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342961342961B0012C7VLGA32T88YBPOVC0BJackson L Harris II0111349136000Bitter surpriseI have enjoyed Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed for three years. But I just received a three pound bag that was puffed up with air. When I opened it up, it still smelled like hemp seed so I took a bite and swallowed it. Not only did it taste bitter, but it burned my throat! Amazon is refunding my money and I am going to try a different brand of hemp seed. I suspect improper packaging or storage which is a shame because Nutiva's product is really good when it is fresh.
342962342962B0012C7VLGA2FG7ZB0NVDFWKEsi0111349049600Not good anymoreI ordered this product based on good reviews like 2 months ago and i really loved it and I ordered another 3 pound bag a month later, the second bag was just not right, I thought i must be a bad batch or something because it had more green shells in it and the seeds looked more brownish, it had this bitter burning taste. I called amazon and they said they would send me another ( i really did not wanna give up on it so i wanted to try another), same thing. I called again and they said they would send me another just to make sure that it was not a fluke. I got the bag 2 days ago and the same thing :( finally i gave up on it. I will look in to another brand. I am really curious if other people are having the same issue..
342963342963B0012C7VLGA17M5ICMK4DWK8Heidi J. Fava "Coffee lover"0151324080000YummyI love these seeds, they are so delicious that I can eat them with a spoon. Great on salads or cooked veggies.
342964342964B0012C7VLGA2E83WJYA9UCE5Cricketais0151316476800Hemp seedsExcellent company. I will definitely order from them again. They are quick and efficient. Great, great customer service as well.
342965342965B0012C7VLGA2QYYMMYWZJ6Y0Amy0151309564800Great seedsGreat service! Great price! Great hempseeds! So glad you can get something so good in bulk without all the fancy packaging! Love Amazon!
342966342966B0012C7VLGA2WJX3TA3RS7H6Bradley Hines ""0141286928000Good Product...Why did the price jump 20%?Good was pretty bold to increase the price 20% at once? I hope there was a good reason.
342967342967B0012C7VLGA1KVRM2G3M6Y3WAlmost Satisfied0151236816000A SuperfoodThe Hemp Seed is absolutely delicious and healthy at the same time. It fits into a raw food diet. A great value.
342968342968B0012C7VLGASLIIRP3RGES6anonymous "anonymous"1331304553600Maybe not for everyoneI put a heaping teaspoon of this product on my usual cereal (Nature's Path Heritage) and skim milk -- got really bad diarrhea for the next two days.

I also tried the Nutiva's chocolate HempShake and I loved the taste of that -- I added about 8 oz of skim milk. Seemed agreeable for two days, then on the third day the combination gave me several hours of rotten-egg flatulence like I have never experienced in my life. Again, I had skim milk and hemp together in combination.

Too early to say it's the hemp, might be the combination -- maybe hemp creates a digestive environment where the milk is indigestible. Usually I can eat just about anything so I was very surprised. I'll give it another try someday...

If anyone has any insight, please feel free to comment.
342969342969B0012C7VLGA6X381BCHX3GYdgal101811251590400Would not recommend to buy from here!!!I just ordered the 5lbs bag date of receival is 8/28/09 and its expiration is 11/5/09. I did not order an expensive product just to get something thats almost expired. Very disappointed and would NOT RECOMMEND TO BUY FROM THIS SELLER anymore!!!
342970342970B0012C7VLGA1G44WBRK9UNI4SoDi0251286409600WTF????!!!Love the product, but why did the freaking price just jump up by about $10!!!
342971342971B0012C7VLGA3NZ5WIVQ9KWUDRon B4911346803200Not for EveryoneThis product sounded so great. I started taking about two to four tbls. a day. After a week my lips started swelling, then the inside of my mouth started feeling strange and my tongue was very sensitive, then I started having what I thought was heartburn (which i never get) I would feel pressure in my thoart all the way down to my Solar plexis, By the end of the second week it became so intense I knew something was wrong with me, I just didn't know what. I thought "I"m having an allergic reaction"(I'm not allergic to anything) so it took me awhile to catch on, the only new thing I added to my diet was the hemp hearts. I quite taking them, in one day I started feeling better, by two days, started feeling normal again.
So just be careful, people can have an allergic reaction to this.
342972342972B0012C7VLGA3PID7HMOGX7YWT. Gordon2621341446400Wound up at the ERI won't go all the way to 1-star since this is probably more about me and not the foodstuff but, despite the claim that hemp seeds are not known to contain allergens, I did experience *some kind* of reaction to 4 tbsp of this stuff this past Monday, about 4 hours after ingesting it. I passed out, was shaking uncontrollably when I came to, felt tingling followed by a loss of sensation, nausea, pain, and shortness of breath. I realize correlation does not prove causation, but the health professionals whom I've consulted so far (which includes my primary) agree that there's a strong possibility that the episode was caused by something in the hemp seed, especially since I do not have a history of these kinds of incidents. I'm going for tests anyhow, and if it turns out that the hemp seed was not implicated, I'll update my review.

Still, the moral of the story is, try just a little bit of this and any novel food or remedy before you take a full serving of it, lest you wind up at the ER like I did.
342973342973B0012C7VLGA27FQYODHJ10JPalan00000351340150400Great Organic HempseedWe subscribe to Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed and have regular shipments sent to our brother. We get good nutrition for a good price.
342974342974B0012C7VLGA1ZFA2K0XXPJY1ZQ2821231891200Tastes weirdI roasted it but it still tastes weird, in a bad way. I wouldn't buy this again. The quality of the product is good, hence the 2 stars, otherwise, I would have given it 1 star because I just wasted my money on this product.
342975342975B0012C7VLGA2YQ69UDSY5SFLscrewit41421237939200Excellent but price jumped from $36 for 5lbsLast year I bought this same product when it cost $36 for a 5lb bag using subscribe and save. Now, it's nearly $60 for a 5lb bag which is why I gave it just a 2 star rating. Would've gave it a 1 star, but it is an excellent product. Too bad the price doubled.
342976342976B0012C7VLGA15F8RR0NSBJTHealthNut61811281744000$43.00 to $83.00In one week since i placed this item in my cart it went up fro $43.00 to $83.00.
you've got to be kidding. i will not pay this much. there are plenty of places on the net, where i can get better quality and cheaper...
Get Real....
342977342977B0012C7VLGA1LOOP91R07H7TAngela Hnilica "luva79"22131191888000Strange LabelI was ready to buy these seeds and I figured I would see what Nutiva actually charges. $54.99! BUT the packaging is different. Why does Amazon sell the same product with different labelling? Is it actually the same product or are you paying less for a cheaper version? Just a question that should be raised since companies are in the habit of caring about their bottom lines over our bodies.
342978342978B0012C7VLGA3EH0O05YNABWGErin E. Clarkson23851212364800GhanjaHow refreshing it is to know that we can turn to Amazon for all our fresh Marijuana needs! No more hoping to come across a large hidden field of tree sized dope shrubs just off of the road while on the way home from work! Perfect for wedding receptions, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations - you know, all those fun times when you just have to dig that pit in the back yard, and take out a chainsaw and wood chipper and engorge yourself on a large slab of smoked seed pate. Slice up those leftovers, and you'll have sandwiches for weeks. Thank you Amazon!

Sarcasm, just like comments about Underhill Farms products! Will Amazon editorial Fascist allow the sword to cut both way? I doubt.......
342979342979B0012C7VLGA3VNHKZYCO45X7Amanda C. "massage lady"454641239840000Love the Hemp!I really enjoy the hemp hearts. I have come to crave them. I am always looking for a good deal and this is indeed a great price for the qty. These come to abt 3 to 5 dollars less per lb. than what I can get locally. If I use auto ship it is 5 to 7 dollars less. My only complaint is the hulls of the 3 brands I have tried this has by far the most hulls and the only one with intact seeds. I doesn't take much to de-hull them but, it is time consuming. I realize "hulls are a good source of fiber" but, my teeth do not agree. I am tempted to pay a little more for less. If this is something that doesn't bother you I urge you to get it.
342980342980B0012C7VLGA33ZFPZ772MTO1A. Prouty667051183939200Lucky me!Sometimes health discoveries, (wonders), are simply amazing. Hemp seeds are helping me turn my health around because I'm nurturing my cells. How I know is because I don't crave or binge on junk food and sugars like before, as well as "diet" products, and I no longer feel like I'm starving. This became forefront to looking for real food, other nutrition
"secrets" and, basically, gave me motivation to come out of a slump I was
in while not looking after my health like I should have been. A good friend threw me this life-line which I gladly pass on. had the best price with the free shipping so I'm sticking with good people, and powerful nutrition. My overall health is only getting better day by day, and a good outlook itself becomes good medicine. Do the research, you'll be amazed. Lucky you for discovering hemp seeds. A. prouty
342981342981B0012C7VLGA1MGHHKWTWEBULShopaholic "Jane"282851203552000A favorite protein source staple in our diet!After first trying this great product from small package bought in health food store, I quickly realized we need to stock up and save. Here comes amazon with the great auto-ship feature which keeps our stock perfectly replenished each 6 months. The seeds come fresh and tasty. I love them, my 7 year old daughter loves them too, we take several teaspoons straight every day, I wouldn't want to loose any tossed over the salad. Taste is better than hemp oil. Perfect protein and EFA source without sacrifice to the taste!
342982342982B0012C7VLGA2A008V39X3J0KGreg Logan374051191110400Essential!We have been eating hempseeds for sometime - they are an essential part of our diet. I genuinely notice a difference physically when I eat them along. This is a good price and we have gotten good quality from Amazon. PLEASE SHARE SOME WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

We must work together to make this available to the USA INCLUDING the farmers. We live under an oppressive, authoritarian regime which, only a few years ago, would have attacked you for eating what is literally "birdseed". Wild!

2nd Review w/Suspcription Purchase Method
We have been delighted to have hemp seed finally taken off Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (along with heroin, etc.). I know that is insane to even write this but that is the nature of the degenerate and immoral drug policy barons from the DEA and ONDCP - to twist reality and prohibit what are supposed to be free American citizens from obtaining some of the best food known to mankind beause their pseudo fear of people smoking flowers(and then engaging in violence against these same peaceful, free human beings). NUTS indeed!!

In any event, we have started using the suscription method. This is a great price compared to anywhere else that I have found. It actually takes 4 mos for us to go through 5 lbs. Therefore, I signed up for 2 mos and simply skip one. I will give very great KUDOS to Amazon for how they have set this up - at least for this product, both the product and the system work great!

Greg Logan
342983342983B0012C7VLGA1YDL2RLXTE1LBDavid St Thomas "Student"212131330905600Inconsistent at best - too many hullsI enjoy hempseed, primarily I sprinkle it over my salads to add a nutty and nutritious component.
I like buying this in bulk because it saves money over the expensive 1 pound or half-pound bags I can get at the store.
My complaint about this product is that you never know what you'll get. Sometimes it's fairly free of hulls (seed coats) and sometime it's just full of them
And they're hard to deal with - very hard pieces of shells that interfere with the enjoyment of whatever you are eating.
I guess you could spend time separating the pieces out, but that is a labor-intensive process and at that point it becomes more economical (time is money) to buy the 1 pound or half-pound bag at the store from a company that pays more attention to what they are packaging.
I kust got a new shipment and it is absolutely full of seed coat fragments.
342984342984B0012C7VLGA2CWWT2JDUBOPLThomas Jefferson445251178668800SucculentLike most good things (unpasteurized dairy, unpasteurized almonds, medical advice not sponsored by drug companies, gold and silver coin as tender in payment of debt, a government that follows the Constitution etc), hemp seeds are almost illegal and hard to get. Thank God for Amazon! These are the best hemp seeds you are going to get, short of growing your own, which, as we all know, would be illegal in the land of the free.
342985342985B0012C7VLGA2NS275HYLKJS6Dr. Henry Eric Firdman "Habanero fan"121251244332800Tasty and healthyThis is a great product, very tasty and at the same time having all kinds of good natural nutrients. I buy it on "Subscribe and Save" program, getting 5 lb. every six months and enjoying sizeable discounts. It makes up a part of my regular lunch consisting of an apple, a banana, and a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp seeds (1/4 of cup each). The apple a day definitely keeps a doctor away (to my delight), and the seeds provide a close to perfect combination of "right" protein and fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds also keep my prostate healthy, which is important in my age. Hemp seeds give the mixture the additional taste and flavor.
342986342986B0012C7VLGAUPDQSP0GMZ9AMa Hen121251199750400Even My Husband Loves ThemWe love the taste & texture of these seeds. I put several tablespoons in our salads & my husband has started scraping out his salad bowl with a spoon! Perhaps the people who did not care for this product are simply not used to the somewhat different taste of raw nuts & seeds, compared to roasted?
342987342987B0012C7VLGA2MH83HHGLM72EPooklestein "Pooklestein"192151167868800ExcellentI am a firm believer in the health benefits of Hemp. This product is the best I've found. The delivery was very prompt and efficient!
342988342988B0012C7VLGA1IBQVHXXP7JSASanjin Deric101051242172800Great!I couldn't be more satisfied with this product. It is highly nutritious, where it basically provides all the needed amino acids which the body needs. There is much information available on the hemp seeds and here are some which I came across which turned me to start enjoying this super-food:
342989342989B0012C7VLGA32GAHCZ43R7NPsgrams222651179014400Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 5-Pound BagThis item was brought up in a forum with a link to Amazon. I've dealt with Amazon before and I've never been let down, Thank you Amazon for the great deals and excellant service! Anyway, this seed is tasty and nutrient packed. I've since read that hemp seed is some of the best food we can give ourselves.
342990342990B0012C7VLGA2SY192K4TP9CTAiis Taiko "Ai"8851256774400Nutiva Hempseeds: Super!Nutiva organic hempseeds are great in my morning smoothies along with flax, chia seeds, almond milk, Boku superfood, rice powder, fruits. Delicious/nutritious way to start the day....and sustaining energy! Years ago, i started buying hempseeds by one pound amounts from a bulk section and realized the air exposure may not be good to the product, so i found these 3# bags online....i get them auto-shipped and can be sure i never run out. They arrive fresh every addition, this is helping support the Hemp industry in buying food, clothing, personal care products made from Hemp, we are voting!

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