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343591343591B006BXUY2YA3SKMWPVR5CO1HComputerdude10321141335744000Delicious, but a bit smaller than the competitonAt around $.75 per bar, I was a little disappointed to see that the bars are less than 1 ounce each. Most of the competition (at least the ones I checked in my cupboard) are more like 1.3 ounces per bar, at a lower cost per bar. That being said, that is really my only complaint. The taste of the bars is outstanding, and if you're a chocolate fan, you won't be disappointed. They are not at all cheap with the chocolate as I've seen with some other brands. Also, the chocolate is actually quality dark chocolate, and isn't overly sweet, which can sometimes be done to compensate for a lower quality chocolate. I'm not sure what the ideal use for these bars is, but I eat one every morning for breakfast to hold me until lunch, and these do an adequate job of that. They would probably also be great as a between-meal snack, or great for kids (as long as they like dark chocolate). I highly recommend these bars, but just be aware that they cost more per bar, and weigh less per bar than their main competitors.
343592343592B006BXUY2YA3JL3YQYI7OR5OJason Chamberlain1131335312000A Tasty Candy BarA quick peek at the ingredients shows that while this may not be as unhealthy as a 3 Musketeers Bar, it is certainly not something you should use to replace a handful of almonds as a snack. It contains hydrogenated oils and tons of sugar. Although the flavor is "dark chocolate," the bar is actually made with semisweet chocolate. Don't be fooled by the "Special K" brand into thinking that eating these will shrink your belly down to nothing.

I can write that the flavor is good, though I'm not sure that it is appreciably better than the chewy granola bars you can get at Aldi. I enjoyed the marshmallow-like texture with the granola and chocolate. The bar did leave me with a little bit of an aftertaste, which I will assume is from all the oils. However, it was certainly not unpleasant.

This is a fine snack if you take it for what it is. Don't think that you are getting a ton of nutrition with this, but enjoy it periodically as a treat.
343593343593B006BXUY2YA24J6PQ0FN55A6WestGrl1131335225600Could be betterI love dark chocolate so assumed I would love these. Unfortunately, not so much. The texture was nice, chewy & not hard. The taste left something to be desired. The dark chocolate is really dark. There was very little sweetness to these bars. They also had a sort of flour taste to them. I looked in the ingredients & did find some various flours listed, including peanut flour for those with peanut allergies. They were just ok for me. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them. I'll stick with the Fiber One Chocolate 90 calorie bars.
343594343594B006BXUY2YAO1Z0TQWCRGL4Harold Wolf "Doc"1151335225600MAN HEARTy HEALTHy TASTY even DIET FRIENDlyJust enough dark chocolate to make it tasty but not too sweet.
Crunchy-crisp at the same time it is chewy. For most food that's a sin. That usually is a signal to run from high fat, salt, calories, and sweetness.
Bottom line, it's as reasonably healthy as any similar snack, even those put out by the diet conglomerates that charge weekly, monthly, and per package fees.
Now if I can just get over considering just how delightful it surely would be over a large bowl of ice-cream.

Want the numbers? Here's The Box Facts:
Nutrition for one 27g bar
Cal 110; Cal from Fat 25; Total fat 3g; Sat Fat 1.5g; 0 trans and polyunsat fat; chol 0; sodium 85mg; Total Carb 17g; Dietary fiber 4g; Sugars 7g; Protein 4g

Contains soy, wheat, milk, almond and peanut ingredients, for those who need to know.
Exchange: 1 Carbohydrate, ½ fat; Am Dietetic Assoc & Am Diabetes Assoc.

Ingredients: soluble corn fiber, rolled oats, isolated soy protein, sugar, cereal (rice, whole grain wheat, sugar, wheat bran, soluble wheat fiber, salt, malt flavoring, vitamin B1 (Thiamin Mononitrate), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Fructose, semisweet chocolate (Chocolate, sugar, dextrose, soy lecithin, and/or partially hydrogenated palm kernel, palm, canola and/or coconut oil?, corn syrup, chicory cocoa (processed with alkali), chocolate sorbitol, lecithin, salt, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, niacinamide, BHT (preservative), almond flour, peanut flour, distilled monoglycerides, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), reduced iron.

It is a satisfying snack for me, a two heart attack survivor on a controlled diet and joining my wife in trying to eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy life fully. The box says there is also a chocolaty peanut butter variety. My 5-bar box has a remaining shelf life of about 6 months--like that will ever happen.
343595343595B006BXUY2YA1UYMXFON06KQ6Christie1141335139200Pretty good snack!I love Special K bars and was eager to try this new flavor. It is great for a quick snack or when you're craving something sweet. A nice, rich, chocolate flavor, but I did notice a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. Good crunch. Not your average granola bar. My kids and husband like them too! I do prefer the chocolate drizzle or chocolate chip cookie flavor, but these are a nice addition to the line up.
343596343596B006BXUY2YA14BTJRH9VNLJJKurt A. Johnson0051346976000A quite satisfying ~100 calorie snackI am always on the lookout for good 100 calorie snack packs. This Special K Granola bar clocks in at 110 calories (25 from fat), which puts it right in my range. I like the rich, chocolaty taste, which ranks right up there with any high-calorie treat. It makes a quite satisfying snack, which is not to be taken for granted with ~100 calorie treats.

Yeah, I like this bar, and highly recommend it!
343597343597B006BXUY2YAOVI5Y45L6B0JTimothy Walker0041341014400Gritty but goodAs a struggling dieter, I am always in search of healthier ways to get my requisite supply of chocolate and these bars are a pretty good choice. The texture is somewhat mealy and grainy, closer to a cereal bar than crunchy granola, but this is a small sacrifice to make for actual chocolate. Paired with a piece of fruit, a Special K Granola Bar makes for a lasting low-calorie breakfast. Four stars... and three Points Plus values.
343598343598B006BXUY2YA71W7G4TCTH3TBBMoreB "Heather Coulter"0041340409600I love Dark Chocolate ~~ The Prefect Treat ~~Tasty granola bars that bring satisfaction without derailing the overall nutrition for the day; they are 3 points on the Weight Watcher PointsPlus Plan. A good source of fiber (4g), they come in at only 110 calories each, making them a great alternative to a candy bar. A neatly portable size, perfect to stash in a purse or briefcase and are a good dessert choice for lunchboxes.
343599343599B006BXUY2YA2ANDN3UQBKMCNBeth D0051340236800Not Too Dry.I found these bars to be delicious.

Unlike a lot of granola bars, I didn't find these too dry.

The chocolate on the bottom was just right. Not overpowering.

I would definitely buy these bars again and I'm not a big granola bar eater.

Great for that mid-morning snack I have at work.
343600343600B006BXUY2YAR1T36GLLAFFXScott FS0041340236800Tasty and 'light'These are tasty granola bars, but they are not 'dense'. They are light in weight, calories, and taste.

There is, of course, a reason for this: to keep costs down, producers are making products that have less material in them, but charge the same price. And, of course, the tie-in with Special K means that there is a built-in market for these granola bars.

Would I buy them in the future? I'm not sure. They were very good-tasting, but, again, 'light'. It seems as though Kellogg's has developed a product that will hold together without adding a lot of product (and weight) to the granola bars.

I must admit I only had two of these bars. My wife ate the rest of them. She obviously enjoyed them. Take that for what it's worth...
343601343601B006BXUY2YA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta0041339718400Good, with more fiber and protein than Quaker granola barsThese were good granola bars, almost like Rice Krispie treats in texture, with little bits of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Very similar to Quaker granola bars which is my usual granola bar. The main difference is Quaker granola bars have 1 gram fiber and 1 gram protein, while these Special K bars have 4 grams fiber and 4 grams protein (both bars are nearly the same size). So if you're looking for more fiber and protein, these Special K bars will fit the bill. I'll be buying more of these when they're on sale as my husband liked having one in his lunch bag for a snack.
343602343602B006BXUY2YA2MA4ATED1B1GBLLM "dagoodnurse"0031339632000Bland, minimal chocolate flavorI'm not a fan of these. I was expecting more choc punch from these, but I was dissapointed. Texture-wise they were fine; soft and chewy.
343603343603B006BXUY2YA1PMWT1I668I15K. Anderson0041338940800must be goodMy kids (11 & 17) ate these so fast I never even got to try them. I guess they are good. I will have to buy more.
343604343604B006BXUY2YA1TQBPDIBIWWVGJames Quirk0041338854400It's Good.First off, I received this product as part of the Amazon Vine program. Generally, I enjoy granola bars, and this offering from Kellogg's does not disappoint. It's tasty, chewy and chocolatey. It is an item low on calories and heavy on taste, a perfect snack to help get you through the day. I would definitely buy some of these granola bars again.
343605343605B006BXUY2YA7T1NIWZHTC4PSeven Kitties "7kitties"0051338508800Sinfully good and HEALTHYThese bars knock it out of the ballpark when it comes to taste. They don't taste 'healthy cardboard' at all but at the same time don't taste too 'candy bar' ish. They're right in that nice middle spot where you feel good about eating something that tastes fantastic!

They have a nice texture, just like a good granola bar, without the stickiness you sometimes get and as the packaging says, they've got a mix of protein and vitamins and fiber.

Really, a great snack. This is my afternoon pick-me-up of choice!
343606343606B006BXUY2YA16QLH5GQGOEOFSean Rueter "s1rude"0031338076800There are better bars out thereThere's nothing wrong with Kellogg's Dark Chocolate Special K Granola Bars. They have a good chocolatey, nutty flavor. They don't contain a lot of calories but fill you up (like a snack, I wouldn't call them a meal replacement). But there are tastier, healthier and more filling bars on the market.
343607343607B006BXUY2YA1X69RZ08LRNGLsteve_oakland0041337990400Chocolatey, chewy, and good.If you're a fan of sweet, chewy, chocolate 'granola' bars, this is for you. It's unclear to me how this is branded as 'Special K', however, as it tastes nothing like the cereal. I was somehow imagining that it would be composed of Special K cereal, but the texture and taste is drastically different.

This isn't something I would buy regularly, as I generally prefer crunchy granola bars (such as Nature Valley), but for a quick occasional snack it isn't too bad.
343608343608B006BXUY2YA224KM22RQ5CD4Amazon_Junkie0031337817600A treat but a bit too sweetLove the dark chocolate flavor, though I prefer it less sweet and more chocolate-y. Great chewy, nutty consistency. Definitely great as a sweet treat for those chocolate cravings or needed boost in the office. More a treat than a supplement.
343609343609B006BXUY2YA27H0T39U3FZB5P. MSakamoto "boy clothes"0041337817600Taste great, but have caloriesNot a lot to say, other than these are very good tasting bars. The texture is chewy but not "tough" to eat. They are sweet, but not too much. Good balanced flavor - perhaps slightly rich.

The chocolate tastes like chocolate and not some powdery substitute as often happens in bars like these.

The only reason I took off a star is that these have caloric content at the high end (not the highest, but high) of the bars we've bought in the past. For instance. these have more calories than our Quaker chewy granola bars. The packaging and the Special K brand imply something better, but these have fat calories, among other things. Now, we would still buy them anyways (hence four stars) but this is not "health food", it's another pretty good granola bar snack food.

If it's competitively priced at the store when we're shopping for granola bars, we'll get these in the future.
343610343610B006BXUY2YA1UWSU5ETQRQKXMr. Fred0031337644800A little below the usual Special-K standardI expected quite a bit from the Kellog's Special K Dark Chocolate Graham Bars; it's not inexpensive but Special K products usually deliver value. This one falls a little below the usual standard.

The bars are certainly good enough in many respects; they're not overly dry, for one thing (a common issue with many other bars). They're filling and nutritious, although high in calories if you're using them for a snack rather than an exercise energy bar.

The real issue is the chocolate flavor. If you're a dark chocolate lover, you probably have definite expectations. I'm a dark chocolate fan, I know other such fans, and we do have pretty high standards. Please keep that in mind when considering my comments.

The bar just doesn't deliver that rich, smooth, deep flavor that chocoholics crave. There's a definite artificial quality to the chocolate taste, the kind of flavor associated with cheaper generic products. This isn't to say that the bar has a bad taste; it's just that it disappoints.

Should you buy these bars? If you have said to yourself, "Wow, a dark chocolate Special K product!" then maybe not. If you don't have the expectations of the true chocolate addict, you might like them and might be willing to pay the price.
343611343611B006BXUY2YA3IFKBUE064H5VNia ""0041337212800If you love dark chocolate...I myself am not a big fan of dark chocolate but these still tasted pretty good for me. I usually eat them in the morning as quick on the breakfast or as a snack towards the end of the work day. This is a nice addition to the flavors.
343612343612B006BXUY2YA29YKT85YFAY87L. Allen0051337212800Dark chocolate...mmmm!I am not a huge fan of chocolate, so I typically purchase fruit-and-nut type snack bars. These are made with dark chocolate, though - and LOTS of it! I know that dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, so I tried these and liked them a lot. The only problem was that my wife and daughter are HUGE fans of chocalate, especially dark chocolate, and these bars were gone all-too-quickly. Very much recommended for the dark chocolate lover!
343613343613B006BXUY2YAY46DEOJJYFTWKerry O. Burns0041337212800great tasting...These were actually pretty tasty. I love Granola Bars and these with the dark chocolate added a sweet taste to it. How healthy are these I have no idea but if you're just looking for a quick bite with tasty morsels then these are the way to go. The kids love them in their lunchbox.
343614343614B006BXUY2YA1X3ESYZ79H59Echaos0031337212800Not badI'll start by commenting on the size of these granola bars. They are small. Really small. Each granola bar is only 0.95 ounce (27 grams). To put that in perspective, A single Pop-Tart is 50 grams. A Reese's (with 2 peanut butter cups) is 1.5 ounce. Nature Valley granola bars are 1.5 ounce (42 grams) per package (serving) and are 190 calories. This Kellog's granola bar is light as a feather. But I suppose they make them that small so they can keep the calorie count "low". Each bar is 110 calories. There are 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 3 grams of fat per serving. I like the flavor of these granola bars. They have a nice consistency, soft and chewy. But because of the small size they are not very filling. They will do if you want a small snack. A really small snack.
343615343615B006BXUY2YA2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate0041337040000Tasty Granola Bar SnackAs a guy, I don't need these as a "sensible snack" but rather a snack to tide me over until lunch or as an addition to my morning yogurt for breakfast. Calorie-wise they are comparable to other granola type bars. The flavor is good with a nice, not fake, chocolate flavor and the crispies are...well, crispy. There are no nasty aftertastes, either.

While I prefer Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, these are a nice occasional alternative.
343616343616B006BXUY2YAD3R2M2DT2BY3Alexandra Cenni "Poisoned Rationality"0041337040000Great for a mid-morning snackI won't wax poetical about the Granola bars--they're...well..granola bars. I prefer the Special K bars typically because they're not dry, chewy and tend to be the perfect size for a quick snack. The fact that these were also dark chocolate certainly sweetened the choice.

I found the bars tend to work well as a mid-morning snack instead of a mid-afternoon snack. My job is low intensity as far as physical labor goes--its a desk job and the most physical activity it requires of me is to carry the boxes of paper to and fro occasionally. To compensate my friends and I go to the on-site gym for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon to job, walk and do a little weight training.

As such I brought along the Special K granola bars to both a morning and afternoon session. We found that after the morning session the granola bar helped to a) appease our hunger until lunch (so we weren't reaching for junk food) and b) gave us an added boost of energy. After the afternoon session, maybe because we had a lunch earlier (about 3 hours), but it didn't give us a signficant boost in energy levels and made us feel fuller than we liked.

Caution though, because the bar's bottom is chocolate and its drizzled in chocolate with chocolate chips strewn throughout, it was a better idea to eat this while still wrapped in the packaging. Without the packaging it became a messy, sticky affair.
343617343617B006BXUY2YA3EAP2VG0BVYWXnekojita0041337040000Nice chocolate flavorYou get a nice, dark chocolate flavor with these granola bars. It's not over-powering, but a decent amount of chocolate kick and a definite 'chew' factor. They're not the biggest bars out there, but again, considering how chewy they are (your jaw gets a nice workout), and the fact that they're only 110 calories, it's a nice snack to stave off the hunger pangs and any sweet craving you might have and still let you feel good about yourself (as well as your diet). They keep you from rushing through the bar too fast, and they do help with the appetite.
343618343618B006BXUY2YA3UKBPJ19RDC3IDerrick Dodson "Font of useless knowledge"0051336867200Tasty and surprisingly softThese bars have a nice hit of dark chocolate without it being overpowering or bitter. Another nice point is that they are fairly soft and chewy. Most of the granola bars I've tried in the past have been either hard and dry with sharp bits that just never feel good in the mouth, or their softness is at the expense of being gummy and too sweet. These were very well balanced. The bars were also just a bit smaller than the average bars, or at least they felt it, and that was a good thing, too. They were more than enough to satisfy that sweet craving without being heavy or too filling.
343619343619B006BXUY2YA2E7RX6AFUDQEXElizabeth Finlay0031336780800sweet munchyThere is nothing too terribly exciting about this granola bar.
I mean, it isn't awful. I enjoy the blend of the dark chocolate and the whole grains, but it isn't as if there aren't other dark chocolate and granola/grainy granola bars.
It is satisfying, flavourful, and enjoyable, but to me, it's nothing to rave about. If someone was looking for a whole-grain/more healthy nutrition bar with dark chocolate, would I recommend this? Maybe. It probably wouldn't be my first choice/recommendation, though I would tell them about it and what I thought. It is good, and I don't doubt that most people would find it enjoyable. But, I guess, there was nothing super grand or superb about it that makes it stand out compared to other bars (other than the name, maybe).

Again: it's not bad, it tastes just fine, but it didn't really animate me (or my tatebuds) like other foods have. If you like more whole grains and a bit of dark chocolate, I'd say: go for it. If not, that is okay, too.
343620343620B006BXUY2YA3S0Y5GVW1CYRWJennifer Brister "geek girl"0041336694400Great for breakfastI love anything dark chocolate and these special K bars did not disappoint me. I have been eating them for breakfast and they are enough to keep me full until lunch time. They were fresh in the package, too.

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