Amazon Fine Food Reviews

343051343051B0012C7VLGA2KEU7R6W8XQ0USteven Earl Sims "Steve"1151259020800Great Quality Economical Health FoodThe 5 pound bag I purchased, I divided into one pound containers and stored in the frig. The quality is no different from the smaller bags, (all the products I have tried seem to be identical to me in terms of shells/seeds). The real benefit is that this product is probably the most economical one available on the market. Its something like $10.65 per pound. You can't beat that.
343052343052B0012C7VLGA398OTUCEOAKVIM. Christer1151220832000Versatile & DeliciousWhether sprinkled on veggies, cereal or mixed into smoothies, this hemp seed is the best. My young daughters even enjoy eating it plain with a spoon. It's unbelievably good for you too!
343053343053B0012C7VLGA1S72VQ7BWKDSD. Horning3451212537600I love this deal!We have been getting these Organic Hemp Seeds on Auto-Ship. They are fantastic and such a good deal. Been eating them on salads mostly. We have been on a mostly raw food diet. Perfect addition!
343054343054B0012C7VLGA12RNLY5EXGPIMGC5751203120000perfect transactionI buy from this source regularly and heartily recommend price and service! and quality of product, of course. Tiptop account, Thanks!
343055343055B0012C7VLGA1MJ4WTOYW9WXZbay driver6951198800000love it!I ordered this when it was on sale for $32 and this product couldn't be beat at this price. Fresh and very tasty.
343056343056B0012C7VLGA1X9W5NE2ZTQ8MHealthNut4611335571200horrible productThis hemp seed made me and my family extremely ill.

I ordered the 3 lb bag. I do not know if this was a fluke or just a bad batch but this was TERRIBLE

I received the product in great time. It arrived in about 3 or 4 days and i gave half of the bag to my daughter. I used hemp seed mostly in my protein shakes. I've been taking hemp seed for about 4 months now. When I got this product, i used it in one of my shakes and 2 hours later I had horrible stomach pain and threw everything up. My stomach continued to feel horrible all day. I really didn't even think it was the shake, but a stomach virus at the time. Then 3 days later, my daughter called me and told me she got very sick, with similar symptoms. She had mentioned that it was a couple hours after drinking a shake she made with the hemp seed. At that point I was afraid to use to product, unsure if it was the hemp seed or my family had gotten a "bug" (by the way, my daughter does not live at home). So a month just passed and today I decided to give it another try. I made a shake and put 2 tablespoons of hemp seed in it (the recommended dosage is 3 but i only use 2 in my shakes). And then, like clockwork, 2 hours later i threw everything up and my stomach still feels horrible and i still feel nauseous. The expiration date of this product is December of 2012 so its not expired but there has to be something wrong with it. To date, we've used about 6 tablespoons of this stuff and we haven't thrown the rest away in hopes the company will contact us and want it back for testing and give us a refund. I'm not saying the company acted maliciously but I do believe this may have been a bad/tainted batch.
343057343057B0012C7VLGA206DLPIYJ5NJGJASON2351301184000TRUE PLANT FOODTablespoon or two of this straight out of the bag & I was blown away at the feeling of immediate fullness.(Gentle enough for baby food). This is the perfect seed for making blended milks, no straining involved!
343058343058B0012C7VLGAVXSPXX9WV6V1Mr. Paul Ng "PNG"2351292889600Love Hemp!!Love this stuff! I make hemp milk with it and use it as cereal. Found another site where I can get the 5lbs bag for a lower price. I use hemp seed a lot so I maybe buying it from this other site.
343059343059B0012C7VLGA1GOKRS2UG3470Jacqueline Hall "Ebony Brown"2351178668800Healthy Hemp SeedHemp Seed is such a healthy product, and Amazon's got a great price.
Thank you!
343060343060B0012C7VLGA376ETVWWWA7QLela0011350691200Horrible taste!!!Bought 3 lb pack and have to throw it away.
Terrible taste, sour and bitter, doesn't taste as hemp at all.

Just to make clear, 1 star is for the product only, Amazon service (as always) deserves 5 stars. They refunded me for the order.
343061343061B0012C7VLGAGQ7UHFZTUG2SCManzo0051349740800Usually love this product but not this timeWe always order organic shelled hemp seeds from Nutiva and we love them but the last order we received was horrible. There were a ton of shells mixed in with the product which made it very bitter and hard to eat. I don't know if Nutiva is using a different process to remove the shells or if this was just a bad batch. We are going order a new bag
343062343062B0012C7VLGARF6NZ2PH6MCBAnthony Chester0041349654400Satisfying taste and textureIf you eat this stuff then you know why you buy it and this is a good deal (I think). If you don't you should, try it you might like it!
343063343063B0012C7VLGA28IA4EEUF5OLAGidget0051347321600Best pre workout fuelThese little seeds are a tasty fuel source that provide a lasting, balanced, energy source that will sustain an active human through a vigorous workout.
343064343064B0012C7VLGA1H4R7TY2G50DHMax Power "Max Power"0051339891200Antioxidats, omegas, protienThis is a super food make no mistake about it. It is high in antioxidants, hight in essential omega fatty acids, and high in easily digestible plant protien. A tablespoon of this on your yogurt, cereal, smoothie, or stir fry will go a long way. I eat them by the spoonfull and would equate it to eating sesame seeds. They say that when the buddah was fasting he survived on just one hemp seed a day.

These seeds do not have THC as hemp is a different viriety of plant than cannabis. The seeds are sterilized upon import into the US, by law. These seeds are grown in Canada, whos food safety standards are at least equal to the US. These are also USDA certified organic.

A geat product. Nutiva is a good brand whos consistent quality I have come to trust. I love their 50%-protien hemp-protien too.

Hope that helps.
343065343065B0012C7VLGA2V3FFFM6MV5OMB. Ogatiy "bogatiy"0051339200000Nice nutty flavor and versatileVery pleased with this item. It's very versatile, tastes great by itself and also nice to sprinkle on various foods, one of my favorites is on spaghetti, where it serves as a nice substitute for Parmesan cheese. Have been eating several ounces every day.

Haven't noticed any issues with digestion or otherwise. Will definitely buy more.
343066343066B0012C7VLGA3IXMFF7SJGBHPAmazon Shopper0051338595200Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 3 Pound BagI bought this to spread on top of my breakfast cereal but discovered that you can eat it by the spoonful. It tastes nutty and is absolutely delicious. High in protein and iron so you're off to a good start including this in your breakfast.
343067343067B0012C7VLGA27J2Q6807H4YCJ. A. Young0051338595200Very Satisfied!I received the package at the time specified and in good condition. The hempseed was vacuum packed to retain freshness. As suggested, I measured portions for immediate use and some to freeze. I add the hempseed to flaxseed meal; it gives a crunch to the bread that I make. Delish!
343068343068B0012C7VLGA2LVUBZYDWO7UTAll 6's & 7's0051336176000great service and productLove this stuff! The order came quickly and was packaged well. Nutiva's products are always fresh and healthy and come in so many different sizes to please all appetites : )
343069343069B001VH91OWAQ1XKFNYKKHIDAJ2231326240000Too Smooth For My TastebudsI've been looking for a good expresso comparable to my caffeinated Brothers, Columbian Supremo which rivals the best expresso I ever had in Italy. I've been using the Brother's bean for about 10 years now and have never found any better for my Rancilio Silvia. This Lavazza is way too smooth for my taste but it is probably the best I have found during my 6 month search. It also provides excellent crema but I ground it a little too fine which seems to promote extra crema. I am still looking for a stout, very flavorful decaf expresso for my afternoon and evening lattes. If anyone has any suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate it. I have spent a small fortune trying to find a very flavorful decaf expresso. Additionally, the Lavazza is decaffeinated using the very safe Swiss Water method (no chemicals). If you are looking for a very smooth expresso this medium roast Lavazza is very good.
343070343070B001VH91OWA25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet1151323820800Wonderful smooth rich flavorThis is one of my favorite decafs. Very smooth, but still has richness and depth. Outstanding as espresso, but also works very well in a moka pot or french press. The medium roast really allows the flavor to come through without the smoky (or sometimes burned) taste often found in darker roasts.

Hard to find since it goes out of stock a lot. If it is in stock, get some -- highly recommended, even if you are not a decaf fan.
343071343071B001VH91OWA12Y8PZRBM8PT8J. Ortega0041345075200Great beans!We have a Breville Barista espresso machine which we use daily. I've had to cut back on caffeine so we switched to decaf beans. I was hesitant, but these beans are working out great for us. Wonderful, rich flavor and every bit as good as their fully leaded cousins. Great option for coffee junkies who need to back off the buzz!
343072343072B001VH91OWA2VU8I1GKNSOW3Madelyn0051327795200DeliciousThis bean has a light nutty flavor and a good crema in my Rancilio Silvia. It's the best decaf I've tried in this machine yet.
343073343073B003VMVL20A30H2335OM7RD6apoem "apoem"2251322265600This is a favorite in our houseWe really like the Land O lakes Coca. This one is a favorite flavor in our home. I will say though that it takes more water than you think. If you follow the directions exactly the hot chocolate will be overly thick and the powder will not mix up very well. There are other flavors but some of them are overly sweet or do not taste realistic. However, this is a great flavor with a rich chocolate taste. It tastes like you stirred it with a candy cane stick. Yum.
343074343074B003VMVL20A3R4GFCDXI93C1Jersey Mom0041346284800Great alternative...This hot chocolate is a great alternative to the mint flavor offered at a popular chain coffee place. I was leary at first because it's a powder, but it doesn't disappoint... plus it's around 50 cents a cup. My kids will have it with a little whipped cream on top.
343075343075B003VMVL20A2S1CX6J96BCJ2My Two Cute Princesses0051341187200Delicious!This hot chocolate is delicious and not over the top minty. It is a perfect treat to warm you up on a cold winter day.
343076343076B003VMVL20A3R4V43RI6WK23No Nonsense "No Nonsense"0051327795200YUMWinters in Maine call for this hot chocolate. This is my "go to" comfort food and/or dessert. Mint and chocolate...Yum.
343077343077B003VMVL20A2J1TMEP0PTDUXH. Holmes0051326758400A subscription to cocoa - Great Idea!!This cocoa is extremely hard to find and it's my mom's favorite. I am so excited to be able to subscribe to a monthly delivery for her. What a super idea!!!
343078343078B004YEVF2UA1V3P2TFF3PV00Peace0051349740800YUMMYI am eating these cookies as I am writing this review and OMG. I love coconut flavored cookies and these are really good. I usually buy Ranger cookies from the bakery for church but I might replace buying those for these cookies. I bought these from a neighborhood Kroger which was reasonable pricing. They seem overpriced by this seller though.

343080343080B000P6TK0KA2PB9HQUPE8E0JKAREN0041344643200love these cookies!These are great & the individual pkgs. are fantastic. Took off one star for a short expiration date. Other than that they let u have a treat w/o eating too many.

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