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343105343105B000RHXI7IA1RHS2BI2SQF8RDog Lover4451304899200Good, healthy food.My wife makes date bars from these that are low fat, high fiber, and loaded with flavor. We go through 10-15# of dates per year. These are excellent dates, and much cheaper than the small bags you can buy in grocery stores.
343106343106B000RHXI7IAQYWW7HG26CWSKelsey1111336435200Very poor quality DatesI received the dates wrapped in brown butcher paper in a box. They were not sealed in a bag, which could have led to some of the problems with these dates. They were very hard and had a pungent chemical taste (a little like toilet bowl cleaner smells) that made them inedible. Also, there were small bits of white paper stuck to many individual dates. I returned the product to receive a refund, but did have to pay $12 return shipping.
343107343107B000RHXI7IA102RDJLOHWS0Wblackbird "blackbird"1151329350400these are good, best in yearsNot sticky, taste so good, best I've had in years of local store buying, will buy again. In my opinion kids will love'em. After my nibbling I'll be baking soon.

Watch it -----found one that had a pit still inside.
343108343108B000RHXI7IA28YI784ON7XL0Jeffrey B. Waite0041341792000datesGreat service..dates arrived right on time. They are sweet and fresh though several still have pitts in them. I will use this service again.
343110343110B0054YRTF6A2OUT0KRXYP9SDBecky G. Miller0051308960000way over priced!They are delicious but, I can buy them at the highest priced grocery in my area for $1.50 per bag (which is on sale). Their regular price was 3.99 which is still cheaper than this with the shipping!!!
343081343081B000VK8A4WA347ANULCVUNB6cdolphin091151337558400Great Treats!At first, my cats were hesitant to try them. It took a few minutes of them sniffing and circling the treats before giving it a whirl. I was getting a little scared because both of them have very different tastes.. they loved whiskas tempations that I bought for them in the past but it was making them vomit constantly. The cats are absolutely crazy about these new treats. They follow me everywhere wondering when I will give them some more. I love the fact that they are organic and natural, that was a big selling point for me. My cats are happy too :) A previous review mentioned that the treats come in excessive packaging; in a paint canister. That was not the case, they must have changed it up. They come in 12 small ziplock packages that sit in a cardbord box, that works great for storing in a cabinet. I wouldn't have minded the paint canister though too, I would have kept the treats in that as well. I gave my sister one package for her to try on her cats.. if they like them, which I'm sure they will, the packaging makes it easy to split up the treats between the both of us.
343082343082B000VK8A4WA1ZBU1Y3N0O2K7Sedona1251304035200Crack for Kitties!I am simply not allowed to run out of these treats. My cats will cry non-stop if this ever happens, and then start plotting against me. So I make sure to have plenty on hand at all times!
343083343083B000VK8A4WA3QVP3B2VVJ9T0B. Fitzpatrick "BAFXF"1251299024000Kamir the Large Brown Cat Loves TheseThese really hit the spot. They used to be at Restoration Hardware at Christmas and we doled them out very stingily. Great to have them in bulk!

Kamir the Large Brown Cat
343084343084B000VK8A4WA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig3641242950400My cats like themI have two big cats (over 15 lbs each) and they eat mostly canned food. I don't feed them dry food except as a treat. Both cats come running when I shake the can. They eat them up and beg for more. OK, the packaging is excessive to say the least. They come in a paint can when a plastic zip bag would easily suffice. I'm taking a star away for the paint can which is only about 1/3 full when you put in the treats.
343085343085B001KPPQRQA3J6TE3SKSYBUIDaisy Chubb (Ash-Lee)0041349395200oo strong mint!Mint mint mint! This is my review of how to love mint matcha!
First of all - they're both green! That helps with that feeling of "I'm drinking a strawberry flavoured drink but it's green instead of red! Ow my brain!"

It freshens your breath! Don't do what I do and make your matcha way too strong - otherwise associations of swallowing mouth wash come to mind. Oops!

It's classy! Think of crème de menthe. Okay crème de menthe way be a little old fashioned, but it still hits the spot when you sip from crystal glasses. Drink this matcha from a crystal bowl! Now you're fancy too!

It's great for cookies! Peppermint shortbread is one of my favourite Christmas cookie flavours. Nobody will blink at a red and green cookie - so go for it!

It's a perfect mixer! I know this is a strange and unorthodox review, but this is finally the part when I drink the matcha and love it! Chocolate mint my friends. I mixed a healthy dose (1/2 tsp) of Belgium Chocolate matcha with a small amount (1/4 tsp) of mint matcha! The mint is quite strong, but after experimenting I've found this to be my favourite mix. For an extra treat I add the matcha right into warm milk and froth it up!

It is delish and reminds me of an After Eight hot chocolate. If that's not a treat, I don't know what is!
343086343086B001KPPQRQAXRUDF4WWQ7EAbort0051349136000Great tea!This was my first time ordering from Red Leaf Tea. Everything went very smoothly and my order arrived super fast.

In the fall, I love the mint lattes offered at the coffee shops. When I stumbled upon this, it sounded too good to be true. I could make a yummy mint matcha latte at home? That's unpossible! But no, it's true. It took me a few attempts to get the proportions just right, but when I did, all I can say is mmmmm! To turn it into a latte, I add vanilla soy milk after mixing the matcha with warm water. The end result is very creamy and mint-y and one of the best teas I've had. I've also tried mixing in some cocoa powder to make a chocolate mint matcha latte, and that was very delicious too. I think I have a new fall obsession.

Even though mint is more of a fall flavor for me, I think because the mint in this is so smooth, it would also taste great iced. If I have any left by spring, I'm definitely going to try it, and also buy some bubble gum flavored matcha to mix in with it.

Highly recommended for all mint tea lovers!
343087343087B001KPPQRQA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051347235200MmmmmmMINT!MMmmmmmMINT Matcha is JUST what I needed to help round off my matcha supply!

I love mint but need to be in the mood for it. Luckly for me that mood comes fairly often!

Mint is eye opening, awakening, and also helps soothe a troubled tummy.

We had some really good Japanese food last night at a great restaurant but all of us were having some tummy "issues" last evening after dinner. This mornings mint matcha is really helping to settle the tummy woes.

When I opened my bag from Red Leaf Tea the aroma was striking! I instantly thought "ohhhh yessss this is IT". It had some slight resemblance to Spearmint gum, and while I do detect a slight peppermint flavor here I would have to say the mint used is mostly spearmint. For those who know their mints some really prefer one type of mint over another. Spearmint to me is sweeter than peppermint and there is less of a bite to it. Some may beg to differ since most people are used to peppermint candies but in its true form I find peppermint to have more bite, sharper than spearmint and spearmint more sweet naturally. Regardless of what type of mint you prefer I have to say this Mint Matcha from Red Leaf does in fact taste very natural!

Yet at the same time it is an excellent mixer as well. Of course you will want to use a little less mint matcha in your blend along with another matcha but I choose to blend mint with mocha this morning. The mocha I used a full scoop and the mint just a half of a scoop. I can taste the mocha very well and the mint does not totally over power it.

This mint does not in any way taste like mouth wash or toothpaste. It is quite enjoyable. I am so glad that I purchased this one and will absolutely keep this as a stash regular.

Also I notice that the mocha base is providing a nice creamy backdrop to the mint matcha! Ohhhh I MUST try a french vanilla / mint blend as soon as possible - I am thinking "Grasshopper" flavored matcha here! Oh yeah!

So all in all I could not be happier that I went for it and grabbed this Mint Matcha from Red Leaf!
343088343088B001KPPQRQA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051335225600A Shamrock whatnow?Ah mint. My wife and I both adore mint, but I'm a spearmint girl, where she's a peppermint lover. And these are two very different mints.

But I have love in my heart for mint teas. My childhood summers were fueled by Lipton tea bags with fresh mint set out on the porch to brew in the sun. Picking mint and just chewing on it as we played in the sun. Heck, my college days were fueled by mint juleps and raspberry mojitos. Mint and I are good, good friends. And a Shamrock Shake is a must-have for me every March! At least, it was until I found out about my dairy allergy.

Which is what brought me to this tea, Mint Matcha, a desire to make my own version of the Shamrock Shake (which is essentially a vanilla-mint milkshake from McDonalds) with vanilla and mint matchas and soy milk or ice cream. But for the sake of this review, I'm drinking this matcha the way I drink all my tea, no milk and some sugar.

Earlier today I made a cup of this for a friend of my wife's, who I am eagerly trying to seduce to the ways of matcha with my Red Leaf Tea collection, and I fell in love the second I opened the package. It smells like a smooth creamy mint. When I commented on how good it smells, my wife agreed with me...and she doesn't even like matcha! I can't wait to have a cup of this myself!

My wife's friend (who needs to be on Steepster, darn it!) says this tea tastes like Christmas (which may have something to do with the Rudolph travel mug I sent it to her in!). This made me think of my favorite tea of all time, Santa's Secret, which is a vanilla-mint black tea, so I have high hopes for this one.

Holy mint, batman! This is definitely a peppermint tea, with just a hint of the smoothness that reminds me of spearmint tea. Wow. I am definitely craving a raspberry-mint matcha mojito now. Yum, yum, yum. It's mega minty in a non medicinal way and now I am dying to try it with the vanilla, but if I have any more matcha today, I'm going to explode XD. I love it! The burst of strong mint really helps wake you up too, and can definitely see myself adding this to my collection. And mint mixes so well with berries and fruit that I can see endless smoothie options here. If you're a mint fan, I definitely recommend this one.
343089343089B001EO7GH6AOTSKKZMF4LHMWilliam Sribney "swimmer, runner, cook"2221269043200I've had better Italian chickpeasThis is only the second brand of Italian chickpeas I've tried. The first ones (not purchased through Amazon) were way better (but also way more expensive). These Roland chickpeas were similar to the other Italian chickpeas in flavor profile, but much more bland. Italian chickpeas (at least the two brands I've tried) are milder than traditional ones, but with pleasant grassy (a hint of green split peas) and earth notes. They don't make a great hummus, but they are great in chickpea dishes that are mildly seasoned. I make a chickpea-basil pesto that was the best ever when I used the first brand of Italian chickpeas. But when I used this brand, it was boring, and not as good as when made with regular chickpeas. Of course, beans may vary from batch to batch, but I'm not going to buy this brand again.
343090343090B007QW7DQYA21GHQ44G66I0CThe Examined Life1151349049600Love it! You can almost taste the antioxidantsThis is very high-quality raw cacao paste, and I appreciate that its non-GMO and organic, too. I eat raw chocolate daily, because it's delicious and also for its considerable anti-oxidant benefits. You can tell when you taste this that Sunfood's cacao paste is very high-quality. I've had poor quality cacao paste and it tastes sort of powdery and lacks the richness of good chocolate.

I use it to make my own chocolate using 2 parts cacao paste to 1 part cocoa butter in my dehydrator. (Most recipes call for equal amounts paste and butter, but I've read that 1/3 of the fat content in cocoa butter is unhealthy, so I try to limit my cocoa butter consumption. This makes for harder chocolate, but I really don't mind. If you want really creamy chocolate, add more cocoa butter.) Then I melt it in my dehydrator at about 108 degrees for 2.5 hours, stirring occasionally. You could also melt it in an oven, but you'll want to use low heat, to avoid destroying the antioxidants in the cacao. Then I add a small amount of maple sugar dissolved in hot water, pour the mix into silicone molds in fun shapes and let it cool and harden in the fridge.

You can also try melting the cacao paste, adding a little maple sugar (which is much lower on the glycemic index than regular sugar) and adding it to coconut cream for an out-of-this-world healthy dessert. I highly recommend this product.
343091343091B007QW7DQYAO0W4S3SNAU0JLaurieG1151347408000Nice productSunfood makes a good Cacao Paste. I find it to be very tasty and smooth; not bitter. I've used it to make raw chocolate treats along with Cacao butter, maca, vanilla,agave nectar and salt. Sometimes I add goji berries and/or chopped nuts. I pour them in heart shaped molds or ice trays and it makes a delicious treat.
343092343092B0005YMKMCAV22NJ70L2ENJDERS GIRL0051168732800Perfect snack for kids on dietsMy son is on a very strict diet (due to allergy issues) , and I have been looking for an applesauce he could enjoy but as he can't have sugar or any kind of sweetener it was kind of hard until I got to this product. My son loved it, I would highly recommend this applesauce, specially for people on strict diets.
343093343093B0015DB1SQA1Q6YKW7IQ7W0YJennifer B. Cona0151289779200Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just want to thank you very much!...I received this product four days BEFORE the estimated delivery date! thats the way to run a Business. You have a customer for life. I appreciate it very much! good day to you all.
343094343094B001E5DYD0A34HIENNTM60TSCHARLES G. VEIT0051318377600QUALITY STOLLEN FROM GERMANYIf you love authentic German stollen breads with lots of fruit, marzipan filling, and a hint of cherry liquore this bread is for you. Do not confuse stollens with fruit cakes they are very different. Stollens are made with bread dough and not cake dough so they have a different taste and texture. This particular baker Kuchenmeister makes a variety of bakery goods and their stollens are top quality. The bread is very moist and flavorful and tempts you to have another piece especially with a cup of hot coffee or tea. They do have lots of calories but are worth every bite. You will be glad you ordered these breads and they will not disappoint your taste buds.
343095343095B002U224LYA1U1EZANNB0W9NA. Lawman "Eno the Beano"1131334707200very small pkgthe picture is misleading. the bag is a plastic cheap looking bad. not the best presentation if its a gift. as far as the chocolate itself, its the best stuff in the world! i first had these in Italy and fell in love. shipping was fast but was shipped in a padded envelope.
343096343096B002U224LYA1Y2R96VQIZILJDwell9060011344902400Melted BaciWhen I opened the bag expecting to see the familiar round baci, I was surprised to see a lump with its wrapping firmly glued to the chocolate. I guess the baci had experienced a situation that caused it to melt and deform. I returned the bag to Amazon.
343097343097B004T7ZEU6A2DIGW6438MB48Darla2251319846400Love these crackersThese are great little crackers. I wish the still offered the individual serving bags as those were perfect. The company told me they are trying to bring those back. Maybe its just us, but we never get 6 servings out of this box--more like 3. Go figure!
343098343098B0045TQEK2A315S3F1NHG7Y8cdromm0011340323200Old stock!! Just a short time to eat SIX JARS!!I just received my 6 jars of Goober on June 22, 2012,
and they EXPIRE in August 2012. This is obviously
old stock. I only have a short time to eat SIX jars!
Is that fair? They should have to tell you this in
the description. Now I have to find people to give
away jars of Goober to so it doesn't waste. It already
looks like it is deteriorating because it's sloshing
around in the jars. I'm really bummed out about it.
I was hoping it would have 6 months at the very least
before it expired.
343099343099B0048LSWFWA2B8O91R8EG7XBmeeoow3330051323129600Don't Overpay! Only $1 per box at WalgreensWe have bought these many times at Walgreens- I've seen them at K-mart as well. The big difference is they are not $3 per box, they are only $1. Don't waste your money getting them on here!
343100343100B001THX7MGA883R2S6I5UNYW. Avery7851237939200Excellent BlendMy wife and I are hooked on Caribou Blend K Cup coffee. We have tried all the others and this blend was without a doubt out favorite. Great taste and a wonderful after taste. I would highly recommend everyone at least try this brand. Now, the price here is high compared to several other places. I would recommend taking a look at the Keurig site. They carry all brands, free shipping and a nice discount on 4 boxes or more ordered.
343101343101B001THX7MGA3M2709IN41LNFTIM B "tbro1971"2251250035200A favoriteWe are recent owners of a new Keurig and have been sampling every flavor, roast, and blend out there. Hands-down, the Caribou Blend is my wife's favorite bar-none. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Timothy's Donut Shop Blend but until then, Caribou is the winner.
343102343102B001THX7MGA15R1X6HP6TZSIMac Riddel1151281225600Not too bold, not too light. Just right!After trying a few other k-cup brands first, I knew I had to at least give the Caribou blend a go as it's the largest coffee shop in this area (Minnesota). So before buying a big 48-count package from Amazon, I gave it a 18-cup test run from Target. And this brand does the job nicely. It's an excellent, smooth blend and a bit lighter than the extra bold offerings, but still has some good flavor. I'll be keeping my eye on any Amazon deals in the future to replenish my supply when I start running low.
343103343103B001THX7MGA1ARW70U7LZSGSN. Cantrell0051297814400The Best K CupI have tried most of the coffee k cups amazon has for sale and this is my favorite. Everyone has different tastes when it come to coffee...I am a Caribou fan!
343104343104B001THX7MGA36QWBAEC0FNFWMarie Brandt1431261872000Not so goodWe just got the Keurig coffee maker for Christmas and Caribou Blend was our first attempt. I thought it was very weak and tasteless and chalked it up to using the 9 ounce setting on the coffee maker. We tried it again on the medium setting and I still was not impressed. I then tried the Coffee People's Donut Shop on the medium size setting and it was delicious. My husband will probably finish up our 18 ct box of Caribou (he's not as fussy), but I won't buy it again.

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