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343441343441B00004RBDUAYKVVA7QT0OSHFlo G. Pratt "Tennis Nut"0051313884800It Really Works!I have been using the Victor Flea Traps for a number of years. With 6 rescue animals, they entice fleas to the sticky paper during the night while lights are off. !
343442343442B00004RBDUAVUSLDX8Q02QPJanet0041313798400Victor M231 Ultimate Flea Trap refillsWorks very well. Not only does it attract fleas, but if there's any flies, spiders etc. (we also have one in the basement) they also stick to it.
343443343443B00004RBDUA1FY4RR0LGCJ0Qruby2060041311120000Just okayTHis product did not work in my home. I do not think it was the product but we needed something different to combat fleas, like chemicals. THat's why I did not give it lower stars: I appreciate the price and quick delivery.
343444343444B00004RBDUA28ZRXL150Z0B2M. Thomas "Christine"0041296950400Flea TrapI guess this worked ok. I didnt see very many fleas in the trap, so maybe I didnt have a bad infestation, and did use another spray product in conjunction.
If anything, it doubles as a nightlight!
343445343445B00004RBDUAI2HKXZRY0WVHSebring3511314316800Just by ChanceThe only way these sticky pads work is if a flea accidently jumps into the trap. I guess you could wrap them around your ankles and see if the fleas jump on them as you walk around. Im going to just put some soapy water in the bottom of the trap and it should work BETTER than the sticky pads. But the trap doesnt attract fleas anyways. Shame on you Victor company.
343446343446B00004RBDWA1X8EJ8QQ2THROFarmGirl141451243468800Excellent!This fly trap works. Period. Yes, it can stink; however, when I look at how many hundreds of flies are in it and how many thousands have been therefore prevented from reproducing I have no problem holding my breath when walking by the traps. I dislike our throw away society and do force myself to add water and dump the dead into a bag, tie it up and toss it in the dump then just re-bait and hang. We have a herd of horses and the difference with these traps around is happily noticeable. Get these and you won't be disappointed.
343447343447B00004RBDWA1YOATABKFVOY6davidka101051279238400Amazing (and gross!)These traps are simply amazing - they take a few days to kick in, but they fill up quickly after that. I've had at least a hundred flies caught in a week, and it makes you think "where did they all come from?" (we live in a suburban area)

YES, it does stink - the dead flies start to decompose, obviously, after a few days. While you *can* empty and re-use, I just throw it out with the garbage and use a new trap. For this reason, best put them someplace where you don't pass often (or eat close to!). This will also attract flies in the local area, so you'll see a lot of activity near the trap.

It takes a few weeks of use to clear our the fly population, so buy more than one. I guess the lifespan of a common fly is about 2 weeks.

Definitely worth getting - I try to buy a few at a time and use proactively.
343448343448B00004RBDWA3KXQQY2263N17vettech6651305244800Great!I have used these for years and they are great! Flies will always be around for some reason....its called nature! I am glad it attracks the ones around and pretty much traps 95%. Nothing is ever fullproof. I recommend this always and the people that have tried it, loves it!
343449343449B00004RBDWA2L3WETF0ZIO5Ktennessee3351296259200Fly MagnetI am absolutely floored at how well this product works! We put one by our trash can outside & one close to my neighbors dog pen & they are full by the end of 1 week. I don't know what it is that attacts them, but you can sit & watch them go in one right after the other. I highly recommend this product!
343450343450B00004RBDWA3A4WZVVZKVUC5Andrew D King3351284768000inclined to post because of great resultI've had a lot of flies in the house this summer. Seems I can't open the door with a few flies coming in. I put this outside and a week later there must be 400 or 500 flies in it. It is as amazing as it is disgusting. I'm not looking forward to emptying this thing, but I'm ecstatic about how many flies it's caught. I'm shocked.
343451343451B00004RBDWA2KLHN36MNGGTGJames yi "jyi"2251313452800it works, it takes few days before flies to show upIt works very well. It is reusable technically. But, in reality, it will be hard to empty the flies and use it again. Since bait would cost about $3. It would makes sense to buy disposable model sold by the same company.
343452343452B00004RBDWA3ROZ9WTB78YEXB. Jordan2251310688000Above and beyond any reasonable expectation.I live in an urban coach house where the rear faces the alley. The alley is filled with trash, so as one might expect, I get my fair share of rogue flies in my house. I first tried the sticky fly tape stuff inside, and while it worked decently, it was more of a situation where it would catch a fly if it just happened to land on the strip. I still found myself killing more of them via shoe than the tape managed to catch. Not to mention having fly tape in your house is disgusting and messy. So I decided to try the Victor Fly Magnet outside by the garbage.

If this thing caught 30 flies I would be satisfied. It caught, seriously, thousands. They are literally jam packed in it all the way to the top, and more are still trying to muscle their way in. I'm not only amazed by how well this trap works, I'm amazed that this many flies live near my home. My only question is, what do I do with it now? Set it on fire? Tape a grenade to it?

In the 4 days since I put it outside, I have not had one fly in my house. Not a single one.

Oh, and it doesn't stink that bad. The bait, when your mixing it in, smells like a barn or perhaps a dead fish. I can barely smell it when I'm standing next to the trap full of flies in the hot summer air.
343453343453B00004RBDWA1DJGO2TDMEYS6Stan Matofu2221307923200Lid plastic wall and thread too weak to hold the bottlePerhaps a good idea, but too skimpy on execution. Lid plastic wall and thread too weak to hold the bottle with water.
343454343454B00004RBDWA1TWH2P998XO01L. Donadio1151306800000I have never seen anything like it!Gross! Efficient! I bought the smaller size and it was completely filled in 2 days and making maggots! YUCK! If you want something that works, buy this. In fact, buy a few. They are cheap and worth it. I am now purchasing the larger size.
343455343455B00004RBDWA28Q00K0EK1Q9QJay Roberts "Jay"1151281657600Excellent ProductI originally purchased the smaller version of this product but upgraded to this version. It was 3/4 full of flies and I ended up throwing it away after maggots started appearing. It's pretty gross but very effective. I highly recommend purchasing more than one rather than re-using it.
343456343456B00004RBDWA1KYJ6S13LDRUSKelly Evans1151249516800Works greatI've had this about a week. It didn't kick in for several days. Nothing happened. Then, the next day, flies covered the top of all the water. Another day, and they're several layers deep. Still hasn't really started to stink, as others report.
343457343457B00004RBDWANO1GKGPE9L5AStuart Scolnik "The optimistic cynic"0011349740800not what is picturedive order these before. the are shipping a 16 oz cheap cup. not what is pictured. avoid. it does catch flies, though.
343458343458B00004RBDWAZQ7F1E52D14DCharles in Richmond "Charles"0051348185600Works very wellI live in an urban neighborhood and I hate flies so I'm starting to buy these things by the crate. Everyone should use them, they work.

Pros - I've killed literally thousands of flies. Gallons of flies. Eventually I think I'll manage to wipe out the local breeding population and get ahead of the curve. Trick is to start early in the spring - what one is really trying to achieve is population control not just killing a few flies. Otherwise (depending on your landscape of course) the neighbors flies will just move in. Bottom line if you use it according to the directions this flytrap works extremely well. Many of the negative reviews here clearly didn't read the directions. It really needs to be in sunlight.

Cons - it reeks. Seriously. I can't imagine anyone using this inside their house - when it gets going you don't really want to be within 20 feet of it. Unbelievably strong smell of rotting garbage. And though it's theoretically reusable, you are unlikely to do so unless you have a really strong stomach. Think a big jar of rotting dead and half dead flies. It's really foul.

Bottom line, if you use it properly - think some form of perimeter defense, with targeting of fly hot spots like garbage cans with loose lids, you can make your world fly free. If you have really few flies, one jar properly located will take care of them, but you should actually spend some time analyzing what you need.

Anecdotally and by observation, btw, this seems like the most effective fly trap on the market
343459343459B00004RBDWA2B7ZSBZHKMOVTjack0051347408000victorthe victor fly trap certainly is a fly magnet , it totally eliminated my fly problem the neighbors had a litter box on their back open porch and i was being invaded with pesty flies but thanks to the victor fly magnet problem solved thank you amazon for your support and web site for a easy purchase
343460343460B00004RBDWA1K2VY69IQZI8CJ. Cass0051345939200Very, very effective!Trapped 7-10 flies within the first 2 hours of use. It's been 24 hours and there must be 20-30 flies in there now. This is just outside a back entrance to a house and it has really kept down the number of flies that get in. It seems to work much better than the homemade traps I've put together before.
343461343461B00004RBDWASWALGIYCU38ESharon L. Stys0051345680000They are full of flys and that is great! Thanks AmazonThese are one of the best fly trap products we have ever purchased. We ordered 8 for this summer. We used 2 at a time, placing them on each side of the back yard in convenient hanging locations. They are 3/4 full of flies when we replace them with the new set. They are terrific. We use our back yard all the time for BBQ and family gatherings and these have really made a difference this year. They are easy to hang, no offensive odor, not difficult to look at either. The size is useful but not offensive to see.
343462343462B00004RBDWAUCK7MAQL9DC1W. Cheng0051344470400more flies.... :(1st day, few stupid flies went in. 2nd day, it smell so so bad, had it relocated... 4th day, hundreds flies... OMG. It works so great... all blocks of flies come over having the party to die...
343463343463B00004RBDWAZPCKCE68QEV5A. M. Veliz0051340841600REALLY WORKS!It works great. You have to wait a day for the packet they give you to mix with the water well but after that it works well. It smells bad so always place it so that the wind blows the smell away from your house AND follow the directions closely.
343464343464B00004RBDWA18IV9R1NQ7QH0A. D'Ambrosio "AJ D'AMBROSIO"0051316649600Never have seen anything like this!I could sit and watch this trap work all day. It is amazing how the flies just flock to this bottle and go inside. In addition to being fun to watch, it really does keep the flies away from the porch and my cat's food. Wonderful product. I would recommend to anyone with a severe fly problem (which I had). I actually ordered a second one, since I had about a hundred flies around my porch daily. Now Zippo, none!
343465343465B00004RBDWA2L01H5COKF28NC. F. Woodward0051311811200Bye Bye FliesI was amazed at how well this works. It does take about a day to kick in so be patient. Put it somewhere where it won't get knocked over. My cat knocked it over and the kitchen stunk to high heaven.
343466343466B00004RBDWA38O4VRV9BH729Terra Jensen "Tri-Mom"0051293408000Best fly traps EVER!We are currently living in Africa, and so I wasn't sure if these traps would work with the flies here, but I bought these anyway. I received them very quickly from Amazon. I hung 2 of them up, and literally within a few days we had a lot of flies inside. It's been 2 weeks, and there are a THOUSAND flies in EACH trap! I have just ordered bait refills for these. They are amazing!!!! I was concerned with the smell mentioned in some other reviews. While there is a "fishy" odor in the traps, it wasn't noticeable once they were hung outside. One was hung fairly close to the house in a tree by a patio, and another on our pool fence on the other side of the patio. After the traps were filled with flies, I realized the smell became a little more pronounced due the decaying flies! It's not a big deal, and it would be worth much more of a nasty smell to have that many flies trapped anyway. We've noticed less flies in the house (we like to leave our doors open since we have 2 dogs that go in and out, and the weather here is so nice). If I could give this product more than 5 stars, I would!
343467343467B00004RBDWA1YI2OL2HX91NJE. Sandbak "Nemi"0051275436800Awesome Fly KilletThis trap works. The bait smells a little like dead fish - really, this is a plus! Other traps I've used smell like strong, old, damp poop; I find that worse than old fish. On top of that, the other traps I've used all have warnings on them attached to their bait - the Victor traps are made with food-grade material, and are non-toxic. they make refill baits as well, so I don't have to keep spending money on new traps. We use it in the yard where the dogs and chickens are, so inexpensive, non-toxic solutions are a must. The smell is dissipated outside, and I can't really smell much once it's outside unless I'm standing right next to the trap. It takes about a day for the bait to start working - the instructions say to give it several hours - but once it's really activated, it catches hundreds and hundreds of flies in a couple of days.

I'm very happy with Victor Fly Magnet traps, and so are the animals.
343468343468B00004RBDWAYVOV3PH1SVRAS. Faber "S. F. in WI"3521248825600STINKYI tried using this product in the garage after purchasing at a farm store. The traps made it smell like something died in the garage. Two traps got 2 flies in 3 days and there were a LOT of flies around. My kids swatted a lot more flies than these traps caught. Then I placed them outside where one trap caught maybe 100 flies and the other caught 1 (in addition to the 2 it got in the garage). But even outside the odor was so bad my husband asked me to get rid of the traps.
343469343469B00004RBDWAN067TZMIEKTYBoomer1221315353600Not worth the effort and smell(?)I bought four of these from Amazon to get the free shipping since I don't ever want to pay shipping, and I was too lazy to drive to a retail store and buy just one to try.
Flys really bother me inside the the house, or in the garage. Now, I'm not so dumb as to think I could use these inside the house, but I thought inside the garage might work. The bait when mixed in warm water doesn't initially have much of a strong oder.
I put a trap in the garage and had no catches within a couple of hours, even though the garage was buzzing with critters. I then moved the trap outside, about 20 feet from the open door. That day I had several flys trapped. The next day I had even more. The trapping accelerated each day until on about day five I had a layer of 1+ inch of dead flys in the trap jar. Unfortunately, the stench of rotting flesh was now detectable at about 50 yards away, downwind. It appears that the bait is only to get the trapping started, and it's the dead flys that really draw more flys in. At this point I had to get rid of the stench; I could either bury the god-awful mess, or pour it into the sewer system (my choice). I then employed two traps with the same smelly results. I again used the two traps but started with left-over canned cat food (in water) as the bait. The cat food seemed to do as good as the purchased bait, and the end results were again the same.
After thinking it over, the removal of several dozens of outside flys that are immediately replaced from the countless numbers existing in the environment is hardly worth the trouble (and smell) of using the fly traps.
343470343470B00004RBDWAN0B2UJLNWBCPErin Taylor0121296172800Nice design, poor performance.I'll go with Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap in the future. They helped my business stay in business. No more flies after just a 2 weeks. The only thing to watch out for is rain. Cover your RESCUE traps when it rains.

Simply put, every single big fly in the yard outsmarted the VICTOR trap.
Flies: 1
Victor: 0

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