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342901342901B003SGFRYWA3P4EZIWZXBFZ6labelee1221310169600very dryI don't know whether it's because it's not fresh or it's a big pack. it's just too dry to eat.
342902342902B000EDG4K8A3JEPTMHGHLYP1GBaybee151531257033600OKI bought this mostly for use in breakfast smoothies. The first time using it, I added 3 tablespoons to a mixed berry smoothie (smoothie recipe on the bag calls for 3 TBS), and it was awful. It left a terrible after-taste that lingered for hours. Maybe it's better with bananas and apples, as in the recipe on the bag, than berries. Next time, I added only 1 TBS and it tasted fine and then increased to 2 TBS, which works too. It's a good additive to homemade breads. I've put the remaining 3 bags of the 4-pack in the freezer because it'll take a while to use it all. I like that it's free of artificial additives that so many protein powders have. Acceptable product, good price.
342903342903B000EDG4K8A1ITVCGVOIO6V9B. Keller9951234483200Bob's Soy Protein PowderI count on this to get enough protein, since I'm a vegan. For protein, I eat nuts, beans, nutritional yeast, but I get about 50 grams of protein from the soy powder. I mix it with soymilk for morning cereal, and with berries for dessert...tastes lovely and creamy, but mix well to avoid powder lumps! Being fond of sweet tastes, I add Stevia, which is an acquired taste. Since soy is all protein, and Stevia sweeter than sugar, it helps keep calories down.
342904342904B000EDG4K8A1IKDJMRX8T3O7Dolores E. Keiper8851216166400Super stuff!I have this powder twice a day- mixed with egg or in cereal. Remember "No Grain,No Gain". Never felt better!
342905342905B000EDG4K8A2Y15RV8JQ36H4Letta Meinen141651162684800Amazing Protein PowderI was so happy to find this product as I use Protein powder in many things that I bake and cook. I feel it is important to have plenty of protein in ones diet that does not include fats. It is helping my fingernails to grow and harden which is something I have been fighting.

342906342906B000EDG4K8A2VYE6LUWYL5QSC. D. Maylone7741199577600Great for additional protein!I use this to make a coffee based protein drink every day and I love it. You will need a good blender and lots of ice to get rid of the gritty feel in your mouth, but it still does the trick.
342907342907B000EDG4K8A3U658ODAAABC6Paul Hart202621147910400Avoid using in Shakes/DrinksAlthough the product claims to be a viable additive for shakes/drinks, our experience is it won't dissolve without a blender.

Simply put it clumps.

The taste is fine, actually good, so my recommendation is to look elsewhere for a drink supplement.
342908342908B000EDG4K8AEPNP8YPBWDXQS.J.4451322179200Smooth, Dissovles with a spoonPurchased directly from Amazon. I'm glad I tried the Bob's Red Mill Isolated Soy Protein Powder. Unlike some other reviewers, I had no trouble mixing the powder into an 8oz glass of lactose-free milk. I've used both a spoon and a little battery-powered mini-mixer. The mini-mixer does seem to get it completely smooth faster (spoon is 15 seconds, mixer 5 seconds). I bought one for under ten bucks here on Amazon.

When mixed with milk or water it tastes just like fresh, unsweetened soymilk. Neat. But for my tastes, I prefer adding a tablespoon of honey or molasses.

Since I'm lactose-intolerant, I can't handle the Whey protein powders. I like that this soy protein powder is nice and simple: pure Isolated soy protein. 20 calories per Tablespoon. No chemical additives.

Overall, the texture is pretty smooth. Some have said it's gritty, but I disagree. If you've had Odwalla protein shakes or Jamba Juice smoothies with a protein boost, it's exactly like that as far as texture goes.

I know some people who can't eat/drink soy because it causes a bunch of gas, etc, but if you've been able to drink soymilk or eat tofu, you'll probably be okay with this product. Hope that helps!
342909342909B000EDG4K8A3RV4X81AZAIXXUW Fan "go dawgs!"4451303776000Love this stuff!I'm no meat-head but I enjoy a good protein shake after I workout. I usually jump from ON or whatever Costco has to save on costs but I've decided this is in the best interest of my health and spare no costs. I have high cholesterol (genetics) and so wanted something that was low on cholesterol and natural. I found this doing a quick search and I'm in love with the product. However, there is a caveat. You can not manually mix this!! Unless you have a whisk or something, but physically impossible. Those of you who enjoy using those shaker things, forget it about it. You need a blender or a magic bullet (my preference) to mix this stuff. I love the way it tastes since I love soy flavor. Don't need to add any additives for me. Just mix it with low fat milk or water and I have a good healthy protein shake. One last thing I like about this is because it actually fills me up. Other protein shakes feel like water but this is a hearty meal for me. I can miss about two meals with light snacks with this shake, but I don't do that since I enjoying eating. My GF really likes Genisoy products but I'm sold on this and will buy the bigger bag next time.
342910342910B000EDG4K8A1OMW7YWOIBFJ1D. Wilton4451225497600it meets their claims, good valueThe package suggests apple and banana together. I think the idea is that the pulp from the apple will get your mind off of the typical protein powder texture, but I found I like double the banana and no apple instead.

Some have complained about clumping. That's to be expected for protein powder; especially if they don't add things you don't want in your food. We have a Hamilton Beach hand blender that does a great job mixing it so there are no clumps. It's great for making smoothies, etc. The stem detaches for easy cleaning. A great gadget that will really help here.

It's a good value and they don't add things you don't want in your food.
342911342911B000EDG4K8A34WZIHVF3OKOLRoger Gray "Roger"5651252800000great valueI bought it because I wanted to make my own shakes and the price was incredible. I am too lazy though and just dissolve a scoop of it in water with a spoon. It dissolves great, tastes like flour.. I wouldn't recommend doing it this way.

I need to find some good recipe's for it.

I dumped all 4 bags into one of those big Creatine / Whey Protein jugs you find at walmart and it fit perfectly.
342912342912B000EDG4K8A1DRL5FGKWZ1T2lumbrgirl2221320969600Oh my.I'm sure this does what it's supposed to, but wow. It is REALLY gritty even when buried in a delicious fruit and yogurt smoothie. I'm going to have to try something else, I'm afraid.
342913342913B000EDG4K8A2277SY69RVZOVMisstery2251260835200Bob's Red Mill Soy ProteinI've used various products from Bob's Red Mill over the years and always have been pleased with the outcome. Finding this 4-pack box of Soy Protein was wonderful. I have been following a low-carb diet for several years and added some new recipes recently asking for Soy Protein which is very difficult to find and when I did, was paying a lot for a small packet. This was a wonderful find for me. The packaging is convenient and the product is excellent. Great value for money and I know it's good, cos it's under the Bob's Red Mill label.
342914342914B000EDG4K8A3RKMHCAPC9LKXM. Di Noto2241239840000good, not greatno taste but that is why i bought it. INGREDIENTS: soy. no artificial junk here. as w/ all protein shakes it has an acquired taste. tip- juice helps it dissolve better (apple, blueberry, or pom)no rumbles in the stomach like Myo**ex. just be careful w/ shelf life as there are no preservatives.
342915342915B000EDG4K8A3QDGKE0NAS0WOsunclov1151334016000The best!!This is the best and CHEAPEST, soy protein powder out there, and it tastes so good!!! It has a wonderful flavor, not vanilla, just plain, but it still makes things taste great, and has alot of nututional value. This pack of 4 will last us 3 months or more. Compared to spending at least $10, to $15, at the health food store, for a container, it is much more cost effective to purchase Red Mill. Love this company!!!!
342916342916B000EDG4K8A21ZM49QDQ8CXYShel "shel_wny"1151311379200Tastes Great!This protein powder is absolutely delicious!
It blends well with no clumps, chunks, or residue.
It has a wonderful taste that I recognize from smoothies I've had at "real" smoothie bars.
My homemade smoothies now taste like I bought them from a shop!
I only wish I had bought the 28 oz bags instead of the 14 oz bags.
Will definitely correct that for next time!
342917342917B000EDG4K8AHN9IJKDU6UL3henry m. korenvaes1141298764800soy powder powderthis soy protein powder is used on a daily smoothie for health purposes. it dissolves the best and taste least offensive of all the powders i have tried. it is reasonably priced.
342918342918B000EDG4K8A1M4QHPM8YE0CRR. John1151284595200Great Lactose Free Protein PowderBought this powder because I wanted a protien powder that is not whey or milk based as I am allergic to milk. I use it in protein smoothies of all sorts and in hot or cold liquid. It disolves fairly easily and does not have much of a flavor. I also like that it does not have a bunch of additives and chemicals.
342919342919B000EDG4K8A2V2CF4OKZQMBYStomper1141265328000Chalky if you use too muchIt does what you expect. If you add it to something, you will increase the protein content. It has a flavor, like chalk. And the powder is sticky in things like smoothies, so you have to use the correct ratio of powder to liquid or you will feel like you are drinking liquified classroom chalk. I bet it will go great in a homemade cake or bread. You could easily add 3 or 4 grams of protein per serving without changing the flavor much.
342920342920B000EDG4K8A1G8MLYQA0N86AKimberly N. Phillips "kims121"1151258243200Great for SmoothiesI use Bob's Red Mill Isolated Soy Protein Powder daily in my fruit smoothies. I'm a runner and need the protein. Mixes well with soy milk or chocolate milk. No taste. I am on the auto-ship program. Recommend this product highly.
342921342921B000EDG4K8ARM8RB9W9I52Zvetoad0051347408000Terrific productTerrific
342922342922B000EDG4K8ARNLEE6AHYSUFJanan Broadbent "DrJanan"0051340755200Terrific buy!After trying other similar products, I found Bob's and and am delighted to say it not only is a good buy, but its quality is superior. It mixes much better and provides the protein I need, having given up dairy products. Recommend very highly!
342923342923B000EDG4K8ADVY8IHHRB020M Anand0051338508800Goooood tasting proteinMy recipe was simple

Mangos (and/or strawberries)

Delicious smoothie. I'd put 2 servings of powder in it. good way to get vegan protein.

I can't tell you the results of working out with it yet - it hasn't been very long. But I do feel like I'm recovering faster
342924342924B000EDG4K8A12ZL0OWRJ0E9FFredrik Nyman0051330473600Excellent complement to high-protein dietFor the past several weeks, I've been following the Protein Power: The High-Protein/Low-Carbohydrate Way to Lose Weight, Feel Fit, and Boost Your Health--in Just Weeks! diet with excellent results.

I have been using this protein powder in my cooking to boost the protein content of what I eat, adding a tablespoon or two to soft foods like protein shakes and omelettes, using it as a flour substitute in sauces, as a bread crumb substitute in meatballs and so on.

Even if you aren't on a low-carb diet, this product is an excellent way to boost your protein intake, particularly if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

All told, I am thoroughly satisfied; it is a very versatile product and highly recommend it.

One thing to note is that the powder doesn't dissolve in water and that it is flour-like, so you need to mix it in very thoroughly. A blender is very handy!
342925342925B000EDG4K8A5F0B2X0EDMMEJohn T0051294185600Economical and easy to useI am a runner and mix this with orange juice after a run. It mixes in easily and the taste is very similar to an expensive soy protein mixture that I used previously. Before using soy protein, I mixed whey powder into my orange juice, but switched to soy protein because it has a much higher percentage of arginine. The soy protein actually stirs in more easily than does whey powder. The taste and texture is very different than whey powder, but I like both.
342926342926B000EDG4K8A16JVUF35HQKHKEdwin N. Daniels0051292976000Great Product Will Buy Again.I have tried many soy protein drinks, this is the best one by far and at a great price. I mix it with soy milk and it has a great taste. I will buy again.
342927342927B000EDG4K8A1WLXI5DGMW4CWBette Carter0151301270400Excellent everything!This is not the first time I've ordered from this dealer. Invariably my product arrives quickly, before I expect it, and packaged so there is no possibility of damage. I'm very happy to have found this source for my protein, which cannot be purchased in Nashville, at least for close to the same price. I expect to use this dealer as my sole source from now on.
342928342928B000EDG4K8AKDOYJC1WZHCBMatthew L. Snyder "Anonymous"0441259452800good soyThis is good soy. Not a thing wrong with it. Only reason i didn't give 5 stars is because it's hard to love soy.
342929342929B004VLV7PGA1MPEY4U0VYIDBG. Collins0051331337600wheatless hot cerealFor those individuals who must limit or eliminate wheat from their diet, this is a very good choice. It cooks up quickly and creamy with a good hearty taste.
342930342930B004VLV7PGA2DLQ100P4PBMMBill "whuebl"00513204512008 Grain Wheatless CerealWe use this for both muffins and as a hot cereal in the morning - a cup of it with a quart of water in a timed cooker has you waking up to a delicious hot breakfast and you need no sugar nor sweetner in it - a little milk does it. Fantastic taste!

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