4SM8A2OXQXCP9SNNX7Victorous "I can do all things"1151328659200Just what I expected.When my vanilla beans arrived, they were properly sealed to help maintain freshness. They were pliable (not hard as when i purchased directly from a store).The price was good. I will use the beans to make vanilla extract for personal use, and to give away as gifts. I will order more MV beans.
342824342824B000ET4SM8A7CX4R9YJOEC4jan1151323388800Excellent product & ServiceAm in a small town and couldn't find Vanilla Beans even in the specialty store. Was afraid to order online thinking the beans might not be fresh. What a pleasant easy to negotiate, product arrived sooner than expected and was fresh and just as ordered. They even sent a coupon for a future purchase. I will absolutely order from them again.
342825342825B000ET4SM8A2YYDDZ09MUBRWHeather1151322784000good vanilla beansThese vanilla beans arrived in a vacuum sealed package. I had never purchased vanilla beans before and I was surprised by the scent. So far, I have used one bean for vanilla custard, and five beans in two small bottles of vanilla extract. Using a kitchen foodsaver, I vacuum packed my remaining beans in 2s and 3s for future use.
342826342826B000ET4SM8AVV2DSNB7IOZWLinda Anderson1151321488000Plump and wonderful!I love these beans! The price is excellent for what you get. I use these to make THE BEST Creme Anglais, ice creams, and my own extract. Far cheaper and better than what you buy in the stores! I also use the discarded beans to make vanilla sugar so nothing goes to waste.
342827342827B000ET4SM8AJSEHKEJ84JW5B919121151320537600Best vanilla beans at a great priceI have ordered vanilla beans from this seller a few times now. They are very fragrant and take my desserts to the next level. The price and quality are much better than anything you'll find at your local grocery store.
342828342828B000ET4SM8AMNE4AFTRTCZAJ.Pants1151316563200Order these already!!Ordered on a Friday at 11am...after lunch, they were shipped. Wow, I thought, that was fast. That Monday, they were delivered. and the shipping was free through the company, not the Amazon $25 deal.

Beans were plump and full of seeds. Would definitely order again.

I placed 10 of them in a 750ml bottle of Jim Beam bourbon to soak. We'll see how that turns out. My guess, it's going to be delicious.
342829342829B000ET4SM8A117DELEM5RUMAMAK1151316476800Met/exceeded my expectationsAs with similar products purchased through, the item was exactly as described - good quality and comfortably priced. With the exception of a quickly corrected shipping cost error (on the part of, the vanilla beans were delivered very promptly.
342830342830B000ET4SM8A21QQJK1LFX6DTNel1151315094400Vanilla extractVery pleased with the beans -- still waiting for the extract to "mature" which should be about one more month -- then voila!
342831342831B000ET4SM8A2F2G2ATE3BNH2FradyCat Ventures1151314921600Madagascar Vanilla beansThese beans were very economical and the seller was extremely prompt in getting them to me. They came to me fresh and there were quite a few beans in the package. I feel that this is an excellent product and the seller is superb - would definitely buy again!
342832342832B000ET4SM8AKS492HZND2N9The Bookie1151312156800These Beans Are Excellent...They were well packaged... supple and fresh. Not like some of the hard beans I have gotten from other sellers. The price was really good.

I like to make my own vanilla extract (I have bottle that is almost 10 years old and fights have broken out over getting a shot of it.) I usually put 12-16 beans in a bottle of vodka and let it cogitate for a few months. A teaspoon in coffee or cocoa is wonderful. If you let a bottle age for a long time (a few years) every one and their mother will beg you for it. At that point it isn't extract, it is perfectly aged vanilla vodka.

I also put a few pods in a bag of sugar and let it sit for a few weeks. The vanilla sugar is good sprinkled on cakes and desserts.
342833342833B000ET4SM8A6XKR154E1GQORichard K. Kohl1151312070400Great DealI have been overpaying for my beans in the grocery store. These are the same beans I was paying much more for. I am very happy with the quality of the product and when/how they arrived.
342834342834B000ET4SM8A1O4VUBKD89DO2Paula1151310342400Divine!For the price paid, I was expecting small, somewhat-dry beans. What I received were incredibly fragrant, moist, good-sized vanilla beans - I couldn't wait to use them! No more will I need to rely on the overpriced, inferior vanilla beans available locally!
342835342835B000ET4SM8AD539D4LDUQ7MSR1151305417600Love these!At Target, you can buy two, small, dry vanilla beans for $8. Here for $9.29 you can get sixteen plump, moist and pungent vanilla beans, with free shipping! They smell amazing and are keeping very well in my pantry. They taste amazing in baking, and I'm making a big bottle of extract with them right now.
342836342836B000ET4SM8A2UD2SGH4DKH8QA.C. "ac"1141304553600Just Perfect!!I got the Vanilla Beans 5 days after i placed my order! For free shipping i thing is a great deal !
The beans where on a plastic seald ziplock 16 beans like where inside the beans where not to thin and the Aroma is just perfect after i opend the box my whole kitchen smeld for hours !it's missing just lil on taste but if you had not a lot exp with vanilla beans you don't even notice it .All in one a great deal !!! The price is perfect the free shipping is great i'm very Happy with my order i recomend it to everyone who need's beans for the right price!only one thing i would rec to the company to find a dif. type of container to shipp it cause if there is a whole in the plastic bag the beans could dry out and it would be sad ....Thank you again very much !!!
342837342837B000ET4SM8A32FFMJG9ED6LLaurie Vazquez "Laurie"1151296864000Nice!After searching the internet for fresh vanilla beans, I found them right here on my favorite shopping site and ordered them. Nine times out of ten, I only buy directly from Amazon, but the price for these beans was so inexpensive (less than $1 each) I just had to try them. I am so glad I did! I just received the beans; they're all between 7" and 9" long, extremely fragrant, plump, moist, and pliable. I'm very pleased with this purchase and I will definitely be buying from this seller again.
342838342838B000ET4SM8ALFKCUQ21F7UWK. Thompson1151285891200Good beans good price
342839342839B000ET4SM8A1OYMUZ0EJPC7BS. Smith1151283817600Great buy and excellent customer serviceMy first package got tied up in the mail somewhere. The seller immediatel shipped another package out to me. The beans are high quality. I would definitely purchase this product again.
342840342840B000ET4SM8A1QH5YMTLZUB71Elizabeth Burchfield1151259971200Beautiful Beans!The delivery was prompt and the beans are beautiful. Vanilla extract has gotten so expensive, I decided to make my own. I needed the beans a good time before Xmas and I received them within days after ordering. They are plump and fresh and the nicest Vanilla beans I've ever used. I'm a professional baker and I know my beans. I use a lot!

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