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342841342841B000ET4SM8A2X0PMR9XTCZA6S. Terral1151255305600Never buy those dried out, expensive vanilla beans from the grocery store again....These are the best vanilla beans that I have ever purchased. They are all exceptionally long and moist, and the price is a fraction of what you would pay at the grocery store. I'm a repeat buyer, and have never been disappointed.
342842342842B000ET4SM8A1HEREBUM72NYUT. Case "teacake"1151234828800The BestI have been looking for Vanilla beans that I didn't have to rob a bank to be able to afford and these are the best. Thank you so much for making the affordable and so wonderful.
342843342843B000ET4SM8A23VGBJGRDV3IYDawn E. Larson "herbacious hermit"1151233878400Well worth the priceThese were the biggest, plumpest, most aromatic vanilla beans I have ever seen...well worth the price. Well packaged, quick delivery.
342844342844B000ET4SM8A3PC6C33L07KHALaylah3451164585600Deliciously Vanilla!WOW!!!! I just got my vanilla beans this morning and they're the most sweetly fragrant vanilla that I've ever experienced. I WILL be shopping from J.R. in the future and I've recommended them to others in my office.
342845342845B000ET4SM8A2PGHPC85ZS5IJJ. Gwaltney3441167436800Excellent Vanilla BeansI loved the vanilla beans sent by JR Mushrooms. They price was great and the quality was equal to more expensive beans.
342846342846B000ET4SM8AXF2XGLQJQNH6DJJ2311338940800TerribleToo bad, I was looking forward to these, but they were awful. Unusable. Smelled EXACTLY like my anatomy class dissection room, unmistakable odor. My guess is that chemicals were added to them to preserve them. Anyway, what a disappointment: returned. Thanks for making that easy at least, Amazon.
342847342847B000ET4SM8APP5MN77H2YZBBrent Harrington2351196467200vanilla beansthe beans are good and i am in production of real vanilla extract using the best fire water 151 proof everclear. good stuff!!!!!!
342848342848B000ET4SM8A1F0TERGQZ746PLori E. "Lori"0051351209600Homemade Vanilla ExtractI have always bought my pure vanilla extract in Mexico, but got a tip from one of my clients that it was crazy not to make my own. I bought two bags of vanilla beans, slit them down the middle, scraped out the "caviar," cut the beans into fourths, crammed them down into the bottom of a dark wine bottle, followed by the "caviar" and followed it up by pouring a really nice vodka - in my case, Finlandia, which I got in the duty-free store on my last cruise on Holland America Line - and corked the bottle and shook it every day for a week. The instructions are to now shake it once a week for the next six months. I am now at the end of the second week and the fragrance of the vanilla is absolutely intoxicating. You can't help but open it up every once in a while. It is getting darler and darker by the day and supposedly, making your own big bottle of vanilla extract will last ten years. What a great tip my client gave me and I'm forever grateful to her AND to J. R. Mushrooms for providing such heavenly vanilla beans. It'll be hard not to Dan some behind my ears'
342849342849B000ET4SM8A3BU43OIIOPOFFShaedon0051351123200Exactly what I paid for!I received the vanilla beans quickly, they were in a vacuum sealed package and were exactly what I paid for. Will order with them again.
342850342850B000ET4SM8A119ENW2A3OUH9Derrick0051350432000Quality beans, good priceAll the beans were moist and plump, not dried out. Extremely fragrant. I bought them to make my own extract and they seem to be doing that wonderfully.
342851342851B000ET4SM8A102SHNB84MVD4Joyful4500051350345600Good so far!Making vanilla with these beans and some vodka. It has to sit for a few months, so I am not sure how it will eventually taste, but so far it smells incredible! I will definitely be buying these again. Good quality at a good price!
342852342852B000ET4SM8A1CTQVH9M1SLC9niicoollaa0051350259200So fragrant!These beans were shipped super fast and arrived well in advance of the anticipated date! I used these to make several bottles of homemade vanilla for holiday gifts and, so far, the smell is divine! Lastly, I just want to add that the customer service was fantastic - prompt emails regarding the order status and they included a great coupon for the next order! I will definitely be using this company again.
342853342853B000ET4SM8A3DDLTCL43A2LQJENNIFER THARP0051349568000amazing flavor!Best vanilla beans I have ever purchased! I used these beans for butter cream icing and the compliments were endless. Very happy with my purchase and the shipping was extraordinarily fast! Will definitely purchase again.
342854342854B000ET4SM8A1QPU8BS1X16Q9Marti0051349481600Premium Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla BeansI decided to make vanilla for the first time. Received my order of vanilla beans within a few days. I'll have enough vanilla to give as Christmas gifts in December.
342855342855B000ET4SM8A11DSYC44WN0WTcupofgrace "cupofgrace"0051347926400Glad I found this productVery happy with the shipping and product. Great product and price.I am now hooked on cooking with vanilla beans. Very easy to cut and scrape and use.
342856342856B000ET4SM8A11D2FA8ZITY6XEmily0051347321600Great price!I used these to make several small batches of vanilla sugar for Christmas presents. Worked great and very affordable. Thanks!
342857342857B000ET4SM8A1A6YF9XW99WDWJennifer0051347062400FastVery reasonable price and fast shipment. Product was as described. Can't wait to break them open and use them to make homemade vanilla extract
342858342858B000ET4SM8AVGVYX4PJESUAiowahawkeye20100051346544000Great Beans!I purchased the vanilla beans from JR Mushrooms and Specialties to make homemade vanilla extract. The beans were in fantastic shape, smelled delicious and were packed correctly to keep fresh. JR Mushrooms shipped them very fast and have a website with info on different things to use the beans for. My vanilla extract has turned out AMAZING and in fact I will be making more to give as holiday gifts.
342859342859B000ET4SM8A3RXLDCML1SXH6Dee0051344902400Premium Madagascar vanilla BeansThe best...the very, very, best vanilla beans I have EVER had in my life!...and I'm 70 and an avid baker.
342860342860B000ET4SM8A24AZTKBGAON0EChristy0051344902400Great Price for a Great ProductI had never bought vanilla beans and was very pleased with these and the fast delivery. In the process of making homemade vanilla extract. Can hardly wait for the day I can try it!!
342861342861B000ET4SM8AGJSWLJFJMX8Jtacomagl "Karen"0051344297600Great Buy!!I bought this for my daughter who really wanted it. She said it was a great buy. It came in just a few days after purchase. She was happy with it. That's all I know.
342862342862B000ET4SM8ANQ1WDVRY53DMMama of 20051343692800Great product!I bought these to use in making pure vanilla extract. They came quickly, well packaged, and very fresh and moist! They have a great scent/flavor and worked perfectly for my project! Will be back for more. :)
342863342863B000ET4SM8A14MY52FPCUH70Mrs. Rahn0051343260800Plump Moist Vanilla Beans!I received my vanilla beans and am VERY happy with them ! They are plump and moist, smell heavenly and just perfect! I am going to make some creme brulee, cookies and extract; can't wait!!! I am thinking of making extracts to give out for the holidays as well. Highly recommend these Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans.
342864342864B000ET4SM8A3T5KLBF514032Sarah0051341014400Moist, good quality vanilla beans. Will come back for more.I was pleasantly surprised by the vanilla beans. They were nice and moist and smell great. The price was the lowest I found (online as well as locally). I am using them for making vanilla extract for personal use as well as christmas gifts this year. I will be coming back next year for more. I am so pleased with the product, I am going to buy a bigger batch in my next order. I was also surprised at how fast they shipped. One happy customer here :)
342865342865B000ET4SM8A1EG006YRUNWL1Arlene Gunter0051340928000Have never seen pricing so reasonableThe beans arrived as pictured, in a shrink wrapped plastic - which seems perfect to keep air out and the beans moist.
They are great quality. Definitely worth getting here, can afford to actually use them in more things
342866342866B000ET4SM8A3FWGGLJK6RH7Klmb2cb0051339286400VERY FRESH VANILLA BEANSI received my order very fast. It was very fresh. I used almost all of the beans that first weekend.... making vanilla extract, vanilla bean icing, vanilla bean scones, cupcakes, etc. I would buy from this company again and I would recommend to anyone!
342867342867B000ET4SM8A7YPPNDUEP662Haston0041339286400Pretty goodThese beans had a good scent to them and came in quite fresh. They weren't as strong as the beans that I had gotten from Whole Foods, but those beans are $6 each. Good buy.
342868342868B000ET4SM8A1J544D0TDOM1JJohn D. Crook0051338336000MMmmm, fresh vanilla...I ordered these beans to make my own extract. The beans were very moist and fragrant when they arrived, again, the quality was apparent. Can't wait to try out my extracts to see which one I like the best. I also ordered Tahitian vanilla beans. Will definitely order these beans again.
342869342869B000ET4SM8A2T6BYP7ZMSASMG. Selleck0051336953600Best Deal Going...With free shipping, getting 16 excellent beans at this price is astounding, compared to grocery store products. Just ordered again, and noticed that the price had dropped further! Fantastic. I have put the beans in various bottles of vodka and will have excellent vanilla extract in a few months.
342870342870B000ET4SM8AGVAU6YIOJ6VBBlinkTenor0051336608000PungentQuality beans. I purchase these because I cannot get a single bean for less than $20 (Chicago area). They are great quality and this is actually the second time I have purchased them. Word of caution, they are fragrant. If you aren't planning on using them all right away, buy a seal-able glass container other wise your place will smell like vanilla 24/7. Not always a bad thing, just a word of caution :)

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