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343381343381B00004RBDUA1G6Q2Y910GC5Eberlyn901111347840000UselessThis product is useless unless your trying to catch moths or nats in the middle of the night. Not a single flea. Looking for another product
343382343382B00004RBDUA100WO06OQR8BQDuffer. "Bo"1111347148800Useless To MeI purchased these refills at the same time that I purchased the flea trap. There are no fleas in this area who are willing to step on these sticky discs. As a result, the flea trap is of no use to me. These refills are of no use to me as well and that is why I can give only one star. They cost only $5.76 which is too small an amount to consider returning this item. I plan to offer the flea trap and the refills on the local freecycle website in case there is someone who has a flea problem and wants to try this option.
343383343383B00004RBDUA3NCSL37PY1DSISamuel J. Darchangel1111345766400doesn't workI used the trap for two weeks and haven't caught a single flea. I know they are around- our poor dog keeps getting infested.
343384343384B00004RBDUAX0XNE6IX7N3MHeza1141341792000Can't argue, does what it says!After battling fleas this summer and wanting to know if I had things under control, I purchased 2 flea traps, this one and the Springstar one to see which was the better flea trap.

First, the light is very bright so if you plan on using this in a bedroom keep that in mind. It would be better suited to going under the bed.

Second, the main difference between the 2 traps is the amount of open space for fleas to get trapped. This trap has a large open space to catch more fleas, and the Spingstar has a smaller grid that traps less fleas. The trade off is, the Springstar is more aesthetically pleasing. That trap hides the trapped fleas better under a grid piece, and kids and pets can't get to the sticky pad. With this trap smaller children could easily reach inside, so again, something to keep in mind.

Third, when assembling this trap the sticky pad was curved in the box. This meant that the pad refused to lay flat in the trap. A small problem that could be fixed with tape if need be.

Overall this trap is a good investment. I have had it set up for a little over a week now and have caught 2 adult fleas and gnats. This is a cost effective way to see if you have your flea infestation under control while not using chemicals. Since adult fleas can emerge from pupas months after an infestation it's far better to lure them to a trap to die then let them bite your animals.

If you're choosing between this and the Springstar it boils down to a matter of personal preference. If you plan to leave the trap out for people to see, go with the Spingstar. If you want a large, industrial type trap, go with this one. Both caught pretty good amounts of fleas and lots of gnats.
343385343385B00004RBDUAWGLQSWLBHG6S. Wilkerson "movie fan"1111328659200Nope....It didn't work for all, and I have a serious flea problem. I tried it in several locations, and aside from initially catching about 20 flea's that was it. For the next two days nothing else was caught, even though I could see the flea's around.
343386343386B00004RBDUA3O33T7EEX61QXebeth1111328400000Great sounding idea, not so effectiveThe idea seems logical and very attractive. But after 3 weeks it has trapped zero fleas. My cat has a flea allergy, so it doesn't take but one flea to set off her allergy. At night this is the only light except a night light in the bathroom. I'll try the suggestion to make the whole area dark except for the trap--maybe that will work.

I have tried vacuuming, and the solution of vacuuming daily for 7 days seems more effective, although admittedly more work.

Best think I can say about the flea trap is it makes a very effective night light.
343387343387B00004RBDUA3LZ710NCZ8EBIJose M. Mateos "J Dealio"1131321833600It works ok...BUTI wouldn't use it as my only defense...I know that this yr was the worst flea season yet in KS and I had to exterminate twice in my house and switch from Frontline to Advantage multi...I believe fleas are building a tolerance to fiprinol which is the active ingredient in frontline and some newer generic versions. Anyhow this does work (I mean the actual unit not the refills) but it could never kill an entire population...the heat attracts the fleas and they jump and get stuck that's it...BUT LET ME SAY THAT THIS IS GREAT TO USE AFTER YOU'VE TREATED YOUR HOUSE TO SEE IF FLEAS ARE STILL AROUND...THAT'S WHAT I USE MINE FOR
343388343388B00004RBDUAHW6HSPFW8OWJnerddyone1141314144000you're gonna need these...You're gonna need these, if you're clumsy like me you'll find everything under the sun (including your socks) stuck to the SUPER STICKY paper. Before you know it, there'll be loose change, lint, reciepts, et al stuck to the trap and you're gonna need to replace the paper. It's worth it, because believe it or not, when free of such debris the sticky paper actually works and catches a good number of fleas, and the occasional mosquito. Enjoy!
343389343389B00004RBDUA35Q6JD7JVW0O8Josh1131313884800????????????????????????????Not sure what to say.... Either they don't or or I did not have a problem. -

Rescued two 3 week old kittens. Had the kittens in my house for 3 days before finding out they were ENTIRELY INFESTED. You could see the fleas jumping on and off them) had the kittens treated at a vet before finding them a home elsewhere. Nervous that my house/ the area that I kept them might have gotten contaminated I purchased this. I followed the directions and at the end of two weeks the only thing that it trapped was a house fly.
343390343390B00004RBDUA20CD16YE6J61CT. Struszka " - for artists and works to a certain degree, no doubt about it. However..what you get for your money is a plastic container, under dollar store's quality, a small lightbulb and a gluepad. At 3.95 this might be priced right, but thats the price of the gluepads alone (which will dust in and get covered with cathair in a veru short time)(which were warped and bent and dont sit right in the plasic container because they lack a way to attach them firmly to the groiund). Or just build it yourself, should be possible too.
On a sidenote: Laughing about the guy that "caught 10000 fleas" with it. Oh I see him sitting there, his gluepad on his lap, counting the fleas on it..for 2-4 days. How much did you get paid for that review?
343391343391B00004RBDUA1ONOHNH76N4XJdennis bracci1151311724800buy itthis product really works!!! purchased 3 with extra stick pads.kills fleas and other bugs with no chemicals. i highly recommend this product.
343392343392B00004RBDUA1W4P1G19Z0CFSbonnie ruch1151310083200works greatI have cats and I have a cat walk outside for them. They got fleas, and I bought this product to work in conjunction with their flea treaments. The fleas are attrscted to the light and they stay stuck to the sticky trap.
343393343393B00004RBDUA1VYQBADSAHBDWKimberly K. Tryce1131308096000Works OkayIt's hard to tell if this is the best product on the market just due to the fact that one cannot tell if a trap has captured all the fleas or just some of the fleas. We have seen fleas caught in the trap and it's rather easy to use. That being said, we have also used other products along with this one for maximum results.
343394343394B00004RBDUA1TWH2P998XO01L. Donadio1151306800000Simple and it works.This won't be the only product you need to use for flea control but it definitely reduces the number of fleas in the home. Super cheap and it works. Buy the refills when you buy the unit because you will need them fairly quickly if you have a bad infestation.
343395343395B00004RBDUA13KG8SY300IBYB. Bonini1151305849600victor m231 ultimate flea trap refills, pack of 3i ordered 2 sets. this is our first year for fleas and the victor machine is a killing machine. within about 2 or 3 days the glue pad was black with fleas and the same with the replacement pad. the bulb burnt out and victor customer service people were amazing,thanks zack...get the whole package!
343396343396B00004RBDUA5H3BWDLSUZK3sophiejo11151300060800Flea TrapI just can't believe what my eyes seen the next morning after plugging this item in.. GROSS!!! how amazed I was. Finally got rid of those nasty fleas thanks goodness!! I highly recomend this item.
343397343397B00004RBDUA1BFTS7EDUOW4OTina Sullivan1111290211200Use the money as kindling for the fireplace insteadOne of the worst investments I have ever made. No fleas caught, but there is a bright side---it makes a great night light.
343398343398B00004RBDUA333XBHHDGPJ33Tnguyen "TN"1111287619200NOT WORKING!I have been using the traps for few weeks now and tried all the rooms in the house. So far, it didn't even get 1 flea. Only collecting dust.
343399343399B00004RBDUAGYZ3QIGU4L8SElna Bjelland-Hughes1151287619200Have a flea problem ??Anyone who has a pet can also get fleas in the home. The Victor flea trap is fantastic - I have one in each room and they eradicate any fleas that my pet or myself brings in from outside.
343400343400B00004RBDUA2KKMUFK8XOATNAshley1141285027200Helpful product.I found the flea trap to be helpful. It does work best in cooler temperatures and I find it works best as a tool to keep track of the flea infestation in your home.
343401343401B00004RBDUA7LLIFTZVW0MDL. A. Washburn1151279411200Helps to keep control of all sorts of bugsI bought this just for fleas, but it catches mosquitos and spiders, ants, etc., too. I still recommend spraying your carpets, though. This is an additional help between carpet sprayings.
343402343402B00004RBDUA1UL74OE5A2ZYIJ. Higgs "bahama shopper"1131273622400Seems okI am not sure how bad my flea problem is, but I have seen a couple fleas on the pads. So it must work.
343403343403B00004RBDUAMR2ZX47I95JJFlorence K. Limon1151260835200The Flea Trap That TrapsI bought the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap many years ago in the local market. It wasn't as sturdy as it is today but it worked. Than, I could no longer find the refills.
I was happy to find the trap and the refills on Amazon.
With all the stray cats in my neighborhood, the new flea trap and the refills have really helped. Even the ants go in it.
343404343404B00004RBDUA2CDMX49G757H3D. Goolsby1151255219200Thank god I tried these outI bought one of these Victor flea traps on a whim, I didn't know if they'd actually work. Well they work great! I really recommend trying one of these out if you're getting mobbed by fleas.
343405343405B00004RBDUA1NRO1GZ4S768Tkwunyi1151254441600worked as expectedused these to make sure i caught all the fleas after i vacuumed the carpets and treated my cat...these definitely did the job!
343406343406B00004RBDUA3SZIW4LMH47SUL. Moccia1141250467200Great product, but...Excellent product so got a refill pack. It says 3 but the one I got only had 2 in it! So a star off for that. (Still no response from Amazon either as of 8/28/09)
343407343407B00004RBDUA97FIQK61WTIJAMF1151248652800Excellent Product without ChemicalsThis is an efficient and long-lasting way to get rid of fleas in your house without chemicals. It really works!
343408343408B00004RBDUA1JNH8WPD4DW1CRufey's Mom1151231804800Good productI had purchased this productVictor M230 Ultimate Flea Traplocally but was unable to find the refills. Was glad to secure the inserts from Amazon. Reliable product at a reasonable price.
343410343410B00004RBDUA2AYFDYDG8CKD9Minerva4611346889600Absolute rubbish!I have a cat and dog. I had a flea infestation so bad that I got bitten during my sleep all over - hands, feet, neck, body. I thought it was mosquitoes initially. I got this flea trap and placed it under my bed, and near the dog and did everything they said. My animals were itching a lot all the time as I had run out of flea meds and vet was out of supply temporarily.

I DID NOT CATCH ONE SINGLE FLEA AT ANY TIME FOR 2 MONTHS OF USE IN VARIOUS ROOM, NEAR DOG, UNDER CABINET, UNDER BED - NADA, ZERO, NIZ, NYET, NON!!! This manufacturer needs to be reported to FTC for making false claims on products. Utterly useless, DO NOT BUY!

Here is how to eliminate fleas:
do it myself pestcontrol Online - Order Talstar Pesticide and Ultracide for spraying your mattress. Do not spray pet bedding - wash it instead. Smell is too strong for animals.

Vacuum your house as if your life depended on it!! Vacuum floors, carpets, crevices, mattresses, under cabinets, etc. Throw away vacuum bag at end of first vacuum, then weekly. spray Ultracide inside vacuum bag to kill fleas as they hatch and store vacuum outside your house.

Spray house and yard with Talstar using a 2-3 gal pump sprayer like Chapin. Mix and spray. Kills all bugs outside too! Do not spray flowers or edibles. Spray perimeter of house, driveway, cracks in concrete, ant hills, etc. Avoid earthworms. Repeat in one week to kill hatchling fleas. Let dry before letting pets back in. Has no smell.

Spray your mattress with Ultracide and under cabinets. This has a strong smell. Do not spray this near animals as they have sensitive noses! Let dry and aerate house.

Wash animals with Eqyss Microtek Shampoo and Eqyss Premiere Conditioner. Give dogs Comfortis orally once a month. Give cats Revolution applied to skin once a month.

On Amazon, buy Nitenpyram ($1 per tab) from Little City Dogs, which is generic for Capstar ($6 per tab). This works for 24 hrs only and kills fleas instantly. Give animals orally (2 sizes) at the same time you are spraying house so all fleas die that day! You can give them Nitenpyram same time as other flea meds, no problem. Give animals another dose next day then after one week, so you keep zapping new hatchlings.

This should eliminate fleas for 6 months till the next spraying. I spray 2 times per year and keep my animals on monthly flea meds plus Nitenpyram as needed.

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