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343681343681B000GG5IXWA1SM7BV90LT8G7E. Gault "dbegault"3351168300800Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea - Best flavored tea I've ever tastedEveryone to whom we've served this tea loves it! It's almost like a spicy hot chocolate, but it's not chocolate and it's not sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners. I don't know how they do it! We purchased three boxes and will be back for more - especially if it gets cold this winter!
343682343682B000GG5IXWAT175WU96JIP7Lynda O1141344902400Wonderful tea! But Amazon's price is now higher than the local storeThis tea is wonderful, a good blend of vanilla and spices, and a good amount of tea as well.

However, with Amazon's recent price hike, changing the subscribe and save discount to only 5% (was 15%), this tea is now cheaper at Wal-mart. I can buy a single box at Wal-mart for $2.34 (including the sales tax, list price only $2.18), and this six-box set at Amazon now costs $2.42 per box (without sales tax).

The tea I would give a 5-star, but downrating to four because it can be bought elsewhere for less. Shame on Amazon! The bulk rate for six boxes should be competitively priced, at or below what it costs at local stores.

Addendum: Amazon must really want to get out of the retail tea business. Now a few days later, after I even submitted the "tell us about a lower price" form, informing them of the lower price available elsewhere, Amazon instead RAISED the price of this tea even higher. Strange indeed.
343683343683B000GG5IXWA3F68N9OI8Y67Fitness Fan1141297900800My new favorite chai teaPrior to sampling this tea, my favorite Chai (and I've tried lots and lots) was the Tazo Organic Chai. I still like the Tazo, but for some odd reason it has started to give me heartburn on occasion, so I found this Bigelow tea at Target and decided to give it a try.

Wow! Yummers is all I have to say! It is quite similar to the chai latte I get at Panera when I heat the water with a bit of milk, steep, and then add some agave sweetener.

An excellent tea...wish there weren't any artificial flavors in it though(the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars).
343684343684B000GG5IXWA3PI6O5RQF35OASummer Girl1111295654400Not my cup of teaBecause this got such good reviews, I decided to try it as a substitute for my favorite Celestial Seasonings India Spice chai, which has disappeared from my local grocery store. This is some of the worst chai I've ever tasted. It had a very strong artificial vanilla flavor, and none of the after bite that good black teas should have. It was so bad that I could not force myself to finish the box. I do like their classic Constant Comment, but I cannot recommend this Vanilla Chai.
343685343685B000GG5IXWA1BT2SRLNXN3IZFrancesca1151295481600Vanilla Chai- new favorite!If you enjoy sweet & subtle this will be a treat for you. It's addictive. I could have it several times a day! It's a great way to satiate a sweet craving. It's got a lovely aroma of spices- I showed it to my family and we agreed it smells like a Pier 1 scented candle or something. It's aromatic and so delicious. It's a little sweeter than reg. chai and has that irresistable vanilla undertone. I like to brew it a little longer and add a little splenda and a shot of cream. So good! I'll be getting this again. It would be a great gift for a tea lover.
343686343686B000GG5IXWA1BKJNAWJT2TG2G. Scott "Gia Scott"1151263513600Bigelow makes great tea, and this one is VERY good!I was reluctant to try any chai teas after my initial experience with weird & medicinal flavored spiced teas labeled "chai." This is really good. Some of the reviewers said the vanilla flavoring was weird or strong, I think it's just right. I love this tea and everyone that I've served it to has also enjoyed it. Half of the tea I buy ends up going home with someone else! It makes a lovely "chai latte" or just served as chai. We drink it sweetened and heavily laced with milk, and it takes a strong flavored tea or it would be lost in the milk/sugar combination. This tea makes the cut. I definitely highly recommend it!
343687343687B000GG5IXWA2WWX1L38MLSLIojodeazul1151262995200Delicious almost desert likeThis is an excellent dessert tea... This tastes wonderful, one of my favorite teas ever...even better than some loose teas which are usually the best!
343688343688B000GG5IXWA3964HRZAJXQAEMs. Magoo1151255651200Amazing chaiBigelow Vanilla Chai Tea is definitely my favorite chai. If you make a cup as directed with three parts water to one part milk, or even go as far as one part water to three parts milk if you really like it richer, and just add a little sugar (you don't need as much sugar as with other teas, because of the vanilla flavor), you end up with something so good that it tastes like a chai latte from a cafe. The flavor is rich and warm and the vanilla really comes through in the flavor and adds an extra dimension that lends even better if you take your chai with milk. It is not very spicy though (in terms of "hot" spicy) - it doesn't give you that slight kick at the backend of the flavor, like the one you would get with a Starbucks chai latte or with the Tazo chai, so if you like your chai with more zing I suppose you could add your own extra ginger or peppercorns.
I cannot find this tea in any stores near me, especially for the price that Amazon has, but the shipping is so slow! They are not shipping until a week after I placed my order, even though it's in stock! I went to Starbucks yesterday for a chai latte, to hold me over until the Bigelow comes, but I was disappointed. Can't wait for the vanilla chai to come!
343689343689B000GG5IXWA20P0BJCLUK7JSE. Kriese "Psalm91"1151172102400Delicious and soothingSometimes when I do not feel like drinking coffee I replace it with a delicious cup of Vanilla Chai tea with a little bit of low fat milk and I do not add sugar and still tastes so good! It relax my mind but at the same time I can continue to do my job with the same energy
343690343690B000GG5IXWA2Y7KKHU2Y1LJRick0051347580800bigelow teaits the best tea we have had. i order it all the time. the price is a good price and you geta break by subcribing to it
343691343691B000GG5IXWA3FX4F2JUAE7EUDavid Berne "mtnman007"0051334534400sweet aromatic tasty teaThe prominent vanilla flavor and accompanying spice note makes this tea absolutely delicious for a great flavored tea. I use Splenda to bring out the taste. Highly recommended for those that want distinct flavors and aromas in their tea.
343692343692B000GG5IXWA12J0232BWP9ZYGlenys D. Leong "G D Leong"0051333152000Bigelow ChaiI liked this tea best when made with milk and sweetened with honey. My Keurig coffee maker stopped working, and I was using K cup Chai, which was more expensive. The Bigelow Chai made a nice substitute.
343693343693B000GG5IXWA3JLECMNWC4LDYLorinzo0051330473600Another pleasant surpriseI had this with a big dollop of Coffeemate cinnamon creamer and it was delicious. Make it strong, then take out the bag and add more hot wateer or creamer. A total yummy treat. I drank it all before I realized it was gone.
343694343694B000GG5IXWA36UVCB0F11P5XChapstick "CC"0051329004800Favorite of the Black teasThis tea is similar to coffee but obviously not the same. I usually drink it with breakfast with some milk and it's good to get me going. I like green tea more but this is a good black tea I'm willing to drink in the morning.
343695343695B000GG5IXWA1GSN4E1SOG49Praceynora0051328313600Excellent tea!I have been a fan of this tea for years. Have shared it with flight attendants. It's dessert in a cup with zero calories!
343696343696B000GG5IXWAIR8JBON2VIJQUpgraydd "yvo"0051325289600This tea made me a tea drinkerThe first time I had this tea was at a friend's house when I was out of town and had gotten sick. When I had returned home, I sought it out. I have served it to friends & family and everyone that has tried it loves it. Gentle and special blend of spices. Really delicious with soy or rice milk too.
343697343697B000GG5IXWA1G9RQBJT55RBKJ. Henderson "switz1873"0051324425600DeliciousDelicious tea and super convenient to order from Amazon and have shipped right to my door. Will certainly purchase again when I run out.
343698343698B000GG5IXWA26AFBXHDK3E2JJim Stokes0041322870400Bigelow Vanilla Cai TeaI was introduced to this tea at a business convention at a Marriott about 3 years ago. Loved it, but couldn't find it our local grocery store or Wal-mart. Found it on Amazon at a good price and have been ordering it every since. I drink it every morning w/a little sweetner and/or flavored coffee creamer. Tastes just like what you get at the pricey coffee shops.
343699343699B000GG5IXWAD6DIBIOZNBEMRae A. Wilson "Rae"0051320796800I LOVE this tea!I tried this for the first time this morning and couldn't stop smelling it. It tastes as good as it smells. I'm buying the pack of 6 boxes right now!
343700343700B000GG5IXWA3R8REVGJ864XZtonsofshoes0051307232000Love this tea!I love this tea, I drink a hot cup or two every night before bed time calms me down. This is the least expensive I have purchased it and I shoo at several different stores.
343701343701B000GG5IXWA3GVB0RQRU7RJ9David Jenison "davidjenison"0051306713600popular and goodMy Colombian girlfriend swears by Vanilla Chai, and while i am coffee drinker, I thought it was great as well.
343702343702B000GG5IXWA223F8AZQQKUK7Christine D. Young "Chris Young"0051290297600one of my ultimate faves!I LOVE Bigelow teas, yet the Vanilla Chai is one of my faves. It's so tastey! With a little stevia and coconut milk - delicious!
343703343703B000GG5IXWA39IKNYSEST44XZarina0051286668800The BEST tea I've ever triedI have tried many different brands of chai tea. This is my absolute favourite. I have 2-3 cups per day and I have been for a couple of years now. Everyone who tries it loves it. I'm spreading the addiction and my order is thus becoming larger and larger to accommodate my friends and family. What can I say? It's the best!
343704343704B000GG5IXWA1CZDXD7HA8NXTElizabeth A. Worthy0051284249600Pick-me-upThis is a wonderful morning (or any other time) tea. I have addicted two of my granddaughters to it also. It's just the right amount of spice, with that wonderful hint of vanilla. I highly recommend it to tea drinkers - and if you're not currently a tea drinker, this just might make a convert out of you!
343705343705B000GG5IXWADUD2B1M768W2Prof Positive0051276732800smells and tastes greatThis is by far my favorite of the Bigalow teas I have tried. I have yet to try the French vanilla.

Of the Bigalow teas I have tried I would rank them as follows:
1. Vanilla Chai
2. Cinnimon stick
3. Vanilla Caramel
4. Earl grey
5. Green Tea with lemon
6. Pumpkin spice (doesn't taste or smell anything like pumpkin pie)
343706343706B000GG5IXWA1KJOLQ0T9ART8David J. Testrake0041264636800Pretty good.Don't get me wrong, this is a good tea. But for some reason (filter paper? goofy tea grit size?) I can't get good flow out of these bags.
343707343707B000GG5IXWA2SYNRJ6UF35JVacatslady0051262304000Best Tea Ever!I tried this and now I rarely drink coffee anymore. I drink it with milk and no sweetener. It is creamy and satisfying without too much caffeine. I order it in bulk online at Amazon so I never run out. I take it to work and keep a few in my purse for those restaurants that don't carry flavored teas. My favorite Brunch restaurant has it in their tea cart and when they run out, I make them go in the back for more. I am a real fan of this tea!
343708343708B000GG5IXWA2UHER692G2E9LLydia K. Ngai "snowpeech"0051257897600Favorite Bigelow TeaThis Vanilla Chai is what I crave when it gets cold outside. It smells absolutely delicious and the vanilla scent wafts through my room, which is more effective/safe/cheap than burning scented candles. It helps me calm down and avoid reaching for candy when I'm studying at 1 AM. The tea itself isn't very spicy, but just incredibly vanilla-y. I don't add anything to it, but I'm sure a little milk and sugar would make it divine.
343709343709B000GG5IXWA1H9QJ61CMSZ00Marin Reader "Appreciate the Wise"0041252713600I love it!! It always reminds me of the holidaysThe lovely spices in this tea are always very tasty
I especially like it in the morning
343710343710B000GG5IXWA1K08CCNWLIAE3S. Jackman "Starr J."0051243728000Addictive!All I can say is this stuff is addictive! & if they ever stop making it I'll freak! It's the only tea I drink now!

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