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342880342880B000HP5HB0A2GHU8I0P3HFRWWandrwoman "Wise as Aphrodite, Beautiful as A...2251281657600Just Like Mother's!In fact, this was not like my mother's soup, this was exactly my mother's soup. And I believe, it was her only soup. She did prefer Streit's products Streits, Soup Mix Split Pea, 6-Ounce (12 Pack) but Manischewitz was certainly acceptable in a pinch.

Now, I am the first to admit that to write a review praising my mother's cooking is more than a bit odd. If you knew her, only the greatest amount of good breeding and rigorous diplomacy would permit you to ever so slightly lift an eyebrow while biting your tongue upon hearing my mother described as a good cook. You might even avert your head and laugh quietly to yourself. No matter, my mother was the first to admit her lack of culinary expertise. Her talents lay decidedly in the making of reservations, which she did with great accuracy and enthusiasm.

I am not saying that she didn't cook; after all she had a family to feed. She cooked healthy and simple things that were flavorful. Things that didn't take all day and weren't extremely complicated. That's where this soup comes in.

These cello packed soup kits have been around forever. To my grandmother these packs were considered fast food! Imagine being able to pour a single package of dry ingredients into a pot of boiling water and have decent soup in two hours. My grandmother made this soup when she needed to make something fast. My mother made this soup and considered it cooking.

Pea soup was her favorite, although the Vegetable with Mushroom MANISCHEWITZ Vegetable Cello Soup Mix with Mushrooms, 6-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 24)was also served. Strictly speaking, this is what is called "Soup Starter", meaning that you are supplied with all the dry ingredients necessary to make a very good soup. All you have to do is add boiling water and stir in the little mysterious packet of spices at the end.

If you want a superior soup, you need to add stuff to the base; stuff lying around in the fridge. Like the turkey carcass after Thanksgiving dinner. Or meat bones, or cubed meat or sliced franks or chicken stock or fresh vegetables like sliced carrots and onions and chopped Italian parsley. The sky's the limit, really.

An additional benefit is that this product has the shelf life of forever. It never seems to go bad. You can have a completely empty fridge and a single cello pack of pea soup in your kitchen cabinet and voila in two hours you can feed four hungry people.
342881342881B000HP5HB0AQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.0051340841600Spectacular soup! also base for wonderful enrichments...This soup is extraordinarily wonderful! I hope Amazon will soon offer it on Subscribe and Save, because very few grocery stores in our area carry it. I've been making soup from this mix for over 30 years -- great for 1 or 2, or large families, or even soup-loving company.

It's delicious just as is (follow extremely simple package directions), but it also takes well to modifications. I often boil a picnic shoulder in a huge pot of water along with cabbages, potatoes, carrots and onions, making much more than enough for two full meals. For the third and fourth meals, I use the defatted broth from the pot to make several quarts of pea soup according to package directions, then cutting up the remaining pork and vegetables and adding them to the soup. A meatless version is also good, just with those same vegetables added to the soup mix (plus liquid smoke, if you like), whether it's made with plain water or vegetable stock. I imagine chicken or fish would also work well. And obviously you can use any types of vegetables. Add any already cooked meat (if desired) or vegetables in the last 5 minutes just to warm them up (5 minutes after you put in the flavor packet); raw meat (if desired) or vegetables can be added nearer the beginning while the peas boil. To really make the final product pop, top each serving with a dollop of non-fat or full-fat plain Greek yogurt, with or without a few drops of Frank's Red Hot or Tabasco With Garlic. My husband and I served the vegetarian version of this to 160 people once, to rave reviews. The meatless or the pork version also keep well in the fridge for reheating up to a week or more later.

The best part is not having to soak or parboil the peas in a separate step, along with having the lovely aromatic flavor packet. An easy, light, nutritious one-pot meal with fresh vegetables during a hot summer and a hearty, insides-warming delight with storage vegetables during a cold winter, all in one!
342882342882B005W4AF3GA2QQSWKGQ9M1ODRandy Bertisch0151334448000A great "Pick me up!"I'll tell ya, this little pick me up in a can is so great! It's the perfect amount of get up and go in a can! It tastes so good too, my God!
342883342883B003SGFRYWAADASLP6FC00GFrances L. Williams "Frankie"8851301961600Perfect snack!These are great little cookies. They are the perfect size and tasty. Also so the resealable bag helps keep them fresh.
342884342884B003SGFRYWAM0IJRF73LVPUMichael Marcantonio7751300665600Versatile great little snacking cookieThese little cookies are great for a quick snack, and not overly sweet. They are also good to push into brownie batter before baking. Makes an extra-special brownie treat. Great price for this big bag.
342885342885B003SGFRYWAXZKYHCLJTT26ES4451304899200Cheap but goodMy gf suggested i get these, i figured she would be the only one eatting them since i find myself to be quiet fussy when it comes to cookies.
They are not a soft cookie but they arent overly hard either. I found the taste to my liking wasnt to sweet nor to buttery and the small size made them a great snack or addition to lunch. They are very good cookies for the price you pay and what you end up getting.
342886342886B003SGFRYWAE01TJQJRIMYBJ. E. Grohne5611316736000Recipe has changed at least 4 times this is the worstFamous Amos Chocolate chip cookies have had several changes to the original recipe. They taste NOTHING like they used to which at one time was absolutely delicious. Not so much now... they are more like dog biscuits now.

Changes like...from all butter to margarine to mixed oils.... maybe the next version will be petroleum based. They now have no brown sugar, the eggs are almost non-existent as well as any good taste.

Avoid eating these "cookies" if they are still available.
342887342887B003SGFRYWA2POE7JR2N9NPWromesh2231326412800good cookies - only when price is reasonablethese cookies are great. however, when i bought them here last month they were $6.25 - which was a fair price. now they are $16.99 - seems a little ridiculous. not sure what happened
342871342871B000ET4SM8A3CM3GMHM3QJSPJodi M. Lewis "Mom2MNtwins"0051336608000Fantastic Value!!I use vanilla beans all the time and if I had to get them at the grocery store, I'd be shelling out between $3 and $7.50 per bean! These beans are delicious and an amazing value. Do not buy these if you only use 1 vanilla bean every year for your wonderful Christmas pudding, they won't last forever. But if you use them often, have no qualms about these! Be sure to keep them in air-tight packaging and if you have a vacuum-seal system, that's a great way to store them each time to preserve their freshness.
342888342888B003SGFRYWA2R9M9ALI356JUJewel B.1151311724800Great TasteUpdate: Was great at less than $6 with subscribe and save. Now, it's 16.99? Holy heck! No way!

One of the few crunchy cookies that taste homemade. So much better than Chips Ahoy, you'll completely forget about them. No yucky after taste like Chips Ahoy. Plenty of chocolate chips made with real chocolate. Gasp. I love the mini size. Perfect for putting a few in a condiment bowl and covering with milk. My secret midnight snack, every now and then, of course. Comes in a huge 40 oz. bag that will last my family of 6 for a month. Hence, I set this up for monthly delivery and at their subscribe rate, who can beat that?
342889342889B003SGFRYWA3RUMVZZ7W2E2SJ. Baars1141309564800A BIG bag of those cookies I always found in little bagsI used to get the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies from the vending machine at my work as a snack. I like them - while they are not consistent with the number of chips in the cookies (some are loaded, others have one or two), the overall product is quite tasty. I like that I can pack my own snack bags of these to take with me to work - and get a cookie fix without paying a dollar to a machine.

I'll be getting these again!
342890342890B003SGFRYWA31V2YVDQKLLYSGrannieAnnie "Annie"0031346284800Crumbs, not cookiesI purchased a bag of these cookies on Amazon previously. They were very good, and only a few were broken. The bag had been encased in bubble wrap with an adequate amount of inflated bags added for cushioning. So I reordered them and received a bag only half filled with cookies, and the rest - crumbs. It was badly packed with the only cushioning from three dinky inflated bags. You don't expect to have to eat cookies with a spoon! I won't be ordering these again.
342891342891B003SGFRYWA3VFFUCL0N3BLXfrank f0051343260800cookiesWhats to say it a great chocolate chip cookie and snack pack is not always available in stores, arrived in good shape and on time
342892342892B003SGFRYWA1I81KBSG4YDP4Thomas D. McReynolds0041336089600overpricedI just paid $6.49 at my local Costco. I don't know why they are so expensive here. I love these little cookies.
342893342893B003SGFRYWA18IUIKMRMUS4UAie0051325894400Yum!Got it for less than $7, my family and I ate it all in two weeks. Wish I bought more.
342894342894B003SGFRYWA4EWLZLUCY5QRwoowoo0041323216000very good cookieswell, maybe there have been recipe changes, but i find them still very good lil crunchy chocolatey cookies. yeah, it is a BIG bag. so am very glad for the resealable part.
342895342895B003SGFRYWA3EOJOQUQ6OA4MRenee Hudson0051322438400great snackI love these. They're great for a quick snack and you can just have a couple if you don't want a lot, since they're so small. I know a lot of people, including Wally Amos himself, have talked about the recipe changing over the years, but I can't tell. They always taste great to me. I think these are better than any other chocolate chip cookie I've had lately. If you like this type of cookie, Famous Amos is a good one to try.

On a related note, I love Wally Amos' book. A really great success story that will make you appreciate these cookies even more.
342896342896B003SGFRYWA2Y5BHMOKPXGZMJohn Sweney0041320105600Good cookies... Order filler AND tummy filler!I must confess I bought these cookies just to round up my Amazon order from $19 to $25... In other words, I could spend six bucks on shipping or get six bucks in cookies and free shipping. You do the math. What totally surprised me is how BIG the bag was. I wasn't really paying attention, but 40 oz is two and a half POUNDS of cookies!
342897342897B003SGFRYWA2233RGBCW4FVDGallifrey0051318032000Outstanding cookiesThese cookies are just awesome. Not much more to say about them than that. They go great with coffee and the resealable back works great. For the way amazon works, these cookies are the easiest things to deal with since it is one big back, rather than having to the 15 pack of other sizes. They sure are a big morale boost here in Afghanistan!
342898342898B003SGFRYWAAJDLEXOYZ32Xcal0051317340800love famous amosthis is i think my 5th order and amazon always ships them fast...both me and my husband subscribe to this because our kids love cookies. You can't find this kind of packaging in the local store, they have one like it in a store only you have to pay for membership before you can buy, so its not actually saving money. This one is a great buy.
342899342899B003SGFRYWA1KMI5JWZ8DHQBCarl A. Crawford0051315612800Great, Tasty Cookies.I really like the Famous Amos cookies for bite size snacks. They taste great and the quality
and freshness of the cookies is consistent with the Famous Amos high standards.

Once I placed my order, I received it only a few days later, which was 2 full days before the estimated delivery date I was given. Very efficient and effective vendor at quickly getting the product delivered to your door step. And, because of that, I have no reluctance at being a repeat customer and ordering from this vendor again, once my supply runs low, and Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie deprivation is near to becoming a reality!
342900342900B003SGFRYWA25Z9777AP2VQOsexylove0051311379200Great DealThese cookies taste really good especially with a nice cold glass of milk. The price can't be beat. It's way cheaper than at the stores. Big bag full of bit size cookies.
342872342872B000ET4SM8A353FQ1KXND90JLula Balula0051336089600Great quality beans, super low price!I'm very satisfied with these beans, I've bought two packs of them now from JR Mushrooms & Specialties.

They come nicely vacuum packed so they remain super fresh until you open it, and when you do it smells wonderful! The beans are plump and moist.

Aside from making some nice desserts with it (panna cotta, chocolate dipping sauce, etc...) I've made vanilla extract as well using some good quality vodka. It has such an AMAZING aroma and flavor, I have to give credit to these beans. I totally recommend making your own vanilla extract using these beans, you'll never go back to store-bought again.
342873342873B000ET4SM8A1VB2MAKBKVZHULila0051333756800Wonderfully Fragrant and Plump BeansThe vanilla beans arrived shrink wrapped and in excellent condition. I have used several of the beans, and they are wonderfully fragrant. An excellent product and seller (my beans arrived a few days earlier than expected!). I made vanilla custard and it's a huge difference in taste quality than when I used store bought vanilla extract. I also used several of the beans for making vanilla extract (3 beans -split- per cup of vodka).
342874342874B000ET4SM8AGAZA7FVVEM3AChefLori0051332201600Vanilla BeansThe vanilla beans arrived on time, in a cryo-pack. They were moist and flavorful. We are very happy with our order.
342875342875B000ET4SM8A2HX1IB98PY953Cheryl Calderwood0051331510400Vanilla beanI was very impressed with this product. It was very prompt in arriving and makes a huge difference in the taste in dishes I have made. I would suggest this product to anyone buying.
342876342876B000ET4SM8A18D3ZDUY3R3O3Greg J. Adamso0051331251200Ideal for Gourmet Vinalla Bean Ice Cream.Very good quality. 2 beans will make almost a half gallon of vinalla bean ice cream. We use the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. The price is very good compared to what you get in the grocery store and they are fresher than what I would get in the store. They arrived vacume sealed. I've just placed a second order for more. Loved em'
342877342877B000ET4SM8AX9MSC26EYFANSine Nomine "pubwookie"0051330992000For People Who Know "Vanilla" is Not a Synonym for "Plain."I've been doing my own vanilla extracts and vanilla sugar for about a year now, and I've gotten beans from a number of different sources, but I'm only going here from now on. These beans are consistently fragrant, plump, and pliable. I cannot recommend these high enough for both quality AND price. Win/win!
342878342878B000ET4SM8AY22VOIZDC2RHProdreviewer0051330560000Delicious, Fragrance to Die ForI love these fresh vanilla beans. They smell like heaven. I've added them to homemade ice cream and used them to scent and flavor a simple syrup for brushing on cakes and cupcakes to keep them moist before frosting. The smell of a cupcake brushed with vanilla scented syrup is possibly the best smell ever. Very reasonably priced and I will definitely buy again.
342879342879B000ET4SM8A15X7INVBNZ1D7sesnurse970041330300800WOWRich vanilla aroma. Bought one at World Market and paid four dollars! This was a very good product at a wonderful price!

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