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343644343644B006BXUY2YA2YV6F6DLENNTMOlivia James0041335657600Good But SmallAs a granola bar and chocolate lover, I liked these bars. I liked that they had a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom with granola cereal in the center with chocolate drizzle on top. They are quite tasty, but they are very small. Basically you can get about 3 bites out of it - for the price you pay, the bars should be bigger. But tastewise they are better than other granola bars I've tried.
343645343645B006BXUY2YA3JTBJC5WSEZ7QThomas M. Sipos0031335484800tastes good, but small and not too healthfulThese bars are very small. Length: 3 and 3/8 inches. Width: 1 and 1/4 inches. Height: 5/8 inches.

They taste good. Sweet, chewy, and chocolatey. There's chocolate all along the bottom, and chocolate chips embedded in the bars. I suppose this product is trying to market itself as a healthful chocolate bar alternative.

But I'm not sure how healthful these bars are. Ingredients include Fructose and Corn Syrup. I'm not sure if those ingredients are as bad as High Fructose Corn Syrup (not listed as an ingredient), but I avoid anything with even Fructose or Corn Syrup.

If you do a Google search, you'll see there's a debate as to whether High Fructose Corn Syrup (or even related material) is worse, or no worse, than regular cane sugar. Some say that High Fructose Corn Syrup is more likely to cause cancer, diabetes, and weight gain. Others (e.g. the corn industry) say that sugar is sugar, same chemical makeup, whether High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Cane Sugar, or Organic Cane Sugar.

I'm no scientist, but to be safe, I recommend staying away from any Fructose or Corn Syrup. You might have noticed that many products are now bragging that they have no High Fructose Corn Syrup, so consumers are becoming aware of the controversy.

That said, this product has fiber (4 grams per bar) and oats (lowers cholesterol) so it's not as unhealthful as a chocolate bar.
343646343646B006BXUY2YARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0011335484800Plastic chocolate and sugar..These look a lot like a sweet treat when you first open them, I expected a bit of a rewarding experience to eat one. They smell really good when you open them! They have a rich, oaty, chocolate vibe.

My first bite was almost the last. It left a stinging, burning sensation in my mouth as soon as I started to chew; the chocolate was like bitter stinging plastic across my palate. The bar was sticky, chewy, and had an unpleasant feel in my mouth.

Of course when I saw that the ingredients are sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, glycerin...sugar sugar and sugar. One bar (they are small!) has 7 grams of sugar. "Soluble corn fiber" as first ingredient? It has a lot of soy in it as well, more than I expected to see in a granola bar. It's like a bunch of gunk bound together with sugar.

For a net carb count of 13 grams (over half that sugar), there isn't enough nutritional redemption in them for me to even consider packing them as a snack. A mere 4 grams of fiber for such a tiny bar, and it probably comes mostly from the corn? The Fiber One bars I've had, taste better for sure. I've never had a stinging and prickling sensation in my mouth from eating a GRANOLA was disconcerting. For what it's worth, my husband liked them. But there isn't much he DOES NOT like.
343647343647B006BXUY2YA1C6ZJNWKYK485R. Johnson0041335484800Chewy, Crunchy Granola BarsThese Special K granola bars with dark chocolate are very tasty. There is a layer of chocolate on the bottom, with granola in the middle and a sprinkling of chocolate chips on top. These bars definitely satisfied my chocolate craving. With 110 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein, it seems like a good snack, but I wouldn't classify them as "healthy." The bars are small (less than one ounce each) so I gave in and had a second one. Although I'm sure there are healthier choices for a snack, these are great for what they are.
343648343648B006BXUY2YA29SZ6ZTP4MH9HMark in Idaho0031335398400Nothing special about Special K barsThese bars taste similar to most granola style bars. They would be more worthwhile if they did not have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils or undefined natural and artificial flavorings.
343649343649B006BXUY2YAGKW1Q9IUWIMTR. A. Frauenglas "Brooklyn Bum"0031335398400The best thing about this product is the box!The bar looks delicious & scrumptious on the box. The specs seem okay, but that's because it's less than 1 oz. per bar. Granola cereal in the box tastes better than this bar. If you're familiar with KIND bars, this pales in comparison. Both in taste & in how full one feels after eating it & especially in the ingredients. Why do things we eat & put into our bodies have to contain so many ingredients; especially those which are hard to pronounce or even know their meanings?
343650343650B006BXUY2YA2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0041335398400not too sweet!I sometimes shy away from these types of granola bars because I just find them too sweet. This, though, is good! And I think that if you "aren't a dark chocolate fan" (even though I am) but also often find comparable bars too sweet, you'd like this. It's a pretty mild dark chocolate, and the dark chocolate is what takes away that crazy sugariness.

I only wish they could find a way to make these still not many calories, but a liiiiittle bigger. It might satisfy a dessert craving, but it's not going to satisfy hunger.
343621343621B006BXUY2YA1YGIUSI2JTTSCDan Bobinski0041336694400the dark chocolate is a nice optionWe regularly buy a variety of "on the go" granola snack bars (Special K among them), as they're great for trips or when the kids want a snack. My wife prefers dark chocolate over milk chocolate, so this is a nice option. Other reviews describe the product pretty well, so I won't go into a deep description, but never do the kids turn these down, and the dark chocolate means this is the one my wife will choose first. :-) It's a decent bar that I'll give four stars, as I've not yet come across a mass-produced bar that warrants five stars. Some have warranted one or two, but this one is pretty good and deserves four.
343622343622B006BXUY2YA3IQ12O7NEEN58T. L. Armitage "tladelamer"0041336608000protein without heavinessI have to say, I generally avoid the protein bars and meal bars. They tend to make me feel like I just put a bowling ball in my stomach. These, however, are different. Yes, they are a little heavier than a granola bar, but not much! Taste is similar to other Special K or Slim Fast snack bars, but I didn't get as hungry as quickly after eating one of these.

My husband also tried one. He thought the flavor was a little stale, and not as good as the Cliff bars (which I haven't had). But if you're looking for something that tastes similar to a granola bar but lasts a bit longer, this is definitely worth a try.
343623343623B006BXUY2YA79372WBA9IJMMiss Kitty "Timid Observer"0041336608000ScrumptiousI don't know how they do it, but everything Special K makes tastes delicious. I like these granola bars, they are not too chewy or too sweet. I like the Special K cereal bars a little better than granola, but that is a personal choice and is not a knock against this particular product.
343624343624B006BXUY2YA21SL94J53BDS9LGM0041336608000Good quick snackThese are tasty granola bars. Nice chocolatey flavor. However I also tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter version and I like those better. They have a more substantial taste. That's just a preference.

For a quick snack on-the-go or even for a quick breakfast, I highly recommend these bars.
343625343625B006BXUY2YA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"0041336521600Pretty good flavor, not too sweetThese bars have 4g fiber, 4g protein, and 110 calories (25 from fat). They are pretty tasty, not too sweet, dark chocolate flavor with rice/oats, and various sweetners. Not bad for a quick snack that's not too loaded. I like them and would buy more if I can find them at a reasonable price. I chill mine in the fridge for a little extra crunch.
343626343626B006BXUY2YA14ENWEKTHCBXRR. L. Miles "Miles"0021336521600Yumm-ish?Hi,
I like this breakfast/snack bar alot but not a whole lot. I like the fact that the 'dark chocolate' (which is deceptive) really tastes like dark chocolate. However, I believe Kellog's uses the chocolate flavoring substance to cover up the other things that are going on with this bar.
First, A small container of yogurt will have less calories and fat than this bar will. Additionally, this bar contains caffeine, which is a natural appetite suppressant.
Secondly, this breakfast bar contains a lot of sodium and fats.

Always look at the ingredient labels before purchasing these breakfast bars or drinks--they often contain a great deal of ingredients that you would not normally eat...or give to your kids.

Whenever I get a snack attack, I go for a Nature Valley bar. It's just granola, oats, & honey (there are some other ingredients but it's a heck of a lot better than overly-processed junk.

All the Best to
You and Yours,
343627343627B006BXUY2YA3CA3RWZYJDWXEBJ Fraser0031336435200More for LessThere are a lot of products out there that claim to be low calorie or low fat or otherwise healthy. In a lot of cases you find out it's because the product in question is really tiny, like 90 calorie brownies that sound great until you realize it's only about 1 square inch.

In this case the Special K bars are slightly lower in calories and fat than the Fiber One bars I usually eat. The only reason for this is because the Special K bar is a half-inch shorter. Each Special K bar is 3 1/2 inches vs. 4 inches for a Fiber One bar. Yes I did actually measure them.

The Special K bar also tastes a little drier than the Fiber One bars. It does taste OK, but considering it probably costs more than the Fiber One bars, it doesn't seem worth it. I mean you could buy the store brand Fiber One bars (or even Quaker granola bars) and cut a half-inch off and it's the same thing and would cost less.

That is all.
343628343628B006BXUY2YAPCSV85SWASN2Word Lover0041336348800Not Too Bitter, Not Too Sweet--Just RightFor a quick pick-me-up, grab a Special K granola bar in dark chocolate. With only 110 calories per bar, this chewy treat offers a rich taste and will appeal to those who savor dark chocolate. The portion size is dainty, but the pay-off is filling. Downside : little nutritive value.
343629343629B006BXUY2YAYNAH993VDECTbsg20040041336262400Good granolaish taste, an alternative to sugary candy barsThere is no replacement for fresh fruits, veggies and nuts, but we don't always have the luxury of consuming those every time. Granola bars can be a good alternative to even worse things, like sugary mass market candy bars. With that in mind, this Kellogg's Special K Granola Bar, Dark Chocolate tastes as you would expect, granola-ish with a chocolatey flavor. No complaints on the taste given what it is. One thing to note, this has semisweet chocolate per the ingredients list, so if you are a fan of high-percentage dark chocolate, this is probably not for you. There is no dark chocolate percentage listed.

Each box has five individually wrapped granola bars. Do not let the (pack of 6) in the Amazon product title confuse you - that number refers to the number of boxes you get with this particular Amazon product listing. (If you are a fan of boxes, this is a middle of the road box, nothing exciting or creative)

Per the box, each individual bar has 110 calories with 3g of fat (1.5g saturated, 0g trans), 0mg cholesterol, 85mg sodium, 17g carbs (4g fiber, 7g sugars), 4g protein, 10% of Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, 8% riboflavin, 4% iron and 2% calcium.

The list of ingredients is long and has some unpronounceables which is often not a good thing.
343630343630B006BXUY2YA13K6456TOHEIRRich L "Frequent Reader"0051336262400Terrific--my favorite barGreat dark chocolate taste, crunchy and filling. I've tried a large number of different fiber/granola/health bars, and this is my favorite. It's one-half the calories (110) of an equivalent sized candy or health bar, only 7 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, and no "junk-food" low-carb sugar products. I'd recommend one or two of these a day.
343631343631B006BXUY2YA3CBCVHIK3G76XDebra Brinkman0041336262400Dark chocolate, granola -- nice combinationI love dark chocolate. I love granola bars. So I ought to love dark chocolate granola bars, right?

I'll start by saying that I really do like these. Dark chocolate layer on the bottom, chewy granola layer in the middle, with chocolate chips on the top, along with drizzled dark chocolate. You can see that in the cover photo.

The photo makes the bar look a lot thicker and bigger than it is, however. I know product photos are intended to really show the food in the most appealing way possible, but when I pulled the bar out of the wrapper and stared at it next to the box, I had to wonder if there was any way they were photographing the same product.

Regardless, I like a granola bar with a decent amount of protein (4g) and fiber (4g) that doesn't taste like cardboard. So this is something I probably will purchase again.
343632343632B006BXUY2YA391KXVQH22CM0William Foos "Brownsbacker"0041336176000pretty goodWell... I don't compare the fat content and vitamin content... I just try to get my fiber and enjoy the taste while I'm at it.. These are pretty good. Nothing the matter with them but I would have liked a bit more chocolate in them. Now if you like you chocolate taste a bit muted, you'll find these are very good. Bottom line, I'd buy them again.. Just wouldn't be too enthusiatic about it due to the lower choc content.
343633343633B006BXUY2YA3GQSZ2RVVXDCZJon Kreisler0031336176000Tasty, But Not Really Special, 'K ?I would be tempted to call these cereal bars, rather than granola bars. Kellogg's Special K Granola Bars are chewy and definitely have chocolate. Very tasty; a very good snack. I feel sorry for people with nut allergies, though. These bars contain almond flour and peanut flour, which don't do much for the overall flavor, they just reduce the population of people who can enjoy them. Would I be willing to buy these again? Yes. Would I be willing to go out of my way to find them? No. A good snack bar among other good snack bars.
343634343634B006BXUY2YA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva0041336089600Good taste, but only five bars in a box?I thought these bars were pretty good overall. They have lots of oats and enough rich dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth in just 110 calories. There's a decent amount of protein, fiber and not too much sugar (7 grams) for a bar of this size. On the downside, there's only 5 bars in a box. For the price, it seems like there should be six or maybe eight.
343635343635B006BXUY2YAHSHR8WG45XRTYA Librarian "YA Librarian"0041336003200Good. Not for a chocolate fix :)I love love love, dark chocolate, and so I decided to get these bars. I will say that I havent shopped around to find a lot of bars. I tend not to eat them because it seems like most have a lot of sugar in them. These have 7 grams of sugar and are 110 calories. 25 of that is fat.

The taste of these were good, but I wasn't blown over by a strong chocolate flavor. Now, this could be because I am a huge chocolate nut, so eating the little dark chocolate drizzled on the bottom and random chips here and there didn't do it for me.

Overall, it was good. To be honest I dont think I am going to run out and buy more. Others have said these are a healthier option, and I'll take their word for it because I'm not a huge granola bar eater. I will say this. I was hungry and they did take the edge off. But if you are dying for chocolate this won't satisfy you.
343636343636B006BXUY2YA2BZ16RKE13PKVShannonAnna0041336003200Much better than the peanut butter and chocolate ones in this brand!I wasn't sure I would like these because we recently tried the Kellogg's Special K Granola Bar, Chocolate and Peanut Butter and didn't love them. (Well, my kids loved the other bars. But my kids also eat dirt, so there's that.)

I was pleased to find that I *did* like these! The dark chocolate was rich and flavorful, though I would have preferred to have more chocolate throughout the bar than just a thick layer on the bottom and a smattering of it on the top. The description on the box of "chewy" is accurate, so this isn't what you'll want if you're hoping for a crunch. (The thickness of the bar - with rolled oats second on the ingredients list and rice not too much farther down - made chewing go on and on!)

I didn't love these, but I liked them enough wouldn't pass them up in the store if the price was right!
343637343637B006BXUY2YA3DKM0STAF66Z5D. Waite "Ph.D."0021336003200Label readerKelogg's (Battle Creek, MI) has created a "dark chocolate, Special K, granola bar."

This bar claims 4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat (1.5 saturated fat, 0 Trans fat, 0 polyunsaturated fat).

Each bar is 27 grams, has 110 calories (25 from fat). O mg cholesterol, 85 mg of sodium, and 17 grams carbohydrates (4 in dietary fiber, 7 sugar).

I have no clue as to what the other fat or carbohydrates are since the label does not say.

I like Special K, dark chocolate, and granola. However, in this product, the total is much less than the sum of its parts. To me the bar tasted bland.
343638343638B006BXUY2YA100WO06OQR8BQDuffer. "Bo"0051336003200Deeeeeelicious!I did not know what to expect after reading many of the reviews. Some were good and some not so much. I decided to try to ignore all I had read and start from scratch. I removed one of the small bars from the box and took off the wrapper. One bite and I was hooked. Being a chocoholic to begin with I knew I could become addicted to these bars. You can read all about the ingredients and health issues etc but I am just going to tell you that these are very tasty IMHO. I could have eaten the whole box full at one sitting. Fortunately, I had enough will power to shelve the remainder of the bars for future consumption as an after dinner dessert. If you like chocolate you will almost certainly like these bars.
343639343639B006BXUY2YA91TB0WX94MHPCarina0041335916800Great taste, leaves me wanting more.A box comes with 5 bars in it, and the bars themselves are pretty small in comparison to other breakfast bars I have had. Four bites and I am done. But it has a very addicting taste to it. It is packed with granola, with a layer of chocolate on the bottom, and chocolate drizzled on top with chocolate chips on top as well.

I really like the taste, but it does taste more sweeter than I thought it would. I can't really taste the normal dark chocolate bitterness. When I am done with the bar, I want more.

It says it has 4g fiber, 4g protein, 3g fat, 7g sugar, 85g sodium and 110 calories for 27g size bar.
343640343640B006BXUY2YA2UQGGK8VJPUH5I. Zawilski0051335744000Dark Chocolate GoodnessAs with most granola bars, you won't mistake this for a candy bar, no matter what some commercials say. But -- these are very good. They have a delicious, dark chocolate flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and crunch.

There are 110 calories per bar - not too bad - with 4 g of fiber, 4 g of protein and 3 g of total fat.
343641343641B006BXUY2YA2AYYKD4OODSLYApril E. "A homeschool Mom"0051335657600Almost as good as a candy bar!My teen daughters and I love the Special K Dark Chocolate Granola Bars. They help us curb our chocolate cravings without the extra calories of a candy bar. We can get our fiber, and our chocolate fix all in one chewy granola bar. They make a great snack, or a quick on-the-go breakfast. These are definitely a hit in our family, and they've been added to the shopping list for whenever they go on sale.
343642343642B006BXUY2YA13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0051335657600110 calories each and GOOD!These are great! I have the dark chocolate and they really taste like dark chocolate! There are 4g of protein and 4g of fiber in each .95 oz bar. They are crunchy and not hard and dry like some others I have had. You would have to eat the whole box to fill you up, but, for a snack they are get a bit of a chocolate fix, the fiber kind of helps you feel like you ate more, and the protein should give you some energy to make it till a real meal. My only criticism is that they are small but that's why they are a snack! Enjoy!
343643343643B006BXUY2YA1RF9YK4BK5TRHQuality Man "yway6"0041335657600Tasty BarsFor about $0.75 a bar, you get a pretty good treat to carry you over to the next meal. The bar is about one ounce so a little on the lighter side, but in this era of excess this could be a good thing. The bar will not make anyone say "oh my goodness this is good" but it is still pretty tasty. Has a semi moist texture to it so you won't need liquid to wash it down like some granola bars. Product labeling on the box is helpful and clear. Here's some extra tidbits to help:

110 calories
1.5g sat fat
86mg sodium
7g sugars
Contains soy, wheat, milk, almond, and peanut ingredients. May contain tree nuts.

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