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343021343021B0012C7VLGA1J2JXJLPXQOPSStarbird2251313798400shelled hempseedjust plain yummy
and good for you
i add them to smoothies
i also like mixing it with fine coconut flakes and spirulina powder for a yummy pick-me-up.
good idea to keep what you aren't using frozen
and the other in the refrigerator for daily use
343022343022B0012C7VLGA1IYLZ10Q7ZWDDAndrea Hale2251312675200Love Hemp!This product is amazing....the taste is great and we use it for salads, in smoothies, protein shakes, a little on our chia pudding variations/ can use it just in a spoon and have it 1-2x a day. The taste is wonderful and its very healthy for you too!
I reorder every 3-4 months as we go through it. Love it!
343023343023B0012C7VLGA10ILXLQQTD76Cory Puuri2251311724800Great price!Hemp seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 (nice if you prefer not to eat fish/fish oil) and protein. I add a couple tablespoons to yogurt in the morning. It tastes best with Stonyfield Organic Banilla Yogurt.
343024343024B0012C7VLGA1R33KG1V03MIBP. J. Mullins "Austenite"2251307836800Good stuffI really enjoy these hemp seeds on salads. They have a slightly nutty flavor, so it is a perfect compliment to a crisp, dark green salad. One word of warning, though, toss the salad well, and sprinkle the seeds on after you put your dressing on your salad. The reason is because I once put them on my salad before the dressing and I ate a large cluster of seeds in one bite, and they got caught in my throat. I coughed a bit and was fine, but it was something that could've been avoided.

I highly recommend these little seeds as a dietary supplement for the omega-3's and 6's. NEVER, EVER heat them or cook with them, or they will lose their nutritional value completely. No hyperbole, just fact.
343025343025B0012C7VLGA2SVBLX2X6C9LWJ. E. Johnson2241307232000Great BuyI purchased a small amount of this product at a local health food store right after receiving my order and did a "taste test" they were identical and these are half the price of the local store. They arrived quickly, were fully labeled and airtight seal. Can't lose.
343026343026B0012C7VLGA255UC3D8BBH1DGolly Miss Molly2251263600000Mega Omega!Hemp seeds are higher in Omega 3 than walnuts! These are a great addition to my morning health shake, salads... Amazon has the very best pricing on most all of their items, this is definitely one of them! I purchase many Nutiva products and have never been disappointed! These are a mega-must to add to your healthy diet!!
343027343027B0012C7VLGA2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia4551331683200I like its pine nutty tasteHempseed flavor reminds me of pine nuts. Hempseed contain all nine essential amino acids, which makes them a complete protein, like egg whites and soy. One ounce of hemp provides 45 percent of daily magnesium requirement. Studies show that a diet rich in magnesium can slash diabetes risk by almost half, because it increases insulin sensitivity.

My favorite way to eat hempseed is as a dip or a spread on a sandwich. I use the same recipe for both. I puree 1 Tbsp. ground hemp seeds, 2 Tbsp. store-bought pesto, 2 Tbsp. lemon juice, and 1 can cannellini beans.

Hempseed are easy to spill from the plastic bag they arrive in, so when I am ready to use a new bag I pour the bag into a plastic container designed for cereal, this allows me to pour the seeds out of the container's spout without spilling the seeds on the counter. To make it easier to move the content of the bag into the container, I cut a small hole in the bag and use a funnel to direct the seeds into the container.

In case you find it useful here is a taste comparison of other seeds I use in my diet.

Nutty-flavored seeds that provide the most nutrition when ground.

Similar in taste to sunflower seeds and pine nuts.

Soft seeds with a sweet, earthy flavor when toasted.

The flaky center of wheat kernels. Very light earthy flavor.

Ali Julia review
343028343028B0012C7VLGA3RMPEMCT2SBXKN.1151349913600Good seeds. Good serviceI ordered the Nutiva 3 pound bag from Amazon before and received it promptly and in great condition. My most recent order, however, while still received promptly, was rancid and inedible. I was so disappointed. I sent an email that evening, detailing my concern and asking for a new shipment. I didn't receive a reply to my email. What I did receive, however, was a new order of Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, delivered to my doorstep just two days later! Since this new seed had the same packaging date as my initial order, I cautiously sampled it. The seeds were fine. Phew! So -- not only do I have a good supply of a good product, I got excellent service from Amazon! Thank you!
343029343029B0012C7VLGA3EYV29YXCZDTLJ Steck1151343433600Great tasting shake. More recipes, and info.Starting with the blender half full of water.
I make 3 to 4 servings of each, use it in 3 days or less.
Add water, Hemp milk or Almond milk
Hemp protein power
Hemp seed nut
Chia seed powder (this will gel if you let it sit)
Gelatinized Maca
Dulse flakes
Camu Camu
Cacao (strong tasting, you will know if you use too much)
Frozen Blueberries or cherries (about a cup)
Navitas Coconut Palm Sugar (or YACON to taste)
Also I add some goldenseal root.(Today, goldenseal is marketed as a tonic to aid digestion, sooth upset stomach, and as an antibacterial agent. It is considered a natural antibiotic and is most often combined with echinacea in preparations designed to strengthen the immune system. However, only one study found that goldenseal might help boost white blood cells (a measure of the infection fighting ability of the immune system), and it wasn't well designed.

Mix the Hemp nut, Dulse flakes and fruit first; on high, till it makes a "milk".
Then the rest of each item, you want in it
If it gets too thick. Add some more water.
You can add yogurt, take the seaweed flakes out if you like. it will taste good if you work on it.
Check the website navitasnaturals. For more recipes, and info.
343030343030B0012C7VLGA2BRBP15YNSQDTA. Davis1151341273600Always have some in the fridgeMy husband and I couldn't be happier that we found these hemp seeds. Just purchased another bag as we go through quite a lot of it fast. The taste is somewhere between pine nuts and pecans, and is incredibly delicious. You really do feel like you're doing something great for your body just by eating it. One serving (3tbsps) contains 170 calories, 14g fat, 1g saturated fat, 2g carbs, 1g fiber, 11g protein and provides 16% daily iron. Excellent source or protein, so happy to have found it :)
343031343031B0012C7VLGA3QWE1H8BLPUDFDonald L. Burton "Don Burton"1151328659200YumGood stuff wish I could afford to order more on a regular bases. Good for you. Will probably order again and do recommend.
343032343032B0012C7VLGA1KRYEH6EDGQ6EM. Aversano "Myasworld"1151328659200Great in smoothiesWould recommend for those who want a healthy lifestyle. Add to smoothies and you have a power drink. Great for before or after a workout.
343033343033B0012C7VLGAJ7CKEO4890UADa Witz1151326844800DELICIOUSThese have a slight nutty flavor. If you do not like peanuts then you might not like these. We have been putting them on and in everything from fruit smoothies, eggs, salads, chicken, pasta dishes.
343034343034B0012C7VLGA2WKNYWS6EUMCCh7opolo1151320278400Install hempseed consumption into your regular dietPacked with protein and omega-3's, not to mention all 20 of the essential amino acids to sustain optimal health and happiness, I've made a plethora of dishes with it ranging from hempseed burgers to mixing it in with yogurt or cereal. I havent bought any in a month or so and I can say that this bag of produce is like medicine. Without it, I'm in a funk. The funk ends now, hopefully until my inevitable yet prolonged demise as I will make sure to keep stock from now on... can't wait!
-smirch centennial
343035343035B0012C7VLGAJATH8WL2S3GPNotEasyToBeOrganic1151319068800Nutiva Hemp SeedGreat product-best price I've found. Put some in a smaller container and store remainder in the freezer--always tastes fresh! Use in salad,cereal,soups,baking or just have a spoonful--good protein source.
343036343036B0012C7VLGA24FFRNLLP9PP4pamela7231151317600000Yummy!These hemp seeds are a great value. I have searched around and these are at an excellent price here. They add a nutty flavor to salads and I also use them in smoothies and even make hemp milk with them.
343037343037B0012C7VLGANNBXIZ6VBNKNLinh Hoang "scientist wannabie"1151317340800tastyIt's my first time trying hempseed and I'm amazed. You can eat directly from the bag! It has a texture similar to cooked couscous (soft and smooth.) It tastes like sun flower or pumpkin seed. It has a light omega-3 fishy oil after taste. Just when I have a thought of going to supermarket getting some ribs to do slow BBQ, I just tried four spoons of hempseed and my craving for soft tender ribs disappear in my head. So I guess it has all the needed stuff you can get from tasty meat with less required cooking time. So Nutiva hempseed is pretty fresh based on the taste and texture of the seeds. My bag was packaged 45 days ago. I separate 1/4 lbs into a smaller ziplock bag leaving in the fridge and the rest went to a bigger ziplock in the freezer.
343038343038B0012C7VLGA3S6VSJQ4F9B5ESJ1151316822400DeliciousThese hempseeds are just as advertised. After receiving, we put them into a large sealed container in the fridge to keep them fresh. Our family likes to make smoothies with 2-3 tablespoons of hempseeds per person. The flavor is subtle this way, but you get lots of protein. Makes for a great breakfast.
343039343039B0012C7VLGA287326NYNJ4ZZCath "I'm just a little too old-fashioned for...1151316476800My New Food AddictionI started adding these to my diet after reading about the paleo(caveman) diet and the anti-candida diet. I read these hempseeds control the sugar and carb cravings for those who follow those diets. Although I am not on the paleo diet or the anti-candida diet; I am eating mostly meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. These seeds are appetite filling and do control food cravings for sugars and starches. Many times I will just eat a spoonful. I also add them to home-made smoothies and yogurt. These hempseeds taste similar to sunflower seeds, which I also love eating by the way.

I will most likely be a customer for life.
343040343040B0012C7VLGA3MUGVQI7WH2SCCartographer461151304985600IncredibleThese hemp seeds, while they contain more pieces of hull than most, are the freshest tasting hemp seeds I have purchased.
343041343041B0012C7VLGA2GCGNJ1FO9Q32cbonning "cbonning"1151301875200Love High Protein Hemp!I love this product and have been using it for several years. It is a great way to get extra protein on salads,in cereal, in smoothies and Vita-Mix juices...the list keeps going.
343042343042B0012C7VLGA10WT3W4LBVNHOAndybuildz ""The obstacle is the path""1151298073600Amazingly delicious and fresh tasting!Even just on its own these crushed hemp seeds are phenomenal. I can understand how a 3# package can last quite a long time although I do use it to make milk in my soymilk maker which eats it up pretty to speak : )) but thats what it's for so...
I can't say enough good things about this product. It's always been delivered fast and always comes very fresh tasting in it's vacuumed sealed package.
343043343043B0012C7VLGA1EFU8AD3QFGNYMarley1151296000000Awesome seeds, terrible seller6/5 stars for the seeds, 1 star for the seller (false advertising).
I bought the 3lb version that had the resealable bag as pictured, paid the extra money for it, and still received the cheaper bulk transparent bag version... Was looking to conceal freshness, but just ended up overpaying, and the shipping was very much delayed.
343044343044B0012C7VLGAUPDQSP0GMZ9AMa Hen1151294358400Nutritional Content?It would be so helpful to know the nutritional content and what is considered a typical serving size. Does anyone know where to get this info?
343045343045B0012C7VLGA3PDYQ6VAFRGJ8Laurie1151286496000love the hemp seedsI am a new convert to the hemp seeds. They taste delicious raw. I eat them right out of the bag. They look similar to sesame seeds, but taste more like raw pine nuts. I also like the fact that they are higher in Omega 3's and have more protein than the chia seeds I had been using. Nutiva has the best price for the amount I purchased.
343046343046B0012C7VLGAB0VX6D37FZWTIntense4life "Intense4life"1151284595200No place elseThis is the best price for hemp seed. I have seen hemp seed cost 15.00 USD for 13 oz. Do not waste your money, these seeds keep well and taste great. They are filling and affordable. Stop looking, this is the best price!
343047343047B0012C7VLGA2I202M59PB6QXKM221151280793600Great tasting & NutritiousThese hemp seed are very good tasting. They are kind of nutty yet buttery in the same sense. These are very good for you also. Since they are small you can mix them in about everything like salads, shakes, put them on eggs, just about anything. I enjoy these very much and would recommend them to anyone who likes healthy natural foods.
343048343048B0012C7VLGA3UK59LOVW6QY2kmiller1151278460800Great item for a great priceThis is a quality product for a great price. Hempseeds are a great way to get omega 3's and digestible protein in your diet daily. I put hempseeds in my smoothies every morning and afternoon and even on salads. My skin has cleared immensely since using these seeds every day. My hair has gotten shinier and healthier. I love the subscribe and save program and will be purchasing these long term. They taste great and are so easy to incorporate into your diet. You will reap the benefits physically in no time at all.
343049343049B0012C7VLGA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"1151269561600Quite a surprise!This hemp seed reminds me of finely chopped black walnuts in appearance and to my taste buds, it has a much milder black walnut taste. I really did not know what to expect for a nutty flavor, but was pleasantly surprised. I plan to use them as a nut substitute when I make banana bread. I was concerned since we were having such warm weather this past week that they would turn rancid during shipping, but they arrived fully sealed, fresh tasting, and thus far I have no shell complaint. I have also started using Nutiva's organic hemp oil for salad dressings and Pacific' hemp milk to decrease my use of diary. All products have proven enjoyable winners.
343050343050B0012C7VLGA1GOMLPSVMCJHYBrenda Paul1151260057600good deal and good qualityThis is a quality product. I like to add it to smoothies for a good dose of protein and other goodness, not found in most protein shakes. Has a "nutty" taste, similar to flaxseeds. If you like that, you'll like this. If you're worried about the taste though, don't, since you won't really notice it when mixed with drinks.

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