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343480343480B00004RBDZAYSMK40JTPLF3Firebrand121241284163200Watch out for the smell!This product works exceptionally well-you will catch more flies than you ever thought you even had. HOWEVER-beware the smell! It will start to REALLY stink-like feces-when it is only half full and from feet away. DO NOT just toss it into regular trash or containers that are porous like plastic garbage cans because it is very hard to get the smell out. Bag it-double bag it! in plastic to get rid of it before adding to trash. So you only want new ones anywhere near where you sit-or eat-like a patio.

I would not stop using them due to this though because as noted-they really work. But is why we changed from re-usable ones to disposable ones.
343481343481B00004RBDZA1G65L9BLQ4R9Wtbrochny101051278028800This fly trap worksUnlike similar products of several other brands, this fly trap is one that really works. I hung the unit from a hook in my garage ceiling two days ago, and there are already two inches of dead flies on top of the water. The bait is somewhat smelly - vaguely like liquified barnyard manure - so it's best used outside of living areas.
343482343482B00004RBDZA196AJHU9EASJNAlex Chaffee8851282953600chamber of doomThe Victor M380 and M502 traps are unreal -- total fly genocide. Pretty stinky, but I can only smell it if I'm right nearby (within a few feet).

I just uploaded some photos. Be warned: they're pretty gross. But they show how effective the M502 is as a chamber of doom. I shot them after maybe a month and a half of use, just before I threw it away.

Pro tip: the water can evaporate, so splash a little water in the top after a week or two, and then spin the trap a few times to mix it in. Really kicks the aroma back into high gear and gets another couple weeks of life -- I mean death -- out of it.
343483343483B00004RBDZA3LQNCDFI0GLR1E. Riley6631311897600NOT AS GOOD AS OTHERSI live near the woods and have a very large back yard that my dogs and kids love to use, so it's no surprise that we can get a lot of flies. I wanted to test out three different fly traps to see which would work best for me. I tried this trap, the 20,000 rescue fly trap bag, and a larger bag. This one came in second place in my mind, which is why I rated it with three stars. First, the amount of flys caught was not bad, but it wasn't very good when comparing it to the 20,000 rescue fly trap. Second, I saw that some flys were able to get out (which was not the case with the previously mentioned product). Is this a good trap? Yes, it will catch flys. However, it's not the best from what I saw. It's recommended if you can't get the 20,000 rescue fly trap bag.
343484343484B00004RBDZA1D25B4R8P93S8Patrick Morrissey "PK"5551253318400Lots of dead fliesFantastic product. Smells like all hell, but once I hung it OUTSIDE my garage, the flies couldn't seem to get in it fast enough.
343485343485B00004RBDZA3FJ9DHG28WS8GMarlenacard7851179878400a-okayI have used the fly traps before. They work really well. I have horses ,so i have alot of flys.
343486343486B00004RBDZAS5HGWV0J5JH0Homeschool mom4451275868800Did what it was supposed to do.Ecellent. Very easy set up and it started to trap the flies immediately. We caught dozens of flies in just a few days. And it isn't even placed where there are many flies around. Would purchase it again.
343487343487B00004RBDZAAUSM4Z54BDMJP. Hynes "mama of handsome #1"4451270944000great fly trapsThese fly traps get 5 stars, except that in our Texas heat they evaporate too quickly. I'm going to try the gallon size and see if that stays effective longer for us. We can't live outdoors without these!!
343488343488B00004RBDZAX3JHSQOHA0SMEileen3351277424000flies be goneI have two dogs and the flies are always around. These fly traps work very well with no smell.
343489343489B00004RBDZA3HEZUNJXUSHK1Gorilla2251316476800Works great!I have some large fly traps around the yard but they are too gross and smelly to have by the house. This one is great up on my porch.
343490343490B00004RBDZA3J1KJA7FNRQNSTamara Spence1151341100800Amazing!!!!This product is so AMAZING that I just had to scream to the top of the mountain about how good this trap works. We compost - everything - and when you include meat/fish scraps in your compost you get a ton of flies. I've tried everything: salt, baking powder, lime/vinegar solutions and nothing really worked. I put out this trap and within a day the trap was a quarter full. I highly recommend! Only one word of advise - don't open the powder packet in your house, it stinks!!! Do it outside and you'll be all good.
343491343491B00004RBDZASAHH28B9UWPVthebigfatwhale1151337299200Amazing - smells w/in 3' radius & downwind, but soooo effectiveI bought two types of traps, this (Victor) and the "Rescue FTA-SF4 Reuseable Fly Trap with Attractant" with the green screwtop. The Victor one filled up with flies in just 3 days while the green lidded one had <10 flies in it. The baits smell, I've order the Victor bait to put into the green trap to see if that works any better.

I've been re-using the traps and bait water by sieving out the flies, pouring the liquid back into the trap, and adding more water. Four re-uses later, it's still going strong.

Note - this trap traps those big flies that look for stinky stuff - not the smaller flies that just fly in circles!
343492343492B00004RBDZA1LKBVIODQ101DJesse K "Jesse K"1131335312000Too small? Not smelly enough?I purchased this for my patio a month ago. We filled it up like instructed and can see it slowly filling up with files but we're still being swarmed around mealtime. I just can't figure out when you would need a fly trap this small. For me, although we live in downtown Austin, TX, flies can make our outdoor living experience miserable. I thought because it was a small space we'd need a small trap. But now that it's up it seems too small for the job. And for the smell I would think you'd have to have a decent problem to make it worth getting one of these guys. I'm going to get a bigger one next time. Hopefully that will do the job!
343493343493B00004RBDZAHDNXNNWCFX65Medical Billing Pro "Ce Ce"1151316908800Fly Trap MagicWe bought one of these in August & it worked so well that we just bought 2 more. We have 3 Dachshunds & a small back yard in the "burbs". We tend to get a lot of flies in the summer that ultimately make it into our house. We put the fly trap in a tree & filled it with water. The next day we checked & it had not only flies but a few wasps in it! None of the other products we tried worked this well. It will be cold enough soon in Colorado so we won't have to worry until next spring but we will be prepared. I would highly recommend this product. Just don't put it next to where you would be able to smell it. That's what attracts the flies, the smell. The flies go in and they don't come out. We stored the 2 we just bought and will have them on hand for next Spring. This is a product we don't want to be without.
343494343494B00004RBDZA118W1CZEB05FRichard H. Cowan "Green Mountain Guy"1111287014400Useless for cluster flies...If you're buying this device for cluster flies, save your money. We've had it up for a week in different places around the house and the only thing inside it is a hapless ladybug that wandered into it. Hundreds of cluster flies cloud our windows and divebomb us as we walk from room to room. A bug zapper has been the better approach for euthanizing these annoying insects.
343495343495B00004RBDZA1KX6DJR56T117MO1141285804800Incredible!I have bought three of these to date. they are incredible. i must have cuaght over 1000 flies with each of these things. they do smell because of the flies after a week or so, so put it enough away from your house (which actually attracts flies). Kudos!
343496343496B00004RBDZA37FADLGGTO8Z0Mark S. Mallett1151283990400Does what it saysThese traps work great. Within 6 hours I already saw flies in the trap. The trap was full within 2 or 3 days and the flies were still trying to get in. If you're having a lot a trouble with flies, get several at a time.

By the way, the stuff is pretty stinky if you are near by. Be careful not spill it, or as unfortunately happened to me, let your dog get into it. Not the worst smell know to mankind, but not something you'd want to voluntarily put up with either.
343497343497B00004RBDZAORDD0VQEOP3VLadyNewYorker0051350518400This product works!!Victor Disposable Fly Trap works. Very easy to use. We love how it catches flies. Keeps our home/yard practically free of these pesty insects. When full just take down and throw away. No sprays, sticky paper. Will continue to use. Even our neighbor buys it after she saw how good ours worked and how easy it was to use. A great product in our opinion.
343498343498B00004RBDZA177F91DT6UR3CJessica0011344297600Waste of moneyIt does not catch flies, and it smells horrible!! In addition, it is extremely lightweight so it cannot withstand even the smallest amount of wind
343499343499B00004RBDZA1LAKSHO3OPEMOscraminal0011344211200DOES NOT WORKLeft it outside, collected a whole bunch more flies outside but none in the container even though it was prepared exactly as detailed. Stinks! Threw it out. Waste of money.
343500343500B00004RBDZA3E4MI04DB3ZIUDave Gibson0011343347200Broken hook and doesn't catch fliesThis arrived with a broken top hook making it impossible to hang up. I placed it on a picnic table instead and after a week there is no noticeable difference in flying critters.
343471343471B00004RBDWA1G65L9BLQ4R9Wtbrochny0151279152000Extremely effectiveI've just installed the third unit in our garage or outdoors on a tree branch. In each case, after a few hours, the trap is surrounded by a swarm of flies practically going frantic to get inside. They are ordinary house flies. The numbers are shocking - they must be coming in from all over the county.

The plastic bottle, screw-on lid, and little roof are quite rugged and would probably last indefinitely. The unit comes with a length of wire that works nicely for hanging it from a ceiling fixture or small tree branch.

The bait is a powder that you mix with water. The smell is quite foul, rather like - well, you know what flies enjoy sitting on most. It's definitely for outdoor use, although with ventilation you might place it in the garage or shed.

My experience indicates it is wise to empty the bottle before it fills up completely with dead flies, living flies, and maggots. This will be a disgusting task and the stink will be formidable - not something you'll want to do near the house.
343472343472B00004RBDWA2TFM9KFBP50H3J. Howard0221319932800Stinky, but that's it...I live on a small property of a couple of acres and occasionally in the summertime, one of the kids will leave the back door open and we'll get some flies in the house. I bought this thinking that it would attract all the flies in the house and catch them. So far, it's been sitting in a sunny window for a week and it's only caught one fly. I would say to save your money and buy a fly swatter.
343473343473B00004RBDWA1NKTJI65F5CAJboilerbetty0211316995200Had high hopes..but didn't workThe first fly trap arrived missing the white square piece on the top,I tried to use it without it, but it didn't work at all. So Amazon shipped a whole new trap to me and I thought it would work better whole and the bait in the new unit was a different color, so I thought maybe the bait had been worng in the first unit and that's why I hadn't caught anything. Nope, even with a new unit and new bait, I still never caught one fly. I left it up a week and it didn't work at all. I have no idea what the problem is. I am back to using sticky fly stips, at least they catch flys. Don't waste your money on this thing.
343474343474B00004RBDWA118W1CZEB05FRichard H. Cowan "Green Mountain Guy"0211289088000Doesn't attract cluster fliesThis product was of no use in catching the cluster flies that are a pest from September through January here in New England. We set it up indoors in a spot frequented by scores of the little devils and not a one was drawn to his/her death in it. I hope it works for other kinds of flies.
343475343475B00004RBDWA183MA2LJ4NUTKChristineMKrantz "KrizAzIz"0411331683200stinky trapI was so looking forward to having this trap kill all of the gnats taking over my plants and home! Did not happen! Kill off was one lonely gnat...and trap became so stinky I had to give up and dump product down the drain. Boooo!
343476343476B00004RBDWA3ASSGV7MH0NF7Miss Racquelle "Miss Racquelle"21251281052800Humiliation and DisgustMonkey enjoys sitting out on the patio during the day, and sometimes evening, but she is averse to having us close the screen door as she is concerned about possible encounters with the gardener or the white cat from next door. The white cat is recent addition to our neighborhood, and seemed pleasant at first, but then I saw him peeing right in the middle of an agapanthys in the garden, and since then, I dislike him as much as Monkey does. Since Pocket died, we have not had a flea problem, which is a blessing. Not Pocket dying because we miss her, even though we no longer have to block access to the pantry with a 5 gallon pail of expired mayonnaise (A national brand, no less, but I won't mention the name as it is known, either East or West of the Rockies) but the part about not having the fleas. But for some reason, we have had an abundance of black house flies. I always tell Monkey "look, you let your big black buddies in again," and "Stop letting your big black buddies in." She is not persuaded by this and only rarely seems to patrol the window sills for dying flies like the dog we had when I was little did. (Dog's name, Princess Leia.) I bought some kind of insecticide at Big Lots, two kinds, and though one or both actually harness the power to kill houseflies, neither is the light aerosol type that is effective for spraying on flies. One left a wet mess all over my office, and the other was a white powder which only served to crud up the carpet and attract undesirable teenagers to my apartment. I recalled that one of my school teachers hanging a jar with a piece of steak in it to catch flies in the goat pens. Armed with this information, I acquired the Victor M380 Fly Magnet 1-Quart Reusable Trap With Bait. I was pleased that I did not have to supply my own steak, as I am vegetarian, and would have to have borrowed some from the neighbor. It is difficult to imagine how I would explain what the piece of steak was for and I am really not certain at all if any of my neighbors would want me to return it when i was done using it. I mean, I get along with my neighbors really well, including the ones who rent a large Dora The Explorer bouncey house for every imaginable event, and they are rather nice about letting us get in there even after we have had a heavy lunch and it's ill-advised. (Veggie corn-dogs with relish and lots of cole slaw and grape soda just do not look good painted all over the inside of a bouncey house. Not even the Spongebob one.) I carefully read the instructions, and added the recommended amount of water, more or less, with the enclosed packet of fly attractant. The fly attractant looks a bit like what comes out of a packet of guacamole mix or taco seasoning, but I suspect is freeze dried meat and dog poo, or poo of some sort, perhaps horse or pig. I hung the jar prominently in the middle of the front garden from the decorative plant hanger that I bought at big lots several years ago, which despite being some sort of sturdy metal when I bought it, has become flimsy with age and bends easily, but not weighed down too much by the fly trap jar. I thought no more about the trap until my mate mentioned it. The other morning when I came home from work just after sunrise I stood very close to the trap and looked at the mass of struggling near dead flies bogging themselves down in the mire of poo water now filled with dead comrades. I stared at it for quite some time, set aglow by the distinct rays of the rising sun. I stared at it until I was rather tired. I stared at it until I realized that there is a rather unpleasant looking fungus spreading in the garden, up the bases of the sago palms. I kicked the fungi around. I went to bed. I have considered the humiliation and disgust that someone wold feel if I were to pour the contents of the jar on someone. I am certain the manufacturers would strongly advise against this. I am not recommending you do that. I am recommending the Victor M380 Fly Magnet 1-Quart Reusable Trap With Bait. It has really cleared up the fly problem in just a matter of a week. I haven't noticed any odor, but it is in a well ventilated area, and my sense of smell is rather poor owing to a genetic predisposition to sinus allergies. I have been tested. I am not allergic to cats.
343477343477B00004RBDZAE8USCZAZ9RL2David Duty272751247097600This trap is amazingI live in Panama and for three or four months each year we have fly season. I mean flies like you have never seen in your life. I hung several of these traps outside my house and in just a couple of weeks I had at least 4 or 5 inches of dead flies in each one. I don't know how many that is but it probably a thousand in each trap. I got a lot more than most as we have Toucans and parrots in cages outside and they attract a lot of flies. Be sure to keep them at least 30 feet or so from your house so that the flies stay away from your house. Plus the traps have a highly unpleasant odor for people but the flies love them.
343478343478B00004RBDZALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"222251242950400Works! Flies flock to this trap!We put this on our patio to keep flies out of the house when we use the back door, and it has really worked. No flies at all getting in now!
04-20-11 UPDATE: Stilll using these every Spring & Summer for a "no fly zone" around our patio. These work the best of all the fly traps we've tried!
343479343479B00004RBDZA3U4XNJQN852QDPaul Susat "pgs"181851250812800works!!!!Bought this to cut down on the amount of flies on our back porch. Within a day it was a quarter full and practically to the top in a week. Worked so well we'll be getting several more. Substanially cut the amount of flies around the porch and house.
Extremely easy to use.. Just take off lid.. pour in dried attractant, add water to line on cup, snap on lid, fit on the second lid and hang. Instructions say it takes a few hours for attractant to activate so you don't have to worry about smelling up the house. Comes with everything you need.
We hung ours about 25 ft. from porch and as stated was full in a week.
You actually probably could reuse this trap if your not too squemish about dumping dead and dying flies and cleaning the cup all you'd need then is more attractant. We just took down the trap and tied a plactic grocery bag around it and tossed the whole thing. At 5.99 not that bad of a loss but we'll probably move up to a larger size seeing it worked so well so quickly.

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